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On a Wild Night (Bar Cynster, #8)
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On a Wild Night (Cynster #8)

4.15 of 5 stars 4.15  ·  rating details  ·  5,234 ratings  ·  101 reviews
Where are all the exciting men in London? After spending years in the glittering ballrooms of the town, Amanda Cynster is utterly bored by the current crop of bland suitors. Determined to take matters into her own hands, one night she shockingly goes where no respectable lady ever should, but where many an intriguing gentleman might be found. But titillating excitement qui ...more
Paperback, 511 pages
Published September 6th 2007 by Piatkus Books (first published 2002)
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Susan (susayq ~)
3.5-4 stars

While I really enjoyed this, I had to deduct some stars due to the inconsistent way the Cynster family behaved in this book. As close as they are, there's no way I can believe that NO ONE realized Amanda was going to the undesirable places she was going in search of a husband. There is also no way I'll ever believe that the Bar Cynster would accept Martin telling him about Amanda's actions and letting it be assumed they've slept together and they wouldn't be outraged, much less that t
Such a protracted courtship-slash-equivocation. And I do have respect for Laurens' writing, but this novel, for all its steamy-sexcapades, left a bitter aftertaste, as the premise is somehow an insult to any woman of reasonable intellect; as well as an affirmation for any misogynist.

It wouldn’t have been so bad, really, if it posed as a suspense novel instead--one that just happened to have an awful lot of naked scenes.

Amanda came off like a spoiled, coldly calculating, I’ll-have-it-all-laid-at-
Well, time again for the monthly series read of this. I was really, really looking forward to this one (and still am the next one a little bit), but though it was off to a pretty good start, it took a turn downhill somewhere around the middle or so. It wasn't really a bad read in the end, just some stuff happened that was almost unbelievable. I did like the characters pretty well for the most part. I think Dexter was one of the best men yet in the series. I found him to be a good hero, and I don ...more
I think I will classify Ms. Lauren's writing under a new genre, 20th century Regency, although even in the 20th century Miss Amanda Cynster's behavior would be considered fast. In the early 19th century it would have been considered not only fast but loose. Nevertheless the plot is better than most of her books and I enjoyed reading it. Martin, Earl of Dexter, is a bit more believable as a male hero. He does try to deal with Amanda in an honorable way as defined by the early 19th century, but of ...more
Lita Bouquard
Amanda Cynster sets out to find a man who is like the Cynster males. Yes after rebelling all these years against the brothers/cousins who were ferocious in protecting her and her twin Ameila and all the Cynster females, Amanda and Amelia recognize they want a man who will value them and family above all else.
She goes outside the ton to find someone because after 5 seasons she knows who is around and no one is her hero. At a gaming hell she sees Dexter- a hero who helps her when challenged to a
Sheila Melo
I'd rate this a 4.5

ON A WILD NIGHT is the eighth novel in the Cynsters series. It is the story of Amanda Cynster who along with her twin sister has been looking for a man as wonderful as the Cynster men. For six years, they have been unsuccessful. Now they have decided to change their tactics. Amanda goes into the more unsavory social circles. There she meets Martin Fulbridge, the Earl of Dexter. Martin was accused of murder ten years before and was banished by his family. Having attained the ti
Brenda (b)
I thought this was a great story. Amanda knew what she wanted in a husband and set out to find it, even though the path lead her where a respectable lady shouldn't be caught. The fact she had fun carrying out her plan was an unexpected benefit. Martin, aka Dexter, was a wounded (mentally/emotionally, not physically) hero. The type we girls like to dream will sweep us off our feet.
Wendy Tavenner
Stephanie Lauren's is just an awesome writer. Just finished the 8th book in the Cynster series and loved it. Amanda wanted what her cousins have and more than 5 seasons out she hasn't found it, so she goes a different route. She decides to go to the more seedy clubs where rakes and the sort gang out. She hit pay dirt with Dexter. Dexterous an Earl that was banished 10 yrs earlier for a murder he did not commit. He returns only when he has inherited the Earldom. In order for him the marry Amanda ...more
Patricia Wissore
After getting tired of the same old boys trying to win their hands, the Cynster girls are going outside the norm to find their loves. I really enjoyed watching how Amanda found her rogue and slowly reeled him in. Then, even as he knew what was going on, he followed her lead, knowing he was able to walk away at any time. Or so he thought. I loved the ways that Amanda and Martin matched wits with him knowing that he could control the outcome, and yet losing it every time. Thoroughly enjoyable book ...more
Oleta Blaylock
This is Amanda Cynster's story. The twins have decided they are never going to find the husband they want in the ballrooms of London. They each come up with a plan to find their mates and set out to make sure they get what they want. Amanda's plan is to go to the less desirable places within society. She meets Martin Fulbridge and decides that this is the man who will be her future husband.

