George's Marvelous Medicine
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George's Marvelous Medicine

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George is alone in the house with Grandma. The most horrid, grizzly old grunion of a grandma ever. She needs something stronger than her usual medicine to cure her chronic grouchiness. A special grandma medicine, a remedy for everything. And George knows just what to put into it. Grandma’s in for the surprise of her life–and so is George, when he sees the results of his mi...more
Hardcover, 112 pages
Published June 11th 2002 by Knopf Books for Young Readers (first published 1981)
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I rather sympathized with little George, a basically good, polite, and obedient boy who does his best to please his fickle and ill-tempered granny, to no avail. If I could get away with dosing my nearest but no dearest with a dollop of George's Marvelous Medicine -- well, I better take the Fifth on that topic.

My attitude probably will not reassure adults who fret that undiscerning young readers may be inspired to emulate George's Graham Young ways, but this book is so crazy that I wouldn't be i...more
The funniest thing about this book is the dedication page. "This book is for doctors everywhere." Ha! Roald Dahl was such a cheeky devil.

George is stuck at home alone with his mean, scary, and very demanding grandma. He's supposed to give her medicine at eleven o'clock. Instead of giving her the usual medicine, he concocts a replacement batch, hoping it will improve Grandma's disposition. To create his "Marvelous Medicine," George throws in absolutely everything he can find around the house. Sh...more
My seven year old thought this was the most shocking, funniest, most thrillingly disgusting book ever and she loved every minute of it. My four year old fell asleep about 1/4 of the way through but we carried her off to bed and then read the rest of the book together in one go, cackling madly with blankets wrapped around our heads.
Mmmm. I really like Roald Dahl but this a little scary. I wouldn't let my child read it. Introducing the idea into a child's head to create a concoction to add to a liquid medicine someone is currently taking is not something I want to do.

I also didn't like the language in the book. For example, here are some of the lines Grandma said,

"Mummy's as stupid as you are",
"you're a nasty little maggot"
"you're a lazy and disobedient little worm",
"oh you horrible little boy, you disgusting l...more
Georges Marvellous Medicine tells the story of 8 year old George Kranky who lives on a farm with his mum, dad and his nasty old grandma. She is a bitter old lady who speaks horribly to George and is always saying mean things to him. It is George’s job to give his grandma her medicine at 11am every day. George feels that the medicine does not make her any nicer so one day he decides to make his own medicine for her hoping that it will cure her of her mean disposition. He concocts the medicine fro...more
Tiny Mendoza
Considering the fact that I'm a big sucker for children's books, I can't deny that Roald Dahl holds a special place in my heart (naks) and I have read almost all of his books.
I dunno, maybe I wasn't in a good mood when I read this or maybe I was just bored at the time but... (I hate to say this) for me this is the most uninteresting book I have read written by him.
Karla (Mossy Love Grotto)
Another gleefully grim tale from Roald Dahl. I love his way of writing nasty characters, and "Grandma" in this story is amazingly nasty because she is a kernel of realism surrounded by exaggeration and grotesquerie. Many tots either have a relative like Grandma (or know of the neighborhood crank) who is a thoroughly unpleasant person that seems to get a kick out of being abusive, cranky, demanding, impossible to please, or obnoxious trait whathaveyou.

So George, innocent or not so innocent boy th...more
As a child I did not read this book do not know why, but as an adult I really enjoyed it. I liked the story, the characters - Gran was my favourite. The liquids and things put into the toxic medicine were so funny. The reaction from the characters from it was brilliant, you did not know what was coming next it keep the reader engaged and wanting to continue reading to find out what was going to happen next.

I really enjoyed this book and think I would have felt the same way about it if I had bee...more
Georges Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl

This story is one that I have read when I was younger and have read many times over to my own children. Many children can relate to George and really become engaged in this book as Roald Dahl does an excellent job in describing George’s feelings. The story is about a fantastic boy called George who is the son of Mr and Mrs Kranky.

