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Cover-up: Mystery at the Super Bowl
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Cover-up: Mystery at the Super Bowl (The Sports Beat #3)

4.08 of 5 stars 4.08  ·  rating details  ·  1,138 ratings  ·  114 reviews
New York Times bestselling sportswriter John Feinstein tackles doping in the NFL in this exciting football mystery.

The Super Bowl. America’s biggest sports spectacle. Over 95 million fans will be watching, but teen sports reporters Stevie and Susan Carol know that what they’ll be watching is a lie. They know that the entire offensive line of the California Dreams have fa...more
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Published January 8th 2008 by Listening Library (Audio) (first published January 1st 2007)
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Ethan S
First off Ms. Duncan, I have not finished this book, but to add a review I had to mark it off as "Read".
So far though this book has been outstanding, and I honestly don't know what I would've done if you didn't recommend it to me.
Stevie Thomas is a normal kid... besides the fact that he airs on a nation-wide sports network that is almost as big as ESPN, okay, this kid isn't very normal. He gets a consistent pay-check and gets to be on air with his mushy-gushy lover girl, Susan Carol, life is pr...more
Mary Fran Torpey
okay--in the beginning of the book i got stuck on the almost-preposterous premise (teenaged journalists turned sports commentators on television, but hey, anderson cooper and lisa ling got started on channel one, right?). i figured i'd let it go since i haven't read the other two books in the series, which (presumably) explain how stevie and susan carol get to this point in their "careers" (hard not to use scare quotes when you're writing about fictional 14 year olds)--did i mention a great deal...more
Cover-Up is a story about 14 year old Stevie Thomas, a talented sports reporter and writer. He was laid off his original job as a reporter on a top sports network called USTV just days before the Super Bowl. Since he was so talented and liked by so many fans, he was offered a job almost immediately after the fire, and became a writer at The Washington Herald. The new job gave him an oppurtunity to cover the Super Bowl. During Super Bowl week, he was offered a job by one of the leading sports ne...more
Carolyn B
Steve Thomas and Susan Carol Anderson are stuck in, yet another, mystery. The Ravens and the Dreams, the two football teams who made it to the Super Bowl this year. The question Stevie and Susan Carol are trying to answer is, do both these teams deserve to be here?
The Cover Up is about sports reporters, Steve Thomas and Susan Carol Anderson. They began as two 14 year old kids who didn't even know each other. Then they were offered to become hosts for the USTV show Kid- Sports. Then the trouble...more
Donald Masters
Mystery,suspense,and football wrapped upon to one fantastic book, what's not to like? There are two main characters one is a male and the other is a female. Their names are Steve Thomas andSusan Carol Andersen. They are famous teen reporters covering the Super Bowl who stumble onto a plot for a team to cheat in the Super Bowl. Will they break the story? That's your job to read the book and find out. This book met my expectation and was amazing because it had the perfect combination of genre mixe...more
Antonio L
Have you ever dreamed about being on T.V.? Well for 14 year Stevie and Susan Carol that dream has come true. They are talk show hosts and reporters for USTV a sports show like ESPN but more for kids. But Stevie has just been fired recently for no reason he knows of and a week before Susan Carol and him were about to go to the super bowl. After a few days Stevie receives a call from the Herald asking him if he wants to work with them and go to the super bowl as a reporter. What Stevie doesn’t kn...more
Nick Attah
I like the many twisted and turns in the book. Especially the parts where it gave readers some doubt if the Stevie and Susan Carol will lose the story.
Jake Webster
Cover Up by John Fienstien tells the story of Steve and Susan Carol, who are sent to the Super Bowl to do coverage of the game in the week before the big game. However, the show replaces Steve because he "didn't have enough leadership with the team". Susan then encounters a doctor who claim that the line of the California Dreams, one of the teams competing in the Super Bowl, had failed their doping tests. Steve and Susan then go on an adventure to try to find if this was fact or fiction. My favo...more
Connor C
In Cover-Up by John Feinstein, the main idea or message is hiding the truth will only make punishment worse. The story takes place in Indianapolis, during present time. It is the week of the Super Bowl, one of America’s most watched sporting events. The story is told by a limited narrator but can see into the mind of one character, Stevie. The main characters in the book are Stevie Thomas and Susan Carol Anderson. Stevie loves to write and watch sports, even though he is not very good at them. S...more
The last 40 or 50 pages was quite engaging, but the first 200+ were quite a slog!

This series of teen mysteries by John Feinstein was recommended for sports-mad teens. I got them for my 6th grade son, but then his 3rd grade brother wanted me to read one aloud at bedtime. He eventually got bored with it and had me stop (so I finished it on my own time).

