Savage Run (Joe Pickett, #2)
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Savage Run (Joe Pickett #2)

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When a massive explosion occurs deep within the forests of Twelve Sleep County and a colorful environmental activist appears to have perished in the blast, clues lead to a deadly conspiracy.
Hardcover, Large Print, 288 pages
Published January 1st 2003 by Center Point (first published January 1st 2002)
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Anthony Bellaleigh
Joe Pickett #2 (the Murder Mystery sequel to Open Season) opens with a jaw dropping paragraph and then nicely propels you back into Joe's world at the edge of the Rocky Mountains.

If I'm honest, then it seemed to drift for a couple of chapters and I was wondering whether a serious case would ever emerge - and, how Joe would end up in the middle of it...? More fool me. I should be more familiar with cleverly crafted scene setting...

I recommend making sure you give yourself some serious reading tim...more
The second of the charming game warden Joe Pickett series finds Joe again in Wyoming's Bighorn mountain range. A famous ecoterrorist, out peacefully spiking trees with his bride of three days, is killed by an exploding cow. Joe is drawn into this crime and must meet with the cow's owner, who seems complacent about the deaths on his ranch land. Joe wants to know why this bizarre circumstance of facts doesn't phase the jerk.

Marybeth, Joe's wife, begins receiving phone calls from an old high school...more
Rex Fuller
A very smooth and easy read, in which the author just about perfectly skewers environmental extremists on both ends of tne spectrum.
I want to love these books because they came with such high recommendation. However, they are good but not wonderful! The main character is a fish and game warden, is very moral, and a bit too naive. I really hate to say it (because I should appreciate a moral, trusting character) but he was almost too good to be true. Oh, that is so sad to say. He is the kind of man who trusts in a handshake and expects that everyone will abide by the rules. I truly hope there are people like that still in the...more
When it comes to writing a successful mystery series, a memorable, likeable main character goes a long way toward completing the marathon. Joe Pickett has likeability in spades, and his game warden profession provides a unique perspective in a sea of detectives, PIs, and ne’er-do-wells. While the plot may have been a bit farfetched at times, it never seemed so far out there that it proved unreasonable.

What really drew me into the story, though, was the beginning. The opening line is perfection,...more
Joyce Lagow
Second in the Joe Pickett series.[return][return]Again, the plot revolves around environmental issues--this time, eco-terrorism.[return][return]Stewie Woods and his brand-new bride manage to get themselves blown up along with a cow on lands leased in the Big Horn area of Wyoming by lawyer-rancher Jim Finotta, a very nasty piece of work. Since at the time, Stewie was also busy spiking trees so that they couldn't be cut down, everyone including Joe assumes that Stewie was trying some other type of...more
Instead of the cowboys against the farmers (Oklahoma!,) it's the gentleman ranchers against the environmentalists! It's a good story, and Box's descriptions of the wild country in Wyoming are marvelous. This is not really a mystery, since we know who the bad guys are and it isn't hard to guess who is behind their killing spree. As a result, the plot seems thin, too slow and stretching beyond the limits of credibility at times. I read this after reading Force of Nature, book #12, which I liked be...more
Joe Pickett is still patrolling his wilderness area, checking fishing or hunting licenses, keeping an eye on wildlife, counting baby Elk. When an internationally known environmentalist is blown to bits by an exploding cow (yep, exploding cow) Joe is drawn into a spider web of murders that are seemingly unconnected but something is bothering him about it.

I like Joe and his family, I like what Joe does for a living. I'm a little uncomfortable with the amazing body counts that seem to wreaking havo...more
We'll this was good. I really thing it's a strong 3 star'r. The story was predictable. What was enjoyable with this book the descriptions and visual references of imagining what parts of Wyoming looks like. CJ Box nails this on the head and then some. I tried to fail on predicting most of the parts and I didn't fail, if I had even once in the 2nd half of the book it would have gotten 4. I'm not going to compare these to the Swagger series anymore, they aren't. What Stephen Hunter does for firear...more
Alan Williams
This is the second Joe Pickett novel and the series is getting stronger.

The series is set in some amazing scenic backcountry, and Joe Pickett is a pleasantly flawed lead character. Unlike many flawed heroes in crime novels, Joe is just human. He's mucked up a few times, but he believes in what he does.

Although I enjoyed the story, there was an element of predictability about it, but not so much that the overall story suffered, I think I would just rather have known a little less about what was...more
Martha Bullen
This western mystery novel has one of the best opening sentences I've read in a long time: "On the third day of their honeymoon, infamous environmental activist Stewie Woods and his new bride, Annabel Bellotti, were spiking trees in the forest when a cow exploded and blew them up." "Until then, their marriage had been happy," author C. J. Box tells us in the next sentence.

