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Rumble Fish
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Rumble Fish

3.74 of 5 stars 3.74  ·  rating details  ·  11,283 ratings  ·  517 reviews
Rusty James wants to be just like his big brother Motorcycle Boy - tough enough to be respected by everyone in the neighborhood. But Motorcycle Boy is also smart, so smart that Rusty James relies on him to bail him out of trouble. The brothers are inseparable, and Motorcycle Boy will always be there to watch his back, so there's nothing to worry about, right? Or so Rusty J ...more
Paperback, 135 pages
Published September 1st 2000 by Dramatic Pub Co (first published 1975)
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Nigel Bird
Things in life don’t come with equal weight. The biggest and heaviest impacts are when an event or a moment grab a life that is completely and utterly ripe for something it didn’t know existed.
The film Rumble Fish was one of the big blows of my early adulthood. To me it was (and still is) mind-blowingly good. The cast, the themes, the black-and-white and The Motorcycle Boy, Tom Waits raising his middle finger and chewing gum and an ending capable of knocking out a cinema full in the one go.
Humberto Cnca
Nov 07, 2008 Humberto Cnca rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Humberto Cnca by: 1
This book Rumble Fish is really something. It's partly like the other books S.E.Hinton has written. It has 135 pages. It's about a kid named Rusty-James who is the probaly the toughest boy in his junior-high school. He is respected by at least everyone. But he doesn't care about that, the only thing that he wants is to be like his older brother, The motorcycle boy. He wants to be tough and not care about anything. He wants to be smart and have everyone's respect, not just people he knows. The ...more
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Rumble Fish was a cool movie that looked a lot like Robert Frank’s The Americans and had Mickey Rourke perfecting his Richard Hell impersonation with Tom Waits doing a Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe routine, whilst listening to Wall Of Voodoo and The Police jamming on the soundtrack…very new wave…totally Eighties. Then there’s the book.

S.E. Hinton writes more like a noir writer than a YA one, complete with flashbacks, delusional madness and death. Her uncanny ability to get into a teenage boy’s mind and
Patrick O'Neil
Recently, having been somewhat forced into YA literature (see my review of The Last Summer Of The Death Warriors ) - a genre I've never really explored - I made some disparaging remarks of the genre, which a friend took offense to. She said, "not all YA is like that damn book you read. Try S.E. Hinton's Rumble Fish, it's tough as shit - sorta like the O.G. of YAs." With a pitch like that how could I resist? I'd seen the movie, I had no idea it was a book. But then, at a scant hundred and twenty- ...more
I'm really not sure how to rate this one. I read it in one day and it hooked me with its suspenseful plot and realistic dialogue. Plus, I love stories about tough guys and gangs in the '50s and '60s. But after I closed the book, I didn't have a clear reaction to it that I could pinpoint and then translate into a starred rating.

Rusty-James is a young "tough guy" who idolized his older brother, The Motorcycle Boy (real name is never mentioned). Like any young kid with a cool older brother, Rusty
(B) Archer at KIPP
Mar 13, 2008 (B) Archer at KIPP rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to (B) Archer by: brandon patlan
Shelves: boys-have-read
THIS BOOK IS THE BEST BOOK I EVER READ!!! It’s by the same author of THE OUTSIDERS. It’s great; it’s so good that ill read it 1000 times if I could! It’s about a kid and his name is Rusty James (the name is kind of cheesy). He is not in a gang but it’s like the Outsiders when they are all like a family and they have each others back.I kind of think hes cool because he doesnt care what people think of him. He only makes desitions appon himself. And he he cares alot for his friends.he is also the ...more
By far, Rumblefish was my favorite S.E. Hinton book when I was a young teenager. I know that The Outsiders is generally considered the best of her young adult work, but I think that Rumblefish is a better book on several levels:

1.It is more honest about the lives of young adults. The Outsiders would mention some things: drinking (although no drugs), cheating in relationships, dysfunctional families, random violence, but they wouldn't show it. Also, the consequences of those actions were more sta
There's something about 'Rumble Fish' that makes me read it a few times every year. If you think this is a book just about gang fighting - you're wack. It's about wanting to be something you can't be, finally getting it and realizing that it wasn't what what you wanted. It's about being misunderstood and misinterpreted. It's about picking the wrong heroes. It's about wanting to belong to anybody. It's about life turning into black and white.
Strange little thing, this one.
Although part of the reason why I feel that way is probably the fact that it's (I think) the first YA novel I read that was written long before I was born - which, for me, makes it something of a hybrid of a classic style and a modern trend. Or something.

