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Mars Needs Moms!
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Mars Needs Moms!

4.1 of 5 stars 4.10  ·  rating details  ·  627 ratings  ·  167 reviews
Milo doesn't get it: What's the big deal about moms? They're just slave-driving broccoli bullies. Yet they are worshipped the world over! Perhaps even the galaxy over-because here come Martians and they're after one thing only: moms. Milo's mom in particular! That's quite a long way to come for a mom-could it be that Milo has been overlooking something special?
Hardcover, 40 pages
Published April 10th 2007 by Philomel Books
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I really did not like this book. However, I have to start by acknowledging the fantastic illustrations (If I could rate them separately, I'd give the illustrations 4 stars and the story 1).

Onward to the plot.

The protagonist is a little boy who can't stand his mother and sees her as a nagging tyrant out to ruin his life. One day she is kidnapped by martians seeking moms for their motherless planet. The boy follows the martians and ends up almost dying in the unfavorable martian atmosphere. His
L13 Tracy Beling
I really enjoyed this 2008 Golden Duck award winner. The illustrations are wonderful and have so much emotion and detail in them, it's impossible not to understand the feelings of the characters.

This is the story of a little boy who doesn't understand what's so special about mothers. They're "giant, summer-stealing, child-working, perfumy garden goblins," and "bellowing broccoli bullies and carrot-cuddling cuckoos." Then one night, his mother is abducted by Martians and taken to their planet. Th
I can see why this was made into a movie.
It's a deceptively simple book full of powerful emotion.
How powerful?
I got teary both times I read it to my kids.
Yeah, I'm a mamma's boy, what of it?
I told my wife that I cried and she laughed at me.
Obviously her relationship with her mother needs work.
L12 _Lisa
On Mars, there are no mothers. No mothers to cook, clean, or carpool, no mothers to bake, bandage, or baby you, no mother to kiss you, miss you, or even discipline you. And so the Martians have been watching, waiting, and planning. And there's one little boy who cannot for the love of Mike figure out what's good about his mother. She a "bellowing broccoli bully" and a "slave-driving, trash-mashing, rubbish odor ogre." Milo cannot possibly imagine what's so special about her. And after one especi ...more
Ages 4-10
2008 Golden Duck Award Winner
Although I am not usually a fan of digital artwork, there was something undeniably charming and funny about these images. Berkeley Breathed creates appropriately surreal settings on Earth and on Mars. I especially like the juxtaposition of the computer generated drawings and the pared down black and white sketches. The fantastic visual quality of this book was, for me, soured by the one-dimensional, stereotypical portrayal of the mother. Curlers in her hair?
I knew Berkeley Breathed from his comic Bloom County, which I rather enjoyed. If you are unfamiliar with it, lets just say it wasn't the most reverent of comics. So I came away fromMars Needs Moms both not surprised and surprised. I wasn't surprised about the very blunt and disrespectful way that Breathed had his main character describe moms in the beginning, nor was I surprised at the over the top stereotypical illustrations (especially the ones found on pages 14 and 15. I was however pleasantl ...more
My son wants to see this movie, and his dad found this book when they were at a used bookstore. This is a book I enjoyed reading to my son so he can see that moms force their offspring to do terrible things like wash their hands and eat their veggies because they love them. I might have to make this a night read until it sinks in. :-)
what a great story. Makes me cry. My son wonders why I always cry when I read him this one. LOL
I don't know what Berke Breathed has been doing with his days since he quit drawing daily comic strips, but if all he'd been doing for the past several years were working on this book, it would be worth it. Martians have been watching Earth and decide that they need moms. Their initial kidnapping attempts go awry. (The scene of a mom with her arms full of shopping and a baby in a Snugli around her neck as the Martians try to lure her with a Starbucks coffee is priceless - as the Martians wait co ...more
Breathed, Berkeley. (2007). Mars Needs Moms! New York: Philomel Books, a division of The Penguin Group.

Literary Genre: Fantasy (Picture Book)

“Anyone could see that [mothers] were giant, summer-stealing, child-working, perfumy goblins. There was hardly much special about that.” Or so Milo thinks until jelly bean colored Martians from Mars seize his mom in the middle of the night. Milo follows the Martians to Mars and in the process; he learns why mothers are so special. Berkeley’s brightly colo
By Berkeley Breathed (the same guy who did Edwurd Fudwupper -- also really good!). So the story is this: a little boy doesn't appreciate his mom. He learns that there are no moms on Mars. Aliens from Mars come to abduct his mom to take back to their planet, so they can have someone to drive them to soccer practice and make delicious sandwiches and kiss them and tuck them in at night and call 'em her little man and all that mom jazz. Little boy gets totally bummed out when his mom's taken away an ...more
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Wendy Daniel
This poor mother looks exhausted, and her son definitely has no idea how much she does for him. But the Martians know and they're coming to get her so she can run them around and fix their meals. When she is kidnapped and taken to Mars, her son follows her and runs into some serious trouble. This is an inventive book that proves there is no love greater than a mother's love. Kids ages 4-5 years old will love this and will learn narrative skills, vocabulary and print motivation with this great bo ...more
This is one of my favorite books. If there is one book to have to read to kids around Mother's Day and beyond, this is it!

Milo, A kid who would fit in with the lovable pranksters and annoyed boys of Maurice Sendak's various books, thinks his mom is an ogre, a tyrant, and then she is kidnapped by Martians!

