Long Way Round
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Long Way Round

3.87 of 5 stars 3.87  ·  rating details  ·  5,125 ratings  ·  264 reviews
It started as a daydream. Poring over a map of the world at home one quiet Saturday afternoon, Ewan McGregor - actor and self-confessed bike nut - noticed that it was possible to ride all the way round the world, with just one short hop across the Bering Strait from Russia to Alaska. It was a revelation he couldn't get out of his head. So he picked up the phone and called...more
Paperback, 368 pages
Published May 16th 2005 by Time Warner Books (first published 2004)
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My love of Long Way Round is purely emotional. We are not talking about great literature here, nor should anyone expect it. After all, the book isn't written. It is spoken. But that adds to the charm.

As these two spoiled boys travel around the world from London to New York, cutting through places like Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia, it is the chattiness and comradeship of such close friends living a "Boys' Own" adventure that sucks us in. Whether they are shitting their pants when a Russian min...more
This is a true story about two fairly well known people taking a trip across a vast distance. The A-List actor and a well-to-do buddy (d-list actor?) have a dream and try to put it into action. Some of their challenges are ones that most people would not have - e.g. having a director who does not want you riding a motorcycle to practice for the trip in case you injure yourself before your movie is complete. Some of the other challenges they thought were unique to their "star power" were likely c...more
Wow... I went into this book with very little expectations, firstly I know nothing about bikes, and secondly I thought that it may be some kind of shameless promotion on behalf of Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman but I was incredibly wrong.
I was amazed at the journey these men took, and especially amazed at the vast amount of emotion that they both experienced and described throughout the journey and especially at their homecoming.
This is a book for any travel lover, for those who wish to expe...more
Long Way Round is a mentally and physically exhausting journey made by two friends who wanted a break. The book is comprised of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman’s daily diary entries that were written during the entire trip. By sharing both of their personal diaries you are able to get two very different perspectives of their overwhelming trip around the world.

In the beginning, I was a little irritated, especially with Ewan. He liked to name-drop quite a bit and, also, liked to mention which mo...more
I'm not even going to blame the fact that I interrupted reading this with a few much better books & coming back to it was torturous. Too much man whining, too much man bickering, too much "Oh but we miss our families so much!!" No one forced you to leave them & take this trip, did they?
Robin Allen
This book was kinda boring and whiny for a couple of rich dudes on bikes with a film crew following them around.
Sian Wadey
Author B in my A-Z was Charley Boorman although it says that Long Way Round was just written by Ewan McGregor.
I'm a fan of both actors but I've never seen the TV show so I went into this with a fresh mind not really knowing what to expect. And can I say it was the biggest disappointment.
Both authors moaned, whined and cried their way around the globe. I know it must be hard to miss those you live with constantly, but they were crying when they left and cried during a lot of the journey. When th...more
Sundeep Supertramp
About the authors:
Ewan McGregor, the author. Does that name ring some bells? Yeah, he is the same guy from the movies Star Wars, The Impossible (2012), The Island (2005), Big Fish (2003).

It is claimed that the other author, Charley Boorman, is also an actor. Though I've not noticed in any movie, as I far I could remember, here are a few movies which starred him. Travellers (2011), Deliverance (1972), Excalibur (1981), The Serpent's Kiss (1997).

The whole idea of the book is to cirucum-naviga...more
Full disclosure:
1. I love Ewan McGregor and would enjoy doing naughty things to him. Preferably while he talked in his Scottish accent.
2. I watched this TV series.
3. I am reading this book not because of #1 and 2 so much as the fact that someone said that she'd read in this book (or sadly the subsequent one) that he and his wife had an open marriage and I became determined to get to the bottom of this. Which I suppose does relate to #1 if not exactly #2. This is not embarrassing to admit at all....more
Wendy Blansett
Great book. This book is not necessarily all about the bikes and blokes that ride them, but it is more about the places, the people, and the moments. Ewan and Charlie travel through some of the most remote and poorest regions of the world, but wherever they go, the people are gracious and kind, offering what little they have, including food, liquor, and shelter.

