Never Deal with a Dragon (Shadowrun: Secrets of Power, #1)
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Never Deal with a Dragon (Shadowrun: Secrets of Power #1)

3.7 of 5 stars 3.70  ·  rating details  ·  880 ratings  ·  32 reviews
Sam Verner is a star researcher for Renraku Computer Systems at the corporate headquarters in Tokyo, but when his sister goblinizes into an Ork, he is transferred to the Seattle arcology in disgrace. His life takes another turn for the worse when the commuter flight from the airport is hijacked by shadowrunners (Sally Tsung, Ghost, Kham, Dodger). Sam's cooperation with the...more
Mass Market Paperback, 377 pages
Published December 4th 1990 by Roc
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One day at work, I had a craving for a salad. Events conspired to keep me from going out to get one until well after an hour past my usual lunchtime. By then, I was so ravenous as to be almost beyond rational thought. I went to the salad bar across the street and loaded my big plastic bowl with every single ingredient from the bar that, individually, I enjoyed having in a salad. It was several forkfulls in that my hunger abated enough to permit me to process the input from my taste buds. That in...more
Ok, I am a Shadowrun junkie. This book was decent but you probably wouldn't care for it if you didn't like Shadowrun. I enjoyed it because it was set in my favorite scifi-fantasy world. I appreciated the book because it gave me another persons perspective of the Shadowrun world. That perspective helps me create my own stories when I GM a Shadowrun RPG.

I have read another of Charrette's books. It was also a Shadowrun book and I would rate it the same. Never Deal... stood out to me because it told...more
This was a very interesting story set in a creative and intuitive world. I found the play upon the classic Oliver Twist to be clever, but it was really the author's vision of this future/fantasy world that sold me. He detailed the rise of mega-corporations to parity with nations, the creation of massive archologies to house and control corporation's employees, the resurgence of the Native Americans with the return of magic, and others. Only those familiar with the Shadowrun universe are aware of...more
David Sarkies
Well this is the first of the Shadowrun Novels that I will look at. There were a few of them written, and I did read them, however, once again, in the later stages of my life the role-playing game spinoffs no longer impressed me, and the Shadowrun books are no exception. They tend to be poorly written and rushed and the only real purpose of them is not only to make money from successful line, but to also give some atmosphere to the role playing world in which the novel is set. The major catch w...more
Despite my nostalgia - this was one of my earliest adventures in reading - I really can't recommend this book very highly. It's just... not very good. In fact, it's arguably the worst book I've read in the last couple of years.

One big problem is that this is a story in its own right, AND the first part of a trilogy, AND the first of a franchise of novels, AND the first novel to introduce the pre-existing Shadowrun RPG world. As a result, sometimes it feels weighed down by exposition and sightsee...more
This was an interesting book, set in a world I've never read about or even played in (it is a role playing game setting- I have the main book of rules for it, but have never even explored it more than just leafing through it)

Shadowrun seems to refer to being a mercenary that runs outside of the usual law and in a world corrupted by megacorporations, torn by corporate wars, and now two worlds exist- the corporate world and the underground (shadow) world. In addition to this, Magic, along with Elv...more
Hugo Rebaza
I only managed to feel any sort of attachment to one character, and there are so many introduced throughout the book. I don't even identify with the character's personality; They just seem to be the most fleshed-out and their dialogue is well-written. Every other character is pretty one-sided. The characters I really wanted to like weren't expanded upon, and the characters that I didn't like were packed to the brim with detail, but that's just personal preference. I just wish that an equal amoun...more
Since getting into pen and paper role playing games several years ago, Shadowrun has been my favorite and I had the most success with the game.

I always found the setting and cyberpunk theme very cool and interesting so I looked into the Shadowrun novels that they released many moons ago and this was sort of the first book. Not the first Shadowrun book I read though.

At the beginning I hit my first hurdle and that is the long prologue. At least long in the sense that there are very few breaks and...more
This was the first of the full Shadowrun novels in print (with only Into the Shadows, a collection of shorts preceding it), set in the dark future of 2050, filled with high technology and ancient magic. Orcs, Dwarves, Trolls and Elves now walk the street along cybernetic mercenaries, street shamans and dragons. Corporations and even older conspiracies run the world from their isolated splendor while the streets destroy millions of lives.

It covers the induction of Samuel Verner into the shadowy u...more
Feels like classic cyberpunk with magic thrown in to make it more interesting. Like much of the cyberpunk I've read, it deals with the lower level soldiers and mercenaries, the pawns who get paid to do the dirty work, get double-crossed and used, who feel it has been a good day if they have survived.

