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The Alien (Animorphs, #8)
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The Alien (Animorphs #8)

3.83 of 5 stars 3.83  ·  rating details  ·  3,569 ratings  ·  59 reviews
What would you do if you were the only alien trapped on a strange planet? Probably freak out, right? Well, that's what Ax feels like doing. But as an Andalite warrior-cadet, he has to be pretty cool about stuff like that. He's been hanging out with the Animorphs ever since the Dome ship was destroyed by the Yeerks and his brother, Prince Elfangor, was destroyed by Visser T ...more
Mass Market Paperback, 159 pages
Published July 1st 1997 by Scholastic Paperbacks
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I was looking forward to this books so much - finally a story told from Ax's perspective! - but I'm sorry to say that I was largely disappointed. Sure, the "Ax doesn't understand everyday things" episodes where amusing enough and actually made me laugh a few times (and the scene with Cassie's mum and dad was one of my favourites from the book), but I can't help but be disappointed that Ax is so... alien in a very superficial way, if that makes sense. Sure, he's overwhelmed by taste and Doesn't U ...more
Nemo (the Moonlight Library)
Brought to you by The Moonlight Library!

This book was a BIG DEAL when I was a kid because it was the first time a representation of an Andalite would appear on the cover. And trust me, the Andalite illustrations get A LOT better than this.

Ax’s first turn at narration replaces what should have been Tobias’ second go, but that’s OK, because Ax is awesome. In this book Ax makes a huge mistake in accidentally giving humans advanced technology, so he decides to contact his home world before removing
I missed this one the first time around (my library must not have had it) so I was unprepared for the BEVY OF AX FEELINGS. Holy cow! From the other POVs he's kind of stiff, vaguely goofy, and does things like go completely bananas when he gets a new food to taste, but inside his head it's different. I think I just sat there flailing at my ereader going "Aaaaax!!" Trying to live up to his brother, not wanting to fail his people, his guilt and sense of duty and the conflicts between his duty as an ...more
Julie Decker
Ax is interested in learning more about humans, but his Andalite laws forbid him to give away much information about his own species. But one day, he accidentally breaks a law about giving humans advanced technology, making some changes to a computer program without realizing that he's pushed human science ahead of itself. Feeling isolated after so long without seeing another Andalite, Ax tries to call home using this technology, but even though he's successful, he's reminded of how Andalites do ...more
Alexis Masters
I was looking forward to this book, since it's told from Ax's point of view. But for some reason, I was mostly disappointed. We do get to see Ax's side of things, and it's pretty funny how he thinks of some things (like chocolate). But the overall story felt weaker than the rest.
I did like that the others called Ax out about them sharing everything with him and him still keeping them at arm's length. I'd be angry about that, too.
And what was up with the ending? There was no reason whatsoever t
Alan Gilfoy
K.A. Applegate, The Alien (Animorphs #8)


"Definitely an Ax fan"

I really like Ax POV too; him and Marco have been my favorite POV characters so far.

His human morph continued being comic relief, of course.

I liked the background on the Andalites. I tend to be all over canon details. I also liked the role of Eslin 359 (Gary Kozlar's Yeerk) even beyond how that advanced the narrative. I tend to be quite interested in sympathetic villians. Admittedly, Visser Three's ruthlessness is somewhat understa
I thought it would be fun looking at things through Ax's perspective in The Alien. It was still entertaining as ever as Ax used his human morph but the longer I was in his perspective, the more I felt he was immature and untrustworthy.

