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La Huella (Kay Scarpetta, #13)
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La Huella (Kay Scarpetta #13)

3.72 of 5 stars 3.72  ·  rating details  ·  20,250 ratings  ·  583 reviews
When Kay Scarpetta arrives in Richmond to investigate the death of a 14-year-old girl, she finds neither a working lab nor a support staff. Because her colleagues are embroiled an apparently unrelated rape case, Scarpetta is left alone to decode traces of evidence too small to identify except by the most thorough hunters. She follows twisting leads and strange details in o ...more
Paperback, 416 pages
Published January 1st 2007 by Ediciones B (first published 2004)
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Snail in Danger (Sid) Nicolaides
This is the book, I would say, where the characters complete their transformation from interesting people with issues you can relate to, to characters who are doing things that are so screwed up you don't even want to watch anymore. And now I remember why I stopped reading this series.
Ana T.
Although I'm a big fan of Cornwell's Scarpetta series I had great trouble getting into this book.

Scarpetta goes back to Richmond after 5 years to help solve the case of a young girl found dead in her bed. She is called by the new Medical Examiner who reveals himself to be a less than competent man with a few skeletons in his closet. At the same time Benton is in Aspen trying to help a member of Lucy's team who was attacked in Lucy's house, having had to cancel the vacation plans he had with Scar
John Wiswell
Aug 17, 2007 John Wiswell rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Crime fiction lovers
Throw some sexual deviation and a few murders in there and I guess you'll have something that can sell, even if it's not worth writing. The killer this time is Edgar Allan Pogue, tragically child-like, suffering from familial trauma, like a thousand other postmodern murderers. Cornwell's insistence on present tense narrative is grating, and the ridiculous self-gratification of her main protagonist always being right and slighted anyway is done without humility or charm. The book is as bleak as a ...more
What is up with Patricia Cornwell? Her last book, "Blow Fly", sucked and this was not much better. Same problems as the last - huge unexplained plot holes, third person perspective, undeveloped minor characters. And what's worse, the last book ended with a cliff hanger that she ignored in this one and she just started a different track! Very Irritating! Her books used to be really tight with no holes, everything wrapped up nice and neat, and she always continued the story line until the bad guy ...more
Sarah ( Paris )
ما حداني لشراء وقراءة هذه الرواية هي حبي لكل من يكتب في الطب الشرعي..
وخاصة روايات المبدعة ..
كاثي رايكس .. وبطلتها د. تمب برينان ..

ولكن باتريشيا كورونويل لن تصل لمستوى كاثي رايكس..
لا أعني أن الرواية لم تكن جيدة ..
ولكنها لم تكن جيدة بشكل كافي بنظري...
فلا شيء يضاهي د. تمب..
ولا مغامراتها ...

I just don't know. This is the second Scarpetta book I have read (admittedly out of order), and there's something I'm just not getting.

This one begins promisingly enough, with Kay and detective Pete Marino heading back to Virginia to help solve the mysterious death of a 14 year old girl. We meet some creepy people- the new chief medical examiner, for one, and our real bad guy, Edgar Allen Pogue.

"Trace" centers around trace evidence found at three seemingly unrelated crime scenes. One of these,
Elaine Roberts
I love the Scarpetta character, which is based on a real medical examiner. Generally, Cornwell produces the Scarpetta books with taut and compelling writing. But in this novel, the characters have become caricatures of themselves. Marino is more unpleasant than usual. As a former detective, he is a useful foil and clearly in love with the lovely Kay Scarpetta, but became unacceptably irascible and unlikable in this book.

I know authors can't hit a home run with every book, especially in a long-ru
OH MY GOD PLEASE STOP BOOHOOING ABOUT YOURSELF. The entire tone of this book was just so pity party that I couldn't even finish it. I had to put it down about a third of the way through. Where did the strong woman, who valued her mind and knew her capabilities go? I understand character developement, but why must the protagonist be such a WIMP?
I've always been a huge Patricia Cornwell fan, especially of her Kay Scarpetta series. This book unfortunately was very dissapointing to me. It didn't seem to have much of the forensic investigation or murder investigations in it. In fact, all the murders had been commited by the start of the book. It's definately a take it or leave it book.
Dr Scarpetta is portrayed once again as a superb analyst of both the human body and the enivronment in which she and her subjects reside. Marino continues as her foil but brings about a more germane touch to the human side of life as opposed to just the scientific world of forensics (which are as ever full of intriguing detail). We have three parallel stories evolving in this book. Scarpetta and Marino investigate the death of a young girl. Scarpetta's niece Lucy is in a world that to me seems u ...more

Trace by Patricia Cornwell is a Scarpetta Novel. Patricia Cornwell writes this story in three settings like: South Florida; Richmond, Virginia; and also in Aspen. The story mostly takes place in Richmond, Virginia, in modern time. It’s written in third-person omniscient, but the story mainly revolves around Dr. Kay Scarpetta. Everyone calls her Scarpetta. The story starts when Scarpetta returns to Richmond after five years to help on a case.

