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Soul Enchilada
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Soul Enchilada

3.31  ·  Rating Details ·  799 Ratings  ·  182 Reviews
Girl meets boy at a car wash.
"Dog," she says.
"Dude," he says.

And probably this would have been a sweet teen romance. . . .
If Beals hadn't been sitting next to her in the car.
If Beals hadn't been a supernatural repo man looking to repossess her car.
And to possess her.

David Macinnis Gill delivers the whole enchilada. With a side of soul.
Hardcover, 368 pages
Published April 7th 2009 by Greenwillow Books (first published April 1st 2009)
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Jackie "the Librarian"
A YA version of Faust, set in El Paso, dude. This girl with the nickname Bug is trying to get by delivering pizzas, and the only real asset she has is this vintage Cadillac her dead grandfather left her.

But one day she looks out to see that it's been egged, and there's a demon sitting in it, who tells her he has come to repossess the car, and her soul, which was collateral on the loan her grandfather made.

Yes, it had potential, but it didn't convince me - the characters were flat, the danger f
Author David Macinnis Gill gets five stars not just for an amazing, hang-on-to-your hats read, but for populating his YA novel with teens of color who get to save the day, and the world. I loved how this novel was set in El Paso, Texas (a city I've been to several times) and Gill captures the sights, sounds and smells of a real place that straddles the line (and the Rio Grande) between the U.S. and Mexico with its strong Native American roots.

By the way, Mr. Gill is CAUCASIAN. I feel the need t
Jul 09, 2011 Thomas rated it really liked it
Shelves: young-adult, fantasy
3.5 stars.

(original review from October 2009 with a few edits)

Soul Enchilada is about Eunice "Bug" Smoot, an eighteen-year-old El Pasoan girl who is struggling to pay her rent and keep a steady job. It seems like things can't get any worse when her landlord pins an eviction notice on her door, but it turns out that Bug's grandfather sold his soul to the Devil in order to buy a car and skipped out on the contract before paying up. Now the devil is out to get Bug, who is the owner of the Cadillac.
Cindy Dobrez
Oct 23, 2008 Cindy Dobrez rated it it was amazing
I finished the book this weekend and it has everything I love in a book: A kick-ass heroine with an edge and a biting
sense of humor, a bit of the supernatural, basketball, a phenomenal car, a great cultural setting, romance, interesting evil characters, and a few scenes that make me tear up.

Bug's grandpa sold his soul to the devil in order to buy a 1958 Cadillac Biarritz and then died and skipped out on the contract without turning over the car or his soul. The devil's repo man, Mr. Beals, shows
Aug 04, 2010 Karissa rated it did not like it
I was so ready to be done with this book. I listened to the audio book and every time the narrator spoke in Bug's voice I wanted to smack something. The character of Bug drove me bonkers. She was arrogant and loud, which was probably how her character was supposed to be.
Bug is a girl of mixed race - Hispanic and African American - who doesn't do well with people and loves playing basketball. Her mother died when she was young in a fire. She lived with her grandfather, Papa C, who falls
Apr 18, 2010 Sara rated it it was ok
I was really excited to read this novel and thought the premise was awesome, but it failed to draw me in and I ended up not even finishing it. Bug is a down on her luck girl living in El Paso who discover that her car (and her soul) are about to be repossessed by a demon. Enter some supernatural characters, including a demon fighter that Bug just happens to know, and Bug's ready to not go down without a fight.

The writing felt really choppy. Bug narrated the book much the way she spoke (short sen
Oct 01, 2009 Jodi rated it it was ok
Shelves: audiobook
I had high hopes for this book. When Bug Smoot discovers that her grandfather had bargained away HER soul so that he could drive a Cadillac, she has no intention of going to Hell. There had to be a way out. Armed with her boyfriend, who happens to work on the side of the angels, she makes the devil meet her on her terms. But Bug is way too stereotypical. She's a Tejana, but doesn't speak Spanish. However, her English grammar is so poor that I'm not sure what language she speaks. She has a chip ...more
Sep 10, 2010 Siri rated it liked it
Ok, so yes: you pitch me a book about a girl fighting a demonic repo agent, and I'm sold. (I'll also be thinking about "Reaper", RIP.) But you're some old guy who's never been to El Paso, writing in the voice of a sassy blatina chick? What happened to "write what you know"? This book made a satisfying snack, but left me wishing for a little more meat.
Sunny Smith
Apr 12, 2009 Sunny Smith rated it it was amazing
Best book I've read in a really long time! This BOOK NEEDS TO BE MADE INTO A MOVIE!!!!!!!!!
Juan Roman
Apr 29, 2015 Juan Roman rated it liked it
****If you don't want spoilers why are you reading reviews?****
and possible picture that will make you cringe maybe

I guess Bealzlebub and Bugs fates were intertwined from the start. Cause ya know, Beezlebub means lord of the flies, and Flies are bugs. if you didn't know that then shame on you!!! In all seriousness this book was great supernatural book with good humor.

