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A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity
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A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity

3.91  ·  Rating Details ·  4,431 Ratings  ·  491 Reviews
The year was 1957, the month September, and I had just turned eight years old. Dwight Eisenhower was President, but in my life it was the diminutive, intense Sister Mary Lurana who ruled, at least in the third-grade class where I was held captive. For reasons you will soon understand, my parents had remanded me to the penal institution of St. Brigid's School in Westbury, N ...more
Hardcover, 256 pages
Published September 23rd 2008 by Broadway Books (first published January 1st 2008)
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Dec 09, 2008 Rodger rated it really liked it
I know there are many who don't like O'Reilly but I think he is the fairest interviewer on TV. He always lets both sides have their say, even if he is a little arrogant. (did I say a little?)

Bold Fresh tells about his life and how he came to hold the viewpoints he holds today.

Call me whatever you want, I like O'Reilly and The No Spin Zone.
Dec 01, 2008 Erin rated it really liked it
I think I've only read one of Bill O'Reilly's other books (I think it was his original) and I also read his novel "Those Who Trespass" (which wasn't half bad that I can remember, but it's been a few years), but I've always liked O'Reilly. Yeah, he's a blowhard. Yeah, he had that fairly creepy sex scandal with one of his underlings a few years back. But I think he busts people's asses who need it, and he doesn't rest on his laurels. He's always riled up about something. I like that. I thought the ...more
I know a lot of people don't like this guy, but he is really smart and I think he sincerely tries to make a positive difference in the world. He gives great perspective to his personality and attitudes in this book.
Oct 10, 2008 Summer rated it really liked it
I love my Bill O'Reilly!
Aug 06, 2013 John rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: politics, biography
Bill O'Reilly has a couple decent books, but most of them are really, really lazy. This is definitely one of the lazy ones. It's part childhood memoir, part political analysis, and part whatever-random-thing-just-happens-to-be-on-O'Reilly's-mind. The childhood stuff is pretty boring, and O'Reilly's rampant ego makes it difficult to take his impressions at face value. The political analysis is breezy and off-the-cuff, with nary a statistic or footnote anywhere in sight. As for the random stuff... ...more
Was there any doubt I would read this book first?

Any doubt that I would like it?

I didn't think so.

Here's what I found appealing about the book:
1) It was genuinely entertaining. Bill is a great writer, and can tell a fantastic story. I can identify with many of the hijinx he pulled that got him in trouble - his telling of the events are worth the read alone.
2) He examines the reasons why he holds the beliefs that he holds. "Why" you believe something is a very important question. I couldn't
Nov 03, 2008 Shirleen rated it really liked it
I absolutely loved listening to this book on tape, even though I do think Bill O'Reilly can come across as a bully on tv. It was so interesting hearing his stories growing up in a poor neighborhood, his insights into the presidents he has interviewed, his belief of the difference between how a president growing up poor (eg Bill Clinton) and a president who came from a rich family (George Bush) approach problems, things he would have done differently, and all interspersed with lines from songs. H ...more
Oct 05, 2008 Erin rated it really liked it
I only recently started watching "The Factor" on the FOX news channel and like Bill O'Reilly though I change the channel when things become too confrontational.
This book was interesting and entertaining, and I found myself agreeing with most of his basic ethics and political principles.
He seems like one of the good guys and has great arguments so I don't think he needs to be confrontational, though that seems to be one of his hallmarks.
Aug 23, 2013 Kathy rated it liked it
Audio version was very fun to listen to on a long road trip with lots of laughs to keep me company. It's not hard to admire this man, even if you don't think you like him..I challenge any rational thinker to listen and disagree with his sound arguments. Loved his view of power versus wealth.
Chad Warner
Nov 10, 2009 Chad Warner rated it did not like it
Shelves: non-fiction
I know very little about Bill O'Reilly, and have only seen his show when channel surfing. I only read this book because someone asked me to, and I wish I hadn't. Throughout the book, O'Reilly refers to himself as "the bold, fresh guy" rather than using personal pronouns "I" and "me". This got pretty annoying after the 20th time.

