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Witch's Canyon (Supernatural, #2)
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Witch's Canyon (Supernatural #2)

3.92 of 5 stars 3.92  ·  rating details  ·  1,948 ratings  ·  151 reviews
Twenty-two years ago, Sam and Dean Winchester lost their mother to a mysterious and demonic supernatural force. In the years after, their father, John, taught them about the paranormal evil that lives in the dark corners and on the back roads of America...and he taught them how to kill it. Sam and Dean have set out on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, but this is no vacatio ...more
Paperback, 357 pages
Published October 30th 2007 by HarperEntertainment
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⊱ Irena ⊰
I don't remember a single episode with a death toll this high.
The brothers are fighting against a curse that raises the dead every forty years. Nobody knows for sure how it has started, which complicates things for the hunters.
Supernatural: Witch's Canyon is the second novel in the Supernatural series and was written by Jeff Mariotte & Eric Kripke. I've been a fan of the television series for years, but I've never read the books until now. I was glad I started because this book was great.
I love how I can picture Dean and Sam so clearly, and really see them acting and speaking the way the did throughout the book. It makes things excellent for fans of the television series, because you get more face time with Sam a
Jan 11, 2011 Sesh rated it 2 of 5 stars
Shelves: 2011
Between Jeff Mariotte and Keith DeCandido, I feel Mariotte has a better grasp on plot and setting. The descriptions are rich -- for a tv tie-in, that is -- and the zombies are varied, giving a unique set of dangers for each victim to face (the insect swarm was a personal favorite of mine). For those looking for horror-film amounts of gore, well, this book will probably please. In one of the later chapters, there's even a several-page montage of death scenes, each one different from the last. Poi ...more
As a fan of the show, I walked away very disappointed in this attempt at a tie-in novel. The story itself dragged, and while the author was probably trying to fill a page count quota, it only managed to make the plot seem really uninteresting. Also, there were many instances where it felt like Dean and Sam's roles were mysteriously reversed. Their dialogue read as if they were saying each others lines. Maybe that's up to personal interpretation, but it left me wondering if the writer had even se ...more
First of I am a huge fan of the tv series Supernatural, that when I saw the first three novels at a bookstore I immediately grabbed them and giddily went to the cashier to buy them. Keith DE Candido's books were ok it reads more like a fan fiction than anything and especially in the first book he did not get Sam and Deans characterization but overall it is acceptable. But Jeff Mariote's book while I tried hard to finish it, starting it three times since buying it a few years ago I still could no ...more
This is the second book in the Supernatural Book Series. Click here to see my review about the first book. First off I would like to point out that Jeff Mariotte's writing style is a huge improvement from the first book. The story is creepier too.

Sam and Dean take a detour to see the Grand Canyon. But any Supernatural fan should know that any detour has to mean they will find a new 'job.' Mysterious deaths start to occur left and right and the Winchester brothers are determined to stop them. War
Again with the fangirlishness, it's hard not to like this book. For a tv-tie-in novel (is that what these things are called?), it's really not bad. Of course, tons of better fanfic out there (with tons more sex, too), but well, fangirl here, so I'm forgiving. Which means that I'll freely admit that I added one star just for the sheer prettiness that is SPN, because otherwise, two stars would really have been enough for this book.

Things I loved: Dean and Sam going to see the Grand Canyon (yay, no
Melon Manis
Compared to the first book (Supernatural - Nevermore), this one holds the truly spirit of Supernatural: freaking horrific supernatural activites!
I'm a scaredy-cat, so it's natural for me to easily get scared on anything sounds/looks spooky, but I think anyone reading this would think the story IS horror.

Cedar Wells, a little town (or 'community' so they said) near the Grand Canyon is a peaceful and quite friendly town. Except that it has this urban legend of 40-years-cycle of mysterious massacr
Compared to the first novelization of the TV series, Supernatural: Nevermore, this one has a slightly edgier, more difficult case, with our favorite Winchester boys trying to save the residents of a small town from getting slaughtered by creatures that seemed as if they came out of Dawn of the Dead. This guarantees more action and thrills, but somehow I get the feeling that the author didn't quite catch the characters of Dean and Sam so well -- there were some dialogue that sound awkward coming ...more
Witch's Canyon, by Jeff Mariotte, is maybe the best of the three books. It doesn't try too hard to characterise Sam and Dean, mostly focusing on the job, and revealing bits and pieces of them at times. It's still not great, but I liked it better than the other two. The plot felt very much like a Supernatural episode, although it did have the advantage of having much more time to build up. I kind of felt like the forty-year cycle wasn't adequately explained, even if it was caused by a bitchy witc ...more
Abigail the Fangirl
This was my least favorite Supernatural book.

