Der Reinfall
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Der Reinfall (Mick Stranahan #2)

3.75 of 5 stars 3.75  ·  rating details  ·  24,414 ratings  ·  2,075 reviews
Liebestohuwabohu, packender Krimi und bissige Gesellschaftskritik

Die Kreuzfahrt anlässlich ihres zweiten Hochzeitstages endet für Joey Perrone abrupt. Denn die schöne, reiche Frau wird von ihrem Mann Chaz über Bord geworfen. Chaz glaubt, dass seine bessere Hälfte etwas über seine krummen Deals mit dem skrupellosen Tycoon Red Hammernut weiß. Doch Joey macht ihm einen Strich...more
Paperback, 475 pages
Published January 2008 by Goldmann (first published January 1st 2003)
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Joey Perrone is pissed--and she has every right to be. On their second wedding anniversary, her husband, Chaz, surprises her by booking a romantic Carnival-style cruise. He surprises her again by getting her drunk, throwing her overboard in the middle of the night, and leaving her as shark bait. What Chaz doesn't know is that Joey survives by clinging to a wayward bale of Jamaican weed. She's found, exhausted and a little worse for wear, by Mick Stranahan, a recluse who lives on a private island...more
Seth Hahne
Aug 09, 2007 Seth Hahne rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone who like darkly funny crime novels
Carl Hiaasen is right at home in that collective of modern, witty crime fiction writers who are neither Dashiell Hammett nor Raymond Chandler and hope against that you won't attempt the comparison. That he's good, there's no doubt. It's just: he's not genius.

And that's fine. Not everyone can abide in stellar heights, unreachable and ever-gunned-for. Skinny Dip was a perfectly enjoyable ode to revenge. All the bad people got what was coming to them and none of the good people ever fell prey to th...more
This is a favorite author of mine. He has the very best of characters. Bizarre, misdirected, lost, but always fun.
Loved this!
So I read this on Jeff's recommendation. See, he wrote a review for another book by this guy called Tourist Season. And in his review he had the nerve to call people from Florida 'loopy'.
Well, I grew up in that lovely state, and I'm normal...right?
Hmmm. It got me thinking.
So I asked one of my friends.
The conversation went like this:
Me:You don't think I'm weird because I'm from Florida, do you?
Them: Remember last summer?
Me: Yeah?
Them: Remember when you killed that snake?
Me: The copper...more
Kelly (and the Book Boar)
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3.5 Stars

Joey Perrone would have never guessed her husband would toss her overboard during their anniversary cruise. Mick Stranahan would have never guessed he’d pull a naked woman off a floating bale of marijuana while fishing. After their bizarre chance encounter, Joey and Mick team up to find out why Joey’s philandering husband would choose to kill her rather than ask for a divorce and to get some payback in the process.

Like all of...more
Olga Godim
How to categorize this book? It’s not a mystery – although it starts with a murder. It’s not a police procedural, although a policeman is trying to make the case against the murderer throughout the book. It’s not a romance, although it ends with a ‘happily-ever-after’. It’s not a comedy, although absurdities pile up on the pages. I’d call it a farce with environmental flavor.
In the beginning, the antagonist, biologist Chaz Perrone, pitches his wife Joey overboard from a cruise ship. He is happy...more
I was out looking for a short term relationship, a book “with benefits”, a quick encounter with no long term demands, just a few hours of pleasure. I met “Skinny Dip” in the Goodreads “bar” and who wouldn’t be attracted to a cover with a suggestively unclothed blond beauty in the water. I asked her out from the library for a brief fling. I wasn’t disappointed that’s for sure. Written by some guy I had never heard of, it had good reviews. I checked and made sure it wasn’t part of some 15-part nov...more
Book Concierge
Audiobook read by Stephen Hoye

On their anniversary cruise, Chaz Perrone throws his wife Joey overboard. He has to kill her because she’s discovered his secret. But Joey was a champion swimmer in college and she manages to survive the night, clinging to a bale of Jamaican weed. She’s rescued by Mick Stranahan, former investigator for the Dade State Attorney’s office, now “retired” and living on a remote island with his dog Strom. Rather than go to the police, Joey convinces Mick that they should...more
Mike Reiring
Skinny Dip is character and dialog driven fiction. The plot is original and well constructed, but it's the characters that make you want to keep reading. There's a chronically inept biologist, his remarkably resilient wife, a morally bankrupt Florida agri-mogul, and his dim-witted minion. Hiaasen weaves sparse narrative with crisp dialog to keep the story moving along.

