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The Winner
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The Winner

4.03 of 5 stars 4.03  ·  rating details  ·  23,724 ratings  ·  1,004 reviews
The popular Baldacci hits pay dirt big time with his entertaining thriller The Winner. When the enigmatic Mr. Jackson approaches LuAnn Tyler, a young, indigent mother of one, and guarantees her the $100 million national lottery prize, all of her prayers, or possibly all of her fears, become reality.
Audio Cassette, Abridged, 0 pages
Published January 1st 1998 by Hachette Audio (first published January 1st 1997)
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Jun 13, 2008 Almak rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Almak by: Emily
Being highly recommended to me I was anxious to absorb myself reading a good book. Unfortunately, this wasn't one of them.

Primarily, I was disappointed with descriptive nudity, a masturbation scene and a sex scene, all of which could have been removed and the book as a whole would have been better.

Nonetheless, the premise held the possibility of a good story but it was just too predictable. There was only one surprise in the book and the beginning drug on forever. Baldacci takes over a hundred
Kristy James
I started reading The Winner based on a recommendation from my eye doctor, of all people. Frankly I'd never heard of the author before, but decided to give it a shot. And I'm glad I did. I'm even more glad I gave up on the hardcover library book and, instead, got the Kindle version (it's much lighter!).

The Winner is a surprisingly interesting and good book. The characters seem very real and you choose your sides very early on. The plot is something else. Even though I'm a writer, I can't imagine
Ryan Sampey
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
What would you do if someone offered you $100 million dollars and all you had to do was leave the country and never return? Yeah, me too! But then I read THE WINNER.

LuAnn Tyler is only 20 years old and already a dirt-poor single mother with an 8-month old daughter living in a trailer in Georgia. When a strange man, whom she thought was offering her a job, says he can guarantee that she'll win the national lottery, LuAnn's better judgement tells her to decline. But she comes home to find her boyf
A.J. Sendall
The Winner – not!
I had seen the name many times, but had never read anything by David Baldacci until last week. That Baldacci is a prolific writer is evinced in any airport book store. I was expecting something light and easy like Grisham, but it was a whole lot worse.
The two main characters, LuAnn Tyler, and Jackson, are completely implausible, and at times self-contradictory. Jackson was supposed to be ‘terrifying’, we were told so repeatedly, but he was laughable at best. Baldacci also repea
Well, I've said it before, I'm a sucker for mysteries/crime/thrillers. I always have been. While other people were soaking up Judy Blume, I firmly ignored the conversations between God and Margaret and stayed up all night reading The Pelican Brief and The Client. Now, there are two questions that pop up given that information: the first being the question of how was I allowed to stay up all night at 13 (or so) the second is what was I really doing reading those books? To the first question I'll ...more
Sarah ( Paris )
في الروايات تكون الأمور عادة واضحة ..
على الأقل بالنسبة لي ..

هذه الرواية كلُ شيء ضبابي .

فقد تتعاطف مع شخصية الآن بعد قليل ستنقمُ عليها ..
لتتعاطف معها بعد ثوانٍ أخرى ..
أبدع بالدتشي في صياغة الشخصيات ..
وأبدع خاصة في شخصية جاكسون " شخصية لا تتكرر " ..
رواية جميلة
تستحق النجمات الأربعة التي منحتها إياها .
Ever since school got out for the summer, oddly enough, I have been reading a lot.

I picked up a few books at a local church book sale.
I have heard really good things about David Baldacci (mainly because of the movie based on his book, Absolute Power) and I found this book for $.50 so I thought I would give it a try.

In fact, when handing my money to the cashier at the sale, the lady said that this was her favorite David Baldacci book. She had good taste.

Short overview for you:

LuAnn Tyler had
Jane Stewart
Above average plot with intricate developments, but it was missing the wow factor. Good but not great.

