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Trials of Death (Cirque Du Freak, #5)
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Trials of Death (Cirque du Freak #5)

4.25 of 5 stars 4.25  ·  rating details  ·  18,698 ratings  ·  473 reviews
Now in paperback--the fifth installment of the bestselling horror series featuring Darren Shan, the Vampire Prince, on a life-or-death mission.
Hardcover, 207 pages
Published April 1st 2004 by Turtleback Books (first published January 1st 2001)
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Erin (*is in a reviewing slump*)
A bit better than the fourth one because the action scenes were excellent and the characters are more fleshed out, seeming livelier and not imitations of each other. There is something that sours it for me, though - I still think Darren shouldn't do the trials because of his age and half-vammpire status. To me letting a child go through all that is a form of child abuse and it was sickening. There were a lot of torturous trials - burning, almost drowning, cutting, fighting to the death with wild ...more
Nic Echo
About the Book:
When we last left Darren, he was told that he would have to complete five deadly trials to prove himself a worthy vampire. Not only are the trials themselves deadly, but if Darren fails in any way besides death, he will be executed. It is actually after one of these trials that Darren learns about a treacherous plot that involves the vampaneze.

This book was filled with action and kept me turning the page (especially near the end). Darren's trials were interesting and even t
Darren Shan wanted to complete all 5 of his trials, without dying or failing the trial. If he can complete all of his trials, he will be able to join the vampire clan. But while Darren was doing his 3rd trial, he got very injured and burnt. Now during his 4th trial he had to fight and kill 2 boars that drank vampire blood; (makes all animals very mad and hyper.) While he was fighting the boars, 1 boar died and fell on top of Darren. Darren had no energy to push it off by the time the other boar ...more
Trails of Death
By: Darren Shan

ISBN: 0316000957
224 Pages
Publisher: Little Brown Young Readers

Darren Shan takes his chances and starts his trails to become a vampire. Does he succeed, or does he have to face death? Darren Shan tries to survive and become a vampire. Will he survive? You would have to read this great book in order to find out. Darren Shan has once again written an amazing book. Darren is more creative than ever. He is, once again, doing a great job with the description.

Riley Naughton
Trials of Death by Darren Shan is an outstanding book! I have been an avid reader and fan of the series since its debut in 2000. I remember reading the series since 6th grade and loving it ever since, despite the less than adequate movie. This book is the fifth installment in the franchise and never gets old. This story takes place after Darren and Mr. Crepsley, his vampire mentor, have been traveling from the Cirque for a while. Darren has been a half-vampire for a while now but cannot be a ful ...more
Since being discovered by the vampire council, Darren is forced to take five trials of initiation to prove himself being strong enough to be a half vampire. Most full vampires don't even pass the five trials, if Darren is only a half vampire then will he ever be able to pass all the trials?

