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Voodoo (Max Mingus, #1)
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Voodoo (Max Mingus #1)

3.78 of 5 stars 3.78  ·  rating details  ·  843 ratings  ·  104 reviews
Schwarze Magie und verschwundene Kinder vor der Kulisse des geheimnisvollen Haiti.
Es ist ein Auftrag, den Privatdetektiv Max Mingus nicht ablehnen kann: Zehn Millionen Dollar bietet ihm der Milliardär Allain Carver, wenn Max dessen Sohn findet. Von dem kleinen Charlie fehlt seit über drei Jahren jede Spur, und er ist nicht das einzige Kind, das auf Haiti verschwunden ist.
Paperback, 608 pages
Published October 1st 2007 by Goldmann Verlag (first published January 1st 2006)
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Mr. Clarinet is a first rate thriller. The protagonist, Max Mingus is out of prison having spent several years there for shooting four young men who had viciously murdered a young girl. An ex-cop turned private investigator, Max exits prison at a low point in his life. Shortly before his release his loving wife is killed in a car crash. They'd planned to tour the world. Because of his reputation for solving cases, no sooner is he released when he is approached by Allain Carver, a very wealthy ma ...more
Author: Think I’ll write a crime novel for my debut!
Agent: Okay but whatever you do try to be original! But don’t ignore the tried and tested formula – make sure you stick with it.
Author: Oh don’t worry; originality was at the forefront of my mind. In fact I’ve already done quite a bit of research.
Agent: Okay – I’m listening.
Author: Well, for a start the ‘hero’ has to be tough, you know, a bit like Burke’s Robicheaux and Connelly’s Bosch.
Agent: Like it! And his wife must have died horribly like
I’ve read quite a few assured debuts recently but this one blows most out the water. Using the detective/hard boiled tale to plumb into the troubling history and worried psyche of a nation is trick other writers use, but to do it with confidence as debut is rare. Nick Stone’s Haiti (set post-Aristide, Clinton era invasion, pre-earthquake) is as haunting and troubling as the last significant outsider portrait of Haitian Hell (the Mr. Stone’s outsider status can be argued) Graham Greene’s The Come ...more
A whodunit set in Haiti, written by a former resident of the island. His descriptions of the poverty and deprivation, heat and dust are strong and jarring. He takes a few of the philosophical asides common to the "private dick" genre, a la Travis McGee or more recently, Carl Hiaasen. The digs at America's policies with the country, mostly Carter and Clinton, are deft and have an insider's ring of truth to them, though I did not sense any partisan edge to them.

The story hinges on the search for a
In Nick Stone's debut book, MR CLARINET, ex-cop, ex-PI, most recently convicted of manslaughter, Max Mingus is contacted whilst still in jail by the desperate father of a child kidnapped in Haiti. Despite offering millions of dollars as a reward, Allain Carver, part of the powerful and rich elite of Haitian society, has to pester Mingus in jail and after release, to take up the search for his son. Mingus has a reputation of getting to the bottom of kidnappings and disappearing children, and of t ...more
Timothy Dalton
This novel started out good, but as ex-private detective/ex-con/ex-cop Max Mingus begins to unravel the mystery of the missing child Charlie Carver he takes his years and years of training and with complete disregard to protocol throws all of that experience to the wind. He continues to make wrong turn after wrong turn. The way the story evolves reminds me of someone who is driving to their destination and then there GPS breaks, and even though one of the other passengers in the car knows the wa ...more
Luther Obrock
So this book is a thriller, and it indeed thrills, so hence the two stars. Its writing is mediocre at best, but hey, it does the job, and the forward motion is never stalled by a well-turned phrase, so I suppose it keeps the interest level up.

My one and only problem with this book is that the author is utterly tone-deaf to American language, idiom, history, and politics. This in itself would not be a problem, but when the main character is supposed to be American... well, it turns out to be jarr
I have never read anything about Haiti before unless you count some of the news stories from the horrendous natural disaster a few years back. So I wasn't really sure how much I would understand of how they lived. But this was the perfect story for me. It was a thriller (my fav) wrapped up with plenty of mystery (my next fav) and let me learn about some of the history and culture in Haiti. It's definitely portrayed as another world. Lawlessness, corruption, voodooism and all sorts of culture dif ...more
I flew through this one, which has as many crazy plot twists as any Chandler potboiler.
And even though after finishing, and thinking that some of the crazy convolutions were downright stupid, I was still on an adrenaline high.
In tone, this writing comes pretty close to my favorite author of noir, Chandler. Max Mingus has a strong moral compass--which doesn't keep him from pulling the trigger to execute his own justice.
Loved the Haitian setting. Stone, raised in Haiti, creates a visceral backdrop
MR CLARINET , I give you two stars.