Ewan rarely plays his "Obi-Wan" card - only when it's a must. For most of the journey people have no idea who he is. He is just a guy ri...more
Long Way Round is a fairly well-known TV series documenting the journey undertaken by actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman in 2004, riding motorcycles all the way around the world from London to New York, across very remote and wild terrain in Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Siberia. McGregor was already quite a famous actor, appearing in Star Wars, Trainspotting and Big Fish; Boorman was considerably less well-known, in the shadow of both Ewan and his more famous father John Boorman (the director...more
Diana S
Wow! What an amazing trip! Ewan McGregor and his best friend, Charley Boorman, both bike nuts, traveled around the world on their motorcycles. It took them 4 months traveling 20,000 miles. I'm glad they took the time to documented their fantastic trip. Great Photos! I give this book 3.5 stars***.
I learned that these guys are even nuttier than they came across in the TV miniseries...and that trying to ride motorcycles across Mongolia is a really bad idea. ;)
Oct 22, 2009 P.Sannie rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: travel fiends
Recommended to P.Sannie by: Markus
I've always thought, "Wow, cool, I want to learn how to ride a motorcycle!" After reading the first few pages, that turned into, "Umm, never mind, I don't want to learn." The reason for it is that the authors go into detail about their motorcycling accidents, not because the trip is so challenging.

The Long Way Round is a great travel book because Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman really want to experience the local cultures. They aren't there to gawk and stare at the people; they want to interac...more
Ewan and Charley are good friends and fun-loving lads. They managed to execute a dream that many have on dull office days, namely to get away for weeks, get on a motorbike and let the hair blow in the wind. Motoring around the world eastwards from London, through Siberia and North America sounds romantic and adventurous indeed, but can turn out to be challenging for idealists. In fact you realize how luxuriously lazy your life is, when you decide to give it up and fight the elements and the tarn...more
I don't usually take the time to review books here, but this book was so poorly written and annoying to read that on several occasions i wanted to throw it out of a window. The amount of crying and whining that these two grown men did through out their trip, and the amount of pages taken up talking about how much they miss their wives...well...it really loses the essence of what a trip like that is all about. I can see that they attempted to convey some of the emotional trials and tribulation th...more
This was a fun read; although, every time I put it down I wanted to go out and ride my motorcycle. The stories of travelling through Europe and Asia were very compelling. It's amazing how much that they had to rely on the kindness of strangers over the course of their trip. Even with the months of preparation and all of the support they had, they still wouldn't have been able to complete the journey with out a lot of luck.

While I'm sympathetic to the hardships of the road and the journey, there...more
Aug 23, 2012 Alkatraz rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: travelers, motocycle riders,
Shelves: non-fiction
All right, this has been sitting on my shelf for several years and I really have been meaning to read it. I'm actually not a huge fan of travel genre because the writers often sound so bloody pretentious when they describe the country side that they view from the spit shined windows of their over priced hotel. This book starts off as a couple of mates act on a dream they've each toyed with since childhood, to ride a motobike around the world.

After months of planning, they start off from London a...more
Whoo! A travel book that I actually finished! I am so proud of myself. I hate myself for liking (and then consequently bagging on) chicklit lately. But Long Way Round was quite an easy read if only because it was written by Ewan McGregor and his friend, a fellow actor whom I had never heard of called Charley Boorman. This was about their motorcycle trip from London to NYC (via Asia).

The book was okay. The downside was all the talk about their motorcycles, which I didn't care about at all and a c...more
I couldn't find Ted Simon's Jupiter's Travels at my local Barnes & Noble, but found this book instead. I'd seen the Long Way Round TV series on DVD and thought I'd like more about Ewan McGRegor's and Charley Boorman's bike trip around the world than they cound present on their film.

At first, I wasn't disappointed. They start with great backstory about how they each got into motorcycles in the first place, and how they'd become friends and conceived and arranged this whole thing. I also like...more
Świat ma mnóstwo piękna i przygód do zaoferowania. Im więcej podróżujemy, tym lepiej go poznajemy. Ewan Mc Gregor oraz Charley Boorman zdecydowanie widzieli dużo i postanowili swoją tułaczkę opisać w książce „Wielka wyprawa. Niezwykła motocyklowa wyprawa dookoła świata”. „Niezwykła,” ponieważ nasi bohaterowie pokonują kolejne kilometry na… motorach. Zadajecie sobie pewnie pytanie, czy ktoś taki jak aktor, człowiek, który gra, ale zawsze wie, że zaraz obok czuwa nad nim ekipa filmowa, da sobie ra...more
Luke Ballenger
Target Audience: Travel enthusiasts/adventure seekers, and motorcycle enthusiasts.

