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El clérigo malvado y otros relatos
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El clérigo malvado y otros relatos

4.32 of 5 stars 4.32  ·  rating details  ·  2,457 ratings  ·  51 reviews
Often known as The Macabre Cycle, Lovecraft's earliest works of short fiction established the concepts and framework for the celebrated Cthulhu Mythos and earned him a position of authority in the Weird Fiction genre.

In the feature story Dagon, a prisoner of war escapes his captors only to be shipwrecked on a strange, unnatural island. In search of basic sustenance, the ma

Paperback, 216 pages
Published June 30th 2005 by Alianza (first published 1927)
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Following the resounding success of my Locus Quest, I faced a dilemma: which reading list to follow it up with? Variety is the spice of life, so I’ve decided to diversify and pursue six different lists simultaneously. This book falls into my GIFTS AND GUILTY list.

Regardless of how many books are already queued patiently on my reading list, unexpected gifts and guilt-trips will always see unplanned additions muscling their way in at the front.

I hated this book.
I mean, I really hated this book.

The second in an omnibus trilogy I purchased, containing the complete stories of H. P. Lovecraft. DAGON AND OTHER MACABRE TALES collects together all of his shortest stories in a single, weighty volume. There are no less than 36 tales collected here, along with the excellent non-fiction essay, 'Supernatural Horror in Literature'.

Some highlights:

DAGON, inevitably. The tale has collected lots of critics over time, but I find it the quintessential Cthulhu story. The ending still captures a sense of
I enjoyed a lot of these stories. I feel like there was a real variety within this collection, and I was introduced to several new styles that I didn't know Lovecraft attempted.

Many of these stories were solid sci-fi, taking place on other planets. I found most of these just as entertaining as Lovecraft's horror. There were also stories that weren't horrific at all, but just rich descriptions of fantastic new lands that the author had created, I was reminded of Lord Dunsany's "Book of Wonder" an
Peter Chandler
Ah but who could fail to love the indescribable horrors and gothic terrors of Lovecraft? Well, quite a lot of people probably, but never mind them! These short stories are particularly interesting set out in chronological order they show a fair bit of the development of Lovecraft's innate style. And as you read ever more of his psychological horror stories one can't help but come to ponder the psychology of the man himself. Lovecraft was many things, conservative, anti-modernist and fundamentall ...more
Ivan Ivic
Reanimator je zbirka sedam kratkih priča H.F.Lavkrafta, jednog od najpoznatijih i najpriznatijih pisaca tzv. kozmičkog horora i izvornog autora Ktulu mitova i Nekronomikona.

Ova knjiga sadrži dve, po meni fenomenalne Lavkraftove priče ( Reanimator i Senka nad Insmutom ), tri krajnje prosečne ( Dagon , Alhemičar , Grob ), i najzad, dve koje mi se uopšte nisu dopale i koje lično svrstavam pri dnu Lavkraftovog opusa, iako sam svestan da se mnogi neće složiti ( Beli brod , Bezimeni grad ; ova potonja
J B Angell
There is no doubt that Lovecraft is one of the most influential writers of the 20th century. References to his work and the worlds he created are abound in both the literary and cinematic media. Dagon and Other Macabre Tales is one of my favorite collections of his works. While best known for his works of the macabre, Lovecraft was also a remarkable Sci-Fi writer. This particular omnibus contains many of those stories alongside the expected horror. Not that any of the horrific images he creates ...more
Chris Matney
Another classic set of tales by Lovecraft - an absolute must-read for any fan of the macabre. This volume contains some of my all-time favorite stories - lyrical and haunting: Herbert West - Reanimator, The Lurking Fear, The Hound. Ah, this is a delicious read.

Why only four stars? Mostly because my favorite stories are his very early "macabre" works and his later mythos works. This anthology is chronological from 1917-1936. As such, it has a number of his dream-based works - From Beyond, The Ot

A good collection of Lovecraft's tales. My only problem is that after reading a book of the cosmic horror author's work, I'm starting to see Koontz-like trends in some of his stories. Some of the stories are almost carbon-copies of each other. It's as if Lovecraft was constructing gospels, creating the alternative views of multiple authors.

