The Fall of the Amazing Zalindas  (Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars #1)
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The Fall of the Amazing Zalindas (Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars #1)

3.64 of 5 stars 3.64  ·  rating details  ·  411 ratings  ·  80 reviews
Mysteries are the next big thing! This is a new spin on the most famous detective stories of all time, focusing on the kids who helped Sherlock Holmes solve mysteries and save England from doom.
Sherlock Holmes stories captured readers' imaginations for more than a century. Now Tracy Mack and Michael Citrin will capture the hearts of a new generation with a unique new twis...more
Hardcover, 272 pages
Published September 1st 2006 by Orchard Books (first published 2006)
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A well written series for ages 9-12 that will never be appreciated by that age group.For one thing, the language is more complicated than the popular Wimpy Kid, Dork Diaries and Middle School series. Another thing, there's a lot more depth involved here. And the other thing is, the first couple of chapters start out a little slow, whereas you learn more about the characters that make up "The Baker Street Irregulars". When compared with the more popular series I mentioned, I'm not sure if it can...more
Fun! Mack and Citrin take the few references to the urchins who occasionally help Holmes in his cases, and have created living, breathing boys with compelling back stories.

Ozzie's mother recently died and she secured an apprentice position for him that she hopes will be advantageous. Unfortunately, his master is a forger, and Ozzie's talents have made him invaluable. Wiggins, even tho he is the leader, is so lonely...he has memories only of the orphanage he escaped. His pet ferret, Shirley, help...more
This is a children's book and I guess my inner child has already grown up too much for me to enjoy it. As a kid, I might've gobbled it up with a spoon. But now? Two things really bothered me: a) didn't like any of the Irregulars and b) Watson was portrayed as an unlikable fool which is a pet peeve of mine.

Regarding a: The only kid that was fleshed out was Ozzie. But he talked like a scholar and was more knowledgeable than Watson and in some instances even Holmes. A kid of 12 years? He was basica...more
Siapa yang tidak kenal dengan Sherlock Holmes? Tokoh detektif yang diciptakan oleh Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930) telah menjadi figur yang tidak terlepaskan dengan cerita-cerita beraliran misteri.

Penerbit Qanita menerbitkan Sherlock Holmes dan Laskar Jalanan Baker Street: Misteri Kematian Bintang Sirkus yang diterjemahkan oleh Maria Lubis dari Sherlock Holmes and The Baker Street Irregulars: The Fall of the Amazing Zalindas karya Tracy Mack dan Michael Citrin, sepasang suami istri editor da...more
Matti Karjalainen
Sherlock Holmesia pidetään maailman nerokkaimpana salapoliisina, mutta harva tietänee, että monet rikokset olisivat jääneet selvittämättä, ellei hänen apunaan olisi häärinyt kodittomien katupoikien joukko, jota kutsuttiin Baker Streetin iskuryhmäksi.

Kirjailija Tracy Mackin ja kuvittaja Michael Citrinin yhteistyön tuloksena syntynyt "Nuorallatanssijoiden tapaus" (Gummerus, 2007) avaa Baker Streetin iskuryhmä -nimisen lasten kirjasarjan. Sarjan ensimmäisessä osassa Ozzie, Wiggins ja kumppanit aut...more
El Templo de las Mil Puertas
"Quién más, quién menos, todo el mundo ha oído hablar de Sherlock Holmes, el celebérrimo detective de Baker Street, y del doctor Watson, su fiel acompañante. Pero sólo los holmesófilos conocen a la pandilla de los Irregulares. ¿Que quiénes son? Pues un grupo de pilluelos que viven en las calles y que conocen como nadie los bajos fondos londinenses. Tal y como nos contó sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Holmes recurrió a ellos en varias ocasiones cuando había que vigilar las calles o espiar a algún malhech...more
Disfruté enormemente leer este libro en la edición económica en inglés y me pareció una excelente forma de introducir a jóvenes lectores en el "mundo extendido" de las narraciones sobre Sherlock Holmes –el original súper héroe de la cultura popular-. Como introducción me parece ideal, ya que el libro se centra en los chiquillos callejeros mencionados en un par de las historias originales del Dr. Doyle, “los irregulares de Baker Street”, proveyéndoles de historias de vida y de personalidades sufi...more
Whew! For a relatively short book, it took me a long time to get through this one--it was my bedside reading at a time where I was hardly ever reading in bed. The length of time it took to get through, though, was not a reflection on how the book was. I really enjoyed it!

