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High Heat
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High Heat

4.16  ·  Rating Details ·  892 Ratings  ·  127 Reviews
As the star closer for his high school baseball team, Shane Hunter is untouchable. Firing fastballs at ninety miles per hour, he loves being a winner. But when his father is accused of a crime, Shane's charmed world is turned upside down. Nothing is the way it once was, and Shane's not sure he wants to -- or even can -- pitch ever again. But like baseball, life sometimes t ...more
Paperback, 352 pages
Published March 15th 2005 by HarperTeen (first published March 21st 2003)
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Feb 08, 2013 Sarah marked it as to-read
Why are all the baseball books about pitchers? I want one about catchers!!!
Michael Morabito
Oct 04, 2012 Michael Morabito rated it it was amazing
This book was really good and it was about sports and I really like sports so this was a good book for me. I liked this book because it connected baseball and the main character's life as he struggles after his dad's suicide.This book was awesome and I would recommend this book to other people.
Sam Nadler
Mar 27, 2017 Sam Nadler rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shane Hunter was a closer. So any distraction to his pitching could cost him and his team the game. And Shane had more than enough distractions. Bad grades, a new school, and worst of all, his absent dad. Shane lost a lot of games that season
This book was a very good motivational story, the things Shane has to overcome give a nod to the fact that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. However there were also aspects that reinforced negative ideas such as stealing, and having a bad at
Aleksandr D
Nov 21, 2013 Aleksandr D rated it really liked it
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Steven Jandura
Oct 07, 2016 Steven Jandura rated it really liked it
I read the book high heat by Carl Deuker. High heat is about a boy in his sophomore year of high school on the baseball team. He is one of two sophomores on the baseball team and he is a pitcher. He is in a very rich family but his dad is caught doing illegal things and is arrested. His life suddenly flips and becomes really unfair and bad.
The author Carl Deuker portrayed Shane as a strong boy at a very good school with a lot of nice friends until something goes wrong. He then shows how Shane re
Adam Krause
Mar 19, 2014 Adam Krause rated it liked it
The book "High Heat" by Carl Deuker was a great read. Shane Hunter had it all: he was a talented baseball pitcher, had supportive and wealthy parents, and a private education. However, after his father faced legal problems, he took his own life. Shane was forced to leave these luxuries after his father's death and downsized to a much different life. He was a struggling baseball player, poor status, small apartment, and the difficulty of making positive friends in a new public school. With a comp ...more
Tommy Cermak
Aug 26, 2016 Tommy Cermak rated it it was amazing
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Olivia Frank
High Heat was about a baseball player that has a privileged life until his father gets into some trouble. His father made a lot of money but illegally. He got caught but instead of going to jail he went a different direction. After his fathers death, Shane had to move schools and houses. His mom didn't make enough money to provide for him and his sister. They moved schools while he was there he made some not so good friends that got him in some deep trouble. Him and his friends stole beer from a ...more
Kourt Williams
Nov 24, 2015 Kourt Williams rated it really liked it
This book was very interesting in a way that had me anticipating what was going to happen next! It was about a High School baseball player named Shane and that was a pitcher for his High School. One day at an ordinary baseball game the FBI arrest his dad accusing him of sailing items to criminals. So that in and out of itself really messed up Shane. His concentration during his games were completely off and in the classroom. But later in the book he finds a way to channel all his frustration and ...more
Danny S
Jan 29, 2014 Danny S rated it liked it
I thought the book really showed how sports and life really collided and how when you're playing sports, what happening to you outside of sports can really effect your performance. In this instance, Shane's baseball performance was being effected by his dad killing himself and hitting one of his former teammates that he disliked. This led to his emotions and feelings getting to him when he played and couldn't concentrate due to these distractions. Overall, this was very well written book that in ...more
Dec 12, 2016 Luke rated it really liked it
When under pressure and stress how do you act? In the book “High Heat,” written by Carl Deuker, Shane Hunter, a 16-year old boy, loves baseball. He’s grew up from a wealthy family and plays baseball for one of the nicest and most expensive schools in Seattle. But one day his dad gets arrested. It embarrasses him in front of his whole baseball team. He didn't go to school for the next couple of days because he didn’t want to get made fun of. He then goes back to school and everyone was real nice ...more
Joel Benes
Dec 17, 2016 Joel Benes rated it really liked it
High Heat by Carl Deuker
I decided to rate this book four stars. I give this book four stars because there were some moments in the book where things got pretty depressing (I don't like sad books) when you read about what Shane Hunter (he was the star closer for the high school baseball team at the private school, Shorelake) had to go through. For example, one day Shane was on the mound and saw his dad being arrested in the bleachers. He later then found out his dad was selling drugs. Shane's dad
Alex Winscher
Nov 23, 2015 Alex Winscher is currently reading it
High Heat is an enjoyable book for High school students. I would give it a 4. If you enjoy baseball, or reading about baseball, then this is a great book to read. You will enjoy reading it. “Only i didn’t throw it outside. I threw it inside. Up and in.” (Deuker 120). This book is enjoyable and good for high school students because it keeps you guessing. You never know what is going to happen next. For example, the quote i used shows that the author leaves you hanging and doesn’t reveal what is g ...more
Blake Young
Feb 03, 2016 Blake Young rated it really liked it
High Heat by Carl Deuker is a fictional book written about a high school student named Shane Hunter. This is a book that has a lot to do with baseball, and Shane is one of the pitchers on his high school team. Deuker wrote this book to show that life does not always go your way. Shane has many hardships throughout this book. The two main problems he faces is drinking and a family problem. Deuker does not clearly come out and state the purpose but it is very clear. Shane’s life was flipped upsid ...more
Dec 13, 2015 Dagr rated it it was amazing


