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Red Dwarf: Infinity We...
Grant Naylor
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Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers (Red Dwarf #1)

4.0 of 5 stars 4.00  ·  rating details  ·  16,996 ratings  ·  268 reviews
Awakening from a drunken spree in a London pub to find himself on one of Saturn's moons, Lister joins the Space Corps and boards the Red Dwarf, determined to return to Earth. Reprint.
Audio Cassette
Published October 7th 1999 by Laughing Stock Production (first published 1989)
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Ok this has been a blast of pure nostalgia for me - I loved the series when it first aired, it had for me the right mix or humour and science fiction. I guess for me I have always been suspicious of humour and SF simply because its been too easy to laugh at the genre and its fans rather than try and be clever and laugh with them. I will admit the likes of Douglas Adams has gone a long way to correct that yet still its sometimes all too easy to fall for the easy (and cheap gags).
For me Red Dwarf
Crystal Starr Light
After taking a Lit of Sci-Fi class in college, I found about this TV Series. So I checked them out from the library thinking, "Oh, great. They'll probably be boring and stupid."
Was I wrong! The series was great, and my sister and I became mild fans. So, when I discovered that there were books and found them on sale, I snatched them up.

David Lister, third technician on Red Dwarf, a 6 mile long space mining ship, is sent to stasis just in time to avoid a radiation leak that wipes out the rest
This is a lot like the television show episodes in book format so of course I love it! I've been a fan of the show since it started and was gleeful when I found there were actually novels! It tells the tale of the Red Dwarf crew from the start. It includes a lot of what was in the first two series as well as a ton of details that you wouldn't know if that was your only source. Then it throws in whole new story lines and tangents. Lister's back story of how he ended up on Red Dwarf was something ...more
Fan-smegging-tastic! It's the boys from the Dwarf! I loved this book so much, and if you enjoyed the tv show you will too.

Rob Grant and Doug Naylor outdid themselves; this was the first book in years that has made me laugh out loud. It starts off explaining how Lister ended up on Red Dwarf and takes off from there.

Some of the plot is familiar, some is new. But the authors managed to gather together storylines from episodes into a whole that not only makes sense, but fills original episode plot h
Alright, so I'm kind of weird on this book. It sort of sent me in several directions emotionally, and I'm not sure a (semi) novelization of sci-fi comedy is supposed to do that. I mean, I did smile so much my face hurt (which also brought to me the realization that I don't smile very much) and also left me feeling extremely depressed (partly from that realization).

I think that the overall tone was more serious and dark than the show, which never at all left me feeling sad. This book was more in
I'd heard of the TV show but never seen it, so my viewpoint might be a bit different than many of the ones who have read the book. I have no idea how similar or different they are, what more (or less) there is than in the TV series or even how the characters are supposed to look.

The first thing I noticed was the douglasadamsness. I'm not sure if it's even possible to write a humorous space adventure without sounding a bit douglasadamsey, and I like Adams, so I didn't dwell on it. The Grant/Naylo
Ivan Idris
“Red Dwarf” is a funny science fiction novel about a drunk called Lister. An epic drunk who contrary to real-life drunks is actually a nice guy. One day Lister and friends start drinking in London and eventually wakes up on a moon near Saturn. Shouldn’t be a problem, right? Except he has no money and doesn’t know anybody on the moon.

Lister joins the Space Corps in the hope of one day returning to Earth. He survives an accident in stasis, that kills the rest of the crew of the ship he is on and f
Iain Turnbull
This is a real nostalgic pleasure for me, being the novel based around my favourite tv show from my teenage years. It provides more backstory than the tv show ever did, and then is buit on the ideas from two or three of the earlier episodes. The authors seem to be heavily influenced by Douglas Adams - while they are not of the same standard, the book moves along at a good clip with plenty of witty gags and nice turns of phrase. It's just a shame that after two books, they split up and each wrote ...more
May 20, 2012 Jason rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fans of the show or of Douglas Adams' stuff
Shelves: humor, sf, fiction, television
Although I'd heard of Red Dwarf when I was in college, it wasn't until 2009 or so that my family enjoyed most of the episodes on dvd. We all loved it! Thankfully, the humor carries over to a printed-page version of the story and characters. For my money, Naylor is funnier than Douglas Adams, to whom comparisons are usually made; he's wittier, and less apt to beat the reader over the head with every joke. If you haven't ever seen the show, but like episodic humor in a science fiction idiom, give ...more
Julie Decker
Dave Lister has never been the conforming type, so it's not too surprising that he gets into trouble pretty early on into the first job he's been accepted to in a long time. But seriously, that's a silly rule to have--no cats on board the spaceship? Come on! But when Lister is put into suspended animation as punishment, he doesn't expect to exit millions of years later to find himself as the only human left. The ship's computer resurrects Arnold Rimmer, the only man nutty enough to keep him sane ...more
4,5 Sterne - Herrlich skurrile Unterhaltung. Ich hab zwar "Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis" noch nicht gelesen und kann deshalb die Bücher nicht miteinander vergleichen, aber dieses Buch ist ein witzig, skurriles Weltraumabenteuer dass richtig Spaß macht zu lesen.