I know lots of people complain about this, and I am going to as well, but there wasn't enough Sam and Dean in this book. I even skipped over some chapters because it got so boring.

Now while this SPN book wasn't my favorite, I still love getting ahold of these books.
There are a lot of mixed reviews over these books but I personally enjoy them. Sam and Dean are a bit out of character (which I have stated before, is to be expected) but if you look p
Nacho Gamboa
Ciertamente Marionette hizo un mejor trabajo que DeCandido (¿o fue la colaboración de Kripke?), aún así Sam y Dean apenas se asemejan a los de la serie y algunos de los diálogos son pobres (por no decir aburridos y sin sentido), la historia fue desarrollada decentemente (nada genial, pero comparado con “Nevermore” cualquier cosa es buena). Algunas de las muertes fueron geniales (la de los insectos especialmente) y lo de la bruja estuvo bastante bien, pero la forma de eliminarla fue decepcionante ...more
This book takes place directly after the first book –Nevermore. It early December 2006 and I assume that is still in between Crossroad Blues and Croatoan (Season 2 episodes 8 and 9.)

I like this book a little better than the first. I would probably say 3.5/5 stars this time around.
Again, there are moments that I like and can picture the show really doing.
Such as:
“Oh, all right,” Dean grumbled, finally throwing back the blankets covering him. “But maybe she should turn the other way while I get dr
(Book 2 in the Supernatural-based novel series.*) Gorier, grittier than the first SPN novel, Witch's Canyon includes lots of deaths, so many that the author never bothered to give us a final count. And the real-life repercussions on a small town that has suffered such catastrophic and spectacular losses are never addressed. Let's face it, in a world as wired and connected as it was in 2006, the events - and the death count - in one small town near the Grand Canyon would have been major fodder fo ...more
Sam and Dean are off to the American Southwest in this book, hunting down the cause of a 40-year cycle of death in a small town near the Grand Canyon. It takes a while for them to discover what's behind the cycles of murder (the title of the book kind of gives it away for the reader), but eventually they get on the right track.

I enjoyed this book much more than the first tie-in book, Nevermore. Jeff Mariotte is a better writer by far, and the characters (Sam, Dean, and the non-canon characters)
Jim C
My actual rating is 3.5 stars.

This book is based on the characters from the television series. Judging by the cover and by information in the book, I am guessing the timeline is early on in its television run. In this book the brothers head to the Grand Canyon area as a small town is about to be ravaged by a murder cycle that takes place every forty years.

I thought this was one of the better media tie-in novels. The author nailed the characterization of the two brothers and their differences. Th
I've read a lot of tie ins, mostly because I'm an enormous nerd and when I like something I want to submerge myself in it. I read all the Buffy tie ins, a lot of the Angel ones, Teen Wolf tie ins, all sorts, and this is pretty much by far the best one I've ever read.

It reads like an awesome, doubly-long episode of the show--true to the characters of Sam and Dean, but still rich with the history and connection of their relationship. Chronologically it's set after John's death, but not that long
Jessica  `~Blahyze~`
I am an addicted of the show, and the books are so-so, they seem to fall short but are a good read none the less. This is most likely my favourite of the three books.
I don't quite understand how I can spend an entire book completely confused, and then understand EVERYTHING, including possibly the secrets of the universe, by the time the book is over. One little reveal, and then everything makes complete sense. Baffling. The writers of the TV show do the same thing though, and it's pretty fantastic that the book manages to keep the characterization and the tone similar while not making me feel like I've seen/read this story before. It's an original plotline w ...more
T.M. Carper
Set early in the series, this a standalone tie-in. There's lots of references to events in the tv series but it's mostly past history with the Winchester family and events in the pilot episode.

A witch's curse has the dead going bump in the night every forty years, killing indiscriminately. With a new mall set to open in a few days and residents unable to reach the outside world (no communications seem to work outside of the town), it's up to the brothers to solve this and send the witch off befo
A fun read and pretty true to the feel of the tv series - I don't often follow a tv series with any book tie-ins, but there's something about the connection of these brothers that I wanted to see more of. I thought he got the relationship of the brothers pretty true, but I'm not so sure his explanation of that connection was as dead on. This was a challenging, rather convoluted case for them to untangle, but as ever pursued with persistence; the resolution seemed almost a bit too simple, but it ...more
Yvonne (bookishpanda)
I consider myself as a big fan of the Supernatural series and - of course - I wanted to read the books too! But after I finished the first one I couldn't be more dissapointed, maybe because I expected too much but (for me) it was boring and all I wanted was to finish it as soon as possible.

