Old Friends and New Fancies: An Imaginary Sequel to the Novels of Jane Austen
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Old Friends and New Fancies: An Imaginary Sequel to the Novels of Jane Austen

3.45 of 5 stars 3.45  ·  rating details  ·  779 ratings  ·  115 reviews
The first Jane Austen sequel ever written!

Originally published in 1914, this charming and original sequel to the novels of Jane Austen intertwines the lives of the most beloved characters from all six Austen novels with new characters of the author's devising. Inventive matchmaking leads numerous pairs of lovers through the inevitable (and entertaining) difficulties they...more
Paperback, 377 pages
Published August 31st 2007 by Sourcebooks, Inc (first published 1913)
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Jun 30, 2008 Margie rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: die-hard Austen fans
Bottom line: Austen fans will enjoy reading about familiar characters.


This book reminded me of the sixth season of Gilmore Girls; familiar characters and settings, with all the humor and vitality sucked out. The good news is that this illuminates the extent to which Austen was a truly gifted writer. But I'm not sure fans need any convincing in that department.

The author relies way too much on the reader's familiarity with Austen's novels and characters. I've re-read all six Austen nov...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I had to laugh at the subtitle of Old Friends and New Fancies - an imaginary sequel? I don't know. It seemed like a real book to me. But it was written in 1919, before anyone had invented the word "fanfiction" so I suppose "imaginary sequel" was the best description they could come up with.

It's interesting that the first published Austen paraliterature is also the best I've ever read – a delightfully rambly story that includes characters from all six of the original Austen novels. The author's...more
Meredith (Austenesque Reviews)
This book has the honor of being the first sequel to Jane Austen's books ever written. This brave attempt by Ms. Brinton was published in 1913. That being said, the authors attempt at writing a sequel and trying to include characters from Jane Austen's six major novels was, in my opinion very successful. I would recommend being familiar with all six novels before reading this sequel, as you will appreciate and understand all the characters. Those six novels are: Pride and Prejudice (Barnes &...more
Ana T.
I haven’t read that many Austen sequels yet but I have read a few and I am happy to announce that this one just became a favourite. It was interesting to learn that this story, written in 1913, was the first ever sequel to the Austen books and contrary to many being written today it combines the characters of the several novels.

There is much to love in the story, we revisit familiar characters who may or may not be old favourites, we have the restraint and manners of the Austen stories and we ha...more
This "imaginary sequel" to the novels of Jane Austen is distinct from the plethora of published Austen fan fiction in two ways. Firstly, it is the first such work ever published, in 1913, which made it of interest to me (I probably wouldn't have sought it out otherwise). Secondly, it includes characters from all six of Austen's novels, a very ambitious undertaking which makes for quite a crowded book.

While nothing in the style of writing or characterization grated, the language did seem a little...more
"The first Jane Austen sequel ever written.

"Originally written in 1913, this charming and original sequel to the novels of Jane Austen intertwines the lives of the most beloved characters from all six Austen novels with new characters of the author's devising.

"Inventive matchmaking leads numerous pairs of lovers through the inevitable (and entertaining) difficulties they must encounter before they are united in the end.

"A wonderful read for anyone who loves Jane Austen."
~~back cover

It is a wonde...more
Who was this mysterious Sybill G. Brinton? History records very little about her more than her dates of birth and death. She was childless and no known photograph of her exists! What a shame she never wrote anything else. I found her book to be delightful. All the major Jane Austen characters are back and no one, by the end of the book, remains single. Because this book was written in 1913 (says so on the cover), the turn of phrase and general style is much more like Jane's than anything these m...more
Il primo sequel Austeniano della storia (e credo anche uno dei primissimi sequel letterari non ufficiali in generale) si è rivelato una lettura gradevole e brillante, e mi ha fatto molto piacere tornare in quel mondo che ho tanto amato e in cui adoro rifare capolino di tanto in tanto (magari con le opere incompiute, o qualche adattamento cinematografico particolarmente riuscito). Si sente la freschezza di un libro che intanto non doveva sgomitare sullo scaffale con mille prodotti analoghi e quin...more
Ever wondered what happened to Jane Austen's characters after the books ended? This book, originally written in 1913, gets together all of Austen's characters, who have managed to meet each other and become good friends (for the most part - nobody like those awful Robert Ferrars or Sir Walter Elliott) and furnishes some nice romances for some of the minor characters.
Austen fan fic has been flooding the market on and off since she first published her books. Some has been wonderfully well-done, like Pamela Aiden's Darcy trilogy, and Jane Fairfax by Joan Aiken, which adopt the perspectives of alternative characters in the book to fill out their own stories. Other fan fic has been less successful, as in many of the examples of the sequels that turn into sexy romance novels.