The story centers on the Baker Street Irregulars, a band of street boys that help Sherlock Holmes solve his mysteries. Intended for a late-elementary school audience, it delivers in action, fun, and a good mystery (including an...more
My rating: 5 out of 5

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I loved Mack's take on Sherlock Holmes and thought that it was pretty true to the stories (from what I gather of them, at least). It was fascinating to watch the Baker Street Irregulars as they tried to help the detective, attempting to analyze the environment the way he does.

The Victorian elements of the story are present but I don't feel that they bog the plot down in any way. There are magnificent black and white illustrations in every cha...more
colleen the contrarian  ± (... never stop fighting) ±
Those who have read the Holmes stories are, no doubt, familiar with the Baker Street Irregulars, the group of "Street Arabs", as they are called in the Doyle stories, who sometimes provide help to Holmes via spying. No one notices them, you see, so they're free to see and hear many things on the streets.

In the stories, though, they're often mentioned in passing, and never really dwelt on. Well, this book seeks to set that record straight but claiming that Watson was jealous of the kids, which is...more
Sheila Beaumont
A fun, fast-paced introduction to Sherlock Holmes for kids who aren't quite ready for the original stories. Characters, especially Holmes and the members of the Baker Street Irregulars, are well drawn, and the impression of Victorian London, with its homeless children, filth and exploitative child labor, is vivid.

I didn't especially like the unsympathetic way Watson was portrayed, but the idea behind the series is that Watson, in his written accounts, de-emphasized the important part the Irregul...more
Karyn The Pirate
Everyone has heard of Mr. Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective. But not many people know about The Baker Street Irregulars. They are the group of ragtag orphans who live on the streets of London and are often employed by Holmes as his eyes and ears of the city. When the famous trapeze artists, the Amazing Zalindas, fall to their deaths Holmes is called in to investigate. At the same time, he is also investigating a theft from the Royal Palace. Somehow the two crimes are tied together. With the...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Michaela Pallante aka "Mickey" for

Everyone loves a good mystery, and there are no better mysteries than those involving Sherlock Holmes.

In his newest case, Holmes is hired to investigate a murder at a local circus and calls upon his new assistants - The Baker Street Irregulars - for help.

The Baker Street Irregulars are a group of young orphan boys who live very near Mr. Holmes. Led by the two oldest boys, Ozzie and Wiggins, they improve their own detective skills by...more
Sarah S
The Baker Street Irregulars are a group of homeless children who help the great detective Sherlock Holmes on his cases. They enjoy the work, although they are always a little bit irritated that Holmes' assistant Watson plays down their help in the cases.

When a rope breaks during the high wire act at a local London circus it results in the death of the Zalindas family, a group of high wire performers. Although this appears to be a deadly accident, Sherlock Holmes thinks that it is a murder case t...more
Arya Nasoetion
Mar 09, 2008 Arya Nasoetion added it
Recommends it for: Sherlockian. Readers of Nancy Drew, Famous Five, etc.
Shelves: fiction, favorites
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A mystery for the budding young Sherlock Holmes fan! The author stays consistent with the now well defined Conan-Doyle characters of Watson and Holmes. However, the infamous Holmes is only a background character. The gang of Baker Street Irregulars as embellished by Tracy Mack, comes with the same well structured characters for the leaders of the Irregulars. While this isn't another exercise in Holmsian observation and deduction, the characters are clever and bold in the face of danger. Besides,...more
Allyson Daniels
Feb 23, 2014 Allyson Daniels rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Sherlock Holmes fans
I really enjoy Sherlock Holmes books anyways but this one was extra special because it was actually about the baker street irregulars and how they help Holmes. This group of boys essentially does the dirty work in the story and helps Sherlock find the pieces to the story. I enjoyed every bit of this book. I think it written for ages 9-12 but I as a 23 year old loved it!
As a confirmed fan of the Sherlock Holmes stories, I expected to be enthralled with this book. And I did enjoy it - the idea to write a series of Sherlock Holmes mysteries from the persepctive of Holmes' Baker Street Irregulars was ingenious and very cleverly executed. That said, I would have enjoyed it more if 1) fortune-telling had been left out of the story and 2) a less critical approach to Dr. Watson had been taken. The whole premise of the story was that Dr. Watson had concealed the cases...more
I love Sherlock Holmes and am always excited to find a new series that showcases the great detective in some way. This is geared toward young readers and focuses on the homeless band of boys known as the Baker Street Irregulars that Holmes sometimes used to help him solve cases. This book introduces the boys and little of how each came to live in an abandoned carraige factory.

