Rare Beasts (Edgar & Ellen, #1) (Hewan Langka)
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Rare Beasts (Edgar & Ellen, #1) (Edgar & Ellen #1)

3.4 of 5 stars 3.40  ·  rating details  ·  730 ratings  ·  103 reviews
Kenakalan Edgar dan Ellen sudah terkenal di kota Nod's Limbs. Kali ini, si kembar nakal itu mulai bosan dengan kenakalan yang “biasa-biasa saja”. Mereka ingin membuat sesuatu yang luar biasa, namun itu butuh biaya.

Tayangan acara televisi memberi mereka ide untuk membuka toko hewan langka agar bisa mendapat banyak uang. Berhasilkah si kembar menjalankan aksi mereka?

Simak re...more
Published 2007 by Matahati (first published January 2003)
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If you're looking for something similar to the Lemony Snicket books, keep looking. I was hoping that this would be as much fun and as educational, but it didn't come anywhere close.
Barb Scott
For fans of the Unfortunate Events books, here is a series were the children take charge of events! Edgar and Ellen are twins who live in a mansion with their pet named Pet. Without adult supervision (their parents are away on an extended holiday), the twins wreak havoc on the town of Nod's Limbs. In the first of their adventures, they conspire to kidnap all of the pets of the children who live in their town, transform them through the use of old Christmas ornmanets, paint, and glitter, thus tra...more
The twins, Edgar and Ellen, are detestable, one-dimensional, self-centred, unrepentant, and pathetic characters that spend their time thinking up new ways to be bad and stir up trouble.

Seriously, that's their main driving force in this book. They want to be able to buy materials to flood the city or ruin everyone's day, so they decide to (view spoiler)...more
Andrea Ika
Book Review : Edgar and Ellen ; Rare beast

Charles Ogden #review2014

Book Review: Edgar & Ellen : Rare Beast

My rating 4 stars

Fire ants. Fraud. Footie pajamas. Twins Edgar and Ellen live alone -- their parents disappeared years ago, and who can blame them? -- in the quaint, little town of Nod's Limbs, in a grim, gray house overlooking the cemetery and the junkyard. They spend their days avoiding Heimertz, the mysterious accordion-playing caretaker; pestering Pet, a hairy, one-eyed creature...more
Reading this book aloud will help you channel a fake-English, scary, deep voice. Or if not too deep, at least try to sound like Vincent Price. I haven't had this much fun reading out loud in awhile.

The writing style is what makes this book work. Every sentence can be read evilly and gleefully. In my head, I hear the voice of the guy who sings "Mr. Grinch." It's darkly humorous book, but for kids!

As the story winds down the author tries (too hard) to throw in some irony, but it didn't work me.
First of a series, I was hoping for better, a little disappointed. No redeeming qualities whatsoever in Edgar and Ellen, but perhaps that's the point. It almost seemed like a cheap knockoff of better existing books for the same genre. I've got 5 more to read, hope it improves. I did like Pet, hope to see more of him/her?
Edgar et Ellen vivent à Nod's Limbs, dans la seule maison à l'écart des beaux quartiers. Jumeaux, ils se ressemblent en tout point, surtout quand il faut mettre la pagaille dans le village ou embêter les gens! Malheureusement pour eux, leurs mauvais plans demandent des financements et il trouveront une idée - diabolique, cela va sans dire - pour trouver de l'argent tout en mettant à parti les animaux domestiques des enfants du quartier...

Il n'y a pas à dire, ces deux là sont vraiment méchants et...more
Anak-anak nakal, itu hal yang biasa. Dalam usia perkembangan mereka, kenakalan-kenakalan itu lebih sebagai ungkapan keingintahuan mereka terhadap hal-hal baru. Bukan karena dorongan sifat kriminal. Atau juga, bisa jadi sebagai bentuk upaya mencari perhatian dari lingkungannya, terutama orang-orang terdekat mereka: orangtua, teman-teman, guru dll. Lazimnya, kenakalan-kenakalan seperti itu tak dianggap berbahaya. Wajar, namanya juga anak-anak, begitu biasanya kita berkomentar.

Namun, masalahnya men...more
Infinite Playlist
Sep 27, 2010 Infinite Playlist rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: no-one
Shelves: gen-middlegrade
Kleine Biester – Charles Odgen
(Originaltitel: Rare Beasts)
Teil 1 von 6 (Edgar & Ellen)
Deutsche VÖ: 2004, Arena

Als ich Edgar und Ellen zum ersten Mal entdeckte, war ich sehr neugierig. Die düsteren Zeichnungen, die man sowohl auf dem Cover als auch im Buch selbst wiederfindet, ließen mich vermuten, dass dieses Buch genau meinen Geschmack treffen könnte. Fehlanzeige!

