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The Fire Within (The Last Dragon Chronicles, #1)
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The Fire Within (The Last Dragon Chronicles #1)

3.73 of 5 stars 3.73  ·  rating details  ·  15,540 ratings  ·  982 reviews
Best-selling author, Chris d'Lacey, brings us a magical story about mysterious hand crafted clay dragons who have unusual powers.

When David moves in with Liz and Lucy, he discovers a collection of hand crafted, clay dragons that comes to life and has magical powers. David's personalized dragon, Gadzooks, can forecast the future, and inspires him to write a story which reve...more
Paperback, 340 pages
Published March 1st 2007 by Scholastic Paperbacks (first published September 27th 2001)
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Phyl Not at all like Eragon. I would compare it to Bruce Coville's Unicorn Chronicles, perhaps, or the writing style of a younger (and male) Jane Yolen.…moreNot at all like Eragon. I would compare it to Bruce Coville's Unicorn Chronicles, perhaps, or the writing style of a younger (and male) Jane Yolen. Fully unpredictable story-within-a-story-within-a-story that was quite captivating. I hope you'll like it.(less)
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The fantasy parts of this book were believable but the reality parts were not. The characterization of the main character was completely ridiculous and unbelievable. The language was terrible (who says "Aren't you supposed to be at college" instead of "aren't you supposed to be in class?" The word college was seriously over-used, like the author had to keep pointing out that he was in college since his character wasn't nearly mature enough to be in college and any guy actually in college would N...more
Ker Malkin Gesulga
YAY! A dragon book! I LOVE DRAGONS!

But disappointingly so, it's NOT what I had expected for a dragon book to be 'cause it's mainly centered on squirrels! *annoyed* I know, right?! What was the author thinking?

David is this tenant who rented a room in Elizabeth Pennykettle's household. Liz owns a bunch of clay modeled dragon figures since that's what she "does" for a living and evidently have those things unwavering around the house, mostly on shelves. They don't move but they seem very alive.

I decided to read a children’s book as a change of pace, and Chris D’Lacey’s The Fire Within was a perfect choice. A young college student, David, moves into the home of mother and daughter, Elizabeth and Lucy, expecting just a room to sleep in and food to eat. But he soon becomes part of the family, helping Lucy in her quest to save the squirrel next door which was left injured when its tree was chopped down. The novel has a beautiful mixture of nature and fantasy, with delightful relationships...more
Ival Crisp
The Fire Within is one of those books that might not seem very special, or as if it would be a worthwhile read, yet is actually a story that will touch the hearts of all who decide to open its cover. In my opinion, the writing style of this first installment is most suitable for someone of a younger age than my own, yet the themes expressed have the ability to capture anyone's interest. This easy read is a favorite of mine and will always remain so.

Throughout the entirety of the novel, a prevale...more
I was pretty disappointed with this one. Quite a few of my kids at school really like this one and the series. It has a pretty cool core idea with some dragon lore and living dragon statues, but then like 80% of the book is about saving some squirrels! Who cares?! Seriously. The little girl and the main 20-yr-old freaking out so much about the squirrels isn't really believable and it definitely isn't interesting.

The book suffers from a semi-common JF fiction problem of the characters acting weir...more
A Fire Within, Dull and Treacly Without

"Hrrr Durr" said that dragon. If you missed it the first time, don't worry, they'll point this out like 50 other times, because it's very poignant that the dragons are...well, special.

This book is so lame. I realize this was a much lower reading level thanI thought it would be, but even my 7 yr old niece would find this book too overly precious, tautological, and redundant. There's clay dragons that are magical and cry purple fire tears and go hrr (DONT FO...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Mrs. Bajema
When college student David decides to board with Liz and her daughter Lucy he soon discovers all is not as it seems. Liz makes clay model dragons to sell, and Lucy is a rambunctious kid who really wants to find out where all the squirrels have gone. When Liz gives David his own dragon, Gadzooks, a tiny little dragon chewing on the end of a pencil, David's life takes some unexpected turns.

This wasn't exactly a dragon book, in the sense of having a dragon as a main character. It was an interestin...more
Josh Neff
This book was not a terrible book, but it was defiantly not great. I did not like this book very much. I was hoping that it would be more focused about dragons than it was. The plot wasn't very good, and it was very shallow. I wished it would have been more interesting than it was. The book was mostly about squirrels and that was disappointing, because the cover had a dragon on it. When I picked it up I thought I was going to get a very interesting story about dragons. I would not recommend this...more
Dec 05, 2007 Alice rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: anyone
Shelves: fantasy-series
A magical adventure about the power of dragons...

