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3.92 of 5 stars 3.92  ·  rating details  ·  1,208 ratings  ·  55 reviews
For Lady Diana Davenport, they existed only in her books and dreams. There she could lose herself, becoming the licentious Diana, goddess of the hunt -- far from the rigid restraints of eighteenth-century London, where she was courted by fops and fools. That is, until she tried on an authentic Roman helmet in an antiques store an...more
Paperback, 436 pages
Published July 22nd 2009 by Island Books/Dell (first published January 1st 1996)
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Lady Raven RAVE!
Story: GOOD
Intimacy Level: GOOD
Enjoyment: VERY GOOD
Length: 450 pages
Style: Time Travel/ Historical / Roman

Revised :11/25/2012 Re Read: 11/25/2012

This was an unique read for me as it was a historial taking place within historical period. Re reading this book, the movie 300 / Spartacus comes to mind. I love that it was in a Roman/Greek time travel, why, because the slave concept made the story more appealing for that time period of Ancient Rome as they were very sexual beings and the garments were...more
Casey Gonzalez
Loved it! The Hero is so hot and the setting of ancient Rome if so different than the usual Regency romance
Lady Diana Devenport has had a hard time coping with her aunt and uncle who are these nasty scheming individuals greedy for her money. She wants freedom and adventure. While in Bath she puts an ancient roman helmet and is transported in time to 61AD where she becomes the slave of Marcus Magnus – a roman general. I don’t know much about Bath other then the Romans build some nice bathing facilities there which our hero/heroine used on a daily basis and multiple times a day contrary to any other pe...more
I read the reviews on this book, and can't believe how many readers didn't like it. I thought it was a great book. It's a TT story. Lady Diana loves history. While shopping she puts on an old helmet and is transported back in time to the Roman days. She is taken captive, made a slave by Marcus Magnus,and they fall in love. She and Marcus are betrayed in the past...and when she comes back to her real time....she is being cared for by none other than MM's many times great grandson. When she tells...more
Carrie Olguin
I'm not even certain what to say about this story. It's a mix of story concepts like Outlander (Time Travel), reincarnation and Wizard of Oz.

The story begins in Georgian England with a seventeen year old heiress preparing for her her come out season. Her greedy guardians try to trick her into marrying the man of their choice (a good looking but evil man) so they can split her inheritance before she reaches the legal age of eighteen.

(Confused I am! Back then, legal age for a male was twenty one...more
J'ai adoré ce roman !
Comme toujours je ne suis pas déçue avec Virginia Henley !
J'ai beaucoup ce Time Travel, j'ai trouvé que la manière dont il était fait cohérent.
L'héroine (Diana) est un personnage fort, elle ne laisse pas désespérée car elle n'est plus dans son siècle et fait en sorte de s'adapter.
Et à sa manière fait en sorte que sa relation avec Marcus Magnus marche malgré leurs différences.
Le héros (Marcus Magnus / Mark Hardwick) sait ce qu'il veut ! Diana en l’occurrence et ce quelque so...more
The hero (Marcus Magnus), reminds me of Gerard Butler's character in 300, w/ all those 'Roman Soldiers' and everything
Allure Van Sanz
This is the book I always claim as my ultimate favorite when asked "What is your favorite romance novel?"

Hands down this book is singularly responsible for many of my complex dreams.
I confess that I love trashy novels and this is my fav!! I could and will read this over and over again.
Amanda Ryan
Redonk Nutshell: Woman is transported back in time to Roman-occupied Britain where she gets lessons in ancient history and passion

I've recently been on a time-traveling kick. I found myself searching GoodReads for romance books that featured a time-traveling hero or heroine and I came across Enslaved by Virginia Henley. I've not yet read anything by her, though I've come across her name several times in my travels through romance-land.

Lady Diana Davenport lives in 18th century London and is on...more
เลดี้ไดอาน่า เดเวนพอร์ตคือเด็กสาวที่อายุยังไม่ถึงที่จะสามารถจัดการทรัพย์สินและมรดกของหล่อนได้ นั่นทำให้อำนาจทั้งหมดตกไปอยู่ที่คุณน้าและคุณอาของหล่อน หลังจากที่ไดอาน่าโดนบังคับให้เข้าสังคมแม้ว่าจะเต็มใจหรือไม่ก็ตาม หล่อนก็ถูกชักจูงให้รู้จักกับปีเตอร์ ที่กลายเป็นคู่หมั้นของเลดี้ไดอาน่า แม้ว่าจิตใต้สำนึกของหล่อนจะบอกว่าหล่อนชอบพี่ชายของปีเตอร์ที่มีรูปลักษณ์ดิบเถื่อนมากกว่าก็ตาม

เมื่อถึงคราวที่เลดี้ไดอาน่าต้องเดินทางไปเมืองบาธอย่างเรื่องไม่ได้ โชคชะตาก็นำพาให้หล่อนเข้าไปในร้านขายของเก่า ที่นั่นเลดี้ไ...more
Adeline Jenkins
I couldn't put this one down...finished it in 2 days. I love her historical writing that include spices of fiction.
One of my favorite books ever.
The story is well written. The middle part of the book which is when Diana is brought to the Roman era is very rich. Some people may like it if they're fascinated by this period. I myself find it cruel and disgusting and I think this part of the book is dragging. I like the plot and time-traveling theme, but the Roman things are just not my taste. I like it better when Diana is bought back to her time. However, when she's back, the plot is predictable. Overall, I give it a three. It's a good sto...more
Where to start...First off don't let the synopsis fool you. I was reluctant to read Enslaved at first. I was like there no way I want to read a time traveling book boring. Huh no it was the exact opposite. From the start I was captivated. Diana is a wonderful character and props to her for standing up for who she is and wants she wants. The best thing about Enslaved to me was being able to read to stories but having them both being connected. I only wished the book could have been longer.
I have no idea what I'm reading.