It's mysterious and sort of obscure, but at the same time it feels crystal clear in that the narrator's voice is simple and direct.
Let's face it - he's not the brightest bulb in the box. He's a hood kid, and he's a
Oh my GOD was this book ever depressing???!??!? So here's the whole "get down": rusty-James (who doesn't like to be called rusty cuz it makes him feel like he's not wearing pants) considers himself to be the baddest ass around town, and he has the legendary older brother the Motorcycle Boy who try's to stray away from the world plus he can't see ANY colors and spaces out sometimes. (ps, he doesn't. have a motorcycle). So apparently his older brother doesn't hav any friends, he's a drifter, and h ...more
Trevor Wetzel
I read the book, “Rumble Fish,” by S.E. Hinton. This story is about a boy, named Rusty-James, and his brother, The Motorcycle Boy. Rusty-James is a fourteen year old boy who grew up in a gang. These gangs have disappeared now and he goes on his own trying to be the toughest kid in town. Rusty-James fights a rival from a different town named Biff Wilcox and gets slit open pretty good. Biff comes to fight him because Rusty had been talking to his girl. Then one night, Rusty and his friend Steve go ...more
Might as well write a review. S.E. Hinton has a very practiced ability of creating relatable characters out of hoodlums. In The Outsiders, we all struggle along with the 'Greasers' as they are made to be social pariahs. In Tex, we feel his (Tex's) confusion and frustration clearer than most things. In Rumble Fish, we struggle with Rusty James. You really do. We all want to live up to someone else's reputation, be it a crazy brother named Motorcycle Boy, or even your parents. When he finally reac ...more
The first time I read this book I didn't like it as much because I didn't have quite the dark surreal vision of it that Coppola had from the film he made based on this book in my head. I re-read it after watching the movie (which is one of my all time favorites) again recently and had a different view of it. I actually even had the great soundtrack playing in my head most of the time while I was reading it.

Rumble Fish differs from other S.E Hinton books in that most of her books are mainly based
DAMN! I loved this book!

I swear at first i thought it would suck because of the beginning and the fact the book is about 140 pages. I read The Outsiders which i loved! So i expected so much from this book because it was S.E. Hinton's. Now i plan on getting all of his books to read, they are truly my style.

First of all, i think this book could have been much bigger because i feel it ended way too quickly. So thumbs DOWN for the size.

Rusty-James is the main character who is 14 years old. He is to
Amanda Klass
In March of 2008 my brother loaned me his copy of The Outsiders. I finished it in two days, attached and in love with each and every single one of the characters (Sodapop and Dallas, especially). A week later, after I was left bookless once again, I went hunting on Amazon and found Rumble Fish, also written by the wonderful S.E. Hinton.

Instead of waiting for it to arrive, I headed up to Barnes & Noble that day and purchased it for about eight dollars cash. When I got home, I settled myself o
Elaine Lin
I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! Rumble Fish has the same author of The Outsiders so i thought since i likes The Outsiders i would like this book too. I DID! This book is about Rusty James, a little boy that tries to live up to his brother, he had a street life and doesn't care about school. He gets into fights and there was this one fight where he got sliced down the back and there was a lot of blood. But as a strong little boy he is, he treats it like a little mosquito bite. The book has a lot of des ...more
Leila Labão

I just finished this book. I read it because I had to read the author's first book, Outsiders, for school. I liked it very much, so I decided to read another one. I have to say I liked Outsiders more, but this doesn't mean I didn't love Rumble Fish. I just missed a stronger message with it. However, I think that the author is still amazing at showing the reality in the suburbs, places full of people and empty of hope. Places with gangs, fighting, drunk people, poor people, but m
Jonathan Williamson
Mar 01, 2008 Jonathan Williamson rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: angst ridden 11-14 year olds
Recommended to Jonathan by: the book fair
Shelves: fiction
I bought this book at the book fair at school when I was in the 7th grade. I started reading it before class and decided that reading the rest of that book took precedence over going to class. As such, I slipped outside, hid in the shrubbery and read this book all day. I was only discovered by one of the school janitors, but she didn't snitch. It was a bummer when I finished the book well before school ended. I was left with nothing to do but wait until school let out and the buses arrived.

