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Baloney (Henry P.)
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Baloney (Henry P.)

3.52 of 5 stars 3.52  ·  rating details  ·  614 ratings  ·  108 reviews
The twisted team that gave the world Squids Will Be Squids and The Stinky Cheese Man now delivers a whole lot of Baloney. Henry P. Baloney. Henry is an alien schoolkid who needs to come up with one very good excuse to explain why he is late for szkola, again. Otherwise, his teacher Miss Bugscuffle promises, it's Permanent Lifelong Detention.

Henry's tall tale of his lost zi
Paperback, 40 pages
Published September 8th 2005 by Puffin Books (first published 2001)
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Callie Rose Tyler
What a terrible idea.

If you are going to read this book aloud be prepared to stumble and stammer and stare into children's blank faces or furrowed brows of confusion. If you try the "lets guess what each word means" game they might get the first one, pencil, but the rest of the time the only answer to your questions will be crickets. Plot and storyline are suitable for a younger age but the language and concept is more for older children, therefore I don't find it suitable for any age.

Too many s
Jon Scieszka does not disspoint in his charming tale, Baloney (Henry P) written for 1st to 3rd grade readers. Henry P is an other-worldly being who has to explain to his teacher why he is late for school. In the same vain as any excuse story, Henry spins quite a tale that took him from his planet, onto a razzo he could not stop, to a battle with a sighing flosser and a battle with a kuningas. If the words just used are unknown, that is just what Scieszka intended. At first, I found the use of tw ...more
NSAndrew Liebergen
Oh what fun this book was!!!!!!!!!!

Love it! Funnnnnny!

Our young green-faced alien, Henry P. Baloney, arrives late at school once too often. His teacher, Miss Bugscuffle, wants to know the reason why. Henry embarks on a creative excuse, and naturally as an alien, he continues to use "alien" words (for translations of them see Decoder at the back of the book). "I would have been exactly on time," said Henry, "But. . . I misplaced my trusty zimulis. Then I. . . um. . . found it on my deski." Someho
Christine Jensen
Approximate Interest Level/Reading Level: Early to Mid Elementary

Format: Picture Book

Awards: Notable Books of the English Language Arts (2002)

Henry P. Baloney, young space alien, needs to invent a really good excuse for being late for school before his teacher gives him a permanent life long detention. Luckily, Henry is extremely creative and has a life-saving imagination! In this comedic science fiction tale, words like szkola (for school), piksa (for picture), and zimulis (for pencil) seem l
I did not like this book at all, in any way, shape, or form.

As ideas go, attempting to introduce children to other languages is stellar but not practical when the author stuffs a bunch of random foreign words down a child's throat without an explanation. We grabbed this book thinking it would be a fun alien story but boy, were we ever wrong. The author randomly included other languages through out the text and this made the book extremely difficult to read aloud, not to mention I did not know wh
I really wish the rationale and decoder were at the beginning of the book but that said it was a very interesting book. Henry P Baloney is exactly as he is pictured on the cover, a green alien from another planet. After being late to school for the umpteenth time, he must explain to his teacher why he is late and it had better be a good explanation. As Henry P is relating his tale, he uses what are unfamiliar and somewhat familiar words to describe his ordeal. The fun of the story is trying to f ...more
This is a awesome book about an alien who is late to class and faces lifelong detention. The pictures in this book are filled with beautiful collages that zoom in and out of different pictures. The pictures are so interesting to look at the details of the sketch. I really like this book because it had words like "razzo" and students could use context clues to figure out what the word is. This books is an amazing book that can be used for students in grade 3 and below. Students will have a lot of ...more
This is a fantastic story about an alien who is late for school. Not only is it humorous story with eye catching illustrations, it's a perfect story for teachers to use when introducing or teaching context clues. Interspersed throughout the book are words from different languages (which on a first read you might think are made up alien words). As you read the pages to the class, the students get a kick out of using context clues and guessing what the unknown words might mean. At the end, there i ...more
(NS) - Heather Hayman
In this silly and bizarre story about an alien by the name of Henry P. Baloney, he is late for class and faces lifelong detention from Miss Bugscuffle. While he masterminds quite an excuse to explain why he wasn't on time, it is told in a combination of many Earth languages. Children will all be able to relate to this familiar tale and enjoy reading such words as 'zimulus' and 'deski'. Illustrations add to the story in trying to decipher what certain words mean in this wild tale filled with plen ...more
Baloney is seven minutes late for class and has to explain to his teacher Miss Bugscuffle what happened. He tells an exciting tale of taking off in a rocket and landing on another planet. I love hiw the words of the story were part of the illustrations. I also loved the decoder at the end that explains all of the different languages used to tell the story. Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith have an amazing imagination and it shows in the way this story was put together. This is a short picture book and ...more
Clare Santos-Gacad
This is a story about Henry P. Baloney who makes an excuse why he is late to school once again. The reasonings Henry comes up with becomes a great story about amazing adventures and near misses. This story takes you on the unbelievable trip into Henry's imagination and universe.