To let readers know where I'm coming from, my preferred genre is romance novels. The fact that I liked this should mean something since it is off genre for me. Throughout the book there was the underlying frustration of how can anyone ever stop this bad guy, but he gets it eventually. The story was excellent mechanically with good showing not telling. I would have liked more e
Linda Hart
I do like reading Baldacci's mysteries. This has a unique fast-paced plot, with lots of twists and turns, and his characters are well developed. Each time I read one of his books I'm impressed with how different they are from each other and I wonder how he comes up with such varying scenarios and interesting characters. He is a very talented writer. There is no bad language and although there is a sex scene it's nothing compared toKen Follett or other popular mystery writers.
My second Baldacci book and it did not disappoint! This is a fast-paced, thoroughly entertaining book...I was hooked on page one and stayed hooked through every page until the last. This would make a killer movie!
Probably my favorite Baldacci book. If you love a good mystery, this book is sure to please!
A single mother is offered a guarantee to win the lottery and after initial hesitation, accepts. Circumstances force her to leave the country but her eventual return is not welcomed by everyone.

My main problem with this book is that I could see the pieces, parts and elements of this book while reading it rather than ever reading it as a whole work. The protagonist needs to look sympathetic, so there will be an element added…here. The villain needs to escape from this situation, so he will have
LuAnn Tyler is twenty years old and has an eight-month-old daughter, Lisa. Living in a backwoods Georgia town in a ramshackle mobile home, LuAnn is beyond poor and always has been. And the trailer belongs to the baby’s father, a young man with a love for idleness and drink but none for LuAnn or the baby.

Even though she never finished middle school, LuAnn is innately intelligent and street smart. She is also physically attractive and possesses a genetic physical strength that is belied by her lit
"The Winner".
Loses. My first David Baldacci book, he seems quite popular, so I though I would give one if his books a read.
Maybe I chose the wrong one, but I thought this book was terrible. The one thing I will give it is that I won't call it boring; I definitely wanted to read what happened next. That being said, I also wouldn't call it "fast-paced" either. It dragged through certain areas, and then skipped through some I thought would have needed more attention and detail, then lingered too l
People think winning the lottery is the best thing in the world. Not so LuAnn Tyler, who is 20, beautiful, dirt-poor, and living in a trailer with her deadbeat boyfriend, the father of her newly born daughter, Lisa. Then she gets a call from a mysterious "Mr. Jackson" who offers to make her rich beyond her wildest dreams. All she has to do is buy a lottery ticket and he will take care of the rest. LuAnn is also a good girl, so, though tempted, she doesn't want to do anything illegal, but circums ...more
Ryan Dejonghe
I’m noticing a trend in books I can’t stand. It’s not the pages of useless exposition (which this book has). It’s not the flat and awkwardly constructed sentences (which this book also has). And it’s not even the odd pacing issues (which, well you can guess). The thing that drives me nuts is a book full of unbelievable premises and characters. You can tell me a giant squid squirted ink on the moon and put us in eternal nocturnal darkness and I’ll believe it—if you tell it honestly and convincing ...more
This one, I immensely enjoyed. It was original and unpredictable (mostly), which are 2 difficult components when you read the amount of mystery novels that I do. It was intriguing with the lottery angle and the way it was done? GENIUS!!! (no spoiler!) Very creative mystery novel and probably my favorite Baldacci to date. I actually shuddered and felt a cold chill with some of the parts with Jackson (major CREEPER!!) Characters well-developed and intriguing from Charlie, the older "grandpa" type ...more
Veselin Nikolov
Книгата се състои реално от 2 части. Първата ми допадна и ако книгата беше спряла там, щях да й дам по-висок рейтинг. Втората не ми допадна. Беше пълна с пълнеж и wtf моменти. Наложи се да прескачам особено неприятни участъци. Ще се опитам в бъдеще да отбягвам този автор, дори когато ми се чете безмозъчна литература.
It's like a silly movie in book form. It requires quite a bit of suspension of disbelief given the odd circumstances and odd characters.

Once again, Baldacci makes everyone into these "beautiful" creatures so that creates that first layer of falseness. Then we get into the abilities of the villain, the strength and power of the heroine, and the ability to fix the lottery? It just adds up to a lot of incredulity on my part.

I still give it three stars for being entertaining plot wise. However, it r
Corey Tardif
I haven't read too many of Baldacci's stand alone books, but I gotta The Winner was an excellent book! Twists and turns from beginning to end, as I got farther into it I read longer than usual each night because I was aching to find out what happened next. David Baldacci has got to be one of my favorite thriller writers. I won't give anything away but one thing I like about this book is Baldacci didn't seem to focus on the political views a whole lot.