“High Heat” the grate book in my opinion by Carl Deuker, it tells a story about a teen named Shane who goes through a lot in his life. Shane has has a mother, father and sister. He is the finishing pitcher for his team. One day at one of his games his dad is sitting in the stands as a man comes and asks him to come done. His father refuses and the man forcefully takes him in handcuffs. Shane asks his mother what it was about his father. Mother tells him he was involved with dirty
Apr 25, 2013 Patrick marked it as to-read
Dear Mr. Andrew Karre,
I have played baseball ever since I can remember, from practicing in my backyard to playing on the field. Ever since I was a kid I just wanted to play the position of pitcher, I would spend hours outside in my backyard, pitching into a bale of hay. The hay helped catch the ball so I didn’t have to keep running after it. I found myself relating to Seth in your book high heat, we both have a passion for pitching a fast ball. I remember going to the fair once a year to see ho
Jan 13, 2016 Jordan rated it really liked it
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Bethany Miller
Apr 22, 2010 Bethany Miller rated it really liked it
Shelves: sports-in-lit
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Jake Lehmann
Sep 06, 2011 Jake Lehmann rated it it was amazing
High Heat was honestly the best book I have ever read! The story is about a sophmore kid named Shane who's father was evicted of a crime and later shot himself... At that point I started to really get interested in this sports/drama book. Shane and his family later became poor in a way since his fathers suicide. His mom had to a job that pays enough to live inside a duplex. Shane also had to move schools; which wasn't very easy. Going from a private to a public school. I wouldn't know but I'm su ...more
Apr 13, 2010 James rated it really liked it
This book so far has been very emotional in describing characters. It stars a high school athlete name Shane who gets everything in life handed to him and anything he wanted. But when his father does something wrong his world is changed completely. No more mansion, no more private school and no more father. "High Heat" shows you the troubles in a teen's life and how he solves them. This book really brings into detail what the character is thinking or feeling either figuratively or literally. Al ...more
Blake Bergmann
Sep 06, 2011 Blake Bergmann rated it it was amazing
The author's puprose of writing was to show that anyone can over come anything. In this book, a kid named Shane, was a star pitcher on his baseball team. At one of Shane's games, Shane's dad had been arrested. He was arrest for stealing, even though he said he didn't do it. A few weeks later, Shane's father had committed suicide. The next year, he hit a kid with a pitch. Kid would never be as good as he was because he was scared to bat. Shane was also scared to pitch. His senior year, he domina ...more
Casey Mcguire
Sep 13, 2012 Casey Mcguire rated it really liked it
Main Characters: Shane Hunter, Mrs. Hunter, Reese Robertson

