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Annihilation: Conquest - Book 1
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Annihilation: Conquest - Book 1 (Annihilation #4)

3.84 of 5 stars 3.84  ·  rating details  ·  576 ratings  ·  39 reviews
The next sci-fi epic blasts off here! In the grim aftermath of the Annihilation War, a devastated universe struggles to rebuild. Gripped by fear and paranoia, civilizations have collapsed and entire worlds are now smoking ruins. What is next for the battle weary heroes known as Nova, Peter Quill, and Quasar? What are Ronan's plans for the once-mighty Kree Empire? Which cos ...more
Paperback, 272 pages
Published October 29th 2008 by Marvel (first published February 6th 2008)
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Dec 15, 2012 Kurt rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Kurt by: Matt
I love the huge stories that Abnett And Lanning told for a few years as they revitalized Marvel's cosmic characters. This story, Annihilation: Conquest, is a direct sequel to their epic Annihilation story. As a result of that war, certain parts of the Marvel universe are damaged or destroyed, and this book picks up with an attempt by the Kree to rebuild their defenses. Something goes terribly wrong, and the Phalanx (in a drastic redesign from their appearances in X-Men comics during the 1990s) b ...more
Collections like these are almost always jarring - rarely are the creators of disparate stories on equal footing, making the better suffer and the lesser look even lesser next to the master.

Even worse, the mini-intro done by Abnett & Lanning just further embarrasses the lesser here.

AC: Starlord

This is one of the best Giffen books I've read lately - just as self-aware, self-deprecating and snarky as ever, and contains one of the best catch-the-reader-up intro sequences (and "getting a gang to
Randy Lander
Picking up where Annihilation left off, this starts off with miniseries, just as Annihilation did. However, Conquest is in every way an improvement upon the original Annihilation, and these miniseries are no exception.

This book features the one-shot where the Phalanx (a surprisingly good foe, given that they're crap '90s X-Men villains) take over the Kree Empire, and some heroes rise to battle them. Those heroes include the new Quasar and her lover Moondragon, in a story that is a bit by-the-num
Annihilation: Conquest Book 1 picks up from where the massive Annihilation event left off. (The latter effectively rebooted Marvel's "Cosmic" stories).

This volume collects three limited series. To start there is "Annihilation Conquest: Prologue" which (as the unwieldy name suggests)is the stage-setter for the two other limited series included, as well as the wider Conquest event itself. Starlord and the new Quasar get a story arc each as well, in the immediate aftermath of the defeat of the Ann
Philip Cosand
If you like epic space operas, then this (the first of three books), is for you. Marvel's multi-year Annihilation (and later Conquest) explored most of their alien races, characters, and conflicts. Think of it as Marvel's Star Wars and you'll understand how vast the plots and species are.

If you want to see how the current Guardians of the Galaxy team came to be, then this is also the book you have to read.

With that said, there is a -lot- of back story. Most of it is explained, but you're going t
Much better start than the Annihilation books. To be fair though this really should just be called Conquest, because Annihilus and the Annihilation Wave are part of the past and not really factoring into this story (other than they are what left the world in the state that it is. But Branding.

The Star-Lord story is lots of fun. It has the feel of a heist story and also an old school War movie behind enemy lines story. It's a good combo. The gathering of the team is perfect. Each character is int
This takes place right after Annihilation and is currently receiving some attention because of the upcoming film, Guardians of the Galaxy. Basically, the writers go digging up some fairly obscure characters from the 60s and 70s and revamp them to make them interesting again. Nostalgia aside, I think they were pretty successful.

After the defeat of the Annihilation Wave, the Kree are attacked by the Phalanx, a tech-based race that immediately brings to mind the Borg. "You will be assimilated." If
Rereading as I'm all kinds of excited for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Off the back of one of the best modern Marvel events - Annihilation - this book spends a nice bit of time on the state of the galaxy post-war before kicking into high gear for the event itself.

Much like Annihilation, Conquest starts with mini series on key groups of characters. The highlight is the Star Lord mini (though he prefers you call him 'Peter') with the 'Dirty Dozen in space' feel that would go on to define th
Adrian Astur Alvarez
In the lead up to the Annihilation: Conquest crossover event we get a mix of the kinds of silly, overly serious nonsense reserved for younger readers willing to buy into comic machismo but you also get issues of Starlord. I'll admit, I'm only reading these in anticipation of the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie but to that effect the Starlord issues are highly entertaining. Much of their pull comes from having a set of eclectic characters trying to work together in not so obvious ways. The fa ...more
Unexpectedly entertaining.

I came in with very low expectations for this book since I have had very little interest in the "cosmic" side of the Marvel Universe as well as in science fiction books in general. I took a chance on this book because it was on sale at half-price and friends were telling me that it would be a good introduction to the new Guardians of the Galaxy series and the characters in the upcoming movie.

Fortunately for me, this book was quite fun. Maybe I'll check out some more Gu
This continues on from where Annihilation left off, with the Phalanx following on the heels of that event to conquer and assimilate the Kree. This is kind of a mixed bag of stories, involving several disparate characters, rather like the individual stories that preceded the Annihilation event. They all had a pretty different tone, with the Starlord one being kind of a heist story, and the Quasar one being more of a fantasy story. They were both good, but quite different, and I am interested to s ...more
Well done space comics for serious Marvel comics fans.