So heres the story: In Elpaso we see the world through the eyes of a girl of mixed race name Eunice "Bug" Smoot, who is poor, ne
Oct 29, 2008 Lynn rated it it was amazing
When Eunice "Bug" Smoot is threatened with eviction, loses her job and has her last pay check bounce, she doesn't think life could get any worse. Then it does. Not only is there a demon repossesing her prized 1958 Cadillac Biarritz, but she learns that her deceased grandfather, Papa C, sold his soul to the devil for that car! Then the situation goes beyond worse as she learns that Papa C traded HER soul as well. Many people would just give up but Bug is made of stronger stuff and she fights ...more
Apr 28, 2011 Joeh rated it really liked it
the reason why I chose this book is because when my reading teacher tolled us about this book it sounded interasting so I started reading the book and I found that this book is quite interasting. The genre of this book is pairnormal or fantisy but Im thinking more pairnormal. The setting where the book take plase is in "Bug" (the mean character) apartment and the apartment is two hundred sqare foot roach motel with half bath, no phone, no cadle, and no air conditioner. the mean character name is ...more
Jan 25, 2009 Cindy rated it it was amazing
i was so engrossed in soul enchilada by david gill, that i very nearly missed my train stop while whizzing through the english countryside. this book was a surprise to me in a fantastic way on all counts. i loved the characters gill created, he pegged bug's voice so well, i'd suspect him of being a sassy teenaged girl if i didn't know any better. she's smart, she's funny, she's fearless. and you have to be, if you've got the devil chasing after your soul.

the book has it all, fantastic myth, scar
Jun 18, 2009 Jerm rated it it was ok
Shelves: 2009
Language, too much going on, not great diaglog, and then well...demons.

I thought I would like this one. I've been waiting on it, and finally got it on cd. Yay! or not. Ok, so the girl is 1) mixed race 2) dirt poor 3) no family, and 4) in hock to the devil. So I put this one in the same category as the Part Time Indian book. Too much going on. I think a book about a dirt poor girl in El Paso might fly, but add the supernatural to it and it never really leaves the ground. Disappointing, and on to
Ariana Deralte
May 21, 2009 Ariana Deralte rated it liked it
The premise of a teen dealing with her grandfather selling her soul to the devil to buy a car was excellent. In execution, I expected more humour and less horror and got the reverse, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing but perhaps gave you more time to focus on the book's weak points. I loved things like the lawyer, old Stan's appearances, and the glimpses of El Paso's culture, but found the language rather repetitive, and Bug's characterization could be a bit off putting.
Aug 13, 2008 Shannon rated it it was amazing
Recommends it for: everyone 12 and up.
David Macinnis Gill is purely brilliant in his debut novel. From the first pages, you can't help but fall in love with Bug Smoot. She's feisty, independent, and just found out her dearly departed grandfather sold his soul to Old Scratch and used her soul as collateral. Only problem is Papa C skipped out on his part of the agreement, leaving Bug holding the bill. Soul Enchilada is packed full of wit, charm, and demon-fighting-soul-betting fun.
Michelle Rebar
Apr 12, 2009 Michelle Rebar rated it it was amazing
This book is FRIGGIN GREAT! A hilarious, paranormal riot! When a Demon comes to collect the soul (and car) of a feisty girl named Bug, he gets a lot more than he bargained for. She and her friend Pesto, who is way more than he seems, take on the whole underworld to reclaim what is hers.

If you are a fan of Christopher Moore, I recommend this one!
Nov 28, 2008 Suzanne rated it liked it
Recommends it for: teens
I like the premise of the book more than its execution, but the premise is so awesome it hardly matters.
Monica Edinger
Oct 24, 2008 Monica Edinger rated it really liked it
This book is tremendous fun. Bug is such a feisty heroine! I love the Faustian storyline, the setting, and the fresh storyline. Extremely entertaining.
Mar 31, 2009 Barry added it
Good fun...spanish flavored demon action, cocky heroine, a bit of romance. Worked for me!
Shaniqua Lizardo
3.5 stars.

So this was my procrastination book, meaning I read it in during finals week in between exams and papers because I didn't want to study. The last book I tried to read while the school year was going on lasted five months, so for finals week, I knew to pick a book that I wanted to stick with for a long time and that would offer a breather in between work. Soul Enchilada was that book.