George has to stay home and look after his Grandma who is not as nice as Grandma’s are meant to be. She is mean, lazy and a gr...more
Robert Collins
George’s Grandma is a bitter old hag who dislikes children, especially ones who ‘grow too fast’. She bosses George about and insists on being waited on by poor George who unwillingly carries out a range of thankless tasks for his Grandma. When George’s parents leave him in charge of the house and ask him to take care of his granny for the afternoon, he certainly does take care of her, but not in the traditional sense! This is a brilliant story about a beautiful and hilarious relationship between...more
Natalie Carpenter
George lives on a farm with his parents and his nasty, grumpy old grandma. He has no siblings and there are no children nearby to play with. Left alone with his grandma once again, George comes up with a brilliant plan to teach his grandma a well deserved lesson. He has an hour before her medicine is due in which to create a magical concoction that he hopes will relieve her of some of her more vicious traits.

George visits each room in the house one by one, adding ingredients into his huge saucep...more
Riona Daly
I really enjoyed this children's book as it kept my attention from beginning to end through its humour and sense of imagination. It is about an eight year old boy named George who is left to take care of his Grandmother while his parents are out. She is demanding, rude and quite simply frustrates George to the point where he decides to replace her usual medicine with his own home remedy in order to give her a shock. He boils up items from a range of locations to create his concoction. On giving...more
Jon Saunders
My favourite Dahl book when I was a young lad, partly due to Rik Mayall's brilliant telling of on Jakanory(You can find it on You Tube). George is left with his wicked Grandmother for the afternoon and has to administer her medicine. After she is especially horrid to him George decides to create his own medicine to give to Grandma. His concoction has some rather marvellous and unexpected effects.

Roald Dahl's books always seem to get the balance of fantasy, realism and silliness just right and th...more
So, maybe I've changed since becoming a mother, but I couldn't find much that was positive about this book. We read it aloud as a bedtime story (continuing our Roald Dahl trend as of late). The only reason we stuck it through was because it was such a short story and I kept hoping that there would be some kind of positive moral. There isn't. I suppose it could be a fun little story for an older child, but for little kids like mine (almost 4 and 6) that are not so solid on what should be real and...more
Vance Porter
The plot of "Georges Marvelous Medicine" is about a boy who is really angry with his selfish grandma. He has to give her a spoonful of medicine everyday but it seems like it never helps. He tries to get rid of her. He makes different medicines to make her nicer, feel better, and to make her less annoying. He uses bathroom items: shampoo, toothpaste, shaving soap, face cream and nail varnish. he also uses animal medicines: Sheep medicine, pig pills, cow medicine and horse medicine. From the Kitc...more
Martin Hunter
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Amanda Patterson
Up there with the best. My son's favourite Roald Dahl book. I think I read this to him 50 times.Torturing a mean grandmother has never been funnier. Laugh, marvel at the talent.Make sure that you read this to your children.
I love the imagination of Roald Dahl to create these funny, weird stories, and as a kid, used to love Charlie and the Chocolate factory and others. My nephews when they were small, I used to read to them from Roald Dahl books. This is a funny little story I did not know yet, about a terrible, vicious and cranky grandmother and George, who decides to give his granny a self fixed medicine to 'perk her up' ... and then weird things happen.... :-) And I absolutely love the funny drawings of Quentin...more

Jorge es una hombre y su abuelita tenia medicina y Jorge le tenía a ponte unas cosas diferente en la medicina de su abuela y Jorge ponte anímale pastillas en su abuelas medicina y ponte mucho distintos cosas tenia a ponte lo en la estufa y ponte lo en su abuelitas boca y la abuelita crecer y crecer y le ponte a bajar y le estar en la más alta de una mano y Jorge estas muy miedo y su mama y papa ben para tras………..

