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Sterntagebücher. (Ijon Tichy #1)

4.26 of 5 stars 4.26  ·  rating details  ·  2,876 ratings  ·  99 reviews
Ijon Tichy, Lem's Candide of the Cosmos, encounters bizarre civilizations and creatures in space that serve to satirize science, the rational mind, theology, and other icons of human pride. Line drawings by the Author. Translated by Michael Kandel. A Helen and Kurt Wolff Book
Paperback, 526 pages
Published September 1st 2001 by Suhrkamp
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Stanislaw Lem es conocido mundialmente sobre todo por la magnífica ‘Solaris’. Sin embargo, la obra corta de Lem quizás no sea tan conocida. Diarios de las estrellas reúne en un solo volumen los Viajes y las Memorias de un curioso personaje, Ijon Tichy.

A través de sus extraordinarios viajes (que me recordaron poderosamente a Gulliver y Munchausen), siempre en su inseparable cohete, Tichy descubrirá las más absurdas e inverosímiles formas de vida, así como las sociedades más disparatadas. El humor
Едно от най-добрите неща, които съм чел някога. Горещо препоръчвам да ги прочетете, ако искате да научите:

-защо нас, Земляните, не ни приеха в ООП (Организажията на обединените планети) и как всички членове започнали да припадат и повръщат след като гледали на монитора как върви историята на човечеството, тези трупоядци.

- как звезден проповедник изпитвал трудности при разпространението на религията на други планети, особено на една, на която средната температура е -200 C, а населението й не иска
Charles Dee Mitchell
The morning I started reading this edition of Lem’s Star Diaries, I got about a hundred pages into it. When I put it down, I felt like I had over-indulged at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Each of Ijon Tichy’s intergalactic adventures in the 23rd century comes so packed with jokes, adventure, word play, hairsbreadth escapes, satire, and sophisticated scientific and philosophical speculation, they are best absorbed one at a time. They are going to all run together in the end, leaving the reader as di ...more
Rafal Jasinski
Lema, przyznam się szczerze, nigdy nie lubiłem, choć dodać tu muszę z pewną taką nieśmiałością, że dotychczas znany mi był z czasów szkolnych i bardzo zabawnych i tyleż samo dziwacznych "Bajek robotów" i fragmentów "Przygód pilota Pirxa". Niestety, wrażenie tego, że rodzaj fantastyki uprawianej przez Lema, to "bajka, która innymi, niż ja drogami chodzi", powróciło w trakcie niniejszej lektury.

W "Dziennikach gwiazdowych" doceniam niebanalne, choć absurdalne poczucie humoru i to, w że zazwyczaj w
The Star Diaries really defy comparison with anything I have read before. Although the dry humor I expect from Eastern European fiction is there, the story lines and philosophical wanderings are idiosyncratic in the extreme.

Lem's diarist Ijon Tichy is a starship pilot, galactic explorer and self-styled diplomat whose adventures around the universe lead him into frequent philosophical and religious discussions and even more frequent menace to his strange-by-comparison-to-aliens earthling body, me
May 14, 2008 Jeanne rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Jeanne by: Roger Peet
I had seen "Solaris" waaay back in college I think. Beautiful, but slowly paced, and this was a time that I slept through bits of a lot of movies. So I was thinking that this series of "journeys" of Ijon Tichy written by the author of Solaris (which I haven't read) would be serious and dry.

I was right and wrong. The subject matter of spaceship navigator Tichy's voyages are plenty serious and related with the driest of humor. Many of the convolutions of time and space involve Tichy, full well kno
I didn't expect to like this book so much but this has everything I want in a sci-fi book. This is a collection of stories following Ijon Tichy's adventures across the galaxy. I loved the one about the mutant potatoes: "Thus far observations show that man has mashed potatoes millions of times, but it is not inconceivable that one time in a billion the situation could reverse itself, that a potato could mash a man." People in Poland must really like this one, too.
4.5 stars.

A brilliant and hilarious (I find) parody, emblematic of the "Speculative Fiction" Genre, but where the word "Speculative" actually denotes what it's meant to. This is one of the best philosophical Sci-Fi works I have ever read (or rather re-read), and certainly the most original.