This book is reportedly the first "sequel" to Jane Austen's works. The book brings in ne...more
I have to admit that I was a little ambivalent when I first started this book. I didn't know how a book which blurred the boundaries of all of Jane Austen's works could be successfully executed, or how comfortable I felt with all of the characters knowing each other. However, I think this author really pulled it off. It was nice to get into this without having to bother with getting to know any new characters; everyone is pretty much the same as we last saw them. I love how a lot of this story f...more
Georgiana 1792
Lost in Austen

- Molto prima che Amanda Price si perdesse a Longbourn;
- Prima dei tempi sospetti in cui la televisione ed il cinema potessero influenzare l’immaginario collettivo con i personaggi austeniani che automaticamente vengono personificati da questo o da quell’attore;
- Prima che gli sceneggiatori ci influenzassero con la loro interpretazione dei romanzi;
- Prima del boom dei sequel e degli spin-off, spesso inquinati da presenze aliene di zombie e di vampiri,
Sybil G. Brinton, nel lonta...more
Clarissa Draper
Genre: Jane Austen Sequel
How I read it: I own the book.

What attracted me to the book: First of all the cover and then I found out the book was written in 1913 and thought that fact was unique.
Who should read this book: Anyone who loves reading Austen sequels may find this take interesting.

Summary (From Amazon): The first Jane Austen sequel ever written!

Originally published in 1914, this charming and original sequel to the novels of Jane Austen intertwines the lives of the most beloved characters...more
I loved this sequel! It was great to see the characters from all of Jane Austen's books mixed into one great plot! I loved reading about friendships that formed between these characters. Though Darcy and Elizabeth are characters in this book the novel is not about them or their love so don't expect it otherwise you would be disappointed (although I will say that I didn't like that Elizabeth called her husband Darcy). The story focuses on 2 love triangles so spoiler alert here if you don't want t...more
Carlyn Brody
This novel was written in 1918 and is the first fan novel of Jane Austen’s work. It combines almost all of Jane Austen’s characters. Brinton tried her best to emulate Jane Austen’s writing style and common Austen traits to the plot such as romance between people of different classes, misunderstandings that separate the pair, balls and decorum.

The main character is Georgiana Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. She was the sister of Mr Darcy and was one of the minor characters. Georgiana is described...more
What hath Sybil wrought? This is the first published Austen sequel and who knew that 80 or years later, authors would launch their careers by using characters and plot already created (and crafted infinitely better)for them?

I had heard this was not very good, and by all rights it should be a mess. Brinton throws just about every character Austen created into the lives of the Darcys, regardless of the obvious time lapses and the unlikelyhood of them movng in the same social circles! It starts wi...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Written in 1913, this book is touted as the first Jane Austen sequel ever created. Perhaps it was the first ever published, but I'm sure there were a few fan-fiction writers before then that amused themselves with writing sequels.

This book, like many sequels, weaves in a huge number of characters from her various works and the goal of the work is pretty clearly stated in it's first line, "There is one characteristic which may be safely said to belong to nearly all happily married couples -- that...more
Dec 24, 2007 Ashley rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Anna, any Jane Austen fan
This book, written in 1913, is the FIRST Jane Austen fan fiction ever published! It tries to connect all the characters left "out in the cold" of Jane Austen's six novels, notably Mr. Darcy's younger sister Georgiana and cousin Col. Fitzwilliam (Pride and Prejudice), the disgraced Miss Crawford and Fanny's sailor brother Capt. Price (Mansfield Park), and numerous other appearances by our favorite heroes and heroines.
The ambition of this book was far too great for anyone to achieve in less than 1...more
This is one of the better Austen spin-offs that I've read. It does pull in characters
from all the novels, and assumes that you know their backstories, so you'll be totally
lost if all you know is "Pride and Prejudice" and "Sense and Sensibility". The
characters' behavior is generally consistent with what we already knew of them, and
various incidents from the novels are echoed in this one. We get at least a little
of all the heroines, plus everyone's favorite villainess, Lucy Steele.

