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"Thaw is an action-packed, heart-pumping thrill ride that keeps readers on the edge of their seats."—Will Plyler,

Arctic bush pilot Harry McNills is minding his own business and dreaming of retiring to the Caribbean—when two scientists from Cryolabs Corporation charter his plane for a scientific expedition. The beautiful young biologist Amy Tyler and her boss, the...more
Paperback, 240 pages
Published January 19th 2007 by Xlibris Corporation
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I have mixed feelings about this book; I liked many things about it but at the same time the pacing was working against the story line. I found most of the characters in it to be terrific and believable and I enjoyed reading about their struggles while watching their lives turn to hell on ice but the book took so long to get to the point that I lost interest about sixty percent in, with some intense editing this would have been a much stronger read, there was way too much writing, I know that a...more
You know, I really don't know how much to say about this book. There is some things I liked about it, mainly the chase scenes and descriptions of the monster attacking. However, I really thought the plot was really disjointed and I hated the use of nicknames for main plot characters, Boots, Nowhere Man... There were some plot twists that just really had no real explanation and seemed like they were no researched enough. Good attempt by the author and worth the quick read I did.
Lorrie Schumacher
I didn't read the comments on Amazon before I got the book. I usually do when I'm indecisive on whether to waste my time reading a book everyone says sucks. This one's description intrigued me enough that I just got it and tried it.


When I decided to write a review, which I don't always do, I glanced at some of the other reviews and was shocked!

Ignore them. The dialogue was fine. Yes, I could semi-guess the ending. Big whoop.

I thought the dialogue was fine and never noticed a thin...more
Barbara Mason
Arctic bush pilot Harry McNills is minding his own business and dreaming of retiring to the Caribbean--when two scientists from Cryolabs Corporation charter his plane for a scientific expedition. The beautiful young biologist Amy Tyler and her boss, the avaricious Hayden Lockwood, want to explore for freeze-tolerant organisms. Harry gets more than he bargained for when he falls for Amy and discovers an ancient terror entombed in an iceberg. A Navy team is assembled to exhume the remarkable find....more
Brian Krespan
Better than I had expected, and honestly reminded me of another book I've read dealing with a frozen monster. Bryan Dunn has also sprinkled a few words in here, that thankfully with my kindle I didn't have an issue understanding.

The plot and storyline were pretty interesting and the back story of why the main female character was there is incredibly plausible. Overall an incredibly fast, fun and action packed read. 4.5-5 stars. Highly recommended.
Sharon Michael
An interesting premise and a good action/thriller. The arctic weather and landscape were vivid and the characterization was good. Entertaining read for the most part, would have rated it higher except for the inclination to edge from thriller to horror, a lower body count and not quite such graphic mayhem would have made it a little more readable for me personally.
Intense read! It was one of the best free Pixel downloads I've gotten for the kindle. I don't expect to ever find myself in any of their similar life-n-death situations, but I was amazed by the amount of skill they demonstrated under such dangerous circumstances. Very believable read and because of that it was SCAREY!
This is a great book for a weekend read. I really enjoyed the story and the characters. This one is fun, doesn't take itself too seriously and sometimes that's just the kind of thing you need to help relax and unwind.
This was actually a fun creature feature. Occasionally I like to go back to the classics, and this felt like an old school creature book. Jaws on ice is really an accurate description. It's got that same sense of creeping dread and the horrific strength and speed of the enemy. A decent amount of gore and a high body count are, of course, part of this sort of book. The author does a great job with it, too. I chewed through this one in an afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not to mention, it's g...more
This book is a fast paced, fun ride! Looking forward to reading his next book!
I've got mixed feelings about this book. Author Bryan Dunn reeled me in when his main character, bush pilot Harry McNills, had to decide whether two cases of good Scotch should be thrown overboard to lighten his load and preserve fuel, or his irritating passenger … and agonized over the decision. After that snigger, I sat back and happily read for hours. The characters were real and funny, the writing was decent, and the premise, although totally unbelievable, was acceptable for a science-based...more
I had Thaw sitting there taking up space on my Kindle for several months before I got to read it back in August. August can you believe I'm only just getting around to writing my review now? Thankfully I was gifted with a superb memoir for books so I'm able to retain a lot of what I've read for a long time.

When I did sit down to read Thaw I had no idea what to expect I just wanted to read a story about a creature trapped in the ice thawing out and wreaking havoc on as many people as it possible...more
Mike J
Thaw tries to take a very familiar premise and create an exciting, suspenseful, story - with mixed results. The idea of something dangerous and unknown being unwittingly freed from the ice has been done many times - from movies to television episodes to books (for example, Terminal Freeze by Lincoln Child.) But unfortunately, Thaw never escapes the feeling of a B-movie.