This book was great because it finally shows Darren's strength of being a half vampire and how sometimes it can be pretty tough. What is great about this book is the trials he takes are so hard that they're
Eileen H
This is the best book ever! Another cirque du freak book has hit a home run and has baffled me again. Well Darren is now being put to tests of mental and fiscal hard ship to prove to be a true vampire but if he messes up well something will happen. So guess what he fails! So forced to run away he is signing up to the biggest challenge of all. So this book is a fast pace book that has the most realistic feeling to me. I love how I feel like I can gust just jump in the book and talk to Darren and ...more
The Cirque Du Freak series are interesting, compulsive, and terrifying at the same time. When a teenager named Darren becomes a half vampire he discovers that he will have to travel to Vampire Mountain and complete five trials. These trials are called the "trials of death" which means if he doesn't pass all five then his death will come! Darren is the only one going in to a trial that he picks at random, since he is only half vampire some of the trials have been taken out of the question. He com ...more
Reni Hanifah
Bacaan yang ringan terutama buat referensi nulis dari sudut pandang anak belasan taun. Yang bikin sebel, plot twist selalu ada di beberapa halaman terakhir. Novel kelima ini menceritakan ujian Darren Shan agar diterima di Gunung Vampir. Untuk bisa diakui oleh para anggota klan vampir, Darren Shan harus melewati Ujian Inisiasi yang biasa diambil seorang vampir jika ingin menjadi Jendral Vampir--dari lorong penuh stalaktit dan stalagmit, labirin air, ruangan penuh semburan api, sampai membunuh cel ...more
Julie Decker
Darren Shan, half-vampire, has to prove his worth to the vampires by taking the trials of death. However, they're designed by vampires for vampires, and you really don't survive them if you don't have full vampire abilities, so Darren is doomed and he knows it. Furthermore, if one of the trials doesn't actually kill him but he fails it, the vampires will have him killed as well. He draws from nineteen possibilities which five he will have to attempt, but sometimes the most dangerous ones aren't ...more
I think the trials themselves are really neat and we got to see some well-written action sequences, but I've been a little confused the past two books as to the direction the series has taken. I'm hoping it is just a long drawn out introduction to something awesome, but I'm not really sure. I know all cultures are different, but the vampire culture in this book just seems a little off. Why are so many acts of bravery really necessary? -I guess I could draw parallels to coming-of-age ceremonies a ...more
Paul Frankus
I started reading the series awhile ago and liked it and continued on the books.
they are at the vampire mountain in an unknown location. were Darren has to face the trails to become a vampire.
the conflict is that Darren has to face i think 5 trials to become part of the clan. the trials will be challenging and my kill him.
Darren is a dynamic because he starts out not wounding to be a vampire but now he excepts that he is one.
Darren is a brave because he fights with a vampire named sails on bars
Fantasy Literature
In Vampire Mountain, the previous book of Darren Shan’s CIRQUE DU FREAK series, Darren was asked to prove himself worthy of being a vampire by surviving a series of trials. If he fails, he dies. These trials will remind many readers of the tests Harry Potter endured in The Goblet of Fire. For example, for the first trial he must escape from a maze that’s filling with water. As the tasks go on, Darren becomes increasingly injured and fatigued and it seems likely that he’ll fail and be killed.

In m
Ghost stories, abandoned hospitals, and rumours have always been attractive to teenagers. What about an abandoned, ghostly hospital? Would it be interesting to these teenagers? The answer is obvious. When Neil and his sister, Bree, went to their aunts’ house in Hedston for the summer, Neil had two new friends, Wesley, and his brother, Eric. The four of them decided to explore Graylock Hall, an abandoned psychiatric hospital. In there, they saw a little girl in room 13. Neil got injured in that ...more
Actual Rating: 4.5
تا حالا این جلد از مجموعه از همه‌ش هیجان‌انگیز‌تر بوده. (البته هرچی می‌ریم جلو هیجانش بیشتر می‌شه ولی تاحالا...)
پایانش عالی بود. من فکر می‌کردم ممکنه کتاب خیلی لوس و قابل‌پیش‌بینی باشه، امّا این‌طوری نبود.
توی این کتاب ما با یه قهرمان خفن و شکست‌نا‌پذیر و شجاع طرف نیستیم، بلکه دقیقن با یه نیمه‌شبح نوجوون طرفیم که داره یواش یواش زندگی جدیدش رو می‌شناسه و شاید حتا دوستش داره. یه شخصیت واقعی و قابل باور.
از اون‌جایی که من آخر داستان رو می‌دونم، باید بگم که جا داشت این‌جا خیلی از جزئ
David Carr
In the book Trials of Death by Darren Shan, Darren a young vampire's assistant has come face to face with some of the toughest obstacles he's come to know.

Through trial and error Darren comes to complete these trials signifying his true nature of becoming a true vampire. After badly burned, cut, pricked, and physically damaged Darren overcomes all odds even though he is a mere half vampire, unlike all the full vampires in vampire mountain, which is where the trials are hosted. Darren's master, M
This is awesome! The title of this book really makes alot of sense from book 4. I loved Trials of Death and there are alot of surprises at the end. Also, an unexpected fellow does something jurastic and on life threatning!
dávám čtyři hvězdičky.. ale zatím nejlepší z prvních pěti dílů.. dopadlo to dost zajímavě, to jsem nečekala.. tak dost se těším na další díl.. :))
Travis Harff
My book should be brought along with us because it is a very compelling story of a half vampire trying desperately to become a full vampire and part of the clan. He has to go through five fearsome trials to prove his worthiness of becoming a vampire. And if he can’t he has to face the hall of death. The hall of death is a pit of stakes that if not worthy, a vampire or in this case a vampires assistant must be thrown into the pit and die a slow and agonizing death. It shows how seriously the vamp ...more
Samantha hernandez
This book is about a guy named darren who is a half vampire who has to go through five trials to prove himself to the rest of the vampires.He makes it through three trials:the is auquatic maze,path of needles and the hall of flames.During the fourth trial the blood boars he is trapped under the dead boar too weak to get up from its weight when suddenly his friend harkat jumps in the arena and kills the boar.Now the vampire princes are debating wheather to kill him.When another friend of his kurd ...more
Hailey Madelyn
An addicting story that wont let you go until you finish them all. Don't open this book unless you're ready to finish it within the hour. I enjoy the fact that each book was on the smaller scale, allowing them to easily be read in one sitting. Unfortunately, it also meant it was a pain to have to wait an entire evening to go back to the store and pick up the next two or three in the series. Author Darren Shan shows he has what it takes to write a compelling story brimming with suspense and horro ...more
Tremendo giro de acontecimientos :O
a seguir con la sexta parte !
Personally, this is my favourite book of the twelve (although I am sure not everyone will agree with me on this one, yet nobody can deny that it is an important book in the series for developments). This is a fast paced book filled with Darren completing tasks to prove himself a worthy vampire. The tasks he takes part in are all well thought out and highly entertaining to read, keeping you on the edge of your seat as you wait to find out what happens next.

