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Valor's Choice (Confederation, #1)
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Valor's Choice (Confederation #1)

3.97 of 5 stars 3.97  ·  rating details  ·  3,649 ratings  ·  161 reviews
In the distant future, humans and several other races have been granted membership in the Confederation -- at a price. They must act as soldier/protectors of the far more civilized races who have long since turned away from war....
Hardcover, 409 pages
Published April 10th 2000 by Turtleback Books (first published April 1st 2000)
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Gail Carriger
Military Space Opera written by a woman who really knows what she's writing about. Marvelous characters and alien races, extremely snappy dialogue, an endearing and tough heroine, and lots of fast action. Torin Kerr is one of my favorite main characters ever written, and I am a particular fan of this book (the first in the series) because it opens with a post sex pheromone hangover and ends with a battle based one of the early moments in the Zulu War (late 1870s).

Please, don't make the mistake
Mike (the Paladin)
There's a statement made in this book that "troops" tend to remember the good part of service and not so much the bad. To an extent that's true, otherwise ex-militarily people wouldn't be fans of military reads...

This is an excellent action/military science fiction read. The Confederation is made up of multiple species of people. Some of these are so very adverse to conflict that the word pacifist can't even apply. They are physically, emotionally and even mentally unable to deal with it (this b
I enjoyed Valor's Choice. I know I'm coming late to this series, and I have the next three books here waiting for me to read. I've read a lot of Tanya Huff's contemporary fantasy books, but this is the first science fiction that I've read from her.

I was happy to find her humor throughout the narration of this book. The main character, Toren was interesting and a very strong personality without being overwhelmingly so. This book takes place in the future, a future so far in advance, that there ar
As a non-aggressive, peace-loving, middle-of -the-road liberal, I have no idea why I am drawn to space military sci-fi books. It's baffling. I think this is at least my third series in that genre, including the Heris Serrano and the Honor Harrington series. These series do all have female protagonists so I'm sure that's one appealing aspect for me. This is the first book in the Valor series and I plan on reading the others.

This series has a slightly different take as the main character is not t
Ryan Schneider
I love military fiction, as well as science fiction, and so naturally I dig military science fiction.

I really enjoyed this book. Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr was indeed a bad-ass, as other reviewers have noted. She gets the job done. One of the blurbs likens her to the Ripley character in the ALIENS movies.

Huff's knowledge of military life rings completely true. The characters are all great fun, and she does a decent job of making the names unique in order to help the reader remember which characte
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Andrew Obrigewitsch
While reading this I remembered why I don't read much military Sci-Fi. And that's because I find it boring. Yes, that's right.

I find that most military Sci-Fi revolves around cardboard cut out characters, that take part in wholly forgettable and uninteresting stories. This was no exception.

I only give it 2 stars because it's not bad for the genre. But this is a genre that suffers from a lack of talented authors. There are only two author that I can think of that I thought wrote good military S
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I enjoyed Valour’s Choice from the get-go. The Prologue introduces the world quickly and painlessly then we’re straight away introduced to Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr. I loved Kerr; she’s tough, funny, devoted to her people, and not immune to the charms of the di’Kayan. The story proper begins with the morning after the night before. Kerr’s indulged in some post-battle R&R with a nameless di’Kayan, the most sexually adventurous known race and
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Valour's Choice is one of the latest titles to strengthen the science fiction line up of Titan Books. Tanya Huff's books have been out in the US for quite some time already and as with many other titles both US only and these of Tanya Huff and books by other authors, Titan Books is bringing them to the UK! Tanya Huff is an Canadian author who is well known for many of her books including The Silvered, the Confederation series of which
Valor's Choice, this book is quite different than your classic sci fi opera since Mrs. Huff doesn't put politics as a major factor in the story, what she really cares about and excells in is characters and conversations, add to the mix the awkwardness and merriness of a bunch alien species working together in one marine squad and you will have a very enjoying read and funny conversations. mind you, this joy could really hurt when something unfortunate happen to one of the marines you grow to car ...more
This was my first military style science fiction read though I'm not sure why. I've loved science fiction since I was nine years old and fell in love (as much a nine year old can) with my very first fictional boyfriend. You may have heard of him. Han Solo? Unfortunately, no Han Solos in this book but I enjoyed it nonetheless. This is the story of a far and away future where multiple worlds comprise the Confederation, and who are facing the threat of an encroaching hostile race. To help shore up ...more
An enjoyable piece of military SF. "Valor's Choice" differs from most books in the genre in that the main character is an NCO, and I was vastly entertained by her manipulation/education of her wet-behind-the-ears Lieutenant. Other than that it doesn't stand out that much from the rest of the genre, but it's a good read.
Carolyn F.
Read in the 2 for 1 Confederation of Valor.

