Coffee at Luke's: An Unauthorized Gilmore Girls Gabfest
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Coffee at Luke's: An Unauthorized Gilmore Girls Gabfest (Smart Pop)

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In the fall of 2000, Gilmore Girls premiered on the WB and viewers were introduced to the quirky world of Stars Hollow and the Gilmores who had made it their home, mother-daughter best friends Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. With the show in its seventh season on the fledgling CW, Coffee at Luke's is the perfect look at what has made the show such a clever, beloved part of the t...more
Paperback, 197 pages
Published April 10th 2007 by Smart Pop
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I have mixed feelings about this book since I wanted to have an essay in it and they turned me down - Me! Don't they know who I am? Ahem - but, at the same time, American TV show Gilmore Girls is one of my total obsessions. In fact, I'm watching it in the corner of my screen as I'm writing this ("The Festival of Living Art" from season 4, in case you're interested).

Plus the book is edited by Jennifer Crusie and we do love Ms Crusie here at Trashionista. Like other SmartPop books including This I...more
There are some interesting viewpoints and takes on Gilmore Girls in Coffee at Luke's. There are essays considering the mathematical presence of father figures in Rory's life (no, really), the contention that the Girls are really just a latter-day screwball comedy, a guy's perspective on what food means within the Gilmore verse (a lot, naturally), and (my favorite) a passionate defense of Emily Gilmore, the third and oft-ignored Girl. I'm an Emily fan, and I think she was one of the most complex...more
Brittany Nelson
First of all, I was dead set on giving this book only two stars, but the truth is that the essays got better as I got further into it, so I'm giving it three. The problems I had with this book is that several of the essayists referred to themselves about a million times in the essay. IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU. Another problem I had was obviously the fact-checking--not to mention one essayists called Max Medina unattractive (really?)). And some of the essays were just poorly developed, I could write bet...more
The Gilmore Girls edition of the Smart Pop culture analysis series is a fantastic read for any fan of the WB/CW's beloved series. Split into thematic sections, each academic/super fan scrutinizes a particular element of the show and offers up well thought out commentary.

Most compelling are the stories that delve into the complicated-but-ideal relationship between series stars Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Jennifer Armstrong, in "No Boys Allowed" confirms that the female leads have constructed a life...more
This was the perfect fix for my post-Gilmore Girls blues! (My mother and I finished watching the seventh and last season last week. We started Season 1 in late May and from then on filled our summer days with Gilmore-goodness.)

All the essays were interesting and brought up points and nuances of Gilmore Girls I had never considered before. I didn't always agree with the different views, but I just read them in the light of devil's advocate.

Actually, while this book did help with my missing of Gil...more
This was a collection of essays on Gilmore Girls, varying a lot in the degree of scholarliness and entertainment value. I mostly enjoyed getting reminded of older episodes that I haven't seen for a lot time. I really did not like Stephanie Lehmann's essay on the mother-daughter relationship between Lorelai and Rory. She got Rory's ages throughout the series wrong, and if she can't be bothered to get a detail like that right, why trust any of her other assertions. Plus, she bases her whole argume...more
This is a fun, semi-serious/semi-comedic group of essays of which I enjoyed about half in this compilation, especially the essays by Gregory Stevenson about food being a starring character in Gilmore Girls and a love letter from writer Heather Swain to Kirk with her undying love. Jennifer Crusie added her own flavor with an introduction and a glossary of pop cultural, literary, and historical references she defines and includes personal comments on.
This book was full of great critques of Gilmore Girls. Some of them I didn't agree with, but for the most part I really liked what they had to say. I loved the essay that talked about all the literary references to the show and how for once the script wasn't dumbed down for the audience. I also loved the rips on the Aerie girls. I recommend this book for fans of the show and for those who love reading critical approaches to literature.
Dec 01, 2008 Beth rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: John
It's nice to know that there are others out there like me--those who, when having a bad day, think that just watching 10 minutes of Gilmore Girls will bring them back to some sort of sane place. When there is Gilmore Girls, I know all is right with the world. At least for that hour.
Julie Ehlers
It gets one star for the premise, one for being readable, and one for the cover, which I like. But ultimately I think this book did not live up to its promise. Don't expect to find the wit of the Gilmore Girls series in these pages.
Not what I expected, it is a compilation of personal essays on The Gilmore Girls - some were fantastic some were a bit boring
Often more insightful than I was expecting, Coffee at Luke's is the perfect cup of comfort for Gilmore Girls fans who miss those weekly Tuesday night trips to Stars Hollow.