Needless to say, the reader is compelled to keep reading to find out what the heck is going on. It's certainly an unusual mur...more
Nate Hendrix
Box is great I will be reading everything he has written. Up to this point I have only been dissapointed by him once. This book was not a dissapointment. Joe ends up trying to solve a murder that may or may not have happened and then ends up running through the wilderness to get away from a killer. I love an author that is brave enough to not have everything end happily ever after.
Robert Bell
I am just getting into CJ Box - this one was a quick read - couldn't put it down. His descriptions of the area really intrigued me. Made me want to revisit Wyoming. Other than the northwest corner (Yellowstone and Grand Tetons) I have a totally different impression of Wyoming...
This is the second book by C. J. Box. It was a story of eco terrorists, but more accurately a plot of what happens when the ranchers strike back. The plot then is from the short story the hunter read in high school but of course, the trail is in the Savage Run canyon with a twist. It is nice to read about a character with a good family life and children dealing with normal issues and the challenge of the bureaucracy. The supervisor was presented in a positive manner (which seem unusual and nice)...more
I got into Joe Pickett, with the most current installment, "Stone Cold". I just had to go back to the beginning, because I enjoyed it so much.
This is a game warden who has crimes and mysteries in the Great Wide Open of Wyoming & Montana (and surrounding states). It is so cool to have scenery described in terms of nature, instead of man-made landmarks and city streets and commerce.
I did read a CJ Box book last year, but not from the Pickett series. Many Good Read-ers suggested starting at the...more
Aug 30, 2011 Dorothy rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: Nevada Barr fans, lovers of outdoor adventures, lovers of Western mysteries
Joe Pickett may be one of the last honorable men in Wyoming. Everyone else in this book seems to ruthlessly pursue his/her own goals, and usually those goals involve the destruction of anyone who opposes him/her. Who knew the wild, wild West was still quite so wild?

The book begins with a cow being blown up and, along with the cow, a famous (or notorious, depending on your point of view) eco-terrorist and his new wife. They were out that day busily spiking trees when the cow exploded nearby.

It tu...more
Savage Run, the second book in the Joe Pickett series, is an interesting read. While the first book centered on the dichotomy between environmentalists trying to save endangered species and the locals who are just trying to survive, the second book is centered around environmentalists trying to keep large ranchers from ranching (i.e., allowing their livestock to graze in public property, privatizing property for ranching purposes, etc.).

Box again does a fantastic job of introducing both sides of...more
"This sophomore effort from Box (whose first novel "Open Season" was great) finds an ecoterrorist named Stewie Woods blown to bits by an exploding cow. Yes, really. While local politicians are eager to close the case and chalk it up to a publicity stunt gone horribly wrong, Pickett smells a conspiracy--especially after his wife, Marybeth, begins receving phone calls from someone named Stewie.

Box handles both sides of the ecoterrorism debate well. I understand wanting to preserve lands for the b...more
Les avis sur cette série de polars entre parc national et ranching varient.
Je ne trouve pas l'absence d'atmosphère sombre et de sophistication problématique.
Au contraire: quoi de mieux que le rythme plus lent et ondulant de la narration pour accompagner les paysages spectaculaires du Grand Teton National Park, l'accent des cow-boys du Wyoming et le pas de leurs chevaux relayant leurs pick-ups...
J'aime aussi l'humour teintant le témoignage de Joe Pickett de l'opposition des ranchers, leur style d...more
This series. Well, I am not sure what I think as a whole but the individual books are pretty solid. I like that Joe Pickett isn't right all the time or a badass warrior who has all of the answers. I like his family, and I do like that the family faces the consequences of Joe's (in)actions. The daughters are well developed for young characters, even though I think 7-yo Sheridan acted more like a girl twice her age in the first book. I strangely dig Nate even though I am damned sure if he was a re...more
Umweltaktivist Stewie Woods und seine frisch angetraute Ehefrau werden von einem explodierenden Rind in Stücke gerissen. Auch in Wyoming explodieren Rinder nicht einfach so. Es war Mord. Die explodierenden Rinder werden immer wieder aufs Tapet gebracht, nur leider gelingt es kaum, das Potential des Absurden und Lächerlichen dieser Situation auszuschöpfen.