The writing style is really not very good - perhaps it's more journalistic than novelistic? Feinstein is known for his sports journalism. Whatever...more
I think I've purchased just about every book Feinstein has written for my library because they are so popular. Cover-Up has been out for awhile and I've been meaning to read it, so I jumped at the chance to listen to it. It was read by the author, and I hope he doesn't read anymore. The reading wasn't as good as it could've been. Too monotone for me.[return][return]Steve and Susan Carol are back as the famous kid sports reporters. They have already solved mysteries at the U.S. Open and the NCAA...more
David Petersen
Cover-up is a mystery about a boy and girl named Susan Carol Anderson and Stevie Thomas. They have ssolved mysteries before in previous books in this series but none have been like this one because they're in the superdome at the superbowl. They both have reporting jobs there because of working for reporters at the final four and U.S. tennis tournament. They were scheduled to both work for a kids/teens T.V. show but at the last second before they went to the superdome they fired Stevie and hire...more
Christian Nolasco
This book is great! I was at the book fair at school and i saw this book. Since i like reading sports books, i decided to give it a try. This book has two main characters who are Stevie Thomas and Susan Carol, and they are sports reporters. The fascinating part is that they are only 14! The unfortunate part is that they fire Stevie to bring in a new more popular person, who knows nothing about sports. Stevie is really angry about this because the super Bowl was coming up and he was cleared to go...more
The book that I have just currently finished reading is Cover-Up by John Feinstein. This book is about two young sport writers. They are Susan Carol and Steve Thomas. They have been working as sports reporters for a sports show until Steve is replaced. But then stave gets a job as a newspaper editor. While they are at the Super Bowl they find out a secret that is huge scandal and could ruin the Los Angeles Dreams chances of winning the Super Bowl. This scandal is that the entire offensive line...more
“Were bringing in a new co-host” (pg.10). This quote is at the beginning of the book “Cover Up” by John Feinstein. It is when things go wrong for Stevie, the main character. This book is about a boy named Stevie and a co-host on a TV show named Susan Carol who are both fourteen years old. They have been working together and are soon going to go to the super bowl for interviews. But only a couples days before they left for Indianapolis, where the super bowl is being held, Stevie finds himself bei...more
Trevor 4/21/10
Cover-up by John Feinstein
This book is about two young reporters, Stevie and Susan Carol. They go to the Super Bowl to report but end up in the middle of a drug testing scandal. One night, Susan Carol went to an N.F.L. party and a drunk doctor for one of the teams, The Dreams, comes up to her trying to impress her. He accidentally tells her that some of the players on his team are using steroids. Stevie and Susan Carol try to tell everyone that the players used steroids so they wo...more
Cover Up: Mystery at the Super Bowl

Imagine watching your favorite pitcher on steroids, or even the whole pitching rotation on the stuff. What would you think if you were the only kid who knew and everyone thinks you are crazy and a liar? Well, Stevie Thomas and Susan Carol Anderson are in the same situation, know they will be watching a complete lie on Super Bowl Sunday. They know that the entire offensive line of the California Dreams all tested positive for human growth hormone, a new way of...more
Cover Up, by John Feinstein, is a fictional story. It is a mystery about a special case at the Super Bowl. It takes place in contemporary times, and in Indianapolis, which is the host of the Super Bowl. The main characters in this story are Stevie Thomas, and Susan Carol. They are two fourteen year-old teenagers, who host their own cable sports show. The plot of this story is that Stevie and Susan find out that the California Dreams’ front line, one of the teams in the Super Bowl, has tested pos...more
The book Cover up was overall an okay book. If you had to rate it on its uniqueness then its an A because it is not a common topic books usually write about. On the other side this book at times got very stagnant in its plot and even confused me. The story was about a young boy a teenager who was able to become a famous broadcaster for sports. The boy was not alone in broad casting he was with a very gorgeous girl the same age that he liked. The story takes place in the boys home town where he w...more
Jake Payne
Stevie Thomas is a fourteen year old sports fanatic who has saved a player from blackmailing at the final four. He has also proved that a kidnapping was actually a hoax. After that, he and his partner, Susan Carol were hired by USTV to do a show. Three months later, he was fired because he “didn’t have enough leader ship with the team." It left Susan Carol furious. He flies to Indianapolis to work as a journalist for the Super Bowl. When he lands at the airport, he meets Sean McManus who hires h...more
Steven Kent
A very satisfying book.