This book had a lot of potential, but sadly it did not live up to my expectations at all. The story took way to long to begin and due to this unfortunate fact I gave up on it on Page 186.

I don't know if my utter dislike of this book stems from my love of Karin slaughter and her fast paced crime novels , or from the fact that it felt more like a lesson in poverty and Haiti's politics than a search for a lost boy and the hunt for a voodoo priest/ Mr Clarinet.

Dani Noviandi
Max Mingus, seorang detektif, juga seorang mantan narapidana gara-gara kasus penembakan terhadap tiga orang anak yang mencoba memperkosa seorang gadis kecil. Ia mendapati kehidupannya setelah keluar penjara sangat berubah drastis, apalagi setelah kematian istrinya Sandra, ketika ia di dalam penjara. Satu hal utama, ia kekurangan uang untuk membiayai hidupnya. Di saat itulah, ada penawaran menarik dari keluarga Carver di Haiti guna mencari anak mereka yang hilang, Charlie Carver. Memang, saat itu ...more
Max Mingus war mal Polizist und erfolgreicher Privatdetektiv in Miami, bis ein Fall sein Leben komplett änderte. Die Entführung eines kleinen Mädchens nahm ihn derart mit, dass er ihre noch nicht einmal erwachsenen Kidnapper bei ihrer Ergreifung voller Wut und Hass eiskalt hinrichtete – was ihm sieben Jahre Gefängnis wegen Totschlags einbrachte. Während all dieser harten Zeit war es allein seine Ehefrau Sandra, die ihn vor der völligen Selbstaufgabe bewahrt. Wenige Wochen vor seiner Entlassung s ...more
Elizabeth A.
Stone’s debut thriller Mr. Clarinet introduces Max Mingus, an ex-police officer/P.I. recently released from prison after serving 7 years for manslaughter. Unable to return to work as a P.I. in Miami, Max is persuaded to take a missing persons case in Haiti involving the disappearance of the son of one of the country’s wealthiest families. The child, rumored by locals to have been taken by a bogeyman known as Mr. Clarinet, has been missing for 3 years and the trail long since gone cold, but the f ...more
Just who REALLY paid the piper?