The first four chapters are asinine and Diana doesn't even seem to break 100 on the IQ scale of intelligence.
So far, up to Chapter 7: Diana is still annoying and now she is back in time. Someone gauge out my eyes. I don't have it in me to continue reading..
So far, up to Chapter 24: the storyline got better and Diana is slightly more tolerable. However, the author is writing as if Diana's "real" time line is present day 21st century, even though it's only 1700-1800...more
Leí este libro solamente porque estaba en mi estantería hacía muchos años, pero el no tener una continuidad me mareó mucho y me costó poder terminarlo.
I kept this strictly for the euphemisms for male and female "parts". I laughed out loud every time! Yes, I am older than 10...lol.
This book was delightfully shocking and rather scandalous for the time period. The story line was well thought out and delivered, and while one might want to skip ahead and see the ending its best that you don't or you will miss out and spoil the book. Aside from the story line I was rather intrigued to find out that back in that era of England the gentlemen powdered there faces and wore rouge and lip color. I had known that the gentlemen of that time used fans but the rest was a shock. If you a...more
Andrea Moreno
Hace mucho no disfrutaba ta
nto d un libro.... nice nice
เรื่องนี้ฉบับแปลคือเรื่อง โรมันรัญจวน ได้ยินเขาบอกกันว่าสนุกมาก แต่หมดไปนานแล้ว หาชื่อเรื่องเจอก็เลยไปซื้อ e book มาอ่านค่ะ ปรากฏว่า ชอบพอสมควร แต่ก็ไม่มากขนาดที่คาดหวัง คิดว่าถ้าอ่านเมื่อสิบปีที่แล้วคงจะชอบมาก เพราะมันมีโครงเรื่องบางอย่างที่เคยเป็นที่นิยม แต่ตอนนี้ไม่ค่อยนิยมกันแล้ว

เช่น นางเอกต้องพรากจากพระเอกไปสักระยะ หรือเดินเข้าหาอันตรายทั้งๆ ที่รู้ ทำให้มีหงุดหงิดบ้างเล็กๆ กับความที่นางเอกช่างใสซื่อไม่เฉลียวใจในบางตอน

This is the first romance novel I ever read. I remembered really enjoying it and so, when I happened to come across it again for sale on the Nook, I decided to read it again. And I really enjoyed it the second time. It's well written, the sex scenes aren't too ridiculous (as can happen sometimes), and the plot is entertaining. It was a fun, relaxing read, which is the entire point of romance novels. Now I'm going to see if I can find some of Virginia Henley's other books on sale.
I gave it only a three simply because it got annoying towards the end. The beginning annoyed me a bit and the end really annoyed me, but the middle was enjoyable. I love Marcus Magnus. Diana, I liked alright, but towards the end I kept thinking, "You idiot!" because she would yet again be too trusting and make poor choices.
This is the second book I have read from Virginia Henley, and I must say that Virginia's imagination runs wild! There are so many conflicts, with two different love stories that intertwine into one. I love how Virginia was able to end all conflicts presented, and the evil received his "just deserts". :)
Agak aneh kebangetan plotnya, time travel dari abad 18 ke jaman Romawi kaisar Nero. Buku ini termasuk hot juga berhubung ini buku pertamanya Henley yang dibaca karena agak spesifik banget. Karena ngantuk saat membacanya jadi longkap2 bacanya... Karena gak tertarik dengan jaman2 Romawi kuno begitu.
Pam Beran
If you like historical romance you will love this. When a book makes me tear up or become anxious and sit up - that's a GOOD book!!!!
Like historical and time travel - don't miss this one. Oh and it didn't hurt that the hero, a Roman, had me envisioning Gerard Butler , ya know 300ish :)
This was really a time travel, historical saga romance. Most of the book takes place in Roman period. There were some really detestable villains. But it was a long enjoyable story. Diana irritated me a bit in the later part of the book. But the book was a very good read.
Cheryl Tollestrup
Didn't like it and didn't completely finish it. Time travel element lost credibility for the story line. Didn't matter the characterization was pretty shallow anyway. Abundance of titillation for titillation sake because it didn't endear me to the characters.
I have to recommend this book, even if it's just for the novelty of it. How many romances are out there that have a time traveling Regency miss go back to ancient Rome? Steamy as anything!

Nikki Lauren
I enjoyed this bit of brain candy, All my fellow Borders buddies said read it and I was in the mood for a bit of adult fun. If you don't want to think too much and you are looking for a sexy time traveling romp to Ancient Rome, Marcus is worth the trouble.
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Virginia Syddall was born on December 5, 1935 in England, where her father, Thomas Syddall, taught her to love history. She obtained a degree in History in the University. In 1956, Virginia married Arthur Henley. They moved to America, and now they live most of the year in St. Petersburg, Florida, and they spend the hot summers in Ontario, Canada, where they have their two adult children and three...more
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“With horror he saw that her hair was already afire as the tarred stake burned about her head. He held her agonized gaze with his fierce black eyes. "I'll love you forever, and beyond," he vowed as he raised both arms and plunged his sword into her heart.

~Marcus Magnus”
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