Man muss der Geschichte aber ein paar Seiten geben um die Handlung zu verstehen und die orginelle Welt.
Es geht im Prinzip um Dave Lister. Nach einer Zechtour kommt er am anderen Ende des Universums, allein und ohne Papiere und Kohle zu s
I wanted to give this five stars, in honour of both my 11 year old self's love for this series (and all of the tie-in materials) and Chris Barrie's immense voice acting talent, but I'm resisting. Mostly because my version of the audiobook played a musak version of the theme song, in its entirety, every half hour - but also because, as I remember, the later Red Dwarf novels are a lot more engaging (and so giving a four-star rating encourages me to re-read them!)
Dan Voyce
I'll start off by saying I am an avid fan of Red Dwarf! Yes I know it kind of turned into Silly String after Doug Naylor left it but you know what - I didnt care! It was still funny - possibly a bit ridiculous however for a low budget sci-fi tv show I didn't care. I remember staying up for a full 24 hours and watching the entire Series from Episode 1 right through Craig Charles - Back on Earth.
I read this book as part of the Omnibus when I was about 14 - I remembered loving it - but it was only
Red Dwarf has long been a favorite show. The adventure of Lister, Rimmer, Cat, and Kryton are some of the best sci-fi around. Like the time with the walking sausuage that wasn’t really a sausage. Or Kryton’s parts. Or Cat’s coolness. Or Lister’s devotion to Chrissie.
And Holly, who can forget Holly.
This audio book is read by Chris Barry who played Rimmer. If you haven’t seen Red Dwarf (which makes you in violation of numerous space mining codes), you know him perhaps from the Tomb Raider movies
Brad Keegan
A thoroughly enjoyable and very funny book. If you like classic sci-fi comedy such as The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ,Stark or more recent offerings such as A Few Quiet Beers with God, then you'll definitely enjoy Red Dwarf. This is comedy duo Rob Grant and Doug Naylor's first book in the genre, and I think it's their best.
Mike Steven
This is probably the fifth time I've read this book and I'll never forget the first time I read it as a teenager and how much it made me laugh out loud.

It gives a little bit of a back story that explains how Lister ended up on Red Dwarf and how he met Rimmer and then retells some of the events that happen in the early episodes.

If you're a fan of the series then you really should have already read it. If you've never heard of the series and enjoy comedy writing then you should probably read it a
Karen Kalbacher
A strange expansion on the events of season 1. Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers is an entertaining retcon. See how Lister ended up on Red Dwarf. Witness the strangeness that is Arnie J. and learn how Kryten fits into this troop of losers as well as seeing a more logical retelling of the creation of the Cat Race.

Full of the same brutally stupid humor as the show, it's delightful. If you listen to the audiobook version you get treated to Chris Barrie's impersonations of all of the major characte
Steven Jenkins
Red Dwarf was one of my favourite sitcoms growing up. It still is (series 1-6 anyway). And these books were the first adult novels I started to read.