Yo le pensó que ese libro es chistoso porque Jorge le ponto mucho en su abuelitas...more
This is George's Marvellous Medicine! This is a very good book, with amazing descriptions, and heart-racing moments hidden in this book! It is about a little boy called George, who decide's to make a magic medicine for his grandma to get her back for all the horrible things she has done to him. He uses (nearly) everything in the house. He fills his saucepan up with all the ingredients, and with a little boil and a stir, the medicine will go into grandma's mouth, and the magic will begin! Find ou...more
I enjoyed reading this children's book.
Currently it is being used in the year two class in which I have been placed as the story the read towards the end of the school day. It has also been used as a literacy topic.
The children were given the opportunity to create their own 'marvellous medicine' just like George's. The focus of this activity was to write instructional writing on how to make their designed medicine.
The extension for this lesson that I instructed my particular group of children...more
Shanaz Khan
This book forms a part of my childhood where after reading this I used to want to raid the cupboards of my house from shampoo to washing up liquid and in hope to form some sort of magic potion or medicine that would work like George. From the very beginning ‘Warning to readers: Do not try to make George’s Marvellous Medicine yourselves at home. It could be dangerous’. George lives with his ‘grizzly old grunion of a Grandma’ who he dislikes as she is not like other Grandmas. She keeps telling Geo...more
Donna Mcaleese

George Henry Kranky is an 8 year-old boy who lives on a farm with his mother, father and grandmother. He is fed up with his Grandma's selfishness, grumpiness and her attitude towards him. George seeks to cure it by brewing a very special medicine for her. He makes the medicine by collecting many harmful products throughout the house along with some animal pills, he then puts them in a giant saucepan, boils them and gives a spoonful to Grandma, only to end up making her grow taller than a house....more
George is an eight-year-old boy who lives on a farm with his Mother, Father and Grandma. For years George’s Grandma has been selfish, grumpy and tells her Grandson deep dark secrets. One day George has finally had enough and creates a medicine full of disgusting things that he gives to his Grandma. The side effects to the medicine are his Grandma grows and grows. She becomes so big that she cannot sleep in the house and has to sleep outside in the barn. In light of the events George’s Father Mr...more
Jade Estall
George lives on a farm with his mum, dad, and his grandma, however George does not like his grandma much at all. He views her as ‘moany’ and horrid. One day he was left with the job of giving her medicine, and had the ‘genius’ idea of giving grandma his own personal medicine in an attempt to make her nicer...or merely get his own back for all the nasty things she had said and done to him.
So George goes ahead with his foul concoction, mixing in pretty much everything he comes across in the house...more
Ed Fincham

This book made laugh - out load - repeatedly. If the adult reader was in any way able to hold themselves together, George’s Marvelous medicine would surely have any KS1 class in stitches also.

The language is perfect; full of onomatopoeic words and phrases, alliterative phrases frequent use of rhyme to build pace, all mixed up with humorous descriptions of household goods, and grandma’s nuggets of wisdom ‘Hens don’t do any laying after they’ve been on fire !’

A characteristically dark Dahl plotl...more
Book Review on ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ by Roald Dahl illustrated by Quentin Blake

Based on the story of a small boy and the difficult relationship he has with his horrid, old, witchy grandma Roald Dhal follows the results of Georges’ mischievous prank on his grandma, resulting in hilarious unforeseen circumstances. This book is one that I have fond memories of as a child and thoroughly enjoyed reading again.
The book starts by introducing the two main characters of George and his complaini...more
Ambreen Bilgrami
George’s Marvelous medicine written by popular children’s author Roald Dahl is another one of his wonderful and witty books that has been loved by children for over 20 years now. The story follows George - a wonderful young boy who is being bossed around by his evil grandmother. To get his own back on this evil woman George decides to create a marvelous medicine that consists of hair shampoo, toothpaste, nit cream and pig tails. As a result of drinking this marvelous medicine, steam starts to co...more
I greatly enjoyed re-reading this Roald Dahl classic. It tells the story of our protagonist George who is fed up of his grandmother’s nagging and rudeness. So instead her usual medicine he decides to make his own to give her. He takes his ingredients from all around the house, including shampoo, floor polish and anti-freeze proving a good reason for each inclusion. For example the shampoo is to ‘wash her tummy’.

However not even George could have predicted the effect it would have on his grandma...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
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Roald Dahl was a British novelist, short story writer and screenwriter of Norwegian descent, who rose to prominence in the 1940's with works for both children and adults, and became one of the world's bestselling authors.

Dahl's first published work, inspired by a meeting with C. S. Forester, was Shot Down Over Libya. Today the story is published as "A Piece of Cake". The story, about his wartime a...more
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