5 star setting and world building, I found it dark and lawless, but interesting. The plot was, extremely complicated, almost too much so; I don't really like the whole low level character manipulated...more
My first book read in 2011. For some reason, I feel like this might somehow define my year in the sense that this book is set in the future, where technology has continued to advance, but magic has come back into the world. There are dragons, sasquatches, elves. There are also spaceships, cars, and "datajacks" installed into people's heads that allow them to access technologies, including the "Matrix" (which is basically the internet, but in a 3D kind of way that makes me think of Neal Stephenso...more
Wow, it has been a LONG time since I read this. I have fond memories of the *experience* of reading the book: getting it for Christmas (back when I was young enough that getting a new paperback was a BIG deal for me), reading it over the holidays, picking out favorite sections to read again (I especially liked the parts featuring the blond mercenary woman and her feathered-serpent henchman). The actual story? Not so much. I've never been able to get into Shadowrun. The behind-the-scenes machinat...more
Brett Dunst
I read this in the 90s and loved it. I was just a kid, though. Evidently my tastes have changed.

It starts off with a bang, but nearly 20 years of out-of-printishness can't fix what is, at the core, a muddled, convoluted, and confusing plot.

Gotta give it props for being so in-your-face with all of the callbacks to the source material, though. I used to play Shadowrun back in the day so I knew what level of nuttiness I was in for.

At one point I started to question whether every group of runners re...more
Marco Baier
It must be a good twenty years when I read the Secrets of Power books, and I still remember the character and the plot well. They are an awesome introduction into the world of Shadowrun and paved the ground for many fun adventures.
what madness have i undertaken...
I enjoyed reading this book, but that enjoyment comes with a disclaimer. I am a major fan of Shadowrun and its setting, so I am willing to overlook other things. Overall it was fairly poorly written, jumping between characters and switching point of view. The author attempted to make it too convoluted, hindering the understanding of what was happening without actually throwing in any real surprises to the seasoned Shadowrun fan.

To Shadowrun fans, I give it 3 stars. To anyone else I give it 2.
Nikola Bornova
Příběh knihy se odehrává ve světě deskové RPG hry Shadowrun, která v sobě originálně míchá kyberpunk a magii, která se "vrátila" na Zem.

Mě se knížka líbila, ale jsem fanynka Shadowrunu. Jinými slovy - na poměry knih tohohle žánru (příběhy ze světů Forgotten Realms z D&D, Warhammer 40 000, Starcraft atd.) je to mírný nadprůměr, takže už to možná dosahuje kvality, kterou by mohl snést i normální fanoušek scifi.
Tama Wise
Cyberpunk with elves and orcs, it's not quite as trashy a concept as it might sound. Set in a dark future where magic has reawakened into the world, it follows a deckers journey after he is extracted from his corporation.

Initially, I thought the concept of blending magic and science would be a rather hokey idea, but I read this book when it was first released and come to love the Shadowrun setting.
I'll never forget those dark bacements playing D&D but the switch to Shadowrun was the best move ever. I still remember my favorite character... Edwin "Mouse" Borchner. I developed him after I read this book. yes, sadly I am a geek.
Michael Parker
A decent intro to Shadowrun, but I was left wanting more. The book was also a little dense for my tastes in Genre fiction. Not a bad read, but this novel shows its age and the progression of the genre/setting and style.
John Davies
This was my introduction to the fantastical world of Shadowrun. I loved the idea of humans being changed into these mystical faerie creatures, and that technology and magic worked side by side in this futuristic world.
Another quality Shadowrun read for me. I am really digging the Shadowrun series of books. This one had a few interesting twists I wasn't expecting, but were somewhat foreshadowed throughout.
Vincent Morrison
This was the first of a line of Shadowrun novels, and first in a trilogy. I tried to enjoy the story but really could not get past the absolutely atrocious spelling and grammatical errors.
Silvio Britto
well, i liked a lot of the book, the mix of scifi and fantasy is very interesting, unusual and the rough world adds a lot in action, good book ( for the right audience)
Jennifer Cole
Didn't really engage with the characters, especially as a woman, but the story was more engaging than some sci-fi/fantasy books I've read.
Scattered, confusing, riddled with plot holes and 100 pages too long for the story that the author was trying to tell.
Fantastic trilogy a must read for any one who likes urban fantasy and cyber punk :)
Josh Wong
Change of perspectives were a bit annoying. Interesting battle scenes. It was okay.
The real name of this book is.
Shadowrun - Never Deal with a Dragon.
Rafael Moreno
Good. Not great. Nice if you are a "chummer".
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Credited on some German editions as "Robert N. Charette".
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