This is not life changing, morally uplifting fiction we're talking about here. The book is simply fun, easy reading. I found myse...more
I do love to junk out on Carl Hiaasen - his characters are the best of the best as far as endearing-bizarre-flaky. A failed attempt at killing his wife leads a fantastically sleazy, comical and completely unlikable pseudo-biologist down a hot, sticky, mosquito-infested, crocodile-ridden, and ridiculously ill-fated path... from a previously bland housing-development life in Boca Raton to the depths of the swampy Everglades. Crimes against the environment and one miserably failed murder attempt af...more
Carl Hiaasen is a funny author. He creates a lot of compelling and funny characters.

That said, why are his female characters (especially the lead here) underdeveloped and boring. When you have tertiary characters (Tool, Red, the Captain) that are far more interesting than your main character, you have to wonder about the author's ability to flesh out the women in his books. I have the same complaint about the only other book of his (Lucky You) that I've read.

Still, an amusing book - well-plotte...more
Crystal Starr Light
Okay, so I know that I am lame. I picked this book out based solely on the fact that I discovered that it was on Dr. Shephard's shelf. However, I saw it also came highly recommended. So I thought I'd check it out.

Charles Perrone, a crooked marine biologist who drives a Hummer and doesn't recycle, dumps his wife, Joey, off a cruise ship into the Key West waters to die. Joey, a champion swimmer, however does not die and is rescued by first a bale of marijuana and then Mick Stanagan, a chronic...more
Someone recommended Carl Hiaasen’s latest book to me, Bad Monkey. But I am not as dumb as I may appear! From the effusive encomium of this trusted recommender, I knew I would like this guy, so I went back a bit in time to acquaint myself with this author. That way, when I found that I loved him, I wouldn’t have to go totally backwards in my reading, which I hate doing! Skinny Dip is a crime novel that sits heads and shoulders above the usual fare, for its characterizations, biting and witty soci...more
I picked this up at a used bookstore because I had seen it several times before and it looked somewhat amusing. And that's about all it was: somewhat amusing. The main characters are hollow and stereotypical, and the plot, for all its twists and turns, is fairly predictable. (I did like Ricca, the Woman On The Side... she was the only character whose manner and speech were both realistic and funny throughout.) The worst part about this book is the writing style: repetitious and unimaginitive, Hi...more
Jun 29, 2008 Nathan rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Nathan by: Cindy, Amy
This book was recommended as great light, pulpy reading by two of the people I love and respect most in this world. And it is with all respect to those two people that I say here, I just don't get it.

The first chapter was good enough to grab my attention, but by the time I was 1/3 the way through I just kept thinking it's got to get better , its got to get better. Turns out, the third act just gets worse. I mean I know its supposed to be pulpy, but the dialogue in this book reminded me of a Mic...more
So I just finished Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen. I had read his Strip Tease and Lucky You a while ago, but forgot how funny he can be. While I look forward to reading more of his books, they certainly don't make me want to visit Florida anytime soon.

Strong women seem to be a theme in his work. It made me think of Maureen Dowd's essay in the NYT Magazine, "What's a Modern Girl to Do?". A rather rambling collection of her musings regarding feminism, post-feminism, the feminisation of feminism, and t...more
Jan 19, 2008 Jessica rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: florida vacationers
I read this when I was on vacation in Florida, and I liked it -- it was F-U-N. This is the only Hiaasen I've ever read, though I've started one or two others and not gotten into it/them.

I have to admit, while I was reading this I couldn't stop wishing that Elmore Leonard would care about the environment. I really love that Hiassen works his conservationist agenda in so wonderfully in a way that enhances, rather than detracts from, his fun fun fun story, but I just can't get as into other stuff a...more
Chaz Perrone is driven by two things--money and releasing sexual energy. His wife, Joey, helps with one of these drives and gets in the way of the other. So, he chucks her overboard on their anniversary cruise.

Joey Perrone is familiar with tragedy... her parents died when she was young, her first husband died in a freak accident, and her second husband has, well, chucked her overboard on their anniversary cruise. But, Joey survived her fall.

The reader discovers the why's and how's of Chaz's crim...more
Jordan Castillo Price
I'm on a big Carl Hiaasen kick. I just love the way his characters are such "characters"! You never once think, "Now who's that guy?" because everyone is so memorable.

I listened to Skinny Dip on audio and the sex scene in chapter eight is one of the most hilariously awkward character-driven sex scenes I've ever heard! I was driving down the street roaring with laughter, and had to sit in my driveway with the car running a few minutes to see how it all played out. I think that's the mark of a gre...more
This is my first Hiaasen book and won't be my last.

A very fun read. A comic suspense. (view spoiler) I know, I know that’s an oxymoron, but read it and see if I’m not right.

Every main character in this book had their life altered in some unexpected way; each to surprising satisfaction.