I really enjoyed the first Annihilation storyline, and this one includes all of the elements that made that one great. It pulls on a wide variety of cosmic characters from across the line, setting them in the midst of a space war with incredibly high stakes. All of the writers of this volume--Christos Gage, Keith Giffen, and the team of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning--take minor characters like Phyla-Vell (daughter of the original Captain Marvel
This series represents a marked improvement over its predecessor, which started out well but quickly devolved into little more than a celebration of nasty (not to mention completely unnecessary) violence. This book, however, manges to be fun while simultaneously maintaining a sense of danger. After a prologue that recalls the best aspects of space opera, the series gets off to a roaring start with a Guardians of the Galaxy story that feels like THE DIRTY DOZEN in space. This is followed by the i ...more
M. David Loyal
This is another over-arcing mini-series. It deals with the ‘cosmic’ superheroes and the alien races of the Marvel universe. It is actually the second major saga of the cosmic heroes line, the first being ‘Annihilation. In Annihilation, two of the three major alien races are almost destroyed. The Skrull Empire was decimated and the Kree Empire was barely holding on. Conquest tells what happens next. This collection starts with a re-imagining of one of the major alien races – the Phalanx. In the f ...more
So, of course after finishing Annihilation, I jumped right into the Conquest stuff. Which is presented in the same way as Annihilation, except instead of four four-issue series, there is only three because Nova got a continuing series, so the first 7 issues of his series (if I remember correctly) serve as the fourth precursor series.
Anyway, this volume has Annihilation Prologue - a one shot. Annihilation Conquest: Quasar and Annihilation: Starlord.
Prologue was good. Nice one shot that sets the s
Brad Gray
This Conquest series is much better than the Annihilation series before it. With Quasar, Star-Lord, Nova, & Wraith... I find myself much more satisfied than I was with Ronan, Silver Surfer, Heralds of Galactus, and Super Skrull.

I would tell you to skip over the Annihilation series and start with Conquest... but Annihilation is definitely a must with the Nova, Drax, and Thanos story lines.

Quasar is probably my favorite in this series so far with Wraith a close second.
From this first half, I would judge this to be a worthy successor to Annihilation. The introductory chapter is solid, introduces the main characters nicely, and has a particularly cinematic scene introducing the villains. The Starlord chapters are great fun, with a cool cast and a nice, light-hearted space-opera feel. The Quasar chapters are much less inspired--cheesier, with confusing art, and less interesting, but they also move the plot forward more than the Starlord chapters. (Although too m ...more
Стар-лорд милаха, команда у него шикарная, сам по себе эвент пока любопытный. Теперь понятно хоть за что будет корить себя Питер в начале GotG и почему у него исчезли имплантанты.
Но история Квазар совсем никакая, вот нисколько я не проникся ее отношениями с Мундрэгон и в целом слабый сюжет. Рисовка прикольная разве что. (view spoiler)
Something not quite right about the Phyla Vell/Quaser storyline. Guess it was meant to be controversial but the romantic storyline is tacky in a 'guys write a chick flick' kinda way and weirdly portrayed. Main storyline also drags on a bit so 2.5 stars.
Colby Pryor
This book was rather interesting to read because it shows you how to create a proper sequel with a particular work. I learned that you don't have to make the sequel to something completely different from the original to make it good and to make it able to stand on it's own two feet as a piece of literature. Just so long as the sequel feels natural and right, with Annihilation: Conquest, the setting is the Marvel Universe, a shared universe with decisive end. Meaning giving a sequel the original ...more
Quasar's stuff is OK, but getting to spend time with Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, Mantis, Bug and Captain Universe, who meet for the first time for a mission in the Star-Lord series, is a lot of fun.
Not as solid a story as the first Annihilation, lots of loose plot threads that never got the focus they needed, but still a decent bit of space opera.

Not a fan of the new version of Quasar.
The next book in Marvel's epic cosmic adventures is really good. The art overall is solid but not spectacular. The cover art is spectacular. The plot of the Conquest is a good one and the next book in the series looks really good and this has whetted my appetite for it. The Starlord centered half of the book was my favorite because it a great collection of characters that will turn into the Guardians of the Galaxy. Rocket Raccoon is somehow cool. Groot was hilarious and Mantis was better here th ...more
Mark Ciemcioch
Haiku Review:
Sequel better than
original; characters
compelling throughout.
Kristen Northrup
Bad: No Drax.
Good: Rocket Raccoon!

The initial Annihilation series was petering out at the end, but this storyline has perked back up again. I have very little knowledge of the Marvel Universe, but most of the characters make sense with no background. I can't even tell which ones are pre-existing and which were made up for the series. The villains and their motivations are still pretty vague, but that could change. And Dirty Dozen type plotlines are always fun.
Fun set-up for a big cosmic event. The prologue does a good job introducing a threat wrapped in treachery, and the Quasar miniseries has a strong pairing at its core (although it does seem to duplicate very similar story elements in issues 1-2 and 3-4). The Starlord miniseries follows an admitted "Dirty Dozen" espionage story. Keith Giffen rotates a large cast well, and Timothy Green II's art is great.
Again with Marvel's "peter out" formula starts out strong and in the end disappoints. The first half of this the Starlord reprints were awesome. Excellent writing and super awesome illustration. Then it's the Quasar reprints, ... yawn, kinda weak, and then there is the recap of the previous Annihilation books, which was helpful to be reminded of, though not very thrilling.
Ryan Viergutz
You know, if I knew that this had Phyla-Vell in a starring role, I would've read this RIGHT AFTER Annihilation, because I am all for a hot conflicted overwhelmed ass kicking chick.

The prologue's pretty good, the Star-Lord series is sorta boring, but Phyla-Vell completely rocks my world. Can I read a whole series with her as the star??
More stories like this and the cosmic heroes might trump the X-Men for me.
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