O'Reilly basically tells his life story, explaining how events in his childhood shaped his attitudes and personality today. That may be interesting for a fan, but I wasn'
Nov 03, 2008 Greg rated it really liked it
I read this book in response to many people at work trash talking the guy. When I asked them exactly why they didn't like him, they usally responded with something like, "He's just crazy"... follow up discussion revealed that none of them actually watch his show. Sooo...I started watching the "The Factor" myself, then happened to see the Bold Fresh book while perusing the new releases and I picked it up. It's a quick, easy read and I found it enjoyable. Bill seems like a guy with solid values, ( ...more
Apr 05, 2010 Teechbiz rated it liked it
What made Bill O'Reilly the man he is today? Was it something that happened to him as a child? Actually it was the child that he was that made him the man that he became.

I think every class has a Bill O'Reilly in it. A Bold, Fresh, Piece of Humanity, and as a teacher I realize that it's up to you to try to help channel all that energy.

My favorite story? The alarm clock. What an excellent idea Bill.
Mar 12, 2009 Marnie rated it it was amazing
I loved this book! Bill O'Reilly talks about his life & how he got to be that way. I loved the parts about his childhood & when he worked at Carvel as a teen. Parts of it made me laugh out loud. I recommend this book to everyone, whether you're an O'Reilly fan or not. He talks about important values like self reliance, education, religion, & politics & relates it to his life.
Mary Campbell
Jul 30, 2009 Mary Campbell rated it really liked it
Recommends it for: open-minded progressives
Recommended to Mary by: Margie Friend
Shelves: public-policy
I am something of an apologist for Bill O'Reilly because, when he was still on the radio, his show came on at the time I took my nap, and I thought that he was funny and smart and that he was NOT an ideologue. His ego is as bloated as his detractors claim, and I've read that he can be difficult to work with, but he makes no secret of either quality and does, in fact, poke fun at himself, unapologetically, however.

Sometimes I take an early nap and have to listen to Sean Hannity (or turn off the r
Mar 30, 2011 Lisal rated it did not like it
Shelves: non-fiction
I read this book because someone I love and respect asked me to. I was about to undertake a four hour plane flight so I figured I could devote that time to it: I wasn't going to be doing anything else. Anticipating the possibility that my resolve could weaken I ensured that all other reading material was packed away!

I like autobiographies: I always find other people's lives interesting. So despite the fact that I had never heard of Bill O'Reilly, I thought I might well find his life story of int
Damon Lively
Apr 17, 2014 Damon Lively rated it did not like it
I literally picked this book up at a severely reduced rate when Border’s was going out of business. I’m glad I did not spend more – and probably would not have read it otherwise. I have grown - not to be a huge fan of O’Reilly (after watching his show through the years) – I think he is a bit of a mouthpiece and tries to play the “center” card – when he is really far right. Not to mention – it’s annoying to listen to someone talk over people all the time. So I ask myself why I read this again? I ...more
May 01, 2009 Karol rated it it was amazing
I enjoyed this book. People should read it.

That's the pithy version of my review. One of the mysteries of the universe, however, is how someone whose father was seemingly always pithy in his comments ended up with a son who is a master bloviater. Although this is a mystery that may never be fully solved, O'Reilly does shed a great deal of light on his upbringing and the values that still drive him to do what he does.

At times intense, often funny, usually insightful - this is a book worth reading
Janet Green
Nov 15, 2008 Janet Green rated it really liked it
A lot of people hate Bill O'Reilly because they think he's a rabid partisan. The fact is, he may have conservative views, but his job (as he defines it) is to expose people in power of any stripe who abuse their power, take advantage of others, or stand idly by and let horrible things happen that they could have stopped. This book is a memoir in the sense that it recounts stories from Bill's young life and early career, but it's really a "Who I am" book - each chapter looks at one "thing" or "co ...more
Apr 20, 2009 Jim rated it really liked it
While I enjoyed reading this book, I became bored towards the end. Also, he described his father as a person who didn't have much to contribute towards family conversations. I believe this to probably be true of almost every father who was raised during the depression and should/could have been pointed out by Mr. O'Reilly. I am sure his friend' fathers were like his father.
Sep 06, 2009 Linda rated it liked it
Shelves: non-fiction
I enjoyed the funny stories about growing up in the 50's and the Catholic school experience. I found his constant praise for himself and all of his traits that he considers so admirable to be a bit tedious.
Jul 30, 2008 Dan added it
Review to come after it is released. Needless to say, it was for work.
Christian Engler
Sep 20, 2013 Christian Engler rated it it was amazing
Like many, I too am an admirer of Bill O'Reilly and of the Fox News Network. I enjoy the O'Reilly Factor primarily because he is a man with common sense who cuts through the bull of Washington politics, among other assorted issues. He calls a spade a spade and does not gloss over important issues for the sake of cronyism or political bias. He lets his temper flare against both sides of the political spectrum. Irrelevant of party affiliation, if a person or a group in the public limelight is doin ...more
Thomas Edmund
May 26, 2010 Thomas Edmund rated it liked it

This book shocked and appalled me. As I turned the pages I could feel my hands curl in feverish angst, my vision blurred with frustrated tears and despite being unable to see or even turn each page I couldn’t deny the reality hammering on my senses.

