Flyte (Septimus Heap, #2)
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Flyte (Septimus Heap #2)

3.96 of 5 stars 3.96  ·  rating details  ·  36,848 ratings  ·  1,144 reviews
It's been a year since Septimus Heap discovered his real family and true calling to be a wizard. As Apprentice to Extra Ordinary Wizard Marcia Overstrand, he is learning the fine arts of Conjurations, Charms, and other Magyk, while Jenna is adapting to life as the Princess and enjoying the freedom of the Castle.

But there is something sinister at work. Marcia is constantly...more
Paperback, 521 pages
Published April 1st 2007 by HarperTrophy (first published March 6th 2006)
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Jan 22, 2009 Ann rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: If you enjoyed Magyk, you should like this too:)
Shelves: fantasy, young-adult
Another enjoyable book by Sage. I wasn't quite as enthralled with the second book as I was the first (some of the inventiveness and cuteness seemed lacking just a smidgen) but it was still a good story.
I felt it continued the story and plot well, holding fairly true to the characters and flavor of the first book.

I only have a few... not complaints... but rather things that weren't quite up to 5 stars:
I'm still awaiting further explanation of the magical world (though as it's only book two, I'm n...more
quirky, most definitely something new to the children's bookshelves. these books show a lot imagination and creativity. dark with light humour in between the nasty bits. i like the way angie sage also uses the phonetic spellings of 'magykal' words to show a distinction between the norm and the wizards. her World is full of adventure, surprises and humour.
What a fun series, I love how all the characters are so perfectly original and surrounded by a wonderful story that just keeps getting better with each book. It is fantastic how there is always new magic in so many avenues of Septimus's young life. Dragons, wolf boys, ghosts, magic all wrapped up in generations of splendid wizardry. Gerard Doyle's individual voices are so good that it is easy to forget that it is just one person. An excellent, clean story for all ages that moves along at just th...more
I loved the first book, and rated it 4 stars because the characters were so three dimensional. I could really understand their motivations and believe in their personalities. This second book struck me as being put together more hurriedly than the first one. There were a lot of "holes" in the story (why do we never see into Marin's thoughts again after he leaves with Simon? Or even have any clear idea if he DID leave with Simon? why is so little mention given to the fate of the dragon boat at th...more
I enjoyed this book just as much as the first one, maybe even a little bit more. I loved getting to know all the characters better, and being able to learn more about Angie's world. I, once again, fell in love with her writing, and I particularly noticed, and loved, how she gave everything a "voice". Even the stove and coffeepot in the ExtraOrdinary Wizard's kitchen had minds of their own. It was very fun to read those passages in particular.

The only thing that could be a negative was that this...more
Flyte picks up Septimus' story a year later than when the first book of the series ended. It's really Jenna's story, too, as we learn more about the Princess. In this one, Simon Heap (Septimus' older brother) is the villian as he kidnaps Jenna, attacks the Dragon Boat and tries to bring back Domdaniel, the evil Extraordinary Wizard. Good continuation of the series and nice introduction to more characters that I expect we'll see going forward. These are nice books for young adult readers - pretty...more
Janie Johnson
What a magycal read this was. I had read this years ago and it seems like I took so much more away from it this time. I am so very glad that I decide to come back to this series. I really loved visiting with some of my favorite characters again and meeting some new ones.

Angie Sage adds the perfect amount of magic to this story. It allows her readers to become totally immersed in such a beautiful world where magic is real. And as I read it, I can really feel like the magic is real in our world a...more
Kathy Davie
This is the second in the young adult fantasy series, Septimus Heap. In Flyte, young Septimus takes off on his own to rescue the young Princess Jenna when his brother, Simon, kidnaps her. For no one will believe that Simon isn't just taking her for a ride on his horse. Turns out that Simon is incredibly jealous of Sep's position as the Assistant to the ExtraOrdinary Wizard and fully intends to oust Septimus by the use of Darke Magyk.

Lots of fun, exciting, and scary adventures for both Jenna and...more

The 2nd outing in the Septimus Heap series and it continues a year after the first book following both Septimus and Jenna. It was an enjoyable read without ever really getting to the stage of being hard to put down. It never got into top gear and the plot meandered a little too much for my liking which kept the overall rating down.