That being said, the man was a genius. You can't blame the pulp writers for recycling a few ideas.
This could be a perfect reading for Halloween period, as there are many stories quite dark and scary. This is not necessarily my favored genre, but I relaxed and tried to enjoy the literary part from each of them. Some are capitalizing on mythology, either inventing one or using the greek or middle east myths. These were the stories I enjoyed most.

After more careful consideration, I believe that disregarding the variety from these stories, the author wrote them to prove that there is something b
T. Edmund
This collection of 'macabre' tales (90% by Lovecraft) are a bit of a blast from the past. This omnibus is perhaps better read as a study on how 'horror' stories have changes in the intervening years.

Unfortunately many of the tales are laughable by today's standard. The introduction spells this out, citing Lovecraft's lack of attention to character or setting, and the repetitiveness of his typical plot formula (curious adventurer is driven mad when he witnesses something supernatural.)

Esta recopilación del Maestro de Providence contiene algunos cuentos excelentes, escritos en la época dorada del autor. Además, se incluyen algunos de sus relatos primerizos, escritos antes de que Lovecraft dejase la literatura en su juventud (para volver a ella con más fuerza posteriormente), decepcionado por la poca repercusión de su trabajo. Y se cierra el volumen con algunos fragmentos recuperados a partir de sus cartas, que bien podrían haberse convertido en otros tantos cuentos si Lovecraf ...more
Hace más de 20 años que leí por primera vez estos cuentos y siguen pareciéndome igual de inquietantes y extraordinarios. Lovecraft era capaz de escribir las historias más espeluznantes, que iban más allá de nuestra imaginación.

Hay veces que me pregunto qué seres invisibles estarán surcando el aire en mi misma habitación, inquietud que me viene después de leer el relato 'Del más allá'. Al igual que considero 'Herbert West, reanimador' uno de los relatos más macabros jamás escritos.

Para disfrutar
The ancient house has always been there, and people say One dwells therein who talks with the morning mists that come up from the deep, and perhaps sees singular things oceanward at those times when the cliff’s rim becomes the rim of all earth, and solemn buoys toll free in the white aether of faery. This they tell from hearsay, for that forbidding crag is always unvisited, and natives dislike to train telescopes on it. Summer boarders have indeed scanned it with jaunty binoculars, but have neve ...more

One of the best fiction anthologies that I have ever read. This book is the second half of part three of the omnibus collection of Lovecraft's work. I have read the first and second volumes years ago, but this book contained most of Lovecraft's later cosmic horror stories (the ones where he really hit stride) plus a mixture of his earlier work, including some excellent fantasy stories that he wrote. But, this book was worth the read for the excellent introduction and the essay "Supernatural Horr
I enjoyed this 2nd omnibus a lot, there were a couple of stories that i did not enjoy very much. I believe it would of been better to put these stories first before omnibus 1 as a lot of his early shorts were perfected into his later slightly longer tales. Some of them were very creepy. This book also introduced me to lovecraft's racist side and his dislike of New York. I am so happy to have read this collection as it shows you the amount of influence lovecraft has on modern writers. The book en ...more
Elizabetha Souvré
Esto lo escribí el 25 de abril del 2013:
Luego de leer "El horror de Red Hook", me queda claro que se pueden calificar más de HORROR los escritos de Lovecraft que de terror. Este cuento está plagado de descripciones asquerosas y decadentes, donde la única alternativa es el suicido o la locura. Es gore literario, plena de una obscena imaginación, demasiado fuerte para mi. Si hubiese leído este cuento primero, no habría seguido NUNCA con Lovecraft.
Y ... no puedo seguir leyendo este libro. Cada vez
The introduction by T.E.D. Klein really prepares you for Lovecraft (even if this book isn't the best introduction to Lovecraft's work), so I felt really intrigued going in to this book. So far (I'm almost finished) it's been evocative and beautifully written. Lovecraft is quite distinct from any other author I've read, and so far I really enjoy it. There are certain turns of phrase that just strike you and you have to enjoy it. The images and tales of horror might not get you quaking in your boo ...more
engaging at times, but generally not the most engrossing collection. a few of the stories were creepy and imaginative, e.g. 'in the walls of eryx' which was downright diabolical,- ooh, and also 'herbert west-reanimator'- but for the most part they were repetitive and less straight horror and more fantasy than i would've expected from lovecraft. chthulu and those elder guys from the depths of space don't make appearances, and are mentioned offhandedly only a couple times. if i'd never read lovecr ...more
-Sacando el zumo de la castaña.-

Género. Relatos.