Well, and when I finally did I wasn't sure if I should really read the second one ... BUT! Let me tell you: it's a lot better than the first book!
I could imagine Dean and Sam investigating, fighting those "cre
May 08, 2011 Jacqueline rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Supernatural fans
Recommended to Jacqueline by: Impulse/interest buy
Shelves: genre-fanfiction
This particular novel was quite the conundrum. On the one hand, the literary Sam and Dean were relatively true to form of their televised counterparts, and thus as fan-fiction the book was standardly enjoyable. On the other? The supernatural plot of Witch's Canyon kind of sucked.

Overall, as far as a suspenseful, horror storyline is concerned, I wasn't too terribly impressed with Mariotte's take on a Sam-and-Dean case. Unlike the first book in the series (Nevermore by DeCandido), this particular
It took me 8 days to read this book! Im so disappointed in myself! It was such a small book and such an easy read, i could of easily done it in too "/

Never mind! Lets move on to the review...

Well, just to start, me being blonde and stupid most of the time, decided to read this one first, without realizing that it is the second in the series. I didn't even read the first book! How thick can i get! :L
I don't think it matters, as the story changes every book, so i will go back to the first one at s
Sydney Squidney

Shapeshifting ghosts, a 40 year-old curse, brutal attacks, murder and mayhem.

Witch's Canyon (Supernatural #2) is an original story, but only an okay homage to Supernatural's early seasons. The story could’ve been made a lot better if the author had been a more mindful fan of the show. Honestly, I didn't enjoy this one as much as Nevermore; it lacked the boys' trademark humour, there was veritably little brotherly banter or other expectant dialogue and the story did crawl in places. This author c
A series of random and brutal killings occur once every forty years in an area around the Grand Canyon. The area gets cut off from the outside world and no help is forthcoming. The local authorities are either baffled or in denial. Only Sam and Dean can save the day, with the aid of a sprite but slightly senile individual.

It was an enjoyable read for me. Sam and Dean were fairly in character and I could agree with the author's occasional insights. But on the whole, the focus is on the story, whi
Melyssa Dawn Michaels
My first impression upon reading this book, at least the beginning of the book was that it was very slow to get into. It wasn't written horribly or anything of the sort. In fact the way it was written was fine.

There were moments where it did feel that I was sitting in an episode of the show, but it took awhile to get there, as the heart of the story seemed to take forever to get too. There was a lot more description where I didn't feel there needed to be and that made the first few chapters rea
Prologue: Begins Forty years in the past with a small child seeing a chilling ghost. Like the kid, his thought-patterns and the ghost is suitably creepy. So far so good.

Chapter One: Much better writing in this book. No huge infodumping of back story. What is there is woven in without being jarring. Descriptions use a range of senses. The boys’ voices sound like them. They are in Arizona since they got a tip from the cop they met in Nevermore. A slew of supernatural seeming murders go rampant eve
Witch's Canyon was much better than the first Supernatural novel I read, Heart of the Dragon. Witch's Canyon presented a typical Supernatural baddy, which the brothers discovered after lots of research, interviews, and investigations. Of course, there are loads of parallel plots going on at the same time which weren't nearly as interesting, but necessary for the development of the mystery. Again, my criticisms all involve a lack of characterization of the leads. I know these books are written be ...more
Nov 03, 2008 Jadewik rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Supernatural Fans
I really, really enjoyed reading this book. It flowed a lot like the TV series. I like how it was plot oriented-- there was a lot going on and a lot of twists and turns. I also liked how the characters were developed/described so those unfamiliar with the TV series would know what was going on.

I had a difficult time setting this book down at night. I stayed up late reading and pick it up early in the morning. I even dreamt of those pesky spirits of the risen dead-- which, I thought, was an AWES
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Also writes as Jeff Mariotte

Jeffrey J. Mariotte is the bestselling, award-winning author of fifty novels, including supernatural thrillers Season of the Wolf, Missing White Girl, River Runs Red, and Cold Black Hearts, horror epic The Slab, thriller The Devil's Bait, and the Dark Vengeance teen horror quartet. His newest novel, the dark thriller Empty Rooms, was released in January 2015.

He also wr
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