I like this book because it is about solving cases and
Cornwell and Scarpetta should just gracefully retire !!

Patricia Cornwell is not on a good roll. Her atrocious non-Scarpetta "Isle of Dogs" was hardly redeemed by the weak return of Kay and Lucy in "Blowfly", wherein Scarpetta barely put in a cameo and Lucy took center stage (disguised as Wonder Woman), while poor Pete Marino was cast as little better than a bum and Benton Wesley was resurrected from the dead of all things.

At least in "Trace", half of the story is about Scarpetta, and though gro
As I recounted in my review of the book after this, Predator, I checked that book out of the library thinking it might be the one about which I'd read a review saying that finally the Scarpetta series was improving again, but after realizing what a piece of tripe that work is, checked out this one instead, as I'd initially been going to do.

It started out more promising than Predator - for one thing, it began with an actual mystery! - but quickly got bogged down in Lucy's personal problems. Back
I found this book while I was in Amsterdam a few weeks ago. It had just been released and I couldn't wait to get it in paperback so I got the brand new hardcover. I just couldn't wait to see if she will redeem herself in this book. After completely changing the style that she writes the Scarpetta series and being severely disappointed in her latest (Blow Fly) this is her chance to win me back. So far I'm not even halfway through but I'm not impressed. It's the same choppy story as the last one, ...more
Dr. Scarpetta returns for her (lucky) 13th installment, with a case that has her return to Richmond to assist the Chief Medical Examiner. Newly liberated Marino accompanies her and they receive a less than warm welcome. A girl is deemed to have been murdered, but the circumstances surrounding it do not match up with what the mother is telling authorities and no one can determine what's been going on. While receiving the persona non grata treatment, both Scarpetta and Marino determine that someth ...more
This is the reason I needed to start a goodreads account in the first place. To keep track of my ridiculous Patricia Cornwell addiction. I can never remember where I left off in the series and then halfway through a book I'll remember I've read it. Plus, I go through spurts of reading her, which complicates memory matters. So note to self: you've read this. In addition, this book was actually really good comparatively. Her first novels were ridiculously cheesy but now that I think about it, I'm ...more
This book wasn't as good as I was hoping it would be. The Last Precinct was a better read. There wasn't much action in this one, the characters weren't fleshed out very well at all, and the capture of the bad guy was very, very anti-climactic. I didn't even care much for Scarpetta in this book; her niece Lucy seemed to be a self-absorbed rich b***h; I don't know why she put certain characters in with others (she has Benton in Aspen "babysitting" Lucy's employee, who was attacked in Lucy's home). ...more
Forensic pathologist Kay Scarpetta is called back to her old stomping grounds of Richmond, Virginia to consult on the mysterious death of a 14 year old girl. Joined by her good friend, Marino, the two set out to uncover the truth despite their presence not being completely welcome by the new chief medical examiner of the state. Meanwhile, Kay’s niece Lucy is working on her own investigation with the help of Benton and Rudy, trying to unravel the motive and identity of a possible stalker who atte ...more
Jules Goud
Probably one of my favourites of the Scarpetta series so far.

Kay never thought that she would go back to the city that kicked her out. Everyone else said that she shouldn't go. But she went for a fourteen year-old girl whose cause of death hasn't been determined. Kay goes back to find that a lot of things have changed.

We get a bunch of perspectives in this novel and I didn't mind that. The only one I had a problem with was Dr Marcus. Cornwell went to him once and didn't really come back to him.
There is something comforting about a Kay Scarpetta novel, as you know exactly what you are going to get, and let's face it, not many can do a pathologist at work solving a mystery quite like Patricia Cornwell. I know that she puts a lot of research into her her work. As I work in a mortuary environment with pathologists myself, I can truly tell you that her technical descriptions are mostly really accurate. The only major difference to 'real life' as I know it for pathologists is that they don' ...more
I read it because it was a Scarpetta novel. My expectations and reality did not match. This book was written more on par with the lady detective books Cornwell writes -- that I have never enjoyed. The writing style is so distinctly different. I don't know if I'll even bother to read another "new" Scarpetta novel.