Reading an author's debut book sometimes feels like a double edged sword, yes should the they be successful and go on to write a whole series about a particular character then you are starting at the very beginning, on the ground floor so to speak (unless the second offering, as in this case, is a prequal) but then the writing style may not be fully honed as yet and later books are above basement level. On the whole I feel that this a fairly accomplished first nove
Mr. Clarinet, interestingly, is the first of the Max Mingus trilogy but not the first chronologically. While I haven't read the second yet (The King of Swords ), it appears that book goes back in time and serves as a prequel. And, from what I understand, the last in the series. Voodoo Eyes, goes forward in time to when Max is 60, still on the tail of the elusive Solomon Boukman, the ever-present bad guy in the previous novels. Despite the interesting broken chronology of the narrative, it makes ...more
Mr Clarinet was my first book by Nick Stone and I definitively enjoyed it a lot. The character of Max is great and the fact that the book is playing mainly in Haiti makes the plot very exciting. I learned a lot about the country and voodoo religion. I also liked that no character was neither entirely good nor bad, but were all having a bit of both aspects. The plot itself was great, fast paced and not predictable. I would love to meet Max again in one of his other books. 4 stars for Mr Clarinet. ...more
Becca Lynne
I picked this up from the library on a whim and read it all in just about one sitting. Stayed up way too late. It was worth it. It's not an easy book to read. There's a general malaise about the conditions some of the character have towards their situations. There's also no shortage of carnage and abuse. For those of you with Triggers, I suggest staying away. For those of you without, it's not a literary masterpiece but it is very entertaining. My hope is that he gets back to this style whenever ...more
Rose Clifford
I had to google where Haiti (Hay' tea) was, and then spent alot of time feeling bad about its political situation and its people. The writing is exceptional with its raw, gritty and absolutely scary details, need I say the voodoo bits in the story. Good pace, tight story line. I'm going to look for his other book 'King of Swords' you have a new fan Mr.Stone.
Der Titel in Verbindung mit dem Klappentext erweckte in mir den Eindruck, dies wäre ein Horrorthriller mit Voodoozauber und dergleichen.
Ich wurde angenehm überrascht, es ist ein "normaler" Thriller. Ein abgehalfterter Privatdetektiv und ehemaliger Polizist soll eine Kindesentführung in Haiti aufklären. Vor Ort angekommen, taucht er in eine völlig fremde Welt ein, sowohl gesellschaftlich als auch kulturell. Im Laufe seiner Ermittlungen stellt er fest, daß nichts so ist, wie es scheint...
Der Roman
I really enjoyed this whodunit thriller involving an ex-cop who is also an ex-PI who is also an ex-con named Max Mingus. It is set in Haiti and Miami. Max's job is to find a kid named Charlie Carver who had been kidnapped several years before. It is fast paced and entertaining. The writing left a bit to be desired, I though. The main thing that bugged me about the writing was that it was supposed to be about an American protagonist. However, he does things like ride lifts, plays defence, go to t ...more
Max Mingus is a former cop just released from prison for killing three child murderers. Upon release he tries to pick up the pieces of his life which are hard since his wife died while he was in prison. There are two things that tempt him to take the case of a missing child. One is the fifteen million dollars he'll be paid. Two, and more important, is because the case involves a child. The case takes him to Haiti and the rich family in a country of poverty, corruption, greed, voodoo and black ma ...more
I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. The author, having lived in Haiti, paints a picture so vivid that it is easy to lose yourself, to step off the plane in Max's shoes and experience the country. The writing is filled with adjectives - some over-used and some uncommon delights - but, rather than detract from the story as some 1-star reviews critique, I believe that it enhances it; Mr. Stone has laid out a smorgasbord for the senses in his descriptions - if you just sit back and let yourself be suck ...more
GENRE/PUB DATE/# OF PGS: Mystery, 2006, 560 pgs
TIME/PLACE: 1990's, Haiti
CHARACTERS: Max Mingus/Detective
COMMENTS: Excellent debut! Max Mingus, former Miami cop,
now a PI gets a case in Haiti to find a kidnapped child.
He's not the 1st PI to be hired, and the payoff is
very high, $10 million. It's been 3 yrs since Charlie Carver was kidnapped and not only has no one been successful in finding him but several have died in the attempts. After the sudd
Craig Staines
I thought this book was really quite good. The author goes a little over the top from time to time with long descriptions which can become tiresome (e.g. ~3 pages describing the squalor and stench of a trailer). Max Mingus, our protagonist for the novel, is hard to get along with at first due to his negative attitude and unwilling but you become attached eventually and he takes the reader on a rather unsuspecting journey through legends, child smuggling rings and voodoo. It sounds all very far f ...more
Tim Niland
Private Detective Max Mingus is released from prison after killing three perpetrators of a vicious crime. Upon release, he is hired by a wealthy Haitian family to probe the disappearance of their young son. Mingus travels to Haiti to attempt to separate truth from legend and fiction, like the legend of Mr. Clarinet who is stealing children from their homes. This is Stone's first novel, the precursor to the extraordinary novel King of Swords, and you can tell that Stone was working the kinks out ...more
Leila Jean Potgieter
Enjoyed this book as much as I did King of Swords. I read King of Swords first, as I had it on my shelf but did not own any of the others, and it is actually the second book of the series, with Mr Clarinet being number 1. I am glad I did however, as the books are written 'in reverse' so to speak, with the events in King of Swords having taken place before the events in Mr Clarinet. I found that I understood Mr Clarinet a lot better because of the sequence in which I read the books, and did not f ...more
Un relato sobre un secuestro, en el cual se ven implicados actos como secuestro, vudú, magia blanca, magia negra.
Max sale de la cárcel por haber asesinado a tres jóvenes que tenían secuestrada a la hija de sus amigos, motivos por los cuales no se deben mezclar el trabajo con la vida personal pensó el.
Viaja a Haiti para empezar la investigación de un secuestro, que nadie había podido secuestrar, era el, el mejor de su rama quien debía resolverlo.
La historia da miles de giros inesperados en los cu
Douglas Echenique Zambrano
Un relato sobre un secuestro, en el cual se ven implicados actos como secuestro, vudú, magia blanca, magia negra.
Max sale de la cárcel por haber asesinado a tres jóvenes que tenían secuestrada a la hija de sus amigos, motivos por los cuales no se deben mezclar el trabajo con la vida personal pensó el.
Viaja a Haiti para empezar la investigación de un secuestro, que nadie había podido secuestrar, era el, el mejor de su rama quien debía resolverlo.
La historia da miles de giros inesperados en los
Elenor Sandström
A scary story that was disturbing but very well told. Readin about kids being taken are always hard but Nick Stone wove a great story from of superstition and I'm guseeing stories that's been around.
Pretty dense whodunit about child disappearances in Haiti. Generally I can judge just how much I enjoy a novel by how fast I buzz through it, but while I hardly put this one down, something was just...missing. The hero, an ex-cop, ex-P.I. who gunned down some thugs and spent seven years in prison, was gritty...but not gritty enough. The story dives into voodoo and black magic and gets creepy...but not creepy enough. There are some shocking moments, some surprising twists, but they're just not re ...more
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Nick Stone was born in Cambridge in 1966, the son of a Scottish father and a Haitian mother. His first novel, Mr Clarinet, won the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger, the International Thriller Writers Award for Best First Novel and the Macavity Award for Best First Novel, and was nominated for The Barry Award for Best British Novel.

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