Area 51 (Area 51, #1)
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Area 51 (Area 51 #1)

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When nine atmospheric crafts of unknown origin were discovered in the Antarctic in the late 1940s, the U.S. government established Area 51 to study the abandoned technology. Dr. Hans Von Seeckt, who is the only original member of the secret research committee, has observed the marvelous craft in flight and witnessed a fantastic array of bizarre, unexplained phenomena. But...more
Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Published February 10th 1997 by Dell
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3.5 stars. A fun, quick read. Does a really good job of weaving into the plot most of the well known alien conspiracy theories and the story moves at a fast pace. Not deep thinking fare, but a fun ride.
Benjamin Thomas
I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading this 1st book in the Area 51 series. Would it be a science fiction saga along the lines of Stargate or more of a military thriller like something Dale Brown would write? The answer is...both.

This is essentially a contemporary action/adventure novel that happens to have a plot that deals with aliens, motherships, etc. There is quite a bit of military thriller writing (not surprising given the author's background) but that is balanced with a fair...more
Tufty McTavish
After a recommendation that this was enjoyable military-SF I thought I'd take a punt while it was on offer in a Kindle Daily Deal. And as it turns out I fair enjoyed this occasionally fast-paced action-adventure, set against a background of broadly familiar UFO mythology. In-between the action scenes are history dumps that link enough fact with the fantastical fiction to readily blur the lines between the two. I quite liked that.

Overall a light, easy read that entertained for a few hours - it re...more
James Caterino
This is a book I have been meaning to reread.

I was all over this novel when the "Area 51" series launched back in the late '90s. As an "X-Files" fan and a UFO buff this was conspiracy crack and paranormal science fiction sugar to feed my endless appetite for anything remotely related to what was a thriving sub-genre at the time.

The book was not quite what I expected. While I was anticipating a "Close Encounters" meets 'Dark Skies" tale of brooding wonderment, this book is more in line with the t...more
Aldaren Nadorn
Do not believe anyone who says that the book is not great literature!

Area 51 is one of THE BEST Sci-Fi books I've read.
Robert Doherty mixes the ancient mysteries on our planet and makes a new possible outcome for our future and what might happend. I enjoy very much the thin line where this can be true if just few things are different with our planet.
If you enjoy different point of view for religion, science and conspiracy THIS IS YOUR BOOK.
Patrick Gibson
Bob Mayer (AKA Robert Doherty AKA Greg Donegan AKA Joe Dalton AKA Bob McGuire).

Ok, so Area51 isn't great literature, but that doesn't mean it's worthless. Sure I've read books with better plotting and writing, but that's not what I expected when I picked up this book. It was a great escape and a very fun ride. It's not meant to reveal anything grand or tell you something didn't already know. It's simply entertainment and there's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes it's fun to just read something...more
Whew! This was a humdingah of a thrill ride. It showed up as 746 pages on the Nook, but it moved fast and the pages flew with the flick of a thumb.

It's the start of a series and I can't wait to read more. Doherty writes an intriguing mixture of science fiction and thriller. There's the military, scientists, archeologists, newspaper reporters, and aliens. The action takes place all over the world and the action moves fast. Don't get attached to anyone, as they are likely to die or get abducted o...more
Mathew Charpentier
When I first read the book, I was bored with it and gave up. A few years later I had to read a mystery book for school I got to choose, and although not classifed as a mystery book it certainly kepps you guessing, that and I didn't want to buy a book I would only read once. So I picked up where I left off and soon found myself unable to put the book down! So the best addvice aobut rading this one is give it time and it will grow on you.

What I liked most was how the author tied in real facts in...more
Lambda Pi
The book was bad writing objectified. I read some thirty pages and had to counter a sudden wave of nausea. The start of the novel was interesting enough. The revelation about aliens came as a bit of shock (NOT) but still I was willing to endure the book. Sadly, by the time the narrative shifted to contemporary period, the book had lost all its allure. The cumbersome way in which the characters conversed was enough to make me cringe and made me throw the book away. Okay, I didn't throw it away bu...more
J.S. Little
This book sticks out as one of the few books that I ever just dropped half-way through. It's been quite a few years since I attempted to read it and I've built it up in my mind as this terrible book, but I've been looking through the other reviews and maybe I need to go back and try it again. I remember that I just got very bored by the characters and the whole 'every conspiracy is true' kind of vibe I was getting from it. One day I just didn't care what happened. The characters felt stock, the...more
I am no expert on the popular "stories" of Area 51 by any means but I, like probably plenty of others, have heard the stories of aliens ships, or aliens, etc... at Area 51, the amount of security, etc...