Tiere, Gemeinheiten, Schabernack, Geld

Die Zwillinge Edgar und Ellen sind abgrundtief böse. Sie sitzen den ganzen Tag...more
Edgar and Ellen, twins who live alone in a big house wearing nothing but footie pajamas, are up to no good. In this series by Charles Ogden, targeted for children ages 9-12, the sneaky twins are always looking for ways to have fun, even (or especially) at the expense of the townspeople.

In this, the first of the series, Edgar and Ellen hatch a scheme to snatch the other kids' pets and morph them into exotic animals (using lots of glue and glitter) and then sell them at exorbitant prices. Why, you...more
What I love about this book is that it could be dark and violent, if it weren't for the fact that it is a funny middle grade book. I mean, they play hide-seek-and-subdue, abduct childrens' pets, and Ellen almost bludgeoned a guy with a mallet!

This book is about twins Edgar and Ellen, who love to cause mayhem on the people of their town, Nod's Limbs. When they decide they need more money for their evil schemes, they abduct the local pets, and transform them into "exotic" creatures, so that they m...more
This is the kind of book that would benefit wildly from a Colbert or Oprah or Slashdot bump. People have been too tough. There is no reason it should be rated so low. On principle for the crappy rating I almost want to give it a 5.

For kids, or adults that love a Series of Unfortunate Events or Heck, those type of short, easy reads with a beautiful dark comedy (appropriate for kids), this is a winner. It's only a tad over 100 pages, so you can blaze through it. The characters are likable in their...more
2,6 von 5 Sternen
*Wie kam das Buch zu mir*
Ich hatte bereits Teil 3 („In der Unterwelt“) gelesen und fand es recht gut. Da ich die Zeichnungen genial fand, wollte ich auch die anderen Bücher dieser Reihe lesen.

Ich finde die Covergestaltung und auch die Zeichnungen im Inneren des Buches genial. So herrlich makaber. Zu jedem Kapitel gibt es ein Bild – mal groß, mal klein. Die Kapitel sind meist recht kurz gehalten, was gut ist für ein Kinderbuch.

Ich finde es sehr schw...more
Jill Elizabeth
Rare Beasts' Edgar & Ellen are extraordinarily precocious twins, of course - it is, after all, de rigeuer for the children in truly clever children's books to be so (precocious that is; twins is just a bonus) - but their particular brand of precocious is one you don't actually see all that often. They are determined havoc-wreakers. Yup, truly nasty children always playing mean-spirited tricks on each other and the world, and reveling in their meanness. The embodiment of this is found in the...more
Wenny Widy
Di sebuah kota bernama Nod’s Limb, terdapat sebuah rumah kelabu yang sempit tetapi sangat tinggi. di rumah itulah kedua tokoh utama dalam cerita ini tinggal. Edgar dan Ellen, si kembar yang kehilangan sosok orangtua dan telah berubah menjadi sosok yang nakal. Kenakalannya telah tersohor ke seluruh penjuru kota, bahkan konon kenakalannya telah terlihat sejak mereka masih dalam kandungan. Setelah bosan bermain-main dan melakukan kenakalan yang masuk kategori wajar, mereka berinisiatif untuk melaku...more
This post was originally posted in Nazta Saari's Journal

Nod’s Limbs merupakan sebuah kota indah yang nyaris di penuhi oleh ‘wilayah kota yang baik’. Kecuali disuatu sudut kota, dimana berdiri sebuah rumah kecil yang dibangun sangat tinggi dengan warna kusam yang menampakkan kesan tidak terawat. Rumah itu dihuni oleh si kembar Edgar dan Ellen yang sudah terkenal kenakalannya.

Setiap harinya, kedua kakak-beradik kembar ini melakukan hal yang berbeda dari kebanyakan anak di Nod’s Limbs. Pada hari ce...more
Di kota Nod’s Limbs tepatnya di persimpangan antara bagian belakang pemakanaman dan jalan Ricketts, terdapat rumah yang sangat tinggi dan kecil berwarna kelabu. Beberapa daun jendela dibiarkan rusak menggelantung. Rumah itu dihinu oleh dua anak kembar yang terkenal dengan kenakalannya,Edgar dan Ellen. Bahkan sejak masih dalam kandungan.