From what I can remember, the book just increased some of the backstory of how lister ended up on board the ship. The original stuff is great. The only problem is the unoriginal stuff. Basically taking plots from previous episodes. Can't understand why they would do this. It's pretty obvious that mainly fans of the show would buy this book, so why
Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor is a novel based on the British sci-fi comedy show Red Dwarf. Dave Lister, a lowly technician on the mining spaceship Red Dwarf, gets put into stasis as a punishment for smuggling a cat on board. When he emerges from stasis he finds that a nuclear accident wiped out the rest of the crew and it is now three million years in the future. The only other survivors are a feline-humanoid life form that evolved from his cat, and his bunk mat ...more
I was in a pub one night with some friends and for some reason we started singing the Red Dwarf theme tune. Many in the pub joined in and I have never seen air keyboard played so enthusiastically. The reason was summed up by afterwards by my friend, "In Britain you are never more than 10 meters away from a Red Dwarf fan". My amended version of this is, "In Britain you are never more than 10 meters away from someone with fond memories of watching Red Dwarf".

This book is capable of galvanizing tho
Steve Mitchell
By taking all of the best bits from the first couple of series of the TV show, tweaking them slightly and adding some new storylines – some of which were then incorporated into the later TV shows – Rob Grant and Doug Naylor have provided a very funny book. The first few series were not as good as the later series, and one of the reasons was that the sets and costumes were this dreary grey colour. This book proves what I’ve always said is true; books are so much better than TV programmes and film ...more
Back in the late 80s/early 90s, there was a TV show on British terrestial channles, that gained a bit of a cult following: 'Red Dwarf'.

Set on a 6-mile long mining ship in deep space, the early years of Red Dwarf were centred around the odd-couple pairing of Dave Lister (the last known Human alive, who was in a stasis booth - released thousands of years later - when a radiation leak wiped out the crew of the eponymous ship) and Arnold J Rimmer: a hologram of his dead bunk-mate, and perhaps the m
Clearly, the book is meant to be entertaining. I've been a die-hard fan of Red Dwarf ever since I saw it on the PBS Saturday-night British comedy marathons years ago and, without cable, it was the only thing on worth watching. I saw the series out of order, skipping episodes, in reverse. I don't know if they were purposefully putting it together that way or if my 9-year-old mind just didn't get a cohesive story, but I was addicted anyway.

For fans of the series like me, you probably won't find to
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Sean O'Hara
I've been seeing this book in stores for years, but I never bothered picking it up, figuring Red Dwarf is best in thirty minute bites and can't sustain an extended storyline. But Audible had this on sale recently, and it is read by Chris Barrie, so I decided to give it a shot.

Storywise, the book is a mash-up of several episodes across the series' first two seasons, along with a significant portion of new material at the beginning. This new stuff, detailing how Lister joined the RD's crew (and wh
As a long-time fan of the show, I couldn't pass up the chance to read the novel that started it all. The problem with being a fan of the show first is finding a way to comment on the book as a standalone thing, not in comparison to the TV series that came after it. It's hard to draw the line at knowing how much I enjoyed the book for its own sake and how much I enjoyed it because it took me back to the days of watching British comedy on YTV at night.

On one hand, the humour in the book was great,
Chris Meigh
Born from a British comedy show, Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers, is a hilarious sci-fi-cum-soap opera that will keep you gripped right until the end.

The novel takes the series and expands on it to create its own universe and gives all of the characters far more back story. You will find out how Lister got on board Red Dwarf in the first place, find out how the cat people became ‘the Cat’ and how Kryten managed to single handily crash the Nova-5 into a moon. If you are a fan of the
I haven't seen the show, so I can't compare with it. It was easy reading, very humorous, witty, and as a The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fan, I liked it and couldn't put it down.

What kept me from really liking it, however, was that I didn't really like any of the characters. In fact, I was downright disgusted by Lister most of the time. I mean, I never liked him from the beginning, but my feeling was at least containable until Rimmer mentioned Lister ate his toenails, everything he owned tu
Believe it or not, I read this before seeing the television show. Some friends were into the show but I preferred reading to TV, so I gave the book a shot first. As a result I pictured the characters differently from the way they were portrayed on the show, but it didn't matter to me. There were differences besides the people, too, but--having grown up on the deliberate inconsistency between mediums that was celebrated in the different Hitchhiker's series incarnations--that was also fine with me ...more
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Grant Naylor was the collective name used by writers Rob Grant and Doug Naylor for their collaboration, particularly the TV series, Red Dwarf. Grant and Naylor call their pseudonym a gestalt entity, something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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'You can't whack Death on the head.'
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