When I was reading it decades ago I completely missed all the allusions and references to philosophy and history, which were so clear to me - thus hugely entertaining - now.

Ijon Tichy, the protagonist, is noth
Before Arthur Dent, there was Ijon Tichy.

Before our civilisation disappeared into its own navel, there were the Dichoticans. And before we started to prattle about 'Singularities' the robot monks of Dichotica had already looked unflinchingly into that abyss.

Before we ceased to create science fiction, there was this book showing us the sort of thing we could be creating instead.

Nihal Engin
After Olaf Stapledon, Stanislaw Lem is my favourite Science-fiction writer. This collection of short stories is considerably weaker than his other works. Lem was a genius for sure, but he was not a comedy genius (drawing neither), the Douglas Adams-like nature of these stories does not really suit well with the gist of his ideas.

One other thing is the character of Ijon Tichy. He might be the most non-existent character in the history of literature. I have read hundreds of pages about him and I h
Nikolay Dyulgerov
Бях чел някои от разказите в една друга книга с неща на Лем, която четох заради Соларис, но пък тя беше накрая, а в началото имаше малко истории за Ийон Тихи, после и за капитан Пиркс, та оттам се зарибих.
От една страна дневниците са адски забавни и иронични. От друга - човек може да научи интересни неща за науката, без това да натежава. Споменават се Файнман, Ферми, квазари, цефеи и т.н.
Най-много обаче ми хареса парадоксалноста и то особено времевите парадокси. Уникално описани са, а последни
Posiblemente Lem sea el maestro del humor de la Ciencia Ficción. Este libro (junto con otros) es la clara muestra, y no es algo menor, complite con grandes
"Dzienniki gwiazdowe" to skondensowane geniusz i lekkość pióra, tak charakterystyczne dla Lema i jego twórczości. Losy gwiezdnego podróżnika Ijona Tichy to zbiór wciągających opowiadań wyłamujących się poza krępujące ramy standardów i literackich schematów. Ciąg opowiadań wyłączonych z obowiązku podążania spójną linią czasu pozwala czytelnikowi pośmiać się z ludzkich przywar i zadawać sobie filozoficzne pytania. Niebanalne podejście Lema do dręczących ludzi przywar, jakimi obdarzył dziesiątki ra ...more
I can only be ashamed of myself passing by this genial stories in high school by one of the best writer of my country, bah - the world! However the timing may be perfect as often you'll find things coming from the past to save your future. I recently started to loose hope for sci-fi genre and looking for older books to rediscover the roots. Lem is universal and beyond time...and funny!
Btw - the story with electronic brains in chests? - now I know who did Wachowsky's ripped off to make Matrix ;)
"At the same time they completely lost the placid passivity typical of Earth's potatoes, which have been domesticated through constant care and cultivation. Growing more and more wild, they became, at last, potatoes of prey." Ijon Tichy in the Twenty-Fifth Voyage. This quote pretty much captures the tone and heart of Stanislaw Lem's The Star Diaries: Further Reminiscences. Lem's book is a delight of bizarre and hilarious cosmic situations that will literally make you laugh out loud.

Ijon Tichy i
Jennifer Abdo
I wouldn't consider myself a sci fi fan, but this author, like Capek's War With the Newts, has very good points in religion, philosophy, politics, human nature to illustrate. There are dizzying time travel loops, odd creatures and machines, fascinating customs like squamp hunting, like in many sci fi novels no doubt. This one didn't really endear itself to me until the 21st voyage, I have to say, where there is a discussion about God and Satan as dizzying as the recursive time travel loops are t ...more
Travis Dixon
Really struggling to get more than a few chapters into this one.

Finding the narrative quite disconnected, (more so than illuminatus! trilogy) to the point where I can't build a model of the characters, universe or concepts, and therefore can't engage with the book.

The prose doesn't particularly enthrall me either
Si bien Solaris es su libro más famoso, yo considero este el mejor libro del genio de Lem. Además, junto con Ciberiada, considero que los "Diarios" son lo mejores libros para introducirse en el universo de Lem. Lleno de humor y de ingenio, los "Diarios" trata los temas preferidos de su autor: la percepción de la realidad y la complejidad de la naturaleza humana. Este libro, como muchos otros, es una caricaturización estelar de nosotros mismos.

