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Soul Survivor
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Soul Survivor

4.19 of 5 stars 4.19  ·  rating details  ·  2,506 ratings  ·  214 reviews
Is it possible to live a meaningful life of faith in a world where religion has caused so much harm? Yancey has spent years searching for a faith that works. This is his story and that of the 13 people whose lives have shaped his own spiritual journey.
Hardcover, 336 pages
Published November 1st 2007 by Hodder & Stoughton (first published January 1st 2001)
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Steve Sckenda
“I have spent most of my life in recovery from the church,” says Christian writer Phillip Yancey. He grew up in the 60’s in a Georgia church that proclaimed itself as “New Testament, Blood-bought, Born-again, Premillennial, Dispensational, and Fundamental.” He nearly abandoned Christianity as a reaction against this church and felt deep sympathy for those who had.

Yet, neither did he feel at home among materialistic skepticism, and he felt like the most liberal person among conservatives and s
Kim Voss
This is the first book I read by Philip Yancey. His style is easy and he knows his audience includes both Christians and those who are searching. I've enjoyed everything I've read by him because of this.
love love love this book. yes it falls in the christian category, but it's simply about people who lived their lives in a way that's bound to inspire you. the 13 mini-biographies give you a good sense of these people and yancey helps you to learn more about them through suggested readings at the end of each chapter. i've read 3 other books already just based on what i learned from this book.
The book title says it all - particularly the emphasis on unlikely mentors. Philip Yancey witnessed, like many people, the injustices, such as slavery and racism, inflicted by the church in the name of God. Instead of walking away from the church, he journeys back in time and examines the life of 13 remarkable men who are not preached about as a fine Christian examples. However, on sorting through these unlikely men's lives he discovered God's handiwork. Mahatma Ghandi, India's 'Great Soul', l ...more
Jul 07, 2009 Melanie rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Melanie by: Walter Wink (The Powers That Be)
This is the most moving and encouraging book I have read in a long time. What I liked best about it was how Phillip Yancey doesn't just compile a "top ten" list of inspiring people and reproduce children's story idealizations of their lives. He interweaves his own journey of faith, growth, and repentance with stories of how each person challenged him to reexamine his life and values, while avoiding the temptation to whitewash them into saints. I was very touched by the second chapter, on Martin ...more
Philip Yancey freely admits that he has "spent most of my life in recovery from the church." He grew up in a racist, cult like church in Georgia. He grew to reject most of that church's teaching but yet he still retained his faith. How? This book is his answer.

Yancey profiles 13 people who have influenced his faith. People who allowed that faith to flourish despite the damage he suffered from the religion of his youth. Some of these people he met but some he knows only through their lives and w
I read this book in one week, while doing a missions trip with my church to Guatemala.

I've long identified with Yancey, who comes from hardcore fundamentalist deep south segregationist Baptist roots; I too come from fundamentalism and the apocalyptic "low church". His earlier works cleverly slide in progressive, even liberal thought into a larger Christian context that paints a very different Jesus from the ugly model that (rightly) gets all the press.

But in this book he explores the people who
mirela Darau
I like yancey very much!! he's one of my favourite authors, and, toghether with wurmbrand, my favourite author on "spiritual matters":) I found the title of this book intriguing and captivating at the same time, but when i opened it and saw it is about his mentors, i was thrilled. As far as it concerns me, nothing can influence and teach me more than a good living (or once living:P) example. So i'm excited to read it!

I read so far about Martin Luther King Jr., Chesterton and dr. Paul Brand. Rea
Ben Zajdel
It is rare when you find a book that can change your whole perception on life. Soul Survivor by Philip Yancey not only changed my perception, but did what a good book is supposed to do: inspire a person. I will point out that not everyone will find it to be so dramatically life-altering. But Yancey had a childhood similar to mine, and his perspective is unique. I know that I'm a little late in reading this book (it came out in 2001) but I couldn't help but spread the word about it.

The subtitle
Emmanuel Elkomos kolta
عندما اراجع القائمة بأكملها ...
مارتن لوثر كنج الابن- زعيم سياسي
جي.كاي.تشيسترتون-محاضر في كلية اللاهوت
د.بول براند -متخصص في معالجة مرض الجزام
د.روبرت كولز - طبيب نفسي
ليو تولستوي-روائي و مصلح اجتماعي
فيودور دوستويفسكي -كاتب روسي
موهاندس كاي. غاندي -زعيم هندي
د.سي.إيفرت.كوب-جراح عالمي و سياسي
جون دون- شاعر و كبير الأساقفة في وقته
آني ديلارد- كاتبة و صحفية
فريديريك بوشنر- واعظ و كاتب مسيحي
شوساكو إندو- كاتب ياباني
هنري نووين- كاهن و أستاذ جامعي
، أري أشخاصا بنقائص لا أشخاصا كاملين .سيشخص طبيب نفسي علي الأرجح
Another great Philip Yancey book!! Kudos to my churchmate for letting me borrow this.

