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A New Hope (Star Wars Episode 4)
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A New Hope (Star Wars: Novelizations #4)

4.05 of 5 stars 4.05  ·  rating details  ·  9,686 ratings  ·  241 reviews
Luke Skywalker challenged the stormtroopers of a distant galaxy on a daring mission - where a force of life became the power of death!

Luke Skywalker was a twenty-year-old who lived and worked on his uncle's farm on the remote planet of Tatooine ... and he was bored beyond belief. He yearned for adventures out among the stars—adventures that would take him beyond the farthe
248 pages
Published 2003 by Atom (first published January 1st 1976)
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RISING UNEMPLOYMENT: The “DARK SIDE” of the Rebel Victory at Yavin.


***The following is just one story of the economic devastation that resulted from the brutal and senseless attack by the so called rebels (called "domestic terrorists" by many) on the newly completed pork barrel government works project known as the Imperial Death Star...there are many, many more.***

To: Major Bigga Asshatian
Chief of Coruscant Internal Security

From: Chips O’Toole
Director FISEPRA (Former Imperial Stormtrooper Em
For the record, I read a yellowing 1977 edition complete with "16 pages of full-color photos from this spectacular space-fantasy motion picture." Ah, the nostalgia...

Such a fun read!
Mary JL
Apr 10, 2009 Mary JL rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: non one--watch the movie instead
Usually novelizations of movies are not as good as the movies themselves. This is certainly true here. The Star Wars movie is fantastic; but it loses a lot when transferred to print.
Mark Oppenlander
It has been a long while since I revisited this, the very first Star Wars novelization. Having recently read one of the Timothy Zahn Star Wars novels, a couple of things caught my attention, partially in contrast to the Zahn work:

- It's remarkable how the use of high-quality language can make such a difference in my perception of a story. This book introduced me to words such as "lambent" and "actinic" when I was only seven or eight years old. I happily devoured these new words because I wanted
It's May 4th! In honor of Star Wars Day... a long time ago (December of 1976), in a galaxy far, far away (Bluefield, Virginia)... I was home from college for winter break and spotted this weird little paperback on the spin-rack of the corner drug store. (I believe it was Goodykoontz Pharmacy, but I'm not certain.) It looked like a nifty little space opera; I was familiar with George Lucas from THX-1138 and American Graffitti, though I didn't know him as a novelist. I picked it up and enjoyed rea ...more
Laurel Rockefeller
Back before there were VCRS (let alone DVDs), this was one of my favorite books. Yes, I know, this dates me. I first read this book just as the lights were fading from the original theatrical release of "Return of the Jedi" in 1983. I never lost my love of the book.

As much as people love the films, the books are better and go into much more detail.

So I continue to revisit my old favorite...and refuse to call it "A New Hope." They added that later, after Empire came out. To those of us old enough
What a great time! I really liked how I was able to slow down and look at each scene and part. It made the story more meaningful to me. When Obi-Wan fought Vader it was much more moving to me because I had a deeper connection through the book. When his voice came to Luke it gave me thrill chills. The robots were like two children, C3PO was the big brother who loved his little R2D2. I loved the dialogue and interaction of those little guys. It was adorable (I feel that word is an enemy of my mas ...more
John Yelverton
A fantastic book from a fantastic movie.
Branwen *Blaidd Drwg*
“We’re a couple of shooting stars, and we’ll never be stopped.”

“Someday you're going to have to learn to separate what seems to be important from what really is important.”

What is there to say about this beloved story that hasn't already been said? This story and these characters are timeless. Been feeling the Star Wars love lately, so I decided to re-read some of the books. THere is nothing quite like the moment when you first read about Darth Vader prowling the rebel ship, or when Luke rescues
This is going to be a spectacularly biased review. Also, I'm listening to the Imperial March while writing this. *I should do this every time.*

The reason why I am giving this book five whole stars is because it let me have my childhood back, if only for the duration of 200 odd pages. Plus, I'm criminally low-brow. So I'm writing this review partly out of sentiment and partly out of dedication to my decision to review every book I read this year.