Lo que nos cuenta. Parte de una recopilación de relatos del autor llamada “Dagon and other macabre tales” de la que se extrajeron trece de sus 38 trabajos cortos para este volumen (otros se editaron en español en distintos libros) y que ofrece desde obras de juventud del autor hasta fragmentos incompletos o borradores inacabados, pasando por varios relatos de su periodo más álgido pero elegidos entre los menos famosos.

¿Quiere saber más de este lib
Gotta say I really struggled with this, I just found the style of writing hard to grasp for some reason. I wanted to really like it as Lovecraft is supposedly the father of modern horror but I guess the Victoria era constitution was a little more sensitive and easily scared.

In the end most of the horror comes from fear of fear itself. I.e. there’s never a reveal of a shocking monster and rarely any reliance on blood or violence. In that respect it was quite refreshing and expertly done and show
This book is a great read!
Marsha Altman
Get this on audiobook, then listen to it at night before you go to sleep. That is the ultimate way to experience Lovecraft. The job they did on the audiobook is terrific and so is the material - most of his best stories are in this book. Seriously, that is the best way I know to get into Lovecraft. The only thing I would leave until the end is the Reanimator series, which I was not that into. Pretty much everything else was amazing.
Marcelo Sanchez
Lovecraft is known as a masterful horror writer that uses the reader's fear of the unknown. Yet he still uses long and detailed descriptions of the context, this can be frustrating when the narrator faints in the most crucial moments and leaves the reader with the doubt and the wondering. This is why I'm much more fond of the dreamland chronicles where the long and detailed descriptions are put for much better use.
More of this collection was Dreamlands tales and miscellaneous works... and I admit to not enjoying them nearly as much as the typical Cthulhu mythos. Lovecraft's slightly tedious writing style is harder to take when dealing with the outright strange, than with hidden, obscure Cthulhu-esque themes.
Oof! Some GREAT stories here. And I'd seen the movies From Beyond and Re-animator recently, so was pretty pumped to read the short story they were (loosely) based on! Best story was The Temple, about a maimed Nazi sub plagued by ghosts and slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean.
My first encounter with Lovecraft is this paperbback I got from bookmooch. The title story is very short, and for a while is the best thing in the book, until you get to Herbert West-Reanimator! Such a good story that, deserves to be better known!
Even though it contains many of Lovecraft's "lesser" stories (as admitted in T.E.D. Klein's introduction), there still so many good pieces here. And the stories that aren't so good have moments and lines worth mentioning.
Who else but H P Lovecraft could get away with finishing a story with the words "My God. The hand ........ the window!"

Rather silly by today's standards and not at all scary, but I did enjoy 'The Cats of Ulthar'.
R. August
A little too short to really develop the story and hence the horror Lovecraft is so famous for. Sort of like a one-liner in the humor world, I guess, entertaining while it lasted but nothing much to go home with.
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Howard Phillips Lovecraft, of Providence, Rhode Island, was an American author of horror, fantasy and science fiction.

Lovecraft's major inspiration and invention was cosmic horror: life is incomprehensible to human minds and the universe is fundamentally alien. Those who genuinely reason, like his protagonists, gamble with sanity. Lovecraft has developed a cult following for his Cthulhu Mythos, a
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“Of the name and abode of this man but little is written, for they were of the waking world only; yet it is said that both were obscure. It is enough to know that he dwelt in a city of high walls where sterile twilight reigned, and that he toiled all day among shadow and turmoil, coming home at evening to a room whose one window opened not on the fields and groves but on a dim court where other windows stared in dull despair.
—"Azathoth" from Dagon and Other Macabre Tales”
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