There are plenty of enjoyable things going on in this book , the most enjoyable of which was Simon kidnapping Jenna and then the escape that ensues, and the worl...more
Linda Jaejoong
Simon Heap ist auf die dunkle Seite der Macht zu DomDaniel gewechselt. Er möchte seinem neuen Meister helfen wieder an die Macht zu gelangen, damit er allen anderen beweisen kann das er viel mächtiger ist als Septimus. Sein erster Auftrag lautet die Prinzessin zu entführen, was ihm auch gelingt mehr oder weniger!! Nun ist es an Septimus und Nicko ihre Schwester Jenna zu befreien.

Familie Heap ist wieder unterwegs!! Einer auf der bösen Seite, die Anderen auf der guten. Septimus begegnet auch endli...more
I've finally broken my streak...I actually liked this (book 2 in the series) the best. This has absolutely never happened to me before! I'm going to have to review some of my other long held beliefs...

Anyway, this is an action packed book which continues the saga of Septimus Heap, long thought of only has Boy 412, but now the apprentice to the most powerful of all wizards. His newfound status, however, has some jealous, including his eldest brother, Simon Heap. Simon aligns himself with the dark...more
Lori Anderson
first read June 17, 2008, second reading 2013, with my ten year old.

These books are addictive! I won't add more than I had a "woah!" moment when I saw the picture the illustrator had drawn for Marcia Overstrand -- I'd pictured her all along as an older, heavier wizard! Boy was I wrong!

Cool book, great series -- on to book three!

Lori Anderson

Lori Anderson:The Store
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Holland 2010
Here is the summary of Flyte and so Septimus Heap is cleaning his library. So he catches six small spiders and lets them out out of the window. Then Septimus finds a big spider and the spider bits his thumb and then Septimus got the spider and then went to Marcia and she gave him medicine and so then the medicine made his thumb worse. Septimus went to the doctor and had to stay in his bed and do nothing for a week. This is my summary of the book. ( only chapter #1) Izabella G.:)
Flyte, like it's predecessor, is a "boy wizard coming of age" story joined to a "girl princess coming of age" story. But if you've made it this far, you already know that Angie Sage somehow avoids falling into the same tired old tropes of books in either genre. For example, when our princess is kidnapped by a Bad Guye she is fully able to rescue herself, thank-you-very-much. When a magykal creature hatches and becomes bonded to someone in the story, an event you can see coming from hundreds of p...more
BJ Rose
What a delightfully enjoyable fantasy series!
I like Flyte.

Flyte is a fun sequel. The emphasis on the importance of family is what I liked the most in here. See, Septimus' oldest brother Simon is the villain. Even if Simon tried to "indirectly" kill him a few times, Septimus chose to spare his brother's life in the end. Now, isn't that nice?

I got a lot of laughs while listening to the audiobook. Nico's the most entertaining character! Besides Septimus, his rants and banters are the most enjoyable. And the spells are delightful, especially t...more
An Odd1
"Flyte" (Septimus Heap 2) by Angie Sage is full of: so much imagination, I can only say - read it; and of frustration - disbelief by those supposed to be your nearest and dearest - I know the feeling. Nobody trusts our hero Sep (12ish?): that his eldest brother Simon, now 20 but acts 10, has kidnapped Princess Jenna, 12ish, that Ice Tunnels run everywhere beneath the Castle. Simon has the long-vanished true Flyte charm, can chase them, their Dragon Boat. Chapter prefacing line drawings by Mark Z...more
I stumbled across this series when I downloaded Magyk on my Kindle for free. (just checked and it's not free any more). This second book is as good as the first in my opinion. Septimus Heap is just learning how to be a wizard...actually just learning how to be a boy with a name and not just a number! He is faced with challenges the grown-up wizards have no clue how to handle. But he trust his instincts, and himself and goes forward. Jenna, the princess and adopted un-magykal member of the Heaps...more
In Flyte (2006), the second novel in Angie Sage's Septimus Heap series, eleven-year-old Septimus Heap (seventh son of a seventh son), is now the Apprentice to the ExtraOrdinary Wizard Marcia Overstrand, happily learning everything Magykal he can, cleaning the library, and dreaming of Flyte, "the Last Lost Art." (Sage uses bold font, capital letters, and archaic spelling to make Magykal things look special.) All is not well, however, in the Wizard's Tower in the Castle. An ominous Shadow has been...more
This was better than Magyk, but my daughter is done with the series. It was a struggle for us to finish this volume, because the author blathers on and on. This would have been a terrific book, if it had been 150 pages shorter.

