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Same Stuff as Stars
Katherine Paterson
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Same Stuff as Stars

3.83 of 5 stars 3.83  ·  rating details  ·  927 ratings  ·  109 reviews
Angel Morgan's family is falling apart. Her daddy is in jail, and her mother has abandoned Angel and her little brother, Bernie, at their great-grandmother's crumbling Vermont farmhouse. Grandma spends most of her time wrapped in a blanket by the wood stove.

There is one bright spot in Angel's world -- a mysterious stranger who teaches Angel all about the stars and planets
Published by Turtleback Books (first published January 1st 2002)
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Najme Ghanbari
Jan 30, 2014 Najme Ghanbari rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: نصيره، دختر محبوب و زحمتكش من. و هر نوجوان مسئوليت پذير ديگري
ري! با آن جسم خسته اي كه روحش را تاب نمي آورد. و روح دردمندي كه از پس تحمل فشار كشتار بر نيامده بود، ليزابا آن نقص جسماني عجيبش كه نتوانسته بود عظمت روحش را انكار كند. و حتي وين خلافكار كه حقيقتا اين دختر كوچولوي 12 ساله را دوست مي داشت، همه شان زنده بودند. مي توانستند شناسنامه هايشان را عوض كنند و به تابعيت مليتي ديگر درآيند. مي توانستند چيزهاي ديگري بخورند و به زبان ديگر صحبت كنند و همچنان به حياتشان ادامه دهند. و آنجل . آنجل كوچك 12 ساله كه بايد بعد از كارهاي روزانه و دادن غذا به همه ي اهل خا ...more
Rana Heshmati
عالی بود! خیلی خوب....!
میخواهم بگویم که نمیدانید که چقد... چقـــــدر این کتاب را دوست دارم! جزو دوست داشتنی های زندگانیمه. شاید... به خاطر حالی باشه که خوندمش، و به خاطر کادو دهنده ی عزیزش، به خاطر اون "مو" یی که صفحه اول شه...
ولی ، باز هم، خودش هم عالی بوده برام.
یعنی با تمام وجودم درکش میکنم. و دوستش دارم.
و شاید، اولش، پنج نبود واسم... اما یه چیزای خوبِ ملیحِ دوستداشتنی ای داشت، که اینو برام جاودانه کرده. و مستحقِ بیشتر از پنج ه.
از همه چیزش، حتی اینکه کم کسی خواندتش(میدونم یه جور خودخواهی ه، ام
هيچ دوازده ساله اي رو دور و ور خودم اين شكلي نديدم، ولي بعضيا كه از "جنس ستاره"ان ، فقط كافيه تو موقعيتش قرار بگيرن. كاملاً حق داره، بچه ها چيزهايي رو مي بينن كه بزرگترا اينقدر تو فكر مسائل مختلفن كه نمي بينن؛ اگه زه زه ميتونه تو ٦ سالگي معني چيزي رو بفهمه كه هنوز خيلي از بزرگ ترا نمي دونن(محبت)، انجل هم ميتونه تو ١٢ سالگي بفهمه نبايد به دنيا آورده باشي تا بفهمي مادر يعنى چى. +با تشكر از ليلى :)
کتاب نوجوان بود . برای دوازده ساله ها نوشته‌اند ، و معلمی که در پانزده سالگی به من داد بخوانم ؛ که مطمئنا دیر بود و مطمئنا به زور وظیفه‌ام تمامش کردم . با این حال هم ، دوازده سالگی خودم را یادم است ، با چیزهایی که از دوازده سالگی خودم میدانم ، مطمئنم که حتی اگر آن موقع میخواندم هم دوست نداشتم . احساسات یک دختربچه که مثل یک مادر تمام عیار رفتار می‌کند، نه در دوازده ، نه در پانزده و فکر کنم در هیچ سن دیگری مرا جذب نخواهند کرد. پترسن از آن دسته نویسندگانی‌ست که برای نوجوانان مینویسد ولی نه طنز و یا ...more
این کتاب به شدت با احساسات من می‌تونست بازی کنه. خیلی راحت منو به گریه انداخت. درحالی که من با یکی دو تا کتاب قبل از این گریه‌کرده‌م فقط! ولی واقعا عالی بود..
"You gotta know someone cares about you, or you just give up."

The Same Stuff as Stars, P. 21

Katherine Paterson has brought into the twenty-first century her compassionate feel for the stories of fractured families, and I think that we are tremendously lucky for it.