Mayer does a great job of blending real world information and popular stories surrounding Area 51 and then bringing in his own story-line to weave a very fast paced, action story that truly builds though-out the book to the ending and then leaves you with a teaser that goes straight into the sec...more
Kathryn Lee Hamilton
These books have the lamest covers I have ever seen and yet they are some of the best scifi I ever read. Go figure hehehe.
Loved this book because it was such a fast-paced good read. The author is very good at painting word pictures and describing everything without dragging it out, making it too scientific or boring. With his clear-cut descriptions, I could almost imagine Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Turcotte, Sir Ben Kingsley as Gen. Gullick, Ian McKellen as the German scientist Von Seeckt, and maybe Sandra Bullock as Kelly. Seems like all the UFO legends and theories started with this book. It has all the origina...more
Jeff O'Brien
I was looking for something to read that would compare to X-Files in terms of government conspiracy regarding extraterrestrials. Well, I found it and it kicked tons of ass. It's difficult to tackle such a concept without getting hokey (not that I don't like the hokey stuff like Men In Black) and I was majorly impressed with the complete lack of hoke. It was crammed with suspense and action and introduced the hero of the series, a likable ass kicked named Michael Turcotte.

Only downside, no gratu...more
Bruce Mohler
Wow. Nazis and Thule movement, Egypt and the pyramids, Area 51 and UFOs, Easter Island, hieroglyphs and high runes, this book covered quite a lot of territory. Turcotte and Kelly aren't quite as memorable as the crew in the Nightstalkers novels (but this is the first book). A good read.

I am curious about part of the story line. In the chapters in the mid-twenties, General Gullick decides to move up the launch by a day. Somehow the "good guys" find out about this and end up on scene at the right...more
Scott Rhee
While reading "Area 51", I spent more time wondering who "Robert Doherty" is than the actual plot. Probably not a good sign, although the book is actually quite readable and entertaining. Apparently, (according to the author's bio on the back page of the book) Doherty is the pen-name of a popular writer of military fiction, a genre of which I don't read a lot other than some early Tom Clancy. I tried reading a W.E.B. Griffin book and couldn't get into it. With Larry Bond and Stephen Coontz I nee...more
Austin Reams
This is the guy's-guy's book of guy's-guy's books. If you're a guy, you like sports, guns and think "art" is the name of guy on Sesame Street, you don't like to read pages of text, and yet you've been court-ordered to read a whole book and write a book report, then this book is for you. (And if you just want to let go of reality and have some fun, okay, it can be for you, too.)

The background is about what one might expect: the government's got flying saucers and aliens couped up under Area 51 in...more
I grew up around an Air Force Base where my father and several family members worked as civilians and so airplanes have always been an interest of mine. And so has the area in Nevada known as Area 51.

And Bob Mayer’s, writing as Robert Doherty, initial novel in his Area 51 series brings the mysterious military base to a fast-paced, unexpected, and action packed level as he tells a tale that covers the globe from the southern Pacific to Egypt and America’s vast west and through ancient history, Wo...more
Wanda Hartzenberg
A highly entertaining book with enough twists and turns to keep the most avid reader turning the pages one after the other. The introduction to the book was enough of a hook for me to immediately fall in love with the story.

The plot is complicated but not overly so. The author obviously spend a lot of time with research and the confidence he wrote the book with is in part due to his knowledge of the subject of ancient gods, runes and superstitions. In all the plot is really highly entertaining....more
I've always had an interest in anything written about the legendary "Area 51", so when I saw this title I just had to have it. I am glad I did, because this is one of the better books on this subject that I've ever read. I'm especially delighted to see it is one of a series by this author (Bob Mayer, NOT Robert Doherty; Robert Doherty is a pen name used by Bob Mayer), because that just means I'm in for a lot more well-written, superbly suspenseful action on the same subject!