Como alguna vez dijo:
No tenemos necesidad de otros m
This guy had the most vivid imagination and was not afraid to use it. The array of scenarios is incredible, going beyond the mere description of worlds or the biology of their inhabitants and digging deep into their philosophies, beliefs and religions. The tone might be funny, but the implications are really serious. This is a ruthless critique, amongst other things, about the fear of the unknown and the subsequent hated of what's different. By making one of the 'sides' literally alien, and by s ...more
I have decided that I can't finish this book, I got about half-way through. Though it is slightly funny, the science is just wrong and it bugs me to much. It is broken up into twelve voyages that have nothing to do with each other and I don't care what happens.
A collection of so-called "science fiction tall tales" that is by turns intriguing, beguiling, confusing, and hilarious. As a collection whose tales were written over the course of many years it does vary in style and quality, but if you've ever read anything by Lem before you'll recognize all his hallmarks here. The dry, somewhat pessimistic attitude toward humanity, balanced and somewhat mitigated by the ridiculous situations and inevitable chuckling, combined with an off-kilter phrasing no do ...more
My absolute favourite ever book. Resoundingly truthful still in all its criticism towards society, witty, subtle and funny. A gem.
Humorous. Similar to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but more thought-provoking and less random. (Slav 117- Univ Sophomore)
Feb 06, 2015 Cheryl marked it as library-wishlist  ·  review of another edition
y'know this is meant to be funny, when the first book of the series is "*further* reminiscences."
I wish more SF was this intelligent and funny.
Postanowiłem przypomnieć sobie po raz kolejny wszystkie powieści i opowiadania Stanisława Lema (powiedzmy, że to jedno z wielu postanowień noworocznych). Jestem pod ogromny wrażeniem jego twórczości (pomijając tę „czysto” filozoficzną, która jest dla mnie nie do zdzierżenia) przede wszystkim dlatego, że w jasny i niezmiernie wciągający sposób jest on w stanie poruszać w swoich opowieściach ciężkie problemy filozoficzne z zakresu naszych zdolności poznawczych, sztucznej inteligencji, filozofii na ...more
Stanislaw Lem nos lleva por una historia (o bien una serie de historias) que involucran a un viajero espacial, científico e ingenuo profesional llamado Ijon Tichy y sus raros e interesantes viajes en el espacio desentrañando las raras razas alienígenas y otras cosas inventadas por otros científicos que viven en la galaxia y en el tiempo.

Diarios de las estrellas no evoca a la ciencia ficción dura con conceptos cientificos basados en la realidad, es más que nada sátira y comedia con un trasfondo d
John E. Branch Jr.
Ijon Tichy is one of Stanislaw Lem’s first creations and a prototype for many of his later characters. Tichy (pronounced “tee-khee,” says a translator’s note, which is silent on the first name) is a star pilot, cosmic adventurer, and representative man. These 12 stories, which chronicle some of Tichy's travels under the simplest of titles, such as “The Seventh Voyage” (the earliest contained in this volume) or “The Twenty-eighth Voyage” (the book’s last), were collected and published in Poland i ...more
Denis Gordeev
This book is just boring. Lem has two stories with just the same plot (Ijon creating the history of the mankind). He constantly uses just the same device (time loops). There is some political satire in the book, but it's obsolete nowadays, and I can't even understand what should I laugh at, because the majority of communist Poland problems do not exist anymore. I liked some stories, but there were too many of them, and most of them were disappointing.
This is the first Lem book I read way back when I was a young person in college. It had a rather good influence on my future science-fictiony persona. For a couple of years I tried to push it on everyone, but never had many takers. I recall many of the tales as being quite amusing, some silly, and all with an undercurrent of wise social commentary. (I read, and still possess, the Avon edition of the late 70s.)
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Stanisław Lem (staˈɲiswaf lɛm) was a Polish science fiction, philosophical and satirical writer of Jewish descent. His books have been translated into 41 languages and have sold over 27 million copies. He is perhaps best known as the author of Solaris, which has twice been made into a feature film. In 1976, Theodore Sturgeon claimed that Lem was the most widely read science-fiction writer in the w ...more
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The Twenty-first Voyage”
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