I'm about half way into the book. By in large, thus far, I find it to be entertaining and different than what I originally imagined it to be. The first quarter of the book is devoted entirely to building up the relationships between Ewan and Charley, and the origination of the journey. I preemptively thought that the book would gloss the relationships between the men and commence outright for the adventure within t...more
Artūras Orševskis
Pradėjau skaityti lietuvišką knygos vertimą "Ilgas kelias aplink", knygą pabaigiau originalo kalba.
Vis užkliūdavo prastas Aistės Kvedaraitės-Nichols vertimas. Vienas iš pavyzdžių: "- Ž̌inai, kokia buvo paskutinė̇ mintis, š̌ovusi tam š̌uniui į galvą̨? - pa­klausė̇ Charlis, iš juoko vos pajė̇gdamas suregzti ž̌odž̌ius. - Jo už̌pakalis."
Knygoje nerasite daugiau nei video laidų reportažuose apie minėtą kelionę. Daskaičiau tik dėl to, kad beskaitant vis aplankydavo malonūs prisiminimai iš mano kelionė...more
Steve Bolen
I picked up this book because I enjoy reading about things I will probably never be able to do in my lifetime. Plus it seemed like a great adventure. I started out not liking the book much because I didn't like the way it jumped from Ewan to Charlie in the narration. I thought it was distracting to the story. But as I read further along it became less and less of an irritation.

The premise of the book is an around the world trip on BMW bikes. I thought that sounded cool. And difficult. I'm not...more
Liza H
I loved the 10-episode show that aired chronicling the adventure of Ewan MacGregor and his friend Charlie Boorman as they took a pair of BMW motorbikes around the world, from London to New York. I'd hoped that by reading the book written by them, there might be a little bit more insight on their thoughts and feelings during the trip, and I wasn't disappointed. Neither man is exactly a great storyteller, but it was a lot like reading someone's blogged thoughts about being away from friends and fa...more
Glyn Longden
Rating: 6.5/10 Two actors bike around the world from west to east. I'm a bit of a sucker for this type of travelogue; it helps cover my guilt from never having gone anywhere. Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Siberia, all get covered with the relish of men on a mission. Are we not men? (We are DEVO) I've always wondered why in books like this the last third of the trip is covered in the last chapter of the book. In this case Alaska to London must have been boring....but any more boring than London t...more
I enjoy adventure/survival books, so this was suggested for me by a motorcycle enthusiast friend. I also read a lot of Stalin's Russia material which is another reason for my reading this book. It was so depressing to read how the Ukraine and Mongolia still struggle, and have the street children problem. It was heart rendering, but at the same time the problem was exposed and Ewan encouraged the reader to get involved with UNICEF or other organizations to help improve the lives of Mongolian fami...more
Long Way Round starts off detailing some of both Ewan and Charlies past experiences and bikes they've ridden, as someone who doesn't have a huge interest in motorcycles this was a pretty slow start to the book. However once they leave the UK and really start their trip things get much more interesting and exciting, it's quite an incredible journey that i can imagine was exhausting yet very rewarding. As someone who travels a fair bit, and even though just ripping through countries in a matter of...more
One enormously famous actor and one fairly obscure one motorcycle from London to New York, going across Europe and through Central Asia and Siberia before flying to Alaska to finish the route. McGregor and Boorman alternate voices — McGregor is the more interesting writer — and describe the physical, economic, emotional, and logistical challenges of trying to get around the world on two beefed-up BMW touring motorcycles. Both are incredible motorcycle fans, which can be a bit tedious if you aren...more
Goldie Katsu
This is the book that goes with the TV Series. In it Charley and Ewan share their thoughts of the trip, starting from their first love of motorcycles, meeting, the idea, planning and the trip itself. It is enjoyable seeing the challenges and beauty of the trip through their eyes, plus the inner landscape of their thoughts and reactions to the experience.
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Ewan McGregor first came to notice in the film Shallow Grave. Since then he has appeared in more than thirty films, playing Renton in Trainspotting and Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars episodes one to three. Other films include: Velvet Goldmine, Little Voice, Moulin Rouge!, Black Hawk Down, Young Adam and Big Fish. Ewan has also appeared on stage in London, tracked polar bears in the Canadian High Arct...more
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