Although some of the essayists' conclusions feel a bit of a stretch, many of the chapters illuminate story patterns and symbols that add resonance to the show's portrayals of many subjects, including teen romance and single parenthood. My favorite chapters analyzed the symbolism of food and books in the lives of the titular Gi...more
Though I read it while I was watching the Gilmore Girls I enjoyed it (though I should have staved off my reading so that I could prolong my GG experience having finished the series today).

It's a definite must read for any GG fan, even though I argued aloud with some of the articles (I would tell you which ones by name, but I packed that book away already). As with any anthology of opinion pieces that is all to likely to occur. One that definitely is *still* bugging me is a piece on how well the...more
Aug 04, 2012 Marnie rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Gilmore Girl Fans
I most probably only gave this book a 5 star sating because I LOVED the Gilmore Girls and reliving the peculiar sayings only made me wish the show could go no…

I love how this book take a look at real live and state how half of Stars Hollow will go bankrupt in the first day! Because let’s face it, we all grew up wishing we could be on or other character and have their success! My fictional role model was Lorelai, I even went on and studied tourism... Biggest mistake ever – but where not talking a...more
Linda  (too many books?!) Warner
My daughtr and I are the Gilmore Girls. I was a single mom from the time she was 10. We as Rory said once about her and her mom "are freakishly linked". I loved ths book for the writer's own insights into this show. It had chapters on the fathe figures in Rory's life, the interactuon of mothers and ones I particularly liked were on the place of food in the series as well as books.
Missy  Miller
A hyper analytical review of "The Gilmore Girls" and what it has to say about popular society, social and community paradigms, relationships, family dynamics...etc.
Perfect for the English Literature scholar in me -- while earning my degree I did a lot of work on modern forms of literature and their impact on pop culture including TV shows and advertising.

For some it may be over the top. But I can get down with all that.
And, you know, Gilmore Girls. Need I say more? Genius. Excellent body of w...more
I have mixed feelings about this book. Not only does it have lovely cover art and loads of topics surrounding my favourite ever TV show, it makes me feel like a true fan! I knew all the in jokes and recognised the quotes... but what I also found was that it also gave some opinions I didn't like or, rather, they made me feel wrongly about GILMORE GIRLS. I would say that if you are a fan then you should go pick up a copy, or at least borrow one from the library, to have a mingle through. It is the...more
I liked the book less and less as it went on. Some of the essays were great, and some were just awful. Hands-down, my favorite was "Your Guide to the Real Stars Hollow Business World," which examined whether the businesses in Stars Hollow could succeed in real-life. "Dining with the Gilmores" was also pretty interesting in that it took a much closer look at how the plots revolve around food more than you'd realize (foreshadowing, etc.).

All in all, worth reading if you love the show, though don't...more
Jun 21, 2007 Shelley rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Gilmore fans, obviously
Shelves: media
Solid set of essays. I didn't agree with all of them - such as the one blaming the town of Stars Hollow for Lorelai's innate unhappiness - but they were all pretty interesting to read. Several focused on the pro-women aspect (with one taking the near opposite stance given the treatment of the various girls and the ramifications of their sex lives), and my favorite discussed the idea that in this pro-woman world, the writing of the male characters didn't relegate them to a pale, very backstage ex...more
Nov 25, 2013 Rachel rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: usa, 2013
Some of the book is genuinely amusing and interesting, while other sections are rather too serious and drawn out. As soon as I initially flicked through this I guessed that some writers are academics, it must have been a fun writing gig.