I lov
♪♫3rik  ♪♫
rusty James is the toughest guy in the group of high school kids who hang out hang out and shoot pool at Benny's and he enjoys keeping up reputation. what he wants most of all is be just like his older brother, the motorcycle boy. he wants to stay calm and laughing when things get dangerous, to be toughest street fighter and the most respected guy on their side of the river. rusty James isn't book-smart and he knows it. he relies on his fists instead of on his brains. up until now hes gotten alo ...more
It was nice to slow down and read a tiny book. Loved the Outsiders, so I loved this!
Aaron Schroeder
In the novel "Rumble Fish" by S.E Hinton, the main character is fourteen-year old Rusty-James. He happens to be the toughest kid in town until his brother returns. All Rusty-James wants be like is his brother. After his brother comes back, Rusty-James gets expelled from school and ends up going everywhere with him. This leads to a difficult future for Rusty-James. All those of high-school age should read this book because of the themes involving the choices that can shape one's life such as loya ...more
Kenny S
Rumble Fish by S.E. Hinton is about a 14 year old boy who's only goal in life is to be the cool kid on the block and he only think in the present and does not think about how his life will be in the future. This book takes place in a ghetto in the south in about the 1970's. I found that the author's main point In this story was to not rely on other people. You expect them to get you out of all your troubles because sometimes, those people aren't there for you. She shows this in the book when Mot ...more
It was an E book Very easy to read. I found myself not wanting to put down the book. It reminded me of the outsiders book
Jake R
The book Rumble Fish by H.E. Hinton is about a 14 year old boy named Rusty James in the 1970’s or 1980’s in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and all he wants is to be a cool and as tough as his older brother, Motorcycle Boy. Rusty James is the tough kid in his neighborhood, and he does not want to lose that reputation. The only problem is that this lifestyle could hurt Rusty James in the future. Hinton wants the reader to understand that acting cool and tough may seem like it will help you, but in the long run, ...more
Melissa Demarco
Rumble Fish by S.E Hinton is an interesting novel about a teenage boy named Rusty James who describes his adventurous life. The book starts off by Rusty James the protagonist describing the characters. His best friends name is Steve; Rusty James describes him as being a forty year old man trapped in a boy’s body. Rusty James says this because he is always looking for everyone’s own good instead of enjoying the present. Next is the Motorcycle Boy, he is Rusty James older brother who is very myste ...more
Brandon Bonilla
Jun 02, 2014 Brandon Bonilla marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: my-shelf

This story is about this guy named Rusty-James is the toughest guy in the group of kids of high-school kids who hangs out and shoot pool down at Benny’s, and he enjoys keeping up his reputation. What he wants most of all is to be just like his older brother, The Motorcycle Boy. He wants to stay calm and laughing when things when things get dangerous, to be the toughest street fighter and the most respected guy on their side of the river. Rusty-James isn’t a book smart, he knows it. He relies on
Emily Paras
Rumble Fish was an exciting book for me. I didn't want to put it down. I read it in just two nights. The book did have some suspense in it, like leading up to the fights for example, which i enjoyed. Each character was very different and unique and kept it interesting. The book was very to the point and did not drag on, and also kept me on edge; wanting to know what would happen next. I believe that this book also demonstrated how life was for some people some years ago, and how time and societ ...more
Nov 07, 2014 Brendan rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Young Adult
Recommended to Brendan by: Starbucks
While I know the novel was set ~70's ish - it has definitely has this timeless quality that I appreciated. It's definitely written with a YA audience in mind, and the wording is simple, however there is a directness to the prose I was drawn to. The character's thoughts, feelings, words, are often 'explained' with though provoking statements. Short things that, more then once, gave me a pause. The real depth of the novel, the reason I'm 4 staring this when, from the outside, it seems like it shou ...more
John Manzo
Nov 13, 2014 John Manzo rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: All the kids who don't like reading boring/un-actionated books
Recommended to John by: Mr.Burby
I think that this book is something else.The book reminds me of a book called "The Outsiders".It reminds me of the book "The Outsiders" because it has a kid who wants to be like his older brother who is really strong and respected.And they are in a town sort of like the one that they grew up in.Even though the book is only 135 pages, there is still a lot of action.Also I like this book because their life reminds me of a life that I know, and understand.Because one of my older brother has been in ...more
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S.E. Hinton, was and still is, one of the most popular and best known writers of young adult fiction. Her books have been taught in some schools, and banned from others. Her novels changed the way people look at young adult literature.

Susan Eloise Hinton was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has always enjoyed reading but wasn't satisfied with the literature that was being written for young adults, wh
More about S.E. Hinton...
The Outsiders That Was Then, This is Now Tex Taming the Star Runner Hawkes Harbor

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