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3.71 of 5 stars 3.71  ·  rating details  ·  659 ratings  ·  92 reviews
A Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Book.

Stinky is a monster who loves pickles and possums but is terrified of people. This hilarious and heartwarming story by ferociously talented cartoonist Eleanor Davis proves that even monsters can make new friends . . . warts and all!
Hardcover, 40 pages
Published September 1st 2008 by TOON Books (first published August 29th 2008)
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Stinky was on the 2009 ALA Honor Book list for the Theodore Giesel Award. It is a beginning reader book presented in a graphic novel format (for the purpose of LIS 565 assignment 3, I will count this book as a graphic novel rather than an early reader). Stinky is a smelly swamp monster who believes that all human children love taking baths, "eat cake and apples", and do not like any of the gross things that Stinky loves. When a human boy, named Nick, builds a tree house in Stinky's swamp, Stinky ...more
Roxann Primus
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The popularity of graphic novels has filtered down to the youngest readers, and Stinky by Eleanor Davis is the first (but probably not the last) to win the prestigious Geisel Award for beginning readers. Stinky is part of a series of Toon books which specifically targets young readers with “the pleasure of comics” so it seems like a natural choice for this award. The story revolves around the title character—Stinky--who likes mud and muck and slime and stinky smells. He avoids the town because ...more
Jan 09, 2010 Amy added it
Shelves: 2010, j-comics
Stinky Seymour is the stinkiest, most foul swamp monster you will ever meet. He is king of the swamp, and nothing scares him - except for kids. They are just so clean, and they don't love any of the dirty things that make Stinky so happy (or so Stinky thinks). Stinky is content in his swamp, until one day when - *gasp* - a child starts building a treehouse in *his* tree! Something must be done! Stinky tries everything he can think of to get rid of the child, but - to Stinky's surprise - he isn't ...more
Stinky by Eleanor Davis is a beginning reader and easy graphic novel about a swamp monster trying to scare away a boy who has intruded ino HIS swamp.

Stinky tours his swamp, voicing concerns about the nearby town with scary kids and their weird food and clean habits. Discovering a kid has built a treehouse in his swamp, Nicky tries to scare him away by leaving him a scary toad, stealing his hammer, and scaring him. Stinky gets himself in trouble and is rescued by the kid, Nick. Could this be the
Author: Eleanor Davis
Publisher and Date: , The Little Lit Library, 2008

Summary: Stinky the monster has his mind set that unless kids live in swamps they are disgusting. When Nick discovers Stinky’s swamp, Stinky tries everything he can do to get rid of him. This is a laugh out-loud story written in a comic-format.

Review: As a teacher, I do not know if I would use this story as a read aloud but I think it is great to keep in a classroom library for a 1st of 2nd classroom. There are many element
Kids love it when characters play against type. Not only does this method of storytelling pave the way for some humor, but it also allows the author to challenge conventional thinking. The children’s lit landscape is full of birds that don’t like to fly, kids that want to be adults, dogs that want to be wolves, doughnuts that want to be dogs, cats that want to be chihuahuas, and so on. Add Stinky to this list. A purple monster who leads a disgustingly smelly life, yet is afraid of children. Elea ...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Jennifer Wardrip aka "The Genius" for Kids @

Stinky Seymour is a monster who lives in the swamp. The dirty, mucky, smelly, gooey swamp. He lives with his pet toad, Wartbelly, and really loves his pickled onions.

What he doesn't love is the town on the other side of the swamp, because towns have - kids! Kids like to eat apples (yuck!) and take baths (double yuck!), and they don't like his dirty, mucky, smelly, gooey swamp.

And that's just the way Stinky likes it.

But t
Stinky (the title alone will get some reluctant readers to pick up this book) is a book about this horribly smelling monster that lives in a swamp and likes all gross things. One thing he doesn't like is children because children like to take baths and eat apples and cake; he prefers pickled onions. Anyways, Stinky's life is great in his gross swamp until Nick comes along and builds a tree house in the swamp. Stinky tries to do so many things to scare away Nick, but Nick is different than the wa ...more
Kayla Pollema
Stinky lives in the swamp and enjoys being with out people until one day he meats a boy how likes the swamp just as much as he does.