Setting: Setting varies from the baseball field to Shane's home, school and neighborhood

Grade/Interest Level: Middle Grades
Reading Level: 620 L
Genre: Realistic Fiction

Shane Hunter had it all: he was a talented baseball pitcher, had supportive and wealthy parents, a large home, and a private education. However, after his father faced legal problems and took his own life, Shane's world turned upside down. Shane was forced to leave
Evan Slominski
Apr 28, 2014 Evan Slominski rated it liked it
High Heat
The most popular kid in school and the star pitcher for the best private school on the east coast. Shane Hunter’s life is turned upside down. It all starts when his dad is accused of a crime involved with drugs and Mexican drug lords. Shane family just falls to pieces after the accusation of the crime. His dad is always gone now with his lawyer and his mother starts smoking again. His little sister stops going to friend’s houses and stays at home. Until one night something makes it eve
Sep 24, 2012 Brandonwj rated it it was amazing
Shane Hunter goes to Lakeshore High; he is a pitcher for his baseball team. While at the game his dad is taken by the police. After a couple days after all this trouble, his dad is out of the picture, this you’ll have to read to find out. So as his dad is out of the picture, he has no male figure to look up at any more. The income at home isn’t as much so his mom sells their massive house and Shane, Marian (sister) and his mom move into a small duplex in the city. He is forced to move from his ...more
Sean C.
Feb 27, 2013 Sean C. rated it it was amazing
High Heat
Carl Deuker
352 Pages

High Heat is about a teenager named Shane Hunter who is living the high life, star pitcher for his high school team, nice house and more. He had a dad who worked at a Lexus dealer and thats is why they were pretty wealthy until at one of Shane's games some officers pull up and arrest his dad, at the time Shane doesn't know what is going on but his dad was helping smuggle drugs through the dealership. His dad said its wasn't true, but during one of Sh
Chris Motta
Sep 27, 2009 Chris Motta rated it really liked it
The theme of this book is fiction. Shane the main character is a high school closer for their baseball team. He is one of the top players and loves winning. But his life is about to take a turn when his dad is accused of a crime. Nothing is the same in Shane's life and he feels that he doesn't want to play baseball anymore or if he even feels that he can. But Shane overcomes this incident and recovers and is back to playing baseball.

The conflict in this book is man vs. self because he is tryin
Oct 17, 2014 Caleb rated it really liked it
In the book High Heat, Shane Hunter is a star baseball player who has it made. He lives in a nice house and is pretty well off. His dad works at a Lexus dealer and makes a substantial amount of money. However, during one of Shane's games something seems out of place. After the game Shane discovers that his father was arrested during his game. The Lexus dealer was used as a front for his dad's drug smuggling money. Shane's father denies the claim when Shane asks, but after one of Shane's best eve ...more
Aug 25, 2015 Grant rated it really liked it
One of the reasons that I like this book is that I can relate to many of the challenges that Shane had to deal with. One of the challenges that Shane faced was pitching in tight games. I myself have had to pitch in close games.
Shane’s dad died because he got into trouble with the law. He committed suicide because he didn’t think there was a way out. Shane was very sad and depressed. I can relate to this because I have lost someone dear to me too. So I understand how Shane feels.
Shane used base
Ryan Cullinan
Nov 09, 2009 Ryan Cullinan rated it really liked it
I recently finished reading the book High Heat, written by Carl Deuker. It was a story about a high school baseball player named Shane who had a great life. He was a star pitcher for his baseball high school team, he had a nice house, and family. But when his dad was arrested an later commited suicide, Shane's life was turned upside down. He had to go to a new house, a new school, and had to face many new problems. One major problem he faced was when he hit an opposing player in the head with a ...more
Brandon Willard
Jan 08, 2009 Brandon Willard rated it liked it
The Genre of High Heat by Carl Dueker is fiction. I chose this book because i like to read sports books. I also chose it because I like to play baseball and this book was about baseball. The protagonist of this book is Shane Hunter. Some supporting characters are his mom and sister. Shane has four people in his family. His mom, his dad, and his sister Marian. In the beginning of this book shane is playing baseball at Shorelake High School. He is living with his family in a big fancy house in a n ...more
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