Though I wouldn't say it's my favoritest book of all time, it's definitely not a bad read either. As a c
Josefina Gutierrez
Jan 07, 2015 Josefina Gutierrez rated it liked it
This was a fast and enjoyable read. It is thought provoking in ways I didn't expect when I first bought it.

Bug has experienced harsh realities and it only gets harder when she realizes her soul was sold to the devil, for a car. The concept of this story is original and witty. The controversial topic of immigrants in the United States is discussed in a supernatural manner. Bug lost her mother in a fire and was raised by her irresponsible grandfather. The same grandfather that made a deal with a m
The thing that made this book great for me was Bug. I don't know what it was about her, but she sort of just kicked down my mental door, waltzed in and yelled for me to sit down and pay attention. I loved everything about her, from her physical description (Half-Mexican, half African-american,just over five feet and built for basketball) that made me want to draw her so badly, to the way she dealt with things (rarely did she act with the grace and aplomb expected of most female characters, and i ...more
Soul Enchilada had colorful and distinctive characters. Bug was often her own worst enemy, which she acknowledged. I liked how she started out prickly and unaccepting of help, but softened a tiny bit and accepted help near the end. I liked the narration by Michelle Carmen Gomez.
May 26, 2010 Sam rated it really liked it
Shelves: ya
This is one of those books that screams to you from the title and the cover. The full title is "Soul Enchilada: The Devil is in the Details" with little pitchforks and a neat demon font and flames. Hard to resist (I know, I'm an odd woman). Thankfully, the contents did not let me down- this is a unique piece of urban fantasy fiction without a lot of the nastier grit that sometimes comes with the genre.

Eunice "Bug" Smoot is down on her luck. She can't pay the rent on her bottom of the line apartm
Dijon Miller
Mar 04, 2014 Dijon Miller rated it really liked it
David Macinnis Gills "Soul Enchilada" is an inspiring story of an 18-year-old girl named Eunice "Bug" Smoot Deep in El Paso, Texas Eunice “Bug” Smoot is behind on the rent and in danger of losing her job delivering pizzas, but at least she’s got a smooth ride—a 1958 Cadillac Biarritz bequeathed by Papa C. her grandfather. Then the repo man shows up, also known as the devil. Turns out Papa C. financed the car with his soul but disappeared upon death. Bug’s got till midnight Halloween to produce ...more
Kitty Muse Book Reviews
Mar 06, 2016 Kitty Muse Book Reviews rated it it was amazing
Eunice “Bug” Smoot got game.
Meaning, no one hassles her. Not the landlord banging on her door, demanding rent money that she doesn’t have. Not her skanky boss, who passes her a bad check on her final day of work. Not the demon in the front seat of her old Cadillac...
As if nearly living on the streets, being out of a job, and having no one to turn to wasn’t enough. Now she has some Nephilim – Mr. Beals by name—trying to repossess her car. Which does not make sense, considering the Caddy
Mar 19, 2013 Brett rated it really liked it
Shelves: teen-paranormal
Now here's a truly refreshing concept: a teen paranormal story that *isn't* about your typical middle-class white girl teenager. Eunice "Bug" Smoot is trying desperately to make rent on her depressingly run-down apartment in El Paso by delivering pizzas in her most valuable & most prized possession, the pristine 1958 Cadillac Biarritz convertible she inherited from her chronically broke grandfather, Papa C. Eunice is used to having to figure things out on her own - abandoned by her ...more
Oct 20, 2010 Trixie rated it liked it
Humorous and imaginative, Soul Enchilada follows Eunice “Bug” Smoot on an adventure to save her soul. Bug is forced to struggle with poverty on her own after all the family she has in her life, her mother Mita, Auntie Pearl, and her grandfather Papa C, have passed away. All that she is left with is a vintage Cadillac cherished by Papa C and left to her upon his death two years earlier. Little does she know that Papa C sold the only thing of value he had to obtain that Cadillac: his soul. ...more
Nov 28, 2011 Garionna rated it liked it
My book called Soul is a very good book and some parts of the book is very scarey and heart warming. Its creepy is you really pay attention its about a young girl that was very close with her grandfather. He had passed away and left his car with his grandaughter and now the devil is trying to repo the car from her.

Setting: Young Grandaughter apartment.

Protagonist: The young grandaughter dont no whats going on and its hard for her to get on work on time. The animals around her apartment always p
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David Macinnis Gill is the author of the award-winning novels Black Hole Sun and Soul Enchilada, both from Greenwillow/Harper Collins. His short stories have appeared in several magazines, including The Crescent Review and Writer’s Forum. His critical biography of young adult author Graham Salisbury, Graham Salisbury: Island Boy, was published by Scarecrow Press. He holds a bachelor’s degree in ...more
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