Torin has just finished with one battle when she and the remains of her platoon are thrown into another a diplomatic mission that is supposed to see no combat. The new lieutenant also happens to be a man she met and slept with the night before. That actually has nothing to do with the story. The platoon has to survive them being blown out of the sky and attacked by a bunch of young Silsviss. Very good story. Had me biting my nails with each turn of the
Jill Myles
It's really interesting because I can't say that I was IN LOVE with this book the whole time, but I was very entertained by it. Torin Kerr is a badass-meets-soccer-mom-meets-marine and it's a really fun combination. She's so friggin COMPETENT. And not in a Mary Sue way. It's more like, she has to be to stay alive. And she's a strong female character that never tries to rip the nutsack off of the closest male, which seems to happen far too often in 'tough' female character books.

I dig that. On to
First of a sci-fi series set in space four generations after the demise of Earth. Staff Sgt. Tobin Kerr is the main character, a human whose platoon (or what's left of it after a recent battle) is chosen as honor guard on a diplomatic mission where the Confederation government hopes to recruit a new race, the Silsviss, to the fold before their sworn enemies The Others can get them on their side first. The General in charge of the mission hopes to impress the warrior-race Silsviss by having the h ...more
Blodeuedd Finland, military and action. That is what you get when you read this book. And for the history buffs out there one of the battles is based on a battle in the Zulu war.

In the future a confederation of planets is formed to guard against the threat of an alien race called The Others (I totally want to know more btw). Humans are welcomed to serve as the military as those who formed this federation do not fight. But many others fight too so in Torin's squad there are many more lifeforms, "elves", big
I read and enjoyed a few of Tanya Huff's urban fantasy novels and thought I'd give this a read. I put it on hold at the library, but when I picked it up, it got shuffled to the bottom of my stack. I like science fiction, but not military fiction. Once I got around to reading it, I was sorry I waited so long!
The best thing about science fiction, for me, is the integration of different races. I love to read about characters with fur, scales, and fangs, and how humans deal with these differences. T
-I love strong female characters and Torin Kerr is just that. How could she not be? After all she is a Staff Sargent in the marines! Which is so bad ass!
-Every character was fantastic, although me being who I am had trouble keeping them all straight, I can never remember which species which person was, I always seem to find that with Sci-Fi novels. I have the worst memory!
-World building was awesome, enough to figure out what's going on through out the book, but without all that info dumpin
Torin Kerr is a First Sergeant in the Confereration Marines. A century and a half previously, Earth was contacted by the alien Confereration. It seemed the Confederation was in a bit of a pickle. An enemy known as The Others was attacking Confederation worlds. But the alien civilizations in the Confederation were all basically pacifists. There was a need to recruit warlike races to wage war. Humans were the first of these races, and thus the military forces follow what is basically a human model ...more
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Tanya Huff did an excellent job bringing the world of military sci fi to life in this first novel of the Confederation series. Whip smart dialogue, believable aliens, an interesting mission/world and a very well balanced view of both the foibles and strengths of a military organization are the strengths of this story.

Staff Sergeant Torrin Kerr is assigned to assist bringing a new world into the Confederation fold. On what
Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr is a wonderful invention from author Tanya Huff. She is a professional soldier, a marine, who, in between kicking ass, spends time looking after and guiding a new officer.
The mission is a diplomatic one, tasked to encourage an alien species (The Silviss) to join a Confederation of allies fighting a formidable enemy. It all seems to be going well, in spite of her dislike of and unfamiliarity of diplomacy and protocol, but suddenly, following a crash while on route to ye
I found out about this book awhile ago when I first got on to military sci-fi. I put off reading it, because I'm generally more about space ships and space combat than I am about grunts on the ground. That was a mistake.