"of the great Sherlock Holmes know that the great sleuth frequently called upon the Baker Street Irregulars, a motley gan...more
This caught my eye in the children's section of the library (as does anything with the words 'Sherlock', 'Baker Street', 'Holmes', etc). Like Nancy Springer's Enola Holmes series, it's definitely aimed at older kids (11, 12, 13) since it begins with a briefly described but graphic death, and the life of Victorian Street urchins is painted in plain terms (one of them suffers a beating, all are orphaned) that would upset some children no matter how good the mystery was.

The mystery itself was writt...more
Sherlock Holmes for young readers... you actually see very little of Sherlock in the story. It focuses instead on the group of street urchins that he has hired to help him with his investigations and their adventures while on the case.
Brittani Crocker
The Baker Street irregulars is a group of street kids who help get information for Sherlock Holmes. The stories about them are filled with mystery and excitement.
Nick Costin
This book is one of my favorites. It gets right into the mystery from the very beginning. You wont be able to put it down. It is an adventure worth reading. The book is not to long but there is some thickness to it. I can relate to sherlock because he discovers things which help shape who he is. The mystery is exciting, but I would only recommend this book to young readers wanting to read a good mystery. The book is easy to comprehend and is obvious. Although its easy to figure out, it was still...more
A group of orphans and street boys help the famed detective Sherlock Holmes solve the puzzling deaths of a family of circus tightrope walkers by connecting it to a theft from Buckingham Palace. Memorable characters abound--frail Ozzie, street-smart Wiggins, and the other homeless boys are colorful and realistic. Vivid descriptions will give readers an idea of the harsh realities of life in Victorian London. Ruth’s black-and-white drawings add a dark and mysterious feel. Upper-elementary and midd...more
The great detective, Sherlock Holmes, is well-known throughout the world. I already knew that. But what surprised me was that he often employed a group of orphans called 'The Baker Street Irregulars' to do his spying. The book revolves around the idea of being an orphan and what it was like to have no parents. It made me sad to think about real people who didn't have mothers or fathers but, in the end. These boys stuck together as a family and always look out for each other. The book is both mys...more
Wiggins and his little band of homeless boys roam the streets of London in 1889, begging and doing odd jobs wherever they can. When the great detective Sherlock Holmes has two mysterious cases that link to each other, he calls on Wiggins and his band to help him be additional eyes and ears in the matter.

Although not authentic Sherlock Holmes style, this book includes danger, pain, excitement, and treasure -- and even a secret message -- all entertaining for the 3rd to 7th graders who will enjoy...more
Galion Public Library Teens
Review by C.M.: "A very great book with Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars."
The other articles were good, but the plot though...
Cathrine Bonham
this was a pretty good book. The characters are likable and the plot is creative and convoluted enough to have been thought of by Doyle himself. Though it really isn't a Sherlock Holmes Mystery. It really should have been called the, "Baker Street Irregulars with some help from that nice adult who conveniently brings the police." But then when your writing for kids the kids really do need to be at the center of the story.

Children will like even if Sherlockians don't and the kids should have fun...more
Gantan Murty
This book is better than the second volume.
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Tracy Mack's first novel, Drawing Lessons, was named a Booklist Top Ten First Bovel for Young Adults, a New York Public Llibrary Book for the Teen Age, a Bank Street College Best Book and a Teen People Next Award Finalist. Birdland, her second novel, garnered praise from Walter Dean Myers, Mary Pope Osborne and Julia Alvarez.

Tracy grew up in a one-square-mile village near the Hudson River, just no...more
More about Tracy Mack...
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