The book had a more serious tone than I was expecting. Put in the spotlight was the trust issues he had with the Animorphs. The Animorphs told Ax all there was to know about their world but Ax didn't reciprocate. There was so much anger and frustration shown by th
Arefin Rafee
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Chelsea Gouin
This is the 8th book in the Animorph series and the first book that Ax narrates. It was fun to hear from our favorite alien but I grew tired of his repetitiveness. He seemed to have a one-track mind of keeping secrets from the rest of the Animorphs. Ax is still bound by Andalite law and that made his reasoning confusing for the reader. Even more confusing was how fast everyone turned on him. Rachel was pretty scary in her anger at Ax. They kept accusing him of "lying" when really he just was cla ...more
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Christopher Lin
A dazzling study of what it feels like to be billions of miles from every member of your own species. Also, a sobering warning against the dangers of tasting chocolate for the first time.
Narrator: Aximili

So far, this is my favorite book.

There are lots of information to take in.

The Law of Seerow's Kindness
This pertains to the law that Prince Elfangor, Ax's brother, broke. Seerow was an Andalite who pitied the Yeerks. He thought that the Yeerks should be given the chance to travel the stars. It was the right thing to do, if you look at it in overview. But the Yeerks aren't just pitiful parasites, they're greedy and they like power. So, when they traveled the stars, they took over
Janelle Dazzlepants
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Kasih Elia LG
Dan perlahan-lahan hal yang menjadi kartu kunci terbuka. Puzzle alam semesta mulai terkumpul. Dan Ax mulai menyadari perannya di Bumi, bukan sekedar Andalite yang tak punya pilihan, tapi sudah terlanjur dianggap sebagai teman oleh kelima anak-anak Animoprhs lainnya. Banyak hal yang disembunyikannya dan Animorphs hanya ingin menunjukkan pada Ax, tiada sesuatu boleh disembunyikan di antara teman. Dan setelah semua yang mereka alami, Ax, adalah teman mereka.

Ax hanya berusaha mengikuti sesuatu yang
The first book in the series from Ax's point of view. With so much potential, the quality of writing in this book was disappointing to me. Perhaps because Ax is an alien, it is more apparent that the character's speech patterns are different in each book. Considering ghostwriters don't start writing books until the middle of the series, I'm not sure why this is. The fact there weren't multiple authors also takes away a simple explanation for series continuity errors.

(view spoiler)
Lianne (The Towering Pile) Lavoie
Note: This is a review of the eighth book in a series, and may therefore contain spoilers from the earlier books.

The main plot in this installment of Animorphs starts when Ax, thinking he's playing a computer game, accidentally advances the work of some scientists by a few centuries. When he realises that he's created something that could be used to contact his home world, he decides to take the opportunity to contact his parents. Of course, trouble ensues...

The Alien is the first Animorphs book
A pivotal chapter of the series. Ax is the narrator as the story deals with the consequences of #7 The Stranger, with destroying the Kadrona. Yeerks are dying leaving their hosts free from enslavement. This is fleeting as Chapman and the other Human-Controllers quickly contain the situation. Killing the now freed humans.

Friendships are tested as Ax withholds vital information about the Andalite-Yeerk war from the other Animorphs. Jake decides to teach him more about being human, so that he may c
Poor Ax. Stuck on a strange planet all by himself and homesick, and then he finds a way for E.T. to phone home. I'm really surprised Marco's father didn't go deeper into finding out how the code got modified. If he didn't do it, someone had to of. My thoughts would have been that it would have been someone hacking in, which in that case, it would have been a security issue. Gotta love the world of fantasy where things don't have to make sense. Though back then, there weren't as many hackers and ...more
Ax speaks! And he tells you not to eat the bookmark. Sometimes the alien-speak is annoying, but usually it's just entertaining and sort of cool to see the world through the mind and thoughts of a young alien who is probably the one who knows the most about the overarching war but is himself a child (and it shows!).

Notable moments and inconsistencies:

On the back of the book, Ax advises that the free bookmark inside is not meant to be eaten, but that it does taste good.

An inconsistency when it com
You know, I'm not sure if I have a juvenile sense of humour, whether it's nostalgia or Applegrant are just so funny they can make me laugh for about five minutes straight. And I don't care, because the movie theatre scene and the scene with Marco's dad were priceless.