The book also comes with a great twist t

What I like about this book is that Darren has come to a point where he has to prove himself to all the other Vampires in Vampire Mountain. Now that he has considered a part of the vampire clan he must face the final parts of trials of Death which is a stage that every vampire eventually has to go through to prove themselves worthy. If the vampires don’t make it through the trials then they will be taken to the pit of death (where you get killed). Darren is currently is in a weak stage from his
Kat  Hooper
Originally posted at Fantasy Literature.

In Vampire Mountain, the previous book of Darren Shan’s CIRQUE DU FREAK series, Darren was asked to prove himself worthy of being a vampire by surviving a series of trials. If he fails, he dies. These trials will remind many readers of the tests Harry Potter endured in The Goblet of Fire. For example, for the first trial he must escape from a maze that’s filling with water. As the tasks go on, Darren becomes increas
Book 5 in the series is my favourite. It is in this book that we learn more about the customs and traditions of the world of Shan’s vampires. It carries straight on from the end of book 4 and see’s Darren meeting his fate to prove himself a worthy vampire. There is a lot going on in Vampire mountain with the threat of the vampaneze brought by Darren’s travelling companion, Harkat the little person but he as suggested by the title he is still having to face various physical trials that will see h ...more
Gabriel Hall
The story is about a boy named Darren that reports to the Hall of Princes. He is presented with his first Trial called the "Aquatic Maze". This maze is made of a stone labyrinth with a low ceiling and only four exits. Only two catches about it first, a rock of half the weight of the participant has to be tied around his or her ankle. The second condition is that, from the time the Trial starts, water is continually pumped into the maze. It is going to be filled in exactly seventeen minutes. The ...more
Things start to get rather hair-raising in this volume. If you thought it was good before you haven't seen anything yet. This is by far my favourite of the series (so far). In order to be accepted as a member in the Vampire Clan it is decided that Darren must face 'The Trials' a series of tasks designed to test a vampire to his limits, if he fails, he dies. If he succeeds but then can't go on to the next challenge he is also killed. The future does not look promising for Darren, still only a hal ...more
The main character, Darren Shan takes part in the Trials of Initiation. The trials are a series of tasks that vampires used to have to do to prove themselves to the Princes. Now it is only used for vampires who want to become a general or that want to show their strength, but Darren Shan has to endure the trials because Mr. Crepsley said so and Darren chooses to stand up for his mentor and friend.

Darren must randomly choose five numbered stones from a bag to determine the trials he must take par
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Librarian's note: Also writes under the name D.B. Shan.

Darren Shan (born July 2, 1972 in London, England) is the pen name of the Irish author Darren O'Shaughnessy, as well as the name of the protagonist of his book series The Saga of Darren Shan, also known as The Cirque Du Freak Series in the United States. He is the author of The Demonata series, as well as some stand-alone books, and a series o
More about Darren Shan...
A Living Nightmare (Cirque Du Freak, #1) The Vampire's Assistant (Cirque Du Freak, #2) Tunnels of Blood (Cirque Du Freak, #3) Vampire Mountain (Cirque Du Freak, #4) The Vampire Prince (Cirque Du Freak, #6)

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“The hands of Fate keep time on a heart-shaped watch."

- Harkat Mulds(The Trials of Death)”
“They're going to demand your death, Darren.” 4 likes
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