The story of Angel and her kin is vintage Katherine Paterson, as moving and surprising and germane as her works of mastery from the '70s and '80s. The interactions between Angel and her younger brother Bernie are as authentic and
Leah Beecher
This was a really good book to read aloud to my elementary aged daughters. It took us FOREVER to get through, partly because we started in Summer, and partly because while good, this book is not exactly the most exciting book you will ever read. It is all about 12-year-old Angel. A girl whose father is in prison, a mother who has had the authorities take her children away from her twice, a little brother who is a real pill, and a great-grandmother who she gets dumped on, who needs as much taking ...more
Angel is a girl whose life is less than heavenly. Her father is in jail and her mother has a difficult time taking care of business. She is responsible for taking care of her little brother who is difficult and moody. It’s hard when your parents do not take care of you. First Angel’s mother abandons her and her brother on a run down farm with a great grandmother too old to care for them. Then one day Angel comes home from school to find her mother has taken her brother and left her alone. She wa ...more
Excellent! Paterson writes with the same compassion as she did in "Bridge to Terabithia." The story is about a young girl, Angel. She is wise beyond her years, as she is forced to grow up way faster than she should. Her father is in jail, her mother is irresponsible and unpredictable...(I wanted to slap her) Angel and her little brother have never known stability. When she and her brother are dumped off at their great-grandmother's run-down house, Angel tries to make the best of a hard situation ...more
Jennifer Curtin
EDLI Reading Requirement: Fiction Middle Grade
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Reading Level: Grade 4-6

Overwhelming sadness and desperate circumstances surround Angel and her brother Bernie. Abandoned by their mother and with a father in jail, they find themselves living with their Grandmother who is unable to properly care for them. It beats the two foster homes they spent time in but life is hard, especially with the absence of loving adults. Happiness comes to Angel in the form of a stranger offering
Sara Snarr
This would be a challenging read for some children, and a thought-provoking study in hope, despair, and the unfairness of life for others. Katherine Paterson (of Bridge to Terabithia fame) knows how to reach inside the heart of a child and her story and put it on a page like no one. This is the story of Angel Morgan whose dad is in jail and whose mom has no idea how to be a mom. Angel steps up to mother her little brother through the ups and downs of family dysfunction and has to deal with the a ...more
awesome and descriptive.
After coming to know more about Katherine Paterson through the Camp-Read-a-Lot program, I have had a desire to read as many of her books as possible. The Same Stuff as Stars deals with a responsible eleven year old girl with a younger brother. Their father is in prison and mother frequently runs out on them. The mother drops the children off with their paternal great-grandmother then comes back later and takes the son with her leaving the daughter with her great-grandmother. A heartbreaking book ...more
Even though she is only 11, Angel has always had to be the grown-up. She has been the mother to her little brother, has tried to keep her alcoholic, abusive mom out of trouble and has also tried to keep her dad who is in prison happy. Then Mom takes Angel and Bernie to their great-grandmother's ramshackle, junk-filled house and abandons them. Just as they are getting used to being there, Mom "kidnaps" Bernie. Angel tries to excuse her parents for their selfish, childish behavior and always stick ...more
بسیار خوشمان آمد.از یک جهت میدونم کمی سخت‌گیرانه به این کتاب ستاره میدم ولی از جهت دیگه با دادن 5 ستاره ،نمیتونم از امتیازدهی‌ام راضی و خرسند باشم.
کتابی روان، دلنشین ودلچسب بود ولی یک بار خوندنش کفایت می‌کند،البته برای من.این کتاب مرا به زمانی برد که به ستاره‌ها و کلاَ نجوم علاقه داشتم ولی امروز،آن هم یکی از رویاهایی دست نیافته‌‌ی کودکی‌ام شده است.
از این پاراگراف بسیار لذت بردم(و بسیاری از پاراگراف‌های دیگر):"البته ستارگان اسم خود را نمی‌دانستند. حتی نمی‌دانستند متعلق به تصویر یک خرس یا یک اسب ی
با چیزهایی که از دوازده-سیزده سالگی‌م یادم می‌آد، باید بگم نه من اینطوری بودم/فکر می‌کردم، نه علاقه‌ای به اینجور کتاب‌ها داشتم.
مثلا کتابِ نوجوان بود، ولی نه درموردِ نوجوان -لااقل غیرِ فیک‌ش حداقل- بود، نه برای نوجوان نوشته شده بود.

× نمره‌ش هم یک و نیم ـه در اصل.
Emily Martinez
i think the book was very good. i like how it kept me wanting more because how it was very interesting. It talked about stars which i enjoy looking at. The story kept getting even better by the minute. It talks about the difficulty in life which had happened to Angel and Bernie.