I still prefer space-based action, but I thoroughly enjoyed this. The setting for the series is original, and I quite liked it. In the confederation, the elder races discovered a new group of aliens who weren't willing to talk peace or negotiate. The only recourse was to fight,
Laure Reminick
I like a fast-paced plot; and Valor's Choice is that. I love a story that also includes a higher, subtle meaning, one that lifts my life to a more enlightened level. You wouldn't think something like that would be in the midst of a military defense tale, but Tanya Huff delivers.

Valor: courage, bravery; strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness; Middle English - worthiness

The last definition - Worthiness, or not - is the more subtle takeaway in this tale.
I'm not overly fond of apples. It's not that I don't like them - they're a perfectly fine snack, they're good for you, and they're fairly inexpensive as far as foodstuffs go. I can see the arguments in favour of apples; I'm just not someone that would consider myself an apple fan.

This changes every year, around the end of September/early October. Because that, my friends, is apple picking season. The apples have spent the summer ripening, and you go and fill a big bag full of fresh off-the-branc
Just back from battle Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr is told to assemble a platoon from the survivors of her company to serve as an honor guard for a diplomatic mission to convince the reptilian Silsviss to join the Confederation rather than ally themselves with the Confederation’s archenemy, the Others. The general who issues the orders wants troops who will impress the warlike Silsviss. Kerr doesn’t think that dress uniforms will make much of an impression, and she worries that marines bored with m ...more
The first thing I fell in love with is the main character. She's everything that I wanted and didn't think that I needed, a tough but sexual marine. She's a girl that will get things done, because she's been trained to get them done and in the right way. She's a girl that will get into bed with someone because she needs that, but she's not a girl that will sleep with anyone. Torin is the perfect main character for this book, because you have complete faith as the reader that she's going to figur ...more
this book.. is slow moving f'n fail i couldn't stand jared. i couldn't stand it. i just wanted to punch and punch and punch

i just can't stop with the stupid. what he does in this book makes me cringe. seriously. i just couldnt take it.
I listened to this and was confused at first, trying to keep track of names, species, ranks. Then I decided it didn't matter all that much. As I read along, I thought the book was ok. When I finished (nice twist at the end) I decided I liked it. And, since I've been thinking about it quite a bit after I finished it, I realized I liked it quite a bit.

What did I like? The main character, although she might be just a hair too perfect. I love the themes of Honor, and loyalty.

May add more as I conti
Kim Aippersbach
Another new favourite character! I probably like Torin Kerr so much because she is everything I am not: decisive, courageous, strong-willed, really good at getting people to do what she wants them to do, whether they're her underlings or her superiors.

So far my only exposure to military sci fi has been Lois McMaster Bujold, whom I love, and Tanya Huff has now convinced me this might be a genre I like (but maybe only the female authors?!). Huff's depiction of life in the Marines sounds accurate e
In May I read The Truth of Valor, a spectacular military SF novel with one of the best female leads I’ve seen. Valor’s Choice (also available as the first half of the omnibus A Confederation of Valor) is the first book in the series (I decided I had to go back and read the whole thing), and was very nearly as good as that more recent tale.

Like pretty much every Tanya Huff novel I’ve ever read, Valor’s Choice is delightfully, entertainingly quotable. The Valor novels are definitely much more mili
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"Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia: Although I haven't actually lived "down east" since just before my fourth birthday, I still consider myself a Maritimer. I think it's something to do with being born in sight of the ocean. Or possibly with the fact that almost no one admits to being from Ontario…

Raised, for the most part, in Kingston, Ontario. It was the late sixties, early to mid seventies. Enough s
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“A quick check on the platoon showed everyone more or less enjoying the flight.
"Whatever it is you're eating, Ressk, swallow it before we land," [said Staff Sergeant Kerr].
"No problem, Staff."
"More like whoever he's eating," Binti muttered beside him.
"You ought to count your fingers," he suggested. "You're too serley stupid to notice one missing."
"Maybe you ought to gren sa talamec to."
"That's enough, people."
When the Confederation first started integrating the di'Taykan and the Krai into what was predominantly a human military system, xenopsychologists among the elder races expected a number of problems. For the most part, those expectations fell short. After having dealt with the Mictok and the H'san, none of the younger races - all bipedal mammals - had any difficulty with each other's appearance. Cultural differences were absorbed into the prevailing military culture and the remaining problems were dealt with in the age-old military tradition of learning to say "up yours" in the other races' languages. The "us against them" mentality of war made for strange bedfellows.”
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