I'm giving it a "1" because I actually read the entire thing... Cover to cover, hoping it would "get good" and being sorely disappointed.
Generally a good story, my only complaint is the personal interactions between the main characters, but by the end of the book there seems to be promise that it will be improving. An example of what I struggle with in the characterizations .. in the beginning of the story, Kay is called back to Richmond as a consultant to help determine cause of death for a young 14-yr-old girl. As she and Merino drive through the city they go by the old morgue, the original one Kay worked in as Chief Medical Ex ...more
Melanie Cook
I enjoyed this, although I'm not sure if it's me, or if it's Kay Scarpetta, but these books just don't seem to be as gripping as they used to be.

I think I liked Kay a lot better as the CME than as a freelance person. And I don't like Lucy any more either. Maybe all that money went to her head, or something. But she was a lot more interesting a person when she was younger.
I've read a few of the Scarpetta novels over the years and have the idea that I liked them in my head.

This book seemed 100% as a "I need to produce a book this year" type of book. The plot alone of Kay returning to Virginia to help out is pretty far fetched. Then they introduce the new medical examiner, who is creepy, strange, and hostile. He really doesn't factor into the book at all, other than as adding some side intrigue...maybe he is being introduced so there is an opening for another book
Francesco Zampa
L'anatomopatologa dottoressa Kay Scarpetta ha lasciato il suo amato laboratorio a Richmond ed è ancora arrabbiata per come è stata allontanata, quasi fosse di troppo. Perciò si stupisce quando il suo successore, un uomo dal curriculum anonimo, la richiama per una consulenza. È tentata di rifiutare ma la sua professionalità ha la meglio. Il semplice caso di una quattordicenne morta per una crisi d'influenza a casa, invece, svela retroscena come una cipolla: uno dopo l'altro.
Già, altrimenti perch
This one was a bit disappointing. Dr. Scarpetta is called back to Virginia to consult on a case. She is not wanted by the present director. While there, she confronts some old demons, some memories she does not want to confront. Her niece, Lucy, gets into a problem due to a romantic issue. But Dr. Scarpetta is not really as well drawn as usual in this book.
أحب دائماً أي مسلسل تلفزيوني يحمل عبارة


بغض النظر عن اسم المدينة ففي هذا النوع احترام لعقل المشاهد دعك عن الاثارة الموجودة فيها .. على عكس مسلسلاتنا التي تعج بالمشاكل والسخافات وبالطبع قبل أن أنسى (البويات) ومن غيرهن

قراءة رواية الأثر كأنها مشاهدة ممتعه لعدة حلقات من تلك المسلسلات وبأسلوب يختلف عن اسلوب كاتي ريكس المليء بغرور وعنجهية الرجل الأبيض

I have read several of Patricia's earlier books and stopped reading them because they developed into an almost identical plot. I haven't read one for some time and the plot in this one was quite different. I had a really thought time with the first third of the book. Everyone is rich, everyone's is extremely smart, blah, blah blah. I anticipated a fight, tense, good guy versus bad guy scene and was pretty disappointed that it never came and sort of fizzled out at the end. But, she still has the ...more
I like most of Patricia Cornwell novels, because of her depth of knowledge of forensics. However, I would like for her to develop her characters more. I also find her characters rather unbelievable at times.
Kelly Willes
As with all Patricia Cornwell books I have read so far, I loved it! I enjoy her writing style. She is very descriptive and deeply portrays the various characters' personalities in creative ways through dialogue and interactions without it becoming tedious. This is the second novel of hers that I have read that is written in third person, which took a little bit of getting used to as the others I have read were from the perspective of the protagonist - Dr Scarpetta. The aspect I enjoyed most abou ...more
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Patricia Cornwell sold her first novel, Postmortem, while working as a computer analyst at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Richmond, Virginia. At her first signing, held during a lunch break from the morgue, Patricia sold no copies of Postmortem and fielded exactly one question – an elderly woman asked her where she could find the cookbooks.

Postmortem would go on to win the Edgar, Cre
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