Philip Yancey once again weaves a story based on people that changed the outlook on his faith of Christ. This people may not be perfect people, but they were made fully alive by the principles and love of Christ.

From Martin Luther King's fight of racism and equality, G.K. Chesterton's exuberance of his faith, Dr. Paul Brand's heart of a servant, Dr. Robert Coles' fascination of childlike faith, Leo Tolstoy's lif
My life was one of those stories that gave every indication that I would leave the faith--I was angry with God, scripture, the church. I desperately wanted to abandon the framework I had been taught and start with a clean slate. Yet I held on, often, as Jonathan Merritt described it, by "A Thread of Grace." I adored this book for that emphasis. Yancey explored the lives of incredibly flawed Christians (and at least one non-Christian) and examined their doubts, struggles, insecurities, and incons ...more
Interesting, but hardly earth-shaking.
I read Yancey's "Soul Survivor" because the subtitle (How My Faith Survived the Church) suggested that it might help heal some of the pain the Church has caused me recently. Unfortunately, I misinterpreted the subtitle. The book isn't about the author's relationship with Church aside from how it scarred him and damaged his relationship with God. Instead "Soul Survivor" is about what Yancey's faith mentor's taught him about God, grace, and God's relationship with broken humans.

Yancey's book didn
Not a quick read, but one that challenges my attitudes and belief structure in a good way. This book makes me want to be a better person and Christian. It makes me examine my faith in a practical way. We're not talking "tea party" fanaticism here; we're talking about living life with the realization that whatever I do or say, or don't do or say, can have a profound affect on those around me. This book is about real people, who are nothing special in their own minds, but who leave a legacy of the ...more
This book was read over a month or so as part of a church weekly book group. We did a chapter a week. This was my first exposure to Yancey, and I had mixed feelings. He's more conservative than me and has a different approach to the church (both big "c" and little "c") than me, so that was a bit of a barrier. I enjoyed the first half or 3/4'ths of the book -- I gained exposure to a lot of people I've never heard of and how they served as various examples of Christianity (except the Gandhi chapte ...more
Angus Mcfarlane
I found this book was much less tightly written than what I think are Yancey's best - '....Grace' and 'The Jesus...' but I also felt more inspired in some ways by it. (I also don't think the premise of reflecting on how these people changed or affected him really came through - where the reflection took place I didn't find it particularly deep and most of the space was spent discussing the others, which is probably a good thing).

I felt some synergy with some of the familiar characters - Ghandi
Philip Yancey is my favorite Christian author. I thought I had read most of his books until I came across "Soul Survivor" at a used book store. "Soul Survivor" is Yancey's description of 13 influencial authors, humanitarians, scientists, missionaries, pastors, etc. (some of which he has met in person and some he's only read about). These people have helped shape Yancey's faith through the years. Each chapter is a mini-biography of one person - people like Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr, Annie Dil ...more
A book about the thinkers, writers, dreamers, doers & believers that Yancey has either known or read. People who have influenced his faith in some significant way. And helped him rediscover God after rejecting his southern fundamentalist, racist "Christian" upbringing.

This book provided a great introduction to some really amazing folks both historical and contemporary, whose works I was not familiar with. Like G.K. Chesterton, Dr. Paul Brand and Annie Dillard. And others I knew of but not in
Yancey's writing is itself a breath of fresh air amidst so many Christian books on doctrine, end times, family dynamics and other hot topics. He doesn't write from a position of authority, but from the point of view of a questioner, learning as he writes.

This particular book gives potted biographies of thirteen men and women who have had profound influences on Yancey's life and faith. They're not great campaigners of the modern church, or even martyrs of old. Instead, these are flawed people of
My favorite subject to write about is people. Of those people, the ones I want you to know about most are those that have helped me grow spiritually, helped me grow closer to God, or helped me point others to God more effectively.