Di dalam rumah yang berdebu dan tak terurus, Edgar dan Ellen yang telah ditinggalkan orang tuannya “berkeliling Dunia” melakukan ritual mereka setiap paginya deng...more
Edgar & Ellen are terribly mischievous (and parentless) twins with a dark edge. Scratch that - not even a dark edge - a dark chasm. They are caricatures of antiheroes, like villains who take pleasure in rainy days, painful games, and woebegone screaming. Think Addams Family. Due to the dark nature of the characters and the quirky setting, it is often compared to the Series of Unfortunate Events. Unlike the Unfortunate series (or the Addams family), the main characters are difficult to like....more
Boo A-c
Fun books for those who like their fun creepy!
This book is fantastic. There appear to be a lot of unfair comparisons to Lemony Snicket but if anything they are more up there with r Tim Burton's work The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Short Stories.
Fun Read.
For Fans of: Gothic style writings, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Whats Next: The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and other short stories, Flood and fang (The Raven Mysteries)
Erin Forson
Rare Beasts
by Charles Ogden
Have you ever had a babysitting gig with kids so evil you wondered whether or not they were fathered by the devil himself? A job that even if it paid $50 per hour you would rather chew glass than take? Welcome to the world of Edgar and Ellen. These kids are beyond ornery. They are evil incarnate! Edgar and Ellen come up with a plan to raise money in order to hatch malicious schemes against their neighbors. Everyone in town hates them, and with good reason, but the town...more
Edgar and Ellen are devious, mischievous twins who were abandoned by their parents. They spend most of their time tormenting their fellow inhabitants of Nod's Limbs, a town famous for its seven covered bridges. The tale is dark and twisted. Edgar and Ellen, desperate for funds for their tricks, kidnap all the pets and town and transform into valuable rare animals using Christmas ornaments, glue, glitter and feathers. They then try to sell their rare animals in town while the rest of the town chi...more
a newer series with a bid to buy into the lemony snicket fan club. not nearly as subtle or skilled as snicket, but the pictures are interesting. in this volume, they hear that rare animals are worth lots of money, so they steal all of the pets in town and paint and decorate them to disguise them as “rare beasts” then try to sell them back to the townspeople. slight storyline, and maybe i was also turned off by their periodic rhyming songlets. i hate it when authors include rhyming songlets (with...more
I'm a huge fan of A Series of Unfortunate Events, so I figured I'd give this one a try since it's recommended to fans of the series. It doesn't hold up at all in comparison, though.

It's hard for me to rate this book due to my perspective as an adult. Unlike A Series of Unfortunate Events, it feels like this wasn't at all written for older readers enjoyment.

And I just didn't much like the twins, which I think is the point? I was glad when they failed. Which again could be the point? I suppose I...more
Edgar and Ellen are two orphaned siblings who like to play cruel jokes on each other and their small town. Unfortunately, they've run into a bit of a money crunch. They decide that their get-rich quick scheme should involve selling rare beasts - so they steal all of the pets in their area and make them look rare and unique. The only problem is.. they can't seem to find any buyers that will pay over $5 and they're asking for at least $1,000. What ever will they do?

As this is the first of the Edga...more
I read these books when I was around 11 and still flip through them from time to time. There is just enough mystery, humor, and plot twists to keep young children interested without confusing them.
Despicable young Munster-ish type siblings - living alone in a awful mansion - play tricks on the town...while they don't develop into wonderful children - their lives as wicked hooligans would appeal to many of my library kids...3rd - 5th grades.
I loved the illustrations in this, but the story and characters did nothing for me.
A quirky story. We know that not all children are angels, and these twin are an example of it. They are absolutely naughty and mischievous. Do you ever feel like annoying people? I think these two are a very simple example of what happen when we let our will and mind unguarded and uncontrolled. This is also what happen to a lot of children when their parents are unaware and cannot (or unwilling to) control their children, thinking that their children are the best-behaved angels in the world. I j...more
I agree with the others that place this in the "trying (and failing) to be the next Lemony Snicket" category. It was not written poorly or anything, but I had a hard time caring AT ALL what these little devious, evil twins were up to. I was also annoyed with the Roald Dahl-like "songs" that Edgar and Ellen break into at random. Kids with a sneaky-side of their own or a love of things goth or unusual might enjoy these, but they are certainly no "Series of Unfortunate Events."
Christopher Obert
Edgar & Ellen, two of fictions most creepy twins! The town of Nod’s Limbs will never sleep soundly while these two characters live within their hamlet. In Rear Beasts, Edgar & Ellen “petnap” the town’s pets to turn them into more exotic animals to sell back to the unsuspecting town folk. Will the twins get away with their twisted plot or will something happen to put a damper on their plans? A fun and weird tale, the first of a series of delightful frightful stories!
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Charles Ogden is the pen name used by a collection of authors at Star Farm Productions for the Edgar & Ellen book series for children and young adults. The pen name is credited with nine books (with a tenth upcoming), published by both Tricycle Press, and more recently, Simon & Schuster.
More about Charles Ogden...
Tourist Trap (Edgar & Ellen, #2) Under Town (Edgar & Ellen, #3) Pet's Revenge (Edgar & Ellen, #4) Nod's Limbs (Edgar & Ellen, #6) High Wire (Edgar & Ellen, #5)

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