Milo follows them, stowing away aboard the ship.
He is gleefully happy to see the aliens actually want his mom to do all the things he takes her for granted for doing: driving him to soccer trips
Like most Berkeley Breathed books, this Picture Book has gorgeous paintings illustrating the story that both kids and adults will love. And more importantly, it has an important message about stopping to appreciate those we take for granted or in whom we only see the negatives.

There is no comparison between this book and the animated movie that shares it's name. This book is much deeper, lovelier to look at, and most importantly really makes you think and feel.

Highly recommended for kids of all
(NS) - Heather Hayman
This is a wonderful and wacky read for children to share with their mothers. Milo, the main character in this out of world adventure, doesn't understand what is so great about mothers. After all, they make you do chores and eat vegetables and constantly nag you. However, when Martians sneak into his house one night and steal his Mom, he follows them and learns why Moms are needed so badly. At the end, when Milo is in need of help, I am sure you know who is there to save the day. The story ends w ...more
The worst thing that could have happened to this cute little story was to make it into a feature length film. Now, people will remember the disastrous film version, rather than the very good book.
At the heart of the story is the sweetness that made Breathed famous for the early Bloom County stories. Milo isn't the best kid in the world, and he doesn't understand why he has to eat vegetables, and why he's not supposed to dye his little sister purple, or why his mom is important. When she's kidnap
R. C.
A little erudite for even my well-vocabularied picture book listeners, and totally not developmentally appealing to the same audience. Kids like moms and picture books at pretty much the same time in their life, and the whole premise is based around the reader understanding that moms are a pain in the butt. This is one of those picture books that was clearly published for adults.
Ever wanted to read a book with your kids that lets them know how much you love them without being mushy? That's "Mars Needs Moms".

Martians kidnap a boys mother because Mars doesn't have moms & they need someone to drive them to soccer practice, ballet,& playdates & make them dinner & clean up after them. But when the boy (who followed them) falls & breaks his helmet, the Martians, & the boy, find out what it is that moms are really best for.

My boys love it because the b
Kevin Wright
A simple and heart-felt story of a mother's love jazzed up with Martians and rocketships and stuff. Like the best sci-fi, Breathed uses the tropes of the genre in order to more clearly illuminate some of the more overlooked and fundamental aspects of the human condition.
Who knows where the author is going to take us, especially with the cover art showing a mother walking a sleepy child in her arms on the surface of Mars. Nonetheless, the books makes a complete circle, the illustrations are hilarious, and Milo grows up a little.
It is a cute story about a little boy named Milo who hates the way his mom bosses him around and tells him what he can and can't do. He gets fed up with his mom, after she catches him being bad and calls her a "tyrant" and she sends him to bed without supper (which is very ala "Where the Wild Things Are"). While he's asleep, Martians land and try to take his mom, but he follows them. What do they want with his mother and does she really care for him, unlike what he thinks? You'll have to read to ...more
I haven't seen the movie but I guess this is the inspiration? Very cute picture very cute message. I liked it better than the first Berkeley Breathed I read. You learn to appreciate you mom when she is up-ducted by aliens!
Susan Wright
Berkeley Breathed's Mars Needs Moms! captures how many little boys feel about their "slave-driving.. bellowing broccoli bullies.." moms at times with perfect humor. This story is very heart warming as it shows how much moms love their children to the ends of the universe and how sons will go to great lengths to protect their mothers.
I loved the book!
Topic: Science fiction
Theme: Aliens, love, family, mother’s day * Get some tissues!
Activity: Make Mother’s Day letters or cards
Favorite quote: “I’ll love you to the end of the universe.”
My four-year-old son checked this book out from the library last week.

Mars needs moms because all children, especially little boys, need moms.

I'm sure there are days when my little boy sees me as a carrot-cuddling, broccoli bully -- A tyrant who enforces his bedtime and makes him take baths when he has a really good grime layer going on. And there might be days when he sees me as an ice cream-making, cookie-baking, storytelling, song-singing, boo-boo-kissing chauffeur. But I think every day he
From the Pulitzer Prize winning creator of Opus, this book shows a little boy who doesn't understand why moms are so special. He describes his mom using various colorful lines like a "summer-stealing, child-working, perfumy garden goblin" and a "bellowing broccoli bully." But when Martians kidnap her because there aren't any moms on Mars, he goes after her and finds out why Moms are so special.

The illustrations make this book spectacular! Made using virtual acrylics and virtual watercolor on 100
Berkeley Breathed, who brought us Opus and Bloom County, has created a yet another wonderful book for young readers. The mother and child disagree, like most mothers & children will do; the boy is sent to bed without supper and his mom feels horrible about it. Milo falls fast asleep and is awakened by Martians stealing mothers! Soon, Milo learns that mother's really are special and the book illustrates the lengths of unconditional love. ***Warning, there is a part in the story where the chil ...more
Kristen Campbell
This has been my least favorite book that I have read this semester. The plot was so far-fetched and I felt disconnected from the characters the whole time. The story was fairly long, especially for a children's book, and I got bored with the story about half way through. I don't really like science fiction novels in general, so this could have something to do with why I disliked this book. Maybe kids would like it more since it is about aliens and outer space? I hope so! I was curious about the ...more
A fantastic picture book with a wonderful message, witty illustrations, and a great sense of fun. Highly recommended.
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Guy Berkeley "Berke" Breathed is an American cartoonist, children's book author/illustrator, director, and screenwriter, best known for Bloom County, a 1980s cartoon-comic strip which dealt with socio-political issues as seen through the eyes of highly exaggerated characters (e.g. Bill the Cat and Opus the Penguin) and humorous analogies.

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