Philip Yancey, in many of his books is truthful enough to write about a time early in his adult life when he wrestled with his faith. The faith tradition he grew up seemed hypocritical, irrelevant, graceless, and out-of-touch. It just didn't make sense to him to continu
Heidi Petterson
Jul 04, 2011 Heidi Petterson rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone and everyone
After reading What's So Amazing About Grace? and loving it I picked this book up. It sat on my bookshelf for over a year before I finally read it. I didn't know what to expect with a subtitle like How My Faith Survived the Church but I definitely knew I would be able to relate to some degree. It is amazing how Yancey brings up so many brilliant points without ever being disparaging (I can't say I have that gift, myself). It is an excellent read for so many reasons, not the least of which are the ...more
If you can count on Philip Yancey for one thing, that would be complete and utter honesty in his writings. That's a rare quality, especially amongst Christian writers. This book is a great read, if at times a little dull (personal preferences - some people are more interesting than others). Here Yancey explores the lives of 13 people who helped him to retain his Christian faith and live for God, despite the hypocrisy and hurt he experienced in the church. He praises them for teaching him valuabl ...more
Nermine Hosni
#جي.كاي تشيسترتون: ( الطبيعة - الايمان مع خفة الظل - الفرح)
تعلمت ألا اضحك وألا ابتسم وألا ابكي حاولت ألا اهتم او ان يكون لدي رد فعل في مواجهة أمور عدة : البرد او الحرارة ، الروائح الطيبة او الروائح الكريهه الجمال او القبح المحبة او الكراهية
ان جمال العالم هو ابتسامة السيد المسيح الرقيقة معبر عنها من خلال المادة ص

قد يكون الله صنع كل اقحوانه علي حده لكنه حتماً لم يتعب البته من صنعها قد تكون لديه الرغبة في الطفولة الي الابد لأننا اخطأنا وتقدمنا في السن لكن ابانا السماوي اصغر منا سناً ص

قال تشيس
I really like Yancey, however I think this is the fourth or fifth book I've read by him and after a while it's a bit repetitious. There were some stories he wrote in there especially ones about Paul Brand, Martin Luther King,Jr, Ghandi, Tolstoy, Henri Nouwen that I found insightful and informative, but mostly b/c I did not know their life stories. In much of his other books as in this one, Yancey's main points are:life is difficult, humans are sinners, pain in this world is real, churches often ...more
Excellent book. The subtitle says nearly all: "How my faith survived the church" -- turn out Yancey grew up in a racist church in the South and had to leave it for several years to come to terms with his own faith. Soul Survivor is written as 13 mini-biographies of 13 (really 14, as Tolstoy and Dostoevsky are put in a single chapter) individuals whose writing and work helped the author rethink his faith. In the process it is in a way in itself a spiritual auto-biography. Throughout, he emphasise ...more
Yancey grew up in a fundamentalist Southern church in the 50's. It was a scarring experience and it took finding beauty, inspiration and truth outside of the church to help him reclaim his faith in God. He outlines the thirteen of those influences in Soul Survivor.

The fact that truth and inspiration exists in non-traditional, non-"Christian" forms shouldn't be surprising. Yet, when I think back to the first time I read this book 11 years ago, it did startle me a bit. Now I occasionally reread t
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this is not my first review of a philip yancey book, and i have to say all his books are pretty solid. but the two i have reviewed so far - the jesus i never knew and this one - would have to be my favourites.

i would seriously recommend this book to anyone who was jaded with christianity or anyone who thought they knew what christianity was about but hasn't gone in for it.

the book is subtitled "how my christianity survived the church"
My 2nd read of 2015. It was recommended by CST. I loved this book and I will come back to it again and again. I love the way Yancey sets out his own personal faith beliefs and doubts and talks frankly about the unlikely collect of thinkers and do'ers who helped him understand different aspects of grace in his life and in the world around him. Easy to read, insightful, approachable, I will enthusiastically recommend this to my friends and fellow readers.
Katrina Robinson
I read this book at a spiritually challenging time in my life and it was exactly what I needed! Philip Yancey is amazing in how he fearlessly asks tough questions and won't settle with the rhetoric that others often give, but all in a gentle and gracious way. He voiced everything I was thinking and walks the reader through his own journey to find answers. Loved this book! It was like having someone walk the road with me and help me through to the other side.
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A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Philip Yancey earned graduate degrees in Communications and English from Wheaton College Graduate School and the University of Chicago. He joined the staff of Campus Life Magazine in 1971, and worked there as Editor and then Publisher. He looks on those years with gratitude, because teenagers are demanding readers, and writing for them taught him a lasting principle: ...more
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