I agreed with Bill O’Reilly on some issues.

My only exposure to O’Reilly has really been a funny musical mash-up, the O’Reilly vs Bale video and a small section of interviews that interested me. I have to say after reading this book, I now consider O
Amy Anderson
Aug 03, 2013 Amy Anderson rated it it was ok
I really wanted to like this book. At first I was annoyed how Mr. O'Reilly refers to a lot of the people around him growing up as idiots. Then I realized it was a generational thing and some would find it a weird sort of endearing. I also felt like the book was all the over the place, jumping back and forth from the years and I wish it navigated in a more timeline tradition. I feel like it would have flowed better. There were references to people, places, and things through the baby boomers life ...more
Apr 04, 2011 Julianne rated it really liked it
I already like Bill O'Reilly, especially after reading one of his previous books. And especially because I know he has the ear of regular Americans. Isn't he the only guy on TV that has better ratings than Glenn Beck? That's saying something!

This isn't exactly an autobiography, and it doesn't include much political commentary. It's mostly what it say in the subtitle: a "memoir". Bill tells of his childhood, teen years, college life and up through his early working years as a young adult. There
Apr 15, 2010 Mark rated it really liked it
One day in 1957, in the third-grade classroom of St. Brigid’s parochial school, an exasperated Sister Mary Lurana bent over a restless young William O’Reilly and said, “William, you are a bold fresh piece of humanity.” Little did she know that she was, early in his career as a troublemaker, defining the essence of Bill O’Reilly and providing him with the title of his brash and entertaining issue-based memoir.” These are the words that Bill O’Reilly has defined himself with for all his life. This ...more
Apr 04, 2009 kathy rated it it was amazing
First, I have to say to those that say they don't like or even hate O'Reilly they have never given the guy a chance and have never watched his TV show "The O'Reilly Factor" on FOX news. I myself have always loved Bill O'Reilly and his way of thinking. And after reading his book, I find myself loving the guy more... It seems with him you either love him or hate him... all depends on your outlook on life, I guess. To me he is a very moral, although sometimes over-the-top ( let's say a little tempe ...more
Jeff Carpenter
Aug 17, 2010 Jeff Carpenter rated it really liked it
In this book, Bill attempts to define how his opinions, which can be strong, were formed; how his life experiences shaped his thinking, and how these things made "one of the most controversial human beings in the world". In this attempt he is successful, in my opinion, as I can identify with many of the life experiences, especially as a child, that he talks about.
He discusses in great detail his childhood, his school years, his early college years, and some of his early career, coming up through
Bill reveals what makes him tick--his middle class upbringing and his parochial schooling. He doesn't forget what is important and where he came from. It's important for him to give back, but he can't tolerate evil and bad people, either from the left or the right.

He's all about taking responsibility.

I emjoyed learning more about who his is and how he became on of the most successful men in TV, and one of the most watch (and hated).

Favorite Quotes:
p 49 "True courage is not about being fearless;
Feb 19, 2010 Natalie rated it liked it
I don't think one can appreciate the humor of this book unless he or she has seen The O'Reilly Factor. I don't know O'Reilly well, but I found his stories humorous because I could picture him in the moments since I've seen his show on more than one occasion. I could also picture my husband in a lot of the same scenarios. I think I appreciated that aspect of this book a lot. It gave me some insight into why my husband loves watching The O'Reilly Factor so much.

I think Mr. O'Reilly is a really sma
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Bill O'Reilly is an American television/radio host, author, syndicated columnist, and political commentator. He is the host of the cable news program The O'Reilly Factor. Prior to hosting The O'Reilly Factor, he served as anchor of the entertainment program, Inside Edition.

O'Reilly also hosts The Radio Factor, a radio program syndicated by Westwood One, and he has written seven books.

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