When David moves in with Elizabeth Pennykettle and her eleven-year-old daughter, Lucy, he discovers a collection of clay dragons that come to life. David's own special dragon inspires him to wrote a story, which reveals the secrets behind a mystery. In order to solve the mystery and to save his dragon, David must master the magic of the fire within--not only with his hands but also his heart.
Anthony Dimario
Before I start let me just imply that I read this years ago when I was younger and part of the second, so I am a tad biased writing this review for it being one of my favorite childhood books.

Now, for the actual review. Who doesn't like dragons ? And that's exactly what the book is filled with to the brim. A twenty year old college student named David moves into the Pennykettle household as a temporary tenant. There he meets Liz, the single mother who works as a potter and creates clay dragons t...more
Aria Ahmer
This was a rather cute children's book and I'll gladly collect the series for my future children. I just thought that David did not act like a man in college at all, but then again it IS a children's story. David just seemed to act a bit younger than anyone in college. I still enjoyed the story. :) Sadly, the squirrels were more of the focus throughout most of the book and I very much was hoping for an epic dragon story. I can tell the series is building up to that type of story, so I will keep...more
When I first opened it I thought it would be an okay book, if a little childish, but basically the writing was terrible. The parts with the dragons were swallowed up in a side story about squirrels that was completely unrealistic. Maybe if I was younger it would have seemed better.
Kimberly Paul
OH MY GOD! This book is so outrageous! It's so suspeseful and it has dragons, which I love! Well, for anyone who hasn't read this book, I'm sorry, but I HAVE to give you my part so far (so here's a spoiler alert):

'Oddly, he thought about his dragon, then; Gadzooks, sitting on the windowsill at home: a spiky silhoutte against the rain pattered glass. And, in that moment, something peculiar happened. In his mind's eye David saw Gadzooks take his pencil from his mouth and try to scribble something...more
The Fire Within (The Last Dragon Chronicles #1)
By: Chris D'Lacey
Report Written By: Christopher Painchaud 7F-1 Monday November 28th 2011

Ah, the Pennykettle family. They sure are one of a kind in Chris D,Lacey's book "The Fire Within", the first book of this amazing series.

David Rain is 20 years old and is going for a geography class in Scrubbly
and he needs to find somewhere to stay, and then he sees a flyer for the Pennykettle family.
So, he decides to stay there. When he arrives he meets Elizabe...more
Katelynn Spencer
Wayward Crescent is a small suburban town decorated with beautiful oak trees and furry wild life scurrying about, with the occasional busybody nosing around in everyone’s business. David is a young College student, who has rented a room in Mrs. Pennykettle’s, along with her eleven year old daughter Lucy’s, house. David instantly notices a strange vibe in the air when every room is garnished with an ornate clay dragon. Not only this, but Mrs. Pennykettle and Lucy speak as if the dragons have feel...more
Jinky Spring
I loved the concept but didn't think much of the story.

Why the fucking hell is a book advertised as a dragon book about a squirrel???
Not amused..

Anyway I was intrigued by the clay dragons and all the other mysterious goings on. But then the book started focusing on that stupid squirrel. It just went on and on, pages of shit about that squirrel! I was a hairs inch away from giving this up! A total waste of fucking time!

At the end things started heating up dragon-wise. But the best part was when...more
This book was BORING!!!!! It should have been called "Conker's Life" or something to that effect. I was looking for dragon fantasy and I got a crappy story about squirrels. The characters were completely undeveloped, and I hated Lucy. That may sound harsh, but she maybe the most annoying character ever created. I was looking forward to reading the whole series. That is never going to happen. I made myself finish the book because I paid nearly $10.00 ( e-book) for less than 200 pages. The series...more
The Fire Within by Chris D’ Lacey

When David takes a room for rent in Liz’s and Lucy Pennykettle’s home, everything seems normal enough, except for the dragons that seem to be on every shelf in the house. David pays little mind to the clay dragons till his own dragon starts appearing in his thoughts, giving him advice for stories and seemingly predicting the future. David quickly begins to realize that the dragons are more than clay. They are real.