The comic strip layout of this book makes it one of the most enviting chapter books for struggling readers. Becuase it is written much like a comic strip the pictures help the reader find the meaning in the text. The pages are broken up into many segments to show many different pictures on each page. This helps the reader visualize the story. The text is humorous an
A smelly swamp monster named, Stinky believes that all kids love taking baths, "eat cake and apples", and are not interested in any of the swamp pleasures that Stinky loves. A boy named Nick builds a tree house in Stinky's swamp, and Stinky tries to scare the boy away by grossing him out. Stinky is surprised that Nick likes the same things that Stinky does, and in the end Stinky and Nick become friends.
A book my 6 yr old loved, a little old for my preschoolers. A solid reading level 2 book, this reader has a good amount of advanced vocabulary words, but not so long that it discourages a new reader. Used it for his read out loud book, which was perfect. It took about 15 mins for him to read and had just enough new vocabulary words to make it challenging. Also, it was a fun and interesting story he could get into. He liked it so much, he asked for more by this author. Great reading book!
Dog Eater
League of legends is awesome and u should play it and get a life. book is only got speds and this book is really stinku one day u will write a book about boobs. My penis is big
Melissa Mcavoy
Age Range: 5-8
Stinky the monster loves a smelly day in his swamp. All he wants is to be left alone with his pickled onions and Wartbelly his toad. When Nick, a new boy in town, builds a tree house, Stinky is determined to drive him out. While Stinky’s plans fail, he has time to realize his bias against kids might not be based on reality.
Similar Books: Shrek by William Steig, Luke on the Loose by Harry Bliss, Go Away Dog by Joan L. Nodset, My Friend the Monster by Clyde Robert Bulla, Ivy & Be
I like this quasi-new genre of the paradigm-flip. Stinky is a monster who lives in a swamp. He likes to eat pickled things (like onions and bananas), hang out with slugs and possums, and, of course, stink. He hates apples, and is afraid of kids who are gross and scary. To his horror, one child enters his swamp and builds a treehouse in the middle of it! Stinky tries a variety of ways to make the kid go away, and of course the predictable occurs. Cute, approachable, I like the quirky details in D ...more
Stinky is a monster who lives in the swamp. He doesn't like boys. So when one shows up, he tries to find ways to get rid of him. He tries to scare him with a slimy toad, but he makes him his pet. He pretends to be a ghost, but that doesn't scare him. He steals his hammer, but he finds it again! This boy just loves the swamp! But when Stinky falls into his "bottomless" pit, he needs the boy to save him, and decides that boys aren't so bad after all.

Easy-to-read comic book, great for boys and relu
Stinky the monster lives in a mucky swamp with his pet toad, Wartbelly. Stinky dines on raw onions. He can't imagine anything worse than human kids. Yet one day a boy named Nick builds a tree house in Stinky's swamp...and the rest is history.

This story picks up a classic notion in children's literature: taking our daily world and making it seem weird and strange. Kids will laugh at Stinky's unique worldview, while wondering why we do the things we do. Recommended for children at the end of kind
I adore monster books and this one is no exception :D Super cute with beautiful artwork
I received this book for free from the publisher. All content and opinions are my own.

This was my favorite of the TOON BOOKS I read. It’s the story of Stinky, a Shrek-like creature who lives in a swamp and hates kids because they take baths and eat fruit. When Nick starts building a tree house in the swamp, Stinky takes drastic measures to scare Nick away - without much success. This one is in the form of “chapters” and seems to be geared toward older elementary-school aged children. The illustr
Mrs. Knott
2009 Geisel Honor award
I can see this being a big hit with young boys.
Michelle Rosales
Stinky loves being smelly and eating smelly things. If something smells great then Stinky doesn’t like it. He doesn’t like kids who take baths, it makes him so mad. He hates that kids eat cake and apples, he stays away from them. When Nick builds a tree house in Stinky’s swamp, he gets so mad. He tries many things to get Nick out of his swamp, all of which don’t work. Nick likes smelly and gross things too. After a while Stinky realizes that the Nick isn’t all that bad after all. Nick invites St ...more
Too easy to read. Good for littler kids. (age 8)
Davis, E. (2008). Stinky. New York: Little Lit. Library.

The swamp monster Stinky likes to be alone with his toad in the swap full of mud and critters. Stinky does not like it when a boy named Nick comes to his swamp and builds a tree house. No mater what Stinky does the boy does not go away. The boy enjoys the swamp and the toad too. They come to find out that they like similar things and could use each others friendship. It’s accompanied by wonderful illustrations to add to the reading.
Stinky, a monster with a pet toad named Wartbelly, loves living in the smelly, muddy swamp. He does not like children, because as everyone knows, children love to take baths and be tidy. Then to his dismay, an actual child wanders into his swamp, eventually dispelling Stinky's misconceptions.

A really cute comic for younger elementary school kids, and a delightful diversion from the children's book I'm reading for review right now, which is terrible.
Got this book from the library for my sons to read over Thanksgiving break, and I previewed it. It's tame and positive. I like the idea of a kid not disliking things other people don't like. You make your own choices. Interesting publisher, think I'll try and look for more books from them for my kids who seem to like comics and graphic novels. Not bad drawings. The reading level will probably be OK for my second grader.
Kimberly Ward
Stink is a very stinky monster that lives in the forest next to town. He loves everything stinky but is afraid of kids because they like to take baths. When a new boy comes to the forest to build a tree house, stinky schemes to get rid of him but nothing works, in the end they find out that neither one is really that scary. This is a great book to introduce beginning readers to the graphic novel genre.
Stinky is a smelly monster who lives deep in forest. He has a pet toad named Wartbelly. Stinky lives deep in the forest. He does not like kids because they like to take baths and eat apples. One day, a boy comes into the forest and builds himself a tree house. Stinky tries different things to get rid of the boy. None of his plans work. In the end, Stinky and the boy become friends.
Marianne (Mia) Emery
Stinky is an ugly swam monster who lives in a swamp with his pet toad, Wartbelly. Stinky loves everything smelly and icky. One day a boy builds a tree house in Stinky’s swamp and Stinky is very mad about it. Stinky tries everything he can think of to get rid of the boy but finds that he and the boy have much in common. The illustrations are comical and the dialogue is hilarious.
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