Bob Mayer is a NY Tim...more

Good solid scifi read. Fast paced. I liked how it didn't draw scenes out but still kept the mystery going. The main reason I didn't give it a higher reading is because I'm very familiar with all the ideas presented in the book so it felt like a review of things I've heard before. However, I still enjoy reading about how them and want to read the next book. I look forward to traveling all over the world in the books and reading how the ancient mysteries are connected to alien beings that...more
Joey Francisco
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Jul 03, 2009 Brandon rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: fans of science fiction or conspiracy theory.
Shelves: own
Until I found the book amongst my collection again recently, I hadn't read Robert Doherty's science fiction/military thriller in many years. Wow, I don't remember this book being so engrossing last time I read it. Once I started re-reading it, I couldn't put it down until I finished it. As the title plainly states, the book revolves around the popular conspiracy-laden military installation. Apparently the conspiracy theorists were right and Area 51 has been utilizing alien technology for years....more
John Mann
My second time reading this novel. The first was in paperback many years ago, and again recently when I got my Kindle Fire and had to add it to my collection. I don't read very many books more than once, but this one is one of those gems.

To sum the book up, I would have to say it is a collage of -many- alien-inspired conspiracy theories jumbled up into a story which ties them in very well. If you're into UFO fiction, then this should be a must-read. The ability of the author to make this story a...more
Jun 28, 2007 Trevor rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: anyone who's intrigued by the title
It's pretty much exactly what you'd expect. The rest of the series gets progressively worse, until by the time I got to book 7 i no longer cared about any of the characters and just wished it would stop. Books 8 and 9 are ok, but they don't follow the same storyline exactly.

This first volume, though, i would definitely reccommend to any sci-fi enthusiast. The thing that makes it unique from the vast majority of sci-fi, and i'm not saying this hasn't been done before, is that it makes use of a lo...more
Area 51 is a fast paced and interesting book that is one of the more imaginative books I have read. The author spun a web that tied together many different popular mysteries into a single threaded story. I was genuinely surprised and pleased to find such things as Easter Island, crop circles, the pyramids at Giza, foo fighters, Atlantis and, of course, Area 51, all seamlessly linked together into a unified storyline that flowed quite naturally.

The characters are somewhat flat, but given the amo...more
Area 51 fulfills your desire to marry UFOs, Area 51, aliens, and Atlantis. Oh, and some Egyptian lore, some Aztec leanings, and, well, these are spoiler enough and should be more than sufficient to pique your curiosity. Okay, a little more: there is a mothership in a huge underground cavern, and it must fly in T-just over six days (147 hours). But why the rush and against the better judgment of the senior member of the MJIC-12. Wait, have I said too much? I'm sure the NSA will let me know if I h...more
Matteo Pellegrini

C'è una zona del cielo, in New Mexico, che l'aviazione americana tiene costantemente sotto controllo: in codice, è denominata Area 51. La Casa Bianca se ne occupa con un piano segretissimo, Majic 12. L'Air Force la sorveglia con Nightscape, un corpo di sicurezza specializzato. Finché una scoperta archeologica in Egitto fa scoppiare la bomba: la Terra è controllata! Dall'isola di Pasqua alle piramidi, dalla base Nellis a Washington si stende un'unica, sinistra ragnatela di mistero...

Mark Henrikson
Fun read. Aliens, black ops, top secret investigations and cover-ups. Made for a fast paced page turner. The characters were very flat, but that is to be expected in books like these. The plot and story are the stars, not the characters. If you keep that in mind you will enjoy this series.

One complaint is I could have done without a lot of the cursing. If you are trying to portray an inner city thug, I can see using profanity as a characterization device. That was not the case with Area 51. It’s...more
A great, easy, fast and fun read. I love how Doherty (Mayer) incorporates all of the different legends, myths, and conspiracies the world over into his books. Although this is the first one of this series that I have read, after reading his Atlantis series I can already tell that I will like this one for it's entertainment value as well as for the way that it stretches the mind into the realm of what-if.

I wouldn't recommend this for anyone seriously pursuing these subjects for research potential...more
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