The one thing that caught my eyes were the illustrations and the usage of word choice. Scieszka uses different languages for some of the words that Henry uses to explain his reasoning as to why he was late. The unknown fu
Baloney by Jon sciszka is a science fiction/fantasy children's book. The characters in the story are aliens, but have similar problems such that humans encounter. Jon Scieszka adds vowels to the ends of certain words such as desk to make deski, which makes the aliens look as if they have evolved language. The story is the main character making up an excuse to why he was late for class. The book is hard to follow along and the pictures have little to help with the reader. Jon Scieszka may have be ...more
Emily Nunez-Eddy
“Baloney (Henry P.)” is a humorous cartoon-esque picture book about a little alien. When Boloney Henry P, a small green alien, is late for class AGAIN, his teacher immediately tells him he has lifelong permanent detention… unless he can tell her a believable excuse for his absence. This gives Baloney the perfect opportunity to tell Miss Bugscuffle how losing his zimulus (pencil) led to an out-of-this world adventure involving a razzo launch pad, buttunas, the planet astrosus, and much much more ...more
Kathryn Herbert
Baloney, a science fiction picture book, is written and illustrated by none other than the twisted duo that gave the world The Stinky Cheese Man. Jon Scieszka’s narration is in at least twenty different Earth languages, while Lane Smith’s illustrations are graphically created in an out-of-this-world way. The main character, Henry P. Baloney, is a young green-faced alien who comes to school late far too often. Henry’s teacher, Miss Bugscuffle, is curious why that is. When Miss Bugscuffle gives hi ...more
Melanie Abril
Henry P. Baloney is a seemingly mischievous alien creature who has been late to class one too many times. We see this as the book opens with his teacher asking him for a believable excuse as to why he’s late or he’ll receive an endless number of detentions. He goes on to sprout a story that goes on to explain his adventurous morning that resulted in his being seven minutes late to school.

This humorous childhood tale takes us through time and space to root for Henry P. Baloney and his far-fetched
I love children's books because they're so creative. But every once in awhile a book crosses the too-much-weirdness threshold, and this one did it for me.

An alien makes up a story for his teacher to explain why he was late. The thing I found the most annoying was that words in other languages were substituted everywhere, which made it a bear to read out loud.

On the bright side, my son loves aliens and he did make it through this book. We liked the pictures.
The idea of replacing English words throughout the story with words from many other languages is interesting but makes it impossible to read out loud to children. This was a library book and we only read it once compaired to the DOZENS of times we read most library books. My kids passed right over it each time I asked them to grab a book and I was quite grateful that I wouldn't have to stumble through it again.
Phally Pech
Baloney tells the story of Henry P. Baloney. Baloney came to school late one day, and when he was ask to explain why, he began to tell the tale of his crazy adventure.

This book is a really cute and I really enjoyed reading it. The illustrations are adorable. I really like the crazy adventure that Baloney had told his teacher. Kids will definitely enjoy reading this book, because it's about an alien life form and I am sure every child can relate to giving excuses. Another cool thing about the bo
Laura Noto
Baloney is a picture book for 2nd to 5th grade readers. It is about an alien named Henry P. Baloney who is late to class. If he doesn’t give a good excuse to his teacher then he will have lifelong detention. The book shows his elaborate excuse about why he was late. The story follows him through an adventure the starts with him misplacing his zimulis (pencil), going on a sighing flosser (flying saucer), and becoming kuningas (king) of another planet. The whole book features words that make no se ...more
"Baloney" is a cute book that incorporates a lot of different ideas into one.

For kids: This book is something they would probably enjoy because they can both relate to it, as well as enjoy it as entertainment. Henry gets one chance to tell his teacher his excuse for being late, where he goes off into a wild story that hardly seems reasonable. However, he gets off the hook when he finds out the day's assignment is to compose a tall tale.