The broad strokes are great. However, the details of the story continually break down the reader's ability to suspend disbelief...more
Let me clarify right off the bat: this is not sophisticated literature. It's a bit cheesy. The dialogue - as others have mentioned - lacks finesse. The characters lack depth. And truthfully, the one thing that occurred throughout the book that bothered me more than anything else was the POV-jumping. One paragraph you'd be right there with the male hero and in the next paragraph you'd be with the female and in the next paragraph you're with someone else. This can be quite jarring.

Those things asi...more
Sherry Fundin
Harry McNills had moved from Florida to Newfoundland a year ago to run Arctic Air Adventures. His goal was to make enough money to start an air charter business in the Caribbean.

At Cryolab, Amy Tyler was working in the walk-in freezer when she was called up to her boss's office. Dr. Haydon Lockwood was needing her answer about the upcoming expedition. Even though she hesitated answering him, she knew she was going. The problem would be fending off his advances, but no way was she going to miss o...more
Deb Randolph
I loved everything about this book and I was shocked that some people only gave it 3 stars. The characters were brought to life so well and when the creature was introduced I actually imagined it's smell which is usually hard to do in a book or a movie. The author really has great descriptions without boring the readers. To sum up, this book is scary, exciting, mysterious, sometimes funny, and it even has a little bit of romance. I look forward to searching more books from this author.
This was fun. An creature from ancient times trapped in an iceberg is defrosted and runs riot causing bloody mayhem. It reminded me of two things - first, an 'X-files' episode (and there is actually an ep called 'Ice' which has similar elements) and second, a Scooby-Doo episode, haha, but with more gore and the monster is no villain in a suit.
Rita McDowell
Nail Biting Excellent!

WOW! From the first to the last this book will keep you riveted! Sincerely hope that this story is entirely fiction because I would not wish to meet the 'ice fella' at all! Great job!
Elizabeth Pruett
Truely jaws on ice!

Truely jaws on ice!

This was a fast read because I didn't want to put it down ! It kept me hooked from the first.
If you like 50s and 60s B sci-fi movies, you'll like "Thaw." While the novel takes place today, to me, it had a definite feel from that style of movie. Hideous creature, found somewhere it shouldn't exist, dangerous to man and the hero and heroine are fighting for their lives.

Don't get me wrong, I liked this book. It was a very enjoyable read. The characters are engaging and you find yourself rooting for Harry and Amy (even though they and their comrades make some dumb mistakes). I think that th...more
Tracey Gilbert Monette
Pure fun - easy to read - never a dull moment.
3 1/2 stars! This was a fast read. There is the intrepid Amy; butthole; resourceful hero, Harry; Harry's friend Nowwhere Man; a thawed out prehistoric primitive creature that refuses to die and lots of blood and gore. I do think the main reason of the scientists kinda got lost in the middle of the story and a few things that happened leave you wondering what happens with them later...a sequel, perhaps. I would definitely pick up another book by this author.
The dialogue was cheesy, the characters little more than cardboard cutouts and ethnic stereotypes (including an extremely well-educated Chinese doctor who nonetheless cannot speak anything more than pidgin English),and the writing style, particularly during supposedly tense scenes came off as little better than ham-handed campfire narration. As a campy, mindless diversion, it was endurable, but I wouldn't recommend it.
The book was really interesting until they found the creature that you know is going to thaw.

Then the story just jumps the shark.

I don't want to spoil it for anyone, in case they want to risk their $3. The 1st 75% of the book is good reading and intriguing.

I just couldn't continue past the decision for the Thaw.... After that point it got too ridiculous.

Sorry I couldn't give a better review.
A great story that reminds me of stuff from Jeremy Robinson (first part of his book RAISING THE PAST) and Lincoln Child (His book TERMINAL FREEZE). There is a monster, a frozen wasteland (iceberg actually), and plenty of action. I really enjoyed the characters and the story kept me interested throughout. I enjoyed it and I look forward to reading more from Bryan Dunn in the future.
Rich K.
Enjoyable read. Fat paced and interesting. Some of the characters were archetypes, but that makes for a faster paced story. The main characters were flushed out enough to generate empathy for them. The science sounds plausible, as before reading this I had prior knowledge of how animal life handles the cold. Overall, if the story sounds interesting to you, give it a shot.
Ian Neill
An enjoyable read.
A quick little action read that kept me mildly entertained. It kept me interested through the book using the unknown factor, you didn't know what the creature looked like at first and then you didn't know where he was later in the book. I like filling my time in between long books with quick action stories like this.
This book was billed as "Jaws meets the Arctic" but I kept thinking it was more a cross of "The Thing" meets "Ice Man". It does keep your attention but seems almost too predictable in the story line. If you're looking for entertainment, this fits the bill but don't expect it to make you think afterwards.
Mark Polino
Not bad. Some of the coincidences stretched credibility, but then again I'm complaining about credibility in an ice monster thriller. I think my main complaint is that the monster was too good in places.
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