So, again, how can I NOT like this book? It's Luke.
Crystal Starr Light
"If not stopped soon enough, evil eventually reaches out to engulf all men."
Luke Skywalker, a young farm lad on the remote world of Tatooine, discovers two mysterious droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO. R2-D2 contains a message of a beautiful woman, Princess Leia, who is in danger and requires the aid of Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi. Now, Luke journeys with Obi-Wan, in his quest for adventure and to take up his father's mantle of being a Jedi.

I Liked:
Ghost written by Alan Dean Foster, this little book is a w
I managed to read this one at last. I'd started it a few years ago, but I thought the writing was so poor in the opening chapter or two that I just wasn't motivated to continue on. As soon as the action really begins, once Luke Skywalker is introduced, this one gets much better! That is not to say that reading the story adds anything substantive and wonderful to the movie experience. I think an appreciation of the movie is a big help. It helps to make sense of the text of the book. There are som ...more
If you're reading this review, I assume you have already read the book or seen the movie. To begin with, I love the Star Wars series. As a kid, I watched all of the movies multiple times. However, I had never read the books up until Christmas of 2012 when I received a hardback edition of the Star Wars Trilogy. That, my friends, is nerdy bliss. When I first read the books, they immediately soared into my top books list. The imagery in this book specifically made me feel like I was experiencing a ...more
Matthew Kanoc
On November 12, 1976, the unsuspecting world was introduced to Star Wars. It didn't come in a grand movie, but in the form of a paperback novel published by Ballantine Books, claiming to be written by a man named George Lucas. This book was called Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker. This novel was actually ghostwritten by Alan Dean Foster and based on the screenplay for what is now known as Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

It is interesting to read this, understanding that the Star
Martin Kilbane
Firstly, I should point out that the 3 star review is for this novel and not the film, which is 5 star all day for me.

I wanted to read this novel as I knew about the long development of what George Lucas' original interpretation of Star Wars and how it came to be the Star Wars that we all know and love. I wondered if the novel would shed some light into Lucas' original vision for the movie and seeing how different it was.

The result was fascinating, parts were similar and the plot is obviously t
Hector Ramirez
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope by George Lucas in opinion is the greatest sci-fi story ever told.

The writing style of George Lucas makes the story a great experience. The writing style helps give the story that sci fi background.

A perfect theme for this story is to always follow your dreams. An example would be Luke Skywalker. Luke always wanted to leave Tatooine and basically explore the rest of the galaxy. He soon got his wish and joined the rebellion to stop the empire.

The characters was pr
Encontre este tesoro del cine y de la ciencia ficcion en una libreria de usados en la calle Corrientes.


A pesar de haber visto las peliculas incontables veces (este libro corresponde a "Episode IV: A New Hope"), me encanto leer el libro. Principalmente porque el los "efectos especiales" son mucho mejores que los de la pelicula (los que vieron las peliculas me van a entender). Por ejemplo: la pelea de sables laser es mucho mas realista (y epica) en el libro que en la pelicula. Osea, Obi-Wan se la
Never thought I'd venture into these books, but I got a trilogy set for free, and found myself having a great time reading it in book form. And it seems that the book form will avoid an immodest Leia (#3)--look forward to finishing the other two.
I am one of those few people that have never seen a Star Wars movie, despite being interested in sci-fi in general. I guess it happened so because I grow up behind the Iron Curtain and American pop culture shows and movies were banned in Romania. Since the 90s, as theBerlin Wall fell, I could have seen one, but i was more interested to catch up with other things. This situation I managed to correct now by reading this novelization of the first Star Wars movie.

It was an interesting read, written
Primeiro livro da saga da Guerra das Estrelas que leio.
Como fã dos filmes da saga, com especial gosto nos dois primeiros da saga do Luke e do ultimo do Anakin, decidi apostar nos livros.