The author, John Feinstein, knows his stuff... and not just about football. I came at this book with a background in journalism. I have covered big events, been through the check points and needed press credentials.

This is a middle grade reader, a story meant for tweens and early teens, so the story is a bit more simplistic than reality. Good thing, too. The reality would be a bit more boring.

As the story begins, two 14-year-olds have a sweet gig working as kid reporters f...more
Will K
Will Keating 11/18/2013 Group 75

Fourteen-year-old sports reporters Stevie Thomas and Susan Carol Anderson can’t cover a major sporting event without stumbling upon a mystery. The setting of Cover-Up is at the Super Bowl which includes the California Dreams and the Washington Redskins.
After solving the U.S. Open mystery, and another at the Final Four Stevie and Susan Carol are offered their own television show aimed at teen sports lovers on USTV. When the company decides that Stevie isn’t as popu...more
Will Sears
By John Feinstein
Review by Will Sears

Two things that I have always wanted to do are in this book. These two things are solving a mystery and going to the Super Bowl. In Cover-Up, John Feinstein made me feel like I was a part of both these. I felt like I was alongside Stevie and Susan Carol the entire time that I was reading John Feinstein’s action packed sports-mystery.

This was one of the best books that I have ever read. I can relate to it in countless ways and it is well written and su...more
In this sports mystery a pair of two teenagers are invited to go to one of the most beloved events in sports, the super bowl. The girl Susan Carol Anderson goes to a party and encounters a drunk man who is the team doctor of the Dreams a team in the super bowl. He tells susan that the Dreams' offensive line has taken HGH, a performance enhancing drug. She tells her friend Stevie Thomas and they investigate. Is the man telling the truth and will the teens have a huge case on their hands. Find out...more
This is actually the third in a series, but it also stands alone. I didn't really think I wanted to read this book, but it was a page turner. I couldn't wait to see how it resolved itself. I'm a huge football fan, so I'm sure that helped!.

Stevie and Susan Carol are two 14 year-olds who want to be reporters. In a previous book they were asked to be kid reporters on a cable TV show that has been very successful. They're invited to report at the Super Bowl, but at the last minute, Stevie gets fired...more
Karen Ball
14-year-olds Steve Thomas and Susan Carol Anderson are back, and going to the Super Bowl as hosts of KidSports on the USTV network. That is, until the network replaces Steve with the lead singer from a hot boy band... but Steve goes to the Super Bowl anyway with his newspaper contacts and ends up also working for CBS. Susan Carol detests her new costar at first, and when she and Steve discover a doping scandal involving the California Dreams entire offensive line that could influence the outcome...more
The reason why i gave Cover up 2 stars because i didnt really get the meaning of the book i only read 12 pages and looking back at those pages to me the book sucks. my reason why it sucks is because the author didn't pull me in the book is boring. All i remember from the book is Stevie looking out the window waiting for the people to l come so he can see if he got the job or not and that's were i lost my interest in the book
Jun 22, 2008 Donalyn rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: sports fans
Steve Thomas and Susan Carol Anderson, the protagonists of Feinstein's book, Last Shot, are here again in this mystery involving the Super Bowl. Steve and Carol, teen detectives of the sports world, discover a plot to cover-up a steroid drug scandal.

In typical Feinstein fashion, the book drops a lot of celebrity names from Bob Costas to Matt Damon. I wonder if most of the kids who will read this book know who half of these people are...

I felt as if readers who were not familiar with Steve and Su...more
Its a good book but lots of things are not so good. Now but the details were not that good but all of the charecters they seemed real because i can feel what they could and everything. now this boy is going to the superbowl with his dad and the son names is jake and he was at the game when is halftime . and every body loved one very awesome player and he wasnt there at the game so jake went to the locker rooms and he saw him with a person with a black hoodie and the guy in the black hoodie and h...more
Jeffrey Demeis
Have you ever thought about going to the Super Bowl? If so, then this is the book to read! If you are a sports fanatic, you most definitely should read this book. If you are not a fan of sports I do not recommend this to you. It was a good book once it got going. However it took way too long to get to the climax. If you are an impatient reader I do not recommend this book to you. Another problem with the book was it was labeled as a mystery but there was no mystery. It was no secret who was cove...more
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John Feinstein is one of the nation’s most successful and prolific sports authors who has written 24 books to date. His most recent work Are You Kidding Me? , written with Rocco Mediate, was released on May 18, 2009, and is presently on the shelf at bookstores everywhere. In addition, he is an award-winning columnist and regular contributor in both radio and television.

John Feinstein is a 1977 gr...more
More about John Feinstein...
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