There was also a heartwarming moment between Ax and Tobias and I just want to smother those two with fairy floss or something because they're so adorable and their friendship is awesome and they respect and complement each other so
Jul 29, 2011 Bonesy added it
This is easily one of the best books in the series because it's from the point of view of Ax. Note that you're supposed to read Megamorphs #1 before this book because they mention the Valeek early on, but it's not 100% essential because they mostly make references to book #7. It's always difficult for me to read this book without laughing out loud and looking like an idiot. Ax's observations about Earth and humans are really funny, and the first half of the book is more laid back without any rea ...more
Valerie Newby
I was always annoyed they didn't end their confrontation with Visser Three better in this book. They had so many other options there, but instead they basically choose the status quo to continue. Most obvious choices are either kill him for real and final (too brutal for this point in a kids series I guess), have Marco carry him away with them (technically they might have been chased), or have him morph something (poison might continue through it though). Still, they could have tried.
Jan 20, 2015 Caitlin rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: EVERYONE
Recommended to Caitlin by: Katelynn Dey
Ax ♥♥♥♥ Loved this book so much.

"Ax, you don't stop hoping just because it doesn't always work out," Cassie said. "You get more careful. You get wiser, maybe. But you keep hoping" (The Alien, p. 154)

"No," Prince Jake said. "Because whatever we learn, you'll learn. We'll do it together. Human and Andalite. Andalite and human."
"It isn't possible." I said. "We are two different species. From two different worlds, a billion Earth miles apart"
"Ax-Man?" Tobias said. "Tell me: What does an Andalite w
This book is just alright. From the pov of Ax, I expected more... got a little background on the andalites, great. Like Lymsleia, I'm not really digging the "Humans rock at everything!" type speech, or that an honor-based society is portrayed as "wrong". Just different ways of living. Though I do think there are times when you should screw honor and pursue justice.

(view spoiler)
As a kid I found Ax annoying, and I have to say I still feel that way now. This was still an important book, though, as it let us find out that Ax has been keeping a lot of secrets from the team.
It's the eight stories about Animorphs. It's about time for Ax to tell the story. Hey..You know what? It's very interesting.

Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthil or we can call him (?) Ax, is trapped in Earth because Yeerk had defeat and destroy Andalite Dome spaceship.

Well, that's not the biggest thing he had to face. The real big problem is, Ax mustn't tell everything to his friend. Well, let's say it because everyone has a big and shameful secret. Everyone, including the great Andalite.

Well, that and ple
I love this series so much. Despite being a series meant for tweens, it tackles so many moral and ethical issues without being preachy.
Daniel Kirijenko
I really liked this book in particular for many reasons. It seemed like The Alien had so many little details and so many things happening in the book that made it fun to read. Ax and Marco try to free themselves from the Yeerks, and Ax just keeps messing things up by doing all these crazy stuff, and finding out secrets while doing it.
One of the questions that came up when i read this book was "How did Ax get caught by the Yeerks if he is one of the toughest ones out there?". It made me feel ne
She did a good job of making Ax feel like an alien, I'll give her that. I don't like him very much after this book, but I'm not entirely sure I'm supposed to. The parts that were supposed to make him more relatable--not being very interested in school, wanting to talk to his parents again--didn't ring true for me, and so they fell short on making me empathize. The parts where he was most alien--reacting to chocolate, trying to interact with Cassie's family in a "normal" way--did.

The most intere
Mathew D.
I love this series but I am not a fan of Ax. It was very annoying to read from his point of view.
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Applegate was born in Michigan in 1956. Since then she has lived in Texas, Florida, California, Minnesota, Illinois, North Carolina, and after living in Pelago, Italy for a year, she has moved back to Southern California. She has an eleven year old son named Jake Mates, although she says the Animorph leader is not named after him. In 2003 she and her husband, Michael Grant, her co-author on many p ...more
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