It does irritate me that some seen to think Lorelai left home when she was pregnant, if you're going to write about the series you've got to get your facts right. It was when Rory was a baby as Emily was just too controlling. See? I don't take it all seriously at...more
Coffee at Luke's is a must read for every Gilmore Girls fan and bookworm. The essays in this book go into different aspects of Gilmore Girls life, including the mother-daughter relationship, the persona of Kirk, food, and sex. Not all essays are equally well written and some are rather far-fetched. I was a bit disappointed in this but I realize that from the format and looks of the book I expected more of an academic essay bundle than this largely casual work. Nevertheless, it is a nice way to c...more
Epifania Rita Gallina
Absolutely adorable and fun critique of the Gilmore Girls show. I loved it!
This is a collection of essays analyzing various aspects of Gilmore Girls, a television show that ran from 2000 to 2007.

I really enjoyed these essays. It was a lot of fun to revisit one of my favorite tv shows. It really makes me want to dust off my DVD sets and rewatch the whole series. It was very interesting to read critical essays about the show and it made me think about it in a new light. I think any fan of the show will get a kick out of this book.
I have been wanting to read this book forever. Since I am a die-hard Gilmore Girls fan I like to read whatever I can that pertains to the show. This book offers different essays contributed by different voices each with their own interesting perspective. I wouldn't call this book astounding or even relevant. However, I found it enjoyable and was nice to compare how other people compare certain aspects of the show differently than myself. All in all, a good read.
Rebecca Dean
So fun! Unauthorized writing of the characters of Stars Hollow. It brings back great memories of "The Gilmore Girls" TV show and all their family and friends. Any Gilmore Girls fan will like this book.

Each chapter is written by a different author about a different aspect of "The Gilmore Girls." I enjoyed all the comparisons and explanations. The titles were creative and the writers even left a short bio.

I gave this book 4 stars. It was fun!
ஐ Briansgirl (Book Sale Queen)ஐ
Aug 31, 2009 ஐ Briansgirl (Book Sale Queen)ஐ rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: any serious Gilmore Girls fan
This is a must read for any serious Gilmore Girls fan. Each chapter and discussion topic is written by a different person. My favorite discussions so far is the one about Rory's three father figures (Luke, Richard and Christopher) and the one about Star Hollow businesses. In that one, its discussed what the survival rate of each Stars Hallow business might be if they existed in the real world. I've read most of this book in one day.
Willow Brook
As a fan of (the first 5 seasons of) Gilmore Girls and essays, I enjoyed reading through Coffee at Luke's. It's an easy book to pick up for 15 minutes at a time because of the essay format. The essays themselves ranged from lots of fun to thought-provoking to mediocre, but mainly reading the book was like chatting with someone who shares your fondness for a TV show -- or at least those first 5 seasons, LOL.
I was really disappointed in this book. First, it was a gift. I would never have bought something like this for myself. Second, I thought it would be a behind-the-scenes book about the actors, the writers, the scripts, etc., but it wasn't! It is just a few pieces of someone else trying to make the show mean more than it does. They're tearing it apart like my high school English teacher did. Boring!
Unveven but entertaining collection of essays about the popular TV series. Some of the essays could have benefited from more careful editing (one states Rory's age a 14 at the start of the series, many contain too many long-winded sentences). Two essays though are worth the price of the book: one on the use of food in Gilmore Girls, and the other on the important place of books and reading in the series.
Of course I loved the book, if only because it's all about Gilmore Girls. However, I definitely didn't agree with everyhting the essay writers had to say, and I'm ok with that. I found it an enlightening read. Fun to test your knowledge of the show and characters. And also fun to maybe look at the Girls in a different way. I enjoyed taking a trip back to Stars Hollow.
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