For adults: This book is a good reminder of how children fee
“Baloney (Henry P.)” is one of Jon Scieszka’s and Lane Smith’s most recent books for children and it takes place in the 21st century. This book is about an alien boy named Henry P. Baloney who came to school late and he starts coming up with a big story about how he was late to school when he ended up in a rocket ship and went out on adventures in outer space. This book may not be Jon Scieszka’s and Lane Smith’s best book, but it does provide a creative use for foreign language.

Jon Scieszka’s w
Henry P. Baloney is an alien who has been late to school too often. His teacher tells him that unless he come up with a good excuse, he is going to have life-long detention. Boy, does he come up with an excuse. He was taken to another planet and entertained the locals with pictures drawn in the stars and even becomes king for a while. Eventually, he does make it back to school, remarkably only 7 minutes late. He ended up coming up with a very fantastic alien tall tale, which happens to be the as ...more
Robyn Schaefer
Although I know “not to judge a book by it’s cover,” in children’s books one can usually make some accurate predictions from its packaging. From Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith, I knew Baloney would be atypical, but this one was even more eccentric than I expected. Baloney is an alien who is late for school. He must have one good excuse, admonishes his teacher. So Baloney proceeds to make up a far-fetched account of his morning events, even for an alien. Hence, “Baloney.”

The catch is, the little ex
Michele Farmer
Henry is obviously an amazing storyteller. He is facing permanent detention if he cannot explain away his late arrival to school. According to the adorable little green alien, the whole thing could have been avoided if only he hadn't lost his "zimulus"! He tells his rather stern alien teacher that he had taken a rocket to another planet, been crowned king and quickly dethroned, then sent home on a self-destruction mission. He saved the school and himself because, thankfully, it was tall tale day ...more
Edward Lee
The second book involving both Scieszka and Smith, Baloney Henry P. was a somewhat ambitious effort for a children's writer. The main character, an alien named Baloney, Henry P. spoke an “alien” language (which was really a collection of 20 different earth language). This book had a very fun little tool given for the reader as well, a decoder, to help decipher the strange words the alien spoke so that the reader can finally understand what Baloney, Henry P. was saying!
My son is not quite five. He is not in elementary school. He is not even in Kindergarten. He loves this book about "the green alien with big ears". Go figure. Actually, that may not be too surprising since I bought this book in 2001, long before my not-quite-five-year-old son was born. He must have inherited my sense of humor.

This book is a challenge to read out loud because some words are in a different language, some are transpositions, and some are Spoonerism. That challenge actually adds to
This children’s book is extremely creative, not only is the word choice different, but the pictures are entertaining and full of action. The story begins when Henry P. Baloney has to explain to his teacher why he was late to class that day; Baloney explains to the teacher that he had to go through many adventures that morning in order to be able to get to school. He had to battle aliens from the plant Astrosus, accidentally sent himself to that planet, lost his pencil in the process, and tried t ...more
Adriana Mendoza
This picture book caught my attention, because my third grade teacher Ms. Nelson would always yell BALONEY!!!!!! if she thought that your excuse was complete nonsense. As soon, as I opened the book the storyline shows a small alien school child arriving to school late. His last name happens to be Baloney. He goes into giving his excuse and his story is just nonsense. What I really found interesting is that the author used different languages and letter and sound manipulation to create new vocabu ...more
Marcy Morgan
Written by Jon Scieszka
Illustrated by Lane Smith
2001 Scholastic
ISBN 0-439-57818-3
Genre: Picture book
Grade level: 1-3
Awards: Red Clover Winner 2003

This fictitious picture book is the story of Henry P. Baloney who is late for school once again. He tells a fantastical tale to his teacher to explain his tardiness. You will love Henry's facial expressions! Woven throughout the story are words like razzo (Italian for rocket) and zimulis (Latvian for pencil) from other languages including Latin,
Janine Abraham
This is a cute story about an out of space creature who is constantly late for school. His teacher threatens to give him detention unless he has a good excuse. Needless to say he creates a bewildering, exaggerated excuse that is entertaining and hilarious. This book is really cute and gives kids a good laugh.
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Jon Scieszka is a writer and teacher. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife and two children. Occasionally he has been known to howl at the full moon. --from the dust jacket of "The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs"

Jon Scieszka is also the author of the best-selling ALA Notable Book, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, as well as Knights of the Kitchen Table, and The Not-So-Jolly Roger
More about Jon Scieszka...
The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs The Stinky Cheese Man: And Other Fairly Stupid Tales Math Curse The Frog Prince, Continued Knucklehead: Tall Tales and Almost True Stories of Growing up Scieszka

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