There are a couple of textbookie spots where the crime of swamp pollution was explained, and I think that it is part of Carl's hidden agend...more
A quick enjoyable read--I was looking for something to read while traveling on the train. Just wanted something entertaining and found this to be so. Good sense of humor, good mystery-type story--I'll read more by this author when I want a quick, "no brainer" (easy) read.
Hiaasen with a heart. I enjoyed this book enormously, just for the sheer silliness of it. And there was a cameo appearance of Skink!!! My only complaint is that I read it at night so that my dreams became quite Hiaasenesque. Actually, my favorite character was Tool, the hirsute hit man. (Well, he's not really a hit man, but the alliteration was just too good to miss!)

Amazon Editorial Review:

Charles "Chaz" Perrone fancies himself a take-charge kind of guy. So when this "biologist by default" susp...more
Jan 11, 2013 Jason rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Jason by: Clarissa
This is my first Hiaasen, but I doubt it will be my last. This was a fun, quick, quirky read, and it had enough humor and drama to keep my interest throughout.

This genre - pop mystery/thriller - is not one I read a whole lot of, but I probably would if more were like Skinny Dip. This reminded me a lot of one of those dark, zany movies (A Fish Called Wanda, maybe?) - some of the characters were a little too outrageous and one-dimensional, and some of the situations a bit too absurd, but it works...more
Tim "The Enchanter"
Apr 03, 2014 Tim "The Enchanter" rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Lovers of Revenge
I will admit that the concept of the book is delicious. A botched murder attempt by a self absorbed, fairly clever and fraudulent biologist husband of his far more clever and resourceful wife leads to a plot of revenge from "beyond the grave". The characters are interesting to say the least. They are often quirky to the point of being nearly absurd.

That said, why 3 stars? By the time the book ended, I didn't care much for what happened to the characters. The character of Chaz Porrone, the naught...more
This book was interesting. The husband is a total slimeball, but also phenomenally stupid. You have to be to attempt to kill your wife, who happens to be a former champion swimmer, by tossing her overboard. I never really got around to liking, well, pretty much any of the characters, but I still found myself giggling hysterically as Chaz became more and more panicked.

It reminded me of Gone Girl--horrible people doing horrible things to each other--but taken to an absurd level that resulted in a...more
Anita Laydon
When I recently saw a book of Carl Hiaasen’s in the library’s adult section, I thought it was shelved incorrectly. Famous to me for his middle grade books “Hoot” and “Flush,” I thought all Hiaasen wrote were children’s books. Hah!

A little research informed me that Hiaasen’s written more than ten novels for adults. I picked up the one I discovered at the library, “Skinny Dip,” the cover featuring a provocative drawing of a woman in water (I don’t how I mistook it for a children’s book), and got...more
Misha Erementchouk
Yet another specimen of plot based literature, books for which usage of spoilers is absolutely required. The body of a book is a wrapper for a gem of author's imagination. There is nothing wrong with this philosophy per se, it goes well back in time and already Aristotle laid out the whole deal. The problem is when the gem (plot) is unremarkable and the wrapper is so-so. This is where "Skinny dip" goes. Except first few pages and scattered passages here and there nothing catches the eye. Pretty...more
How can you resist reading a book with a plot such as this: A woman, on an anniversary cruise with her husband, is pushed overboard by that husband. She survives by finding a floating bale of Jamaican pot to cling to and is rescued by an eccentric ex-cop who has been married six times before and is living alone on an island. Instead of going to the police, Joey decides she is going to get revenge on her husband, Chaz. (Isn't Chaz the most annoying name? I dislike him already just because of his...more
I have mixed feelings about this book. This is the first book that I’ve read from Carl Hiaasen. The Good: It was funny and entertaining. He’s a fun and exacting writer. The Bad: The villain, Chaz Perrone, is completely one dimensional. He is just pure douche. The basis of the story is his wife, Joey, exacting revenge on him after he tries to kill her. (No spoilers – its on the book jacket). But after awhile, I started to feel ambivalent about what she and her accomplices were doing to Chaz. I th...more
A man tosses his wife overboard on their anniversary cruise is the beginning of this outrageous stomp through the seamy underbelly of Florida environmental battles. Without being preachy, Carl Hiaasen delivers a solid right hook to corrupt developers and agriculturalists who have taken great strides in destroying one of the world’s last great wetlands. This is the backdrop for a murder mystery that folds back on it self in humorous twists and turns. A fun romp led by an inept murderer, tracked b...more
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Carl Hiaasen was born and raised in Florida, where he still lives with his family. After graduating from the University of Florida, he began writing for the Miami Herald. As a journalist and author, Carl has spend most of his life advocating the protection of the Florida Everglades. He and his family still live southern Florida.
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