It's also one of those stories that wouldn't have been a story at all if the adults had just listened to their children. I don't understand why anyone thought it was okay for a young man, who'd been missing for months, to show up, put the princess on his horse, and gallop...more
Edward Creter
This sequel I have to give a three, when it started out as a four-star but then the ending got ridiculous and became a parody of itself--and not a funny haha one at that. Septimus Heap, aka Boy 412 (at least temporarily) is hounded by his big brother Simon, who has kidnapped his sister Jenna, the Princess of the Heaps, and vows revenge on Sep for robbing him off the rights to being Head Wizard with all enjoyments thereto. Sep is in a Heap of trouble, and not even his hottie Wizardess Marcia will...more
Carrie Slager
Although I gave Magyk, the first book in the Septimus Heap series, a mediocre review, I still continued on with the series as it had potential. As it turned out, that was the right decision.

Now that Septimus has been found and reunited with his family and Jenna has finally been claimed as the lost princess (something that was obvious from the beginning), Angie Sage begins to focus more on their character development. They are able to grow beyond their archetypes and readers will be much more sym...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Jessica Jiao
I liked this book, most of the characters had a happy ending.For example, page 502, it says, "'What man?' asked Aunt Zelda, both bemused and amused at the sight of Marcia running across the lawn toward them, wearing only one shoe. 'Jenna,' said Marcia breathlessly as she finally caught up with her. 'Jenna, what's wrong?' 'That man-the stranger at the port. The one who grabbed Thunder, the one who followed me, the one who's in the league with Simon-you've asked him to my palace. That's what's wro...more
I realy like this book because it has magic in it.also a part that happend in the book is one of the wizerds in the library is cleaning when he finds a chocelote charm and he puts it on he kep on cleaning and found a spider thet was huge and it bit him he went to the medic kit and tryed to stop the poison and it made it more red than it was and his freind found him and gave him the right antidote.I rate this book a 4 star book.
Nikki Nielsen
Second book in Angie Sage's Magyk series ... this was even better than the first book. Magyk seemed to introduce so many characters that I had to really concentrate while reading or I got lost. Flyte continues to develop the characters from Magyk and I found myself pulled into their world. Think I'll read the rest of the series.
Nojood Alsudairi
أحببت الكتاب الأول أكثر
توجد بعض الخيوط المفككة
منع الأطفال من دخول السيرك ولم نعرف حتى النهاية سبب المنع
تحدث القائم على المخطوطات عن عمله على فك شفرة الطيران لمدة خمس سنوات وفي آخر الكتاب نكتشف ان كتاب السحر الذي وجدت به التعويذة وقع بين يدي دوميدانيال قبل سنة ويوم
مع ذلك فالكتاب جدا شيق
Didn't realized I was that near the end! Another terrific book full of adventure, heart and witty humor. The reader was quite competent, although not in the stellar leagues with the man who read book one, I'm still disappointed at the switch.
All my friends said the this was their favourite book in the whole series but it was kind of disappointing. Nothing eventful happened. They all basically traveled in a giant circle. From the Castle to the Badlands back to the Port and then to the Castle again.
The whole Milo Banda thing was also incredibly pointless.
I've come to hate Jenna on a subconscious level. I just wish she would drop dead with her annoying prissy attitude. I completely support Simon in his opinion of Jenna. I also have c...more
ملحمة تفعمها العجائب والغرائب والتعاويذ السحرية والمفاجآت، وعالم فريد ثري بالتفاصيل المدهشة، ندعوك لتدخله، ولن ترغب في مغادرته أبدا

صدر منه باللغة العربية: السحر و الطيران
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Angie Sage (born 1952) is the author of the Septimus Heap series which includes Magyk, Flyte, Physik, Queste, Syren, Darke and Fyre, the final book which is scheduled to come out later in 2013. Also, she wrote The Magykal Papers, an additional book with extra information about Septimus' world. She is also the illustrator and/or writer of many children's books, and is the new writer of the Araminta...more
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“Oh dear," said Sarah anxiously, "I do wish he wouldn't do these silly things."
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