The part i enjoyed most was how Angel was responsible enough to take care of Grandma, Bernie, and including herself. She would go to the groceries and buy wisely and even was able to put herself and Bernie into school. Sh
This was a great book! When I was near the end I had to stretch out silent reading so I could finish it! I am such a sucker for a sad book with a strong girl character. I need to read all Katherine Paterson's books now.
Narges Moini
باهاش ارتباط برقرار نکردم اصلاً.
Michelle Llewellyn
It's The Great Gilly Hopkins but on a darker level. I recommended The Same Stuff as Stars once to an elementary school girl but she later told me she couldn't finish it because it was too sad. Now that I've had the chance to review it again, I have to agree with her. This is a depressing story where the main character faces trials that are almost too believable to be endured by any normal child. Just when you think it might be getting better, it keeps getting worse.
Only Katherine Paterson can ta
Jan Blazanin
The Morgan family is about as dysfunctional as it gets. Wayne, the father, is in prison for shooting a man during a convenience store hold-up. Mom is so irresponsible she abandons her children, not once but several times. Seven-year-old Bernie is a whiny, demanding brat. (Yes, I said it.) And 12-year-old Angel, who tries to take care of all of them, is too good to be true. My favorite character in this tale was the elderly librarian who befriends Angel and Bernie. One mystery is why Grandma so s ...more
Sandra Stiles
The Same Stuff as Stars by Katherine Patterson
Publisher: Harper Trophy, 2004
Pages 270
Ages: MG
Source: My purchase
ISBN: 0-06-055172-5

Angel Morgan is tired of being the adult in her family. After all she is only twelve years old. Her father is in jail and her mother has just dumped her and her brother Bernie off at their great-grandmother’s house. Angel is trying to hold everything together. She meets the man her grandmother refers to as “Santy Claus”. He introduces her to astronomy and she later f
Abby Johnson
Angel Morgan knows that she has to be careful. She has to look out for her younger brother because she can't count on her mom to do it. She has to make sure that they eat balanced meals and that Bernie always wears his seatbelt. Their mom is unpredictable and little things set her off, so Angel is not very surprised when her mom tells her that they're moving. They have an hour or so to pack one suitcase apiece and then they're off to Angel's great-grandma's house in the country. But when Angel's ...more
This story is very touching and emotional. It broaches very tough topics that are part of some children’s reality. A young girl named Angel is fortunate enough to have a great-grandmother to live with, although she does not feel very fortunate. Her mother abandoned her and her brother and her dad is in jail. She and her brother bounced around for awhile in foster care before landing with family. The book places the scene in Vermont. Angel makes a new friend but is still very focused on reuniting ...more
Nov 28, 2007 Jessica rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone who likes a life lesson.
This is my favorite book. I say that about a lot of things but this is truly amazing. It has such a good lesson of independence and reality. it teaches so many things. I love the realiticity of it all. This book has been my favorite book since I was in fifth grade.

The Same Stuff As Stars is a book about a young girl who's dad is in jail. She takes care of her younger brother while her mother is at work. They eventually get evicted from their home and move in with their grandmother. There the yo
Jul 14, 2008 Michelle rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone looking for a happy ending<3
Shelves: reading-of-07-08
Angel Morgan and her little brother, Bernie are nothing but like orphans. The two siblings live with their great-grandmother in a really old farmhouse in Vermont. She, who is too old to even care for them, the two are left on their own. Although, their parents did not pass away, but their father is in jail and their mother abandoned them, so now as the older one, Angel is left to take care of Bernie. Angel is not yet even twelve, she lives in a devastating life only left with canned beans and pe ...more
Karla Silva
The "Same Stuff As Stars" is a really good book. Angel and Bernie have there own personalities. This book has both unhappy and exciting moments. If you like books about astronomy, stars, constellation, and hard life situations, this is the book for you.
Debbie Hoskins
It's been a long time since I read this book and I don't remember details, but the emotional mood of the story was poetic and beautiful. An abandoned girl is living with her grandmother and there is a mysterious man who comes out at night. I just listened to Audrey Shafer's The Mailbox. It has the same emotional mood and is very mysterious. I found this recommended on a teen librarian listserv, so it has adult appeal, but kids and teens who like mysteries and reflective stories might like it als ...more
I wasn't sure what to expect. It took me a little while to get into the story but I read it in one sitting & wished it went on a little more. I loved the variety of characters & emotions. Can't wait to reccomend it to my students!
I thought it was going to be like some lil kitty book, but it was a beautiful story. The main character was strong for her age, actually for any age and she is brave. This is definitley a book I would lend to a friend or read to my kids.
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From author's website:

People are always asking me questions I don't have answers for. One is, "When did you first know that you wanted to become a writer?" The fact is that I never wanted to be a writer, at least not when I was a child, or even a young woman. Today I want very much to be a writer. But when I was ten, I wanted to be either a movie star or a missionary. When I was twenty, I wanted t
More about Katherine Paterson...
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“You gotta know someone cares about you, or you just give up.” 30 likes
“What is man—and of course the writer means all of us puny little insignificant creatures—what is a mere human being that God who made the immense universe should ever notice?' She chuckled. 'The sky does take you down to size.'

Not even big as bugs. Not even a speck of dust to the nearest star,' Angel agreed.

But the psalmist answers his own question. "Thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honor..." '

What?' Angel asked, not sure she had heard right.

A little lower than the angels, crowned with glory and honor.'

The real angels? Do you believe that?'

Yes, Angel, I do. When people look down on me, and these days'—she laughed shortly—'these days everyone over the age of five does. When people look down on me, I remember that God looks at this pitiful, twisted old thing that I have become and crowns me with glory.”
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