Finding the ad for a cheap room near his colleg...more

In this book, David Rain, a college geography student, comes to Scrubbley. He finds housing at number 42 Wayward Crescent, a house with several strange characters. Liz, the sensible mom. Lucy, the daughter, who is obsessed with gray squirrels. Bonnington the cat. two squirrels, conker who has a hurt eye, and Snigger who comes from the library gardens to save Conker. Finally, Henry Bacon, the nosy neighbor that HATES squirrels.

Then that takes us to the dragons. These clay creations made by Liz ar

oh boy, these Fire Within books are all the rage with my ten year old boy and his friends! he was so excited for me to partake of the dragon-fun but I must admit, I really had to fake enthusiasm for this tortuous story about clay dragons that come to life, squirrels that may or may not be getting bullied at the town fountain by other squirrels, and a college student protagonist who is really socially over-involved with his nine-year old land-lady's daughter. (I don't mean to imply that it's cree...more
Mi_twilite why are you lokkin 4 my last name??? u R A Stalker
This is a great book by my standards. The main sequencing is a college student who looks to find a room to rent near campus finds himself in the home of a mother who makes dragons out of clay-and they come to life. One thing that bothers me is that there is rather little action, which is something i look for in a book. It is pretty sentence-fluent and colorful, and moves along at a leisurely pace. This is the sort of book you would want to read as a project or just something on the side. I used...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Bridget Lamonica
I read this book in high school during our first annual reading competition. It was...cute. I'll admit that it was definitely for younger readers, and in high school I certainly had a higher reading aptitude than most, so it felt like it was written for pre-teens or younger. I think the biggest thing that turned me off to the book was the absense of real dragons. It sounded like it was a book about dragons...but what does the book focus on? Squirrels. Yeah. The actual dragons in the book were an...more
James Estrada
when I read this book,I noticed that there is more than one main character in this book. there is David, a young man who bought a home with clay dragons in it, and Lucy, the daughter of the owner of the house, who has a big spirit. The owner of the house goes by the name of Lizbeth, Liz for short. If you would like to know about the animals, there is Conker, a squirrel who has one eye and is in danger of dying. There is also a pet cat that live with them named Bonnington. Finaly, there is the c...more
Oct 07, 2014 Avigail rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: preteens (9-12 yr olds) who enjoy fantasy or like animal stories
Shelves: kids-books, fantasy
At first I was disappointed with this book. I had picked it up in the library based off of the description on the back, which made so little sense to me I decided to read it (I was in the mood for fantasy anyway). This book was in the YA section. Looking at it through the lens of a young adult dragon-fantasy book, this book disappoints on many levels, but as soon as I started viewing it as a book aimed at 9 year olds, it became very solid, and I would recommend it to someone in that age range.
Jul 29, 2014 RubyRidingHood rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: YA Dragon book-Lovers
I thought this book was going to be about magic and dragons, and it was going to be SO GOOD! Squirrels are not on my top list of MOST INTERESTING SUBJECTS! I only read it cuz one of my friends liked it! I read the second one-Ice Fire- and it was better because the dragons moved and d'Lacy made them sound super cute! There is an annoying girl who he likes instead of Sophie, though =/
I reread this to give it a second chance because I knew what to expect the second time around. I think the sequ...more
Carrie Slager
The Fire Within is definitely a book for ages 8-12, but I still love reading it. The whole premise behind Chris d’Lacey’s book is unique, highly creative and very intriguing. I won’t give anything away, but the clay dragons of the eccentric Pennykettles aren’t all that they seem. David will discover the truth, but will the college student believe it?

Since this is written for a much younger audience, David, the main character, is less mature than most college students. The characters are not deve...more
I have been seeing this book around for years. I love dragons, but only recently decided to FINALLY pick it up and read it. Even now, it was only after my mom and sister picked up a used copy of the second book and gave it to me. I read this one for my local library's summer reading program, as a way to start catching up to books I already own and have been meaning to read. I really believe that when you're meant to read a book or watch a movie, you will, and not a moment sooner than necessary....more
A sweet story about a college student, a mother and a daughter, dragons, and . . . squirrels. Yes, there are squirrels in this story. I would recommend this to lovers of fantasy, especially younger ones. (Note: (view spoiler) which might make it a little sad for younger kids. But it's handled very well, and it really shows how to mourn and yet accept death.)
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He was born in Valetta, Malta, but as a child moved first to Leicester and then to Bolton. After gaining a degree in biology from the University of York, he returned to Leicester and got a job at the University of Leicester in their Pre-Clinical Sciences department.
Originally his writing was confined to songs and he didn't turn to fiction until he was 32. His first piece of work was a 250,000 word...more
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