Acho que é a primeira vez que leio um livro praticamente igual ao filme. Não sei o que foi feito primeiro, se o filme ou o livro, mas gostei muito da experiência.
Uma escrita agradável, de fácil acesso e com bastante acção, este livro inicia a história de Luke Skywalker e da Aliança Rebelde contra o corrupto Imp
Tout ce qui vient de Star Wars vient de ce tome. Je devrais plutôt dire que le livre est basé sur le film qui a débuté le tout pour la grande saga de Star Wars. Pour ceux qui ne le savent pas encore, l'histoire est simple. Deux droïdes tombent entre les mains de Luke Skywalker. L'un d'eux prétend appartenir à un certain Obi-Wan Kenobi. Luke le croit relié au vieux Ben Kenobi. Celui-ci lui apprends son vrai nom que qu'il est chevalier Jedi. Le droïde lui livre un message de la part de Leia et lui ...more
Christopher Rush
As with the comics adaptation, the novelization by George Alan Dead Foster Lucas differs in quite a few ways from the essentially "official" version of the story, the movie (and again, I refer to the original theatrical release, not the modified not-so-special editions released in multiple forms in the last 15 years). Perhaps the more notable differences are the nature of the political system and the ending, though the discrepancies in the political nature of the Empire - especially in Darth Vad ...more
Ronald Wise
This book is based on the first Star Wars movie and I'd recommend watching the movie instead. It provided some story line background, but that has since been covered more thoroughly in the prequel movies. Before the days of rental tapes and DVDs, I guess this was a way of extending the financial success of the movie.

I picked this book up three or four years after the movie, which I had no interest in seeing when released. But gradually feeling alienated by the increasingly frequent references to
Devon  Start
This book was about the best damn thing when i was a kid, and it was written by george lucas.. which comes up a lot when geeking out with star wars geeks and shitting all over star wars lore. see lucas screwed up and is a liar. he claims he had all this figured out from the beginning but there are so many plot holes, some are small, some like lukes OBVIOUS lust for leia, are rather effing huge.

R2D2 is certainly one. in the newest films he can fly and has jet packs and all sort of stuff..not to m
Obviously I loved this book! Duh (for anyone that knows me)! I first read the novelization of the original Star Wars twenty years ago, and I have been meaning to re-read it for some time. I decided that attending my first Star Wars Celebration last month was as good of an occasion as any.

I have the movie about as memorized as I possibly can, so it was fun to see how the dialogue matched the movie, and how it deviated. In a lot of places, it deviates ever so slightly. Luke says, "I have a strang
I have chosen to use the original Star Wars (New Hope) story to represent a number of Star Wars Novels I have collected and read. I originally had them listed on this site individually but when I saw that it came out to 100+ books, I became afraid that it would hide the other gems I have in the collection.

When Star Wars came out in 1977, I was an instant addict - Just ask my parents. If I had of kept all my Star Wars action figures I would have made a fortune on eBay today. As I became older and
I was raised on Star Wars like most guys my age (though I was somewhat late generation, being four years old when Return of the Jedi was released; my attempts to join the Star Wars Fan Club around 1988 were met with a form letter explaining that it didn't exist anymore), and I think I read the novelizations of the original trilogy when I was in my teen years. Recently I read the first one to my son for a bedtime story.

The evil Galactic Empire constructs the Death Star, a space station wit
As a novelisation, this book falls far short. As an independent work of science-fiction, it falls even shorter. Alan Dean Foster is capable of far better than this.

The book itself is scene-for-scene a replication of the movie, which often feels awkward. The writing itself overflows with pointless adjectives that make the text itself flow terribly, and the story is an exact copy of the movie with few added scenes and very little added characterization.

The descriptions, whilst overusing adjectives
Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z and Naruto
Title: Satr wars episode 4, A new hope
Author: George Lucas
Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi
Years after the Jedi Order has been destroyed, a Jedi comes out of hiding to train Anakin Skywalkers Son, Luke Skywalker. Little does he know that he has a sister, Princess Leia. He also doesn't know that Darth Vader, the leader of the empire, is his father. Obi-Wan had sworn to train Luke in order to defeat his father and to fufull the propachy. When they planed to raid the death ball with the help of Han Solo, they
the only way i could justify reading this book was as a cultural oddity. i love the story, but i am so familiar with the course of events and the exact wording of the dialog that the changes always irked me. the novelization was based on the screenplay and released before the film, so i can't say whether those changes were hubris on the part of the ghost writer or transcriptions from an unpolished draft, but i found myself invariably resenting them.

the main intrigue came from the minor variance
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George Walton Lucas, Jr. is an Academy Award-winning American film director, producer, and screenwriter. He is the creator of the epic Star Wars saga and the archaeologist-adventurer character Indiana Jones. Today, Lucas is one of the American film industry's most financially successful independent directors/producers, with an estimated net worth of $3.6 billion.
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