Savage Run ist der zweite Roman mit dem Jagdaufseher Joe Pickett. Seit dem ersten sind zwei Jahre vergangen und Joe Pickett hatte es in dieser...more
#2 Joe Pickett mystery. Joe, a game warden in the Bighorn mountains in Wyoming, is on scene when an exploding cow kills famed eco-terrorist Stewie Woods. It's assumed by the Sheriff that Woods was rigging the explosive himself in one of his infamous protests against ranchers, and died in a case of instant karma, but why is the owner of the ranch, a powerful man with friends in high places, not surprised or even curious about the incident?

Joe aims to nail him for poaching a trophy bull elk out o...more
Joe Pickett, a Wyoming Game Warden just wants to do his job, to the best of his ability, by stopping the poaching and the unlicensed fishing that goes on but life is never that easy for him.

In Savage Run Pickett is up against a rich "hobby farmer" who has all the local politicians paid off. If Pickett gets him for poaching Pickett will lose his job. And then there is the famous environmentalist who was blown up by a cow on this rich man's property. Who is responsible for that?
Monie Hayes
I picked up Box's first Joe Pickettt book, _Open Season_, in a little bookstore in Gardiner, MT, when I was visiting Yellowstone NP this summer. I had read the first Longmire book, and was on my way to the town that is the basis of Longire's hometown, but I picked up the Box novel less because it resembled a Longmire book than because I have enjoyed a series of P.I. novels (the Alex McKnight novels) set in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and was looking for a similar experience with a western twist....more
Linda J
C.J.Box's 2nd Joe Pickett Book was better than the first one. And that is as it should be.

In the first book I was really irritated by Box's inability to properly represent one of the main characters as the 8 year old she was supposed to be. In this book she is 11 and is now acting like a 13 or 14 year old, even describing her own mother as a "Babe". Fortunately the girl, Sheridan, has a fairly small role in this book. Presumably the character will ultimately catch up with the real life person sh...more
I read somewhere that if you liked Nevada Barr, you'll like CJ Box. So, I'm giving it a try. Instead of a female park ranger, the main character is a male game warden. Of course the parks/forests have some similarities.

Update: I think this is the second book in the series and seeing the complexity of the characters at this stage, a lot must have happened in the first book. I'll need to track it down.

CJ Box obviously lives in the West because I could practically smell the pine sap and hear the cr...more
Another great entry in the Joe Pickett series by Box. This one involves a deadly war between environmentalists and the Stockmen's Trust, a group of ranchers fighting to protect the old ways of the west including ranching, logging, etc. The book starts out with a bang when a cow explodes and supposedly kills the head of an environmental group and his wife. Joe Pickett, a Wyoming game warden, gets involved and comes up against members of the Trust including some hired killers (supposed stock detec...more
PROTAGONIST: Joe Pickett, game warden
SETTING: Wyoming
SERIES: #2 of 13
WHY: Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett is trying, unsuccessfully, to prosecute a local bigwig for killing an elk out of season. But he's soon involved in investigating an unusual killing--someone has rigged explosives to a cow and set them off when environmentalist Stewie Woods and his new wife approach. Amazingly, Stewie survives; but he has been horribly maimed. At one time, Stewie was involved with Joe's wife, Maryb...more
Tom Tischler
The Bighorn Mountains warden Joe Pickett is at it again when
he is called out to investigate an exploding cow that kills a
famous environmental activist named Stewie Woods and his bride
of three days. Joe visits the cows owner and leaves angry
and curious as to why he asks no questions as to why this
bizarre accident happened on his land. Meanwhile Joe's wife
Marybeth begins receiving strange phone calls from her old
high school boyfriend Stewie Woods. Stewie may be alive or
dead but his activist pals...more
Irl Newham
If you haven't read Box, you haven't read the best modern Western writer I have found. Joe Pickett is a great character and his family is very real, also. If you love anything about the State of Wyoming and the outdoors and mystery, you will love these books by C?J. Box.
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Edgar Award-winning author C.J. Box is the author of eleven novels including the Joe Pickett series. He's also won the Anthony Award, Prix Calibre 38 (France), the Macavity Award, the Gumshoe Award, and the Barry Award. His short stories have been featured in America's Best Mystery Stories of 2006 and limited-edition printings. 2008 novel BLOOD TRAIL was nominated for the International IMPAC Dubli...more
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“On the third day of their honeymoon, infamous environmental activist Stewie Woods and his new bride, Annabel Bellotti, were spiking trees in the forest when a cow exploded and blew them up. Until then, their marriage had been happy.” 11 likes
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