Highly recommended to anyone who likes a goo
while my current reading doesn't reflect it, mysteries the mystery is probably my very favorite genre. Far too often, people decide that mysteries are little more than mindless fluff meant to entertain the masses while offering very little substance. Actually, though, it is their substance which often makes them among the most memorable books you'll ever read.

while Baldacci's book probably won't stay with me for long, there are two elements which made it worth my time.

First of all, it caused m
Donna Hill
If someone promised to make you the winner of a $100 million lottery, could you refuse? It's got to be illegal. But, seriously, could you refuse? Or, would that be signing your death certificate?

After she gets such an offer from a mysterious stranger, LuAnn Tyler doesn't have time to ponder that scenario. she arrives home to her dilapidated trailer to find her low-life boyfriend dead and his killer ready to take her life as well. To protect herself and her baby girl, she uses her considerable p
1997 - the third of Baldacci's novels, by now designated 'vintage Baldacci'. Promotional tactic there.

Spoiler Alert ----
Sorry, only five persons meet an untimely end this time out: stabbed, prostaglandinized, neck broken, smothered and shot -
Ohhh! did I write that out for all to read with no spoiler alert?
mea culpa -
End spoiler alert.

I'll retreat and insert the alert now.
There I absolved myself.

Jackson - is the coolest of cool bad guy's You guess, but are never sure, if the person confronting
Giri Dv
Plot appeared contrived and artificial at the start. But as it went on, it was really good. Well written. Compulsive reading.
Why the police could not follow the money trail? Lottery money is sure not paid in cash.
Riggs says his cellphone broke when Donovan hit him. Cellphones do not break. The cover and battery just fall apart.
The police could have looked for the baby when Luann escaped from US. Could have nailed her.
Seems lame that they did not anticipate transmitter devices. Even readers would
Randy Ortiz
I love David Baldacci. His books quickly cut to the chase and he is a master at developing unique and relatable characters. This book is no different. The villian is acceptional.

HOWEVER, Annie from Stephen King's Misery would have slit his throat on this one because the believability of the premise just wasn't there.

Because it is fiction, there is room for leeway, but the villian could have accomplished what he was trying to accomplish by much easier just didn't make sense to make oth
Joey Berube
A quick read. I found myself skimming a big in the beginning since the author chose to include a lot of details that didn't add much to the story. Around 60% I was caught up in the suspense and racing to the end. The book feels a bit dated, but overall I enjoyed the plot and really enjoyed the characters.
Ugg, I almost did not get through this one. Thank goodness, the story got much better "Ten Years Later" The first section was sooo repetitive, I started skimming, yes LuAnn is beautiful but please don't describe it to me over and over, yes LuAnn is uneducated but did she have to use poor grammar in everything she said? and baby Lisa was mentioned so many times, it just seemed like a bland filler.

The fast forward was great, I would not have finished this story with out it. I was ready to quit.

Gloria Johnson
A great book that really held my interest. What dirt-poor, uneducated single mother with a worthless bum of a live-in boyfriend wouldn't jump at the chance to win the lottery...guaranteed? Of course, it is like making a deal with there devil, and there are strings attached. The man who fixed the lottery will be using the money, while she lives off the interest and the promise of a return of the entire winning amount in 10 years. The man who pulls the strings is perfectly evil and without conscie ...more
Tara Young
Hooked from the first page, the threat level is raised and most important, intrigue. Who is this person who deems to decide who is allowed to live well or die horribly? We're taken on a journey and it's quite a ride. Baldacci has a knack for bringing the story where you least expect it. THIS person died? Really? Huh. THIS is what happened when they opened that door? All plausible and believe me I'm a stickler for the plausible. I also learn things with Baldacci's books. Who knew lottery winners ...more
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David Baldacci published his first novel, Absolute Power, in 1996. A major motion picture adaptation followed, with Clint Eastwood as its director and star. In total, David has published 28 novels, all of which have been national and international bestsellers; several have been adapted for film and television. His novels have been translated into more than 45 languages and sold in more than 80 cou ...more
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