The story follow...more
In realtà sono 4 stelle e mezzo

Soprattutto negli ultimi anni i "derivati" austeniani si sono moltiplicati a vista d'occhio, prequel, sequel, variazioni, cambi di punti di vista. Io stessa ho letto molti di questi libri ( giusto qualche nome: le serie di Carrie Bebris e Stephanie Barron, le variazioni di Abigail Reynolds, i diari di Amanda Grange). E poi film, telefilm, film per la tv, fumetti... Ebbene, il libro di Sybil G. Brinton è il capostipite di tutto questo filone! Venne infatti pubblic...more
I wish I could give 2 and 1/2 stars - that would be a more accurate rating for me.

I liked how the author incorporated most of the people from JA's novels. Having certain characters fall in love with each other seemed realistic and I was happy with the romantic pairings.

BUT - I never felt emotionally invested in what was happening. The characters just kind of moved around from here to there and had things happen to them. I guess that is the genius of JA (or any good writer) - the reader is made t...more

Originally written in 1913 (published in 1914), Old Friends and New Fancies is the first Jane Austen sequel ever created. It has been newly published by Sourcebooks. The book is a first in many ways. It is unique too. It is a sequel to all SIX Jane Austen novels: Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, Emma, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey, and Sense and Sensibility. You'll find several of your best-loved and best-love-to-hate characters within its pages.

At its heart, Old Friends and New Fancies is a...more
Apr 29, 2008 karen rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: watoosa, nix, kathryn, gloria
I just finished this book this afternoon. It has been awhile since I read any real Austen, so my comparisons might be a little weak. If you are an Austen purist, maybe you would have a hard time with someone meddling with her characters. But this one, unlike some other spin-offs I've seen, is truly written in Austen style. Complete with manners. All the characters left standing at the end of each novel are basically represented. The main match-making plot lines involve the pairings up of Georgia...more
It seems that there is a new Jane Austen sequel being published every week and for Jane Austen fans, this is a wonderful opportunity to once again inhabit in the elegant but hilarious world of Austen’s Regency period romantic comedies. “Old Friends and New Fancies,” written in 1913 by Sybil G. Brinton stands out from the sequel crowd for a couple of reasons. Number one, it was the first Austen-inspired sequel ever written and two, it has a rather ambitious objective: to combine the principal cha...more
Martine Berne
A delightful pastiche of "What happened afterwards?" drawing together Jane Austen's novels. You may not like all of Brinton's dispositions of the various characters -- I wished for something more for Anne Wentworth, for example -- but there was something irresistibly cozy about OLD FRIENDS AND NEW FANCIES. A soft warm shawl of a story that Austen fans will enjoy!
Great fun, the best Austen sequel I've ever encountered, (perhaps because it was written in 1913, and thus a bit closer to the culture of the originals). Brinton ingeniously weaves together characters from all 6 Jane Austen novels, gleefully pairing off the leftover siblings and hangers-on. Will Georgiana Darcy marry her cousin Col. Fitzwiliam, or will he be struck by the charms of the elusive Mary Crawford? Will Kitty Bennett win the heart of dashing Lt. William Price, or will she prefer the qu...more
Christy B
The first Jane Austen sequel/continuation, Old Friends and New Fancies was published in 1914 and is indeed a charming book.

It incorporates characters from all of Austen's major novels. Everyone knows everyone. However, as far as the main plot lines go, the true 'continuations' were only of Pride & Prejudice and Mansfield Park. Although, characters from all six novels with involved somehow, from the minor to the major.

I found the book to be just a bit long, and could have been cut in several...more
Fans of Austen may enjoy this if they can get past the beginning, which is a little slow. Others less- or un- familiar with Austen's work may have some trouble both keeping track of the number of characters and their relationships to each other and understanding the backstory from Austen that informs some of the characters' actions in this book (characters from all six of Austen's novels are included, though the main characters are from Pride and Prejudice and Mansfield Park). As the book progre...more
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