Amanda is a clever girl and intelligent enough to know that she has to be careful to not let Martin know wh
Megan Lavey-Heaton
This was not my favorite of the Cynster novels. After getting to know younger Amanda and Amelia in the earlier books, like Hyacinth in Julia Quinn's Bridgerton series, you knew that the twins were bound to be headstrong to go toe-to-toe with the dominating members of their family that came before them.

But how Amanda is presented isn't that sympathetic. The way she pursues Martin is eerily parallel to the suitor pursuing Amanda in the story itself. But while the guy was set in his place, it's app
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This is a fabulous read. Amanda lives up to her Cynster name, searching for passion and adventure. Martin on the other hand is the rogue with the heart of gold. They are fabulous together and his attempt to remove her from the path of ruin is beautifully narrated. On the way they fall in love and their passion is red hot.

Re-read 02/06/2015.
One of the most irritating books I've read in a long time. Amanda is so sure of herself. She's like some child wilfully determined to get her own way. Martin
There was a mystery in this book, but it only really started near the end and was finished so quick, and so obviously, that there was no real point to it. Which means this was 518 pages of pure romance.

I have liked the twins in every book they have appeared in, and this book gave them a chance to be individuals. Or at least for Amanda to be an individual. Amelia's romance is introduced in a small way, setting us up for the next book.

There were moments of hilarity, mainly due to Percival Lytton-S
This book lacks the Cysnter thrill. And for the most part of the book, it's all about the wooing and romance and "playing the game". The mystery comes later towards last 1/4 of the book. And it's predictable! I can't even fathom how Amanda could've forgotten her early observation that between Luc and Edward, Edward looks more like Martin. Sheez.

Anyway, I'm biased. I'm in love with Dexter! Although Luc is pretty...hmm. I have a feeling their book (Melly and Luc's) will be better. I love how Cynst
I have been looking forward to the twin's stories for so long! We start off with Amanda Cynster, conspiring with her sister that it is time they found their perfect mates and married. But woe, the men of the ton are boring and ill suited!
Which leaves us to question, what is a Cynster to do?!
Why, travel around the less respectable parts of town!

And it is here that our budding romance begins as Amanda Cynster finds herself in a more dire situation when it comes to cards, our handsome Martin ap
Kris Eton

This was my first Stephanie Laurens book, and it will be my last. I read about 200 pages and NOTHING happened beyond a really dull 'romance' between the hero and heroine. I actually stopped reading it after about 200 pages, because I didn't want to waste my time on it anymore.

The heroine seemed like a spoiled teenager. I never had any sympathy for her. And I didn't understand her compulsion to target the hero as her future husband.

The hero was likeable enough, but there was a mystery in his past
It is the finer details of Laurens novels which really make the stories for me. The characters are always complex but believable, while the plots themselves are wonderfully written and well-developed. More importantly Laurens captures the air of the Regency period without boring the reader with long verses in social stucture or politics, nor are her novels bogged down with the language of the time.

This installment was a bit flatter than others for me. Usually there are two plots, a criminal plot
Tracey Risebrow
Review originally posted at

Amanda Cynster cannot find a man worthy of her love in the ballrooms of the ton. Taking matters into her own hands she ventures where no self respecting young lady should ever go, but where eligible gentleman can always be found!

Martin, the Earl of Dexter has shunned the ton since the scandal surrounding him 10 years previously. After rescuing Amanda from a risky situation, one of her own making, he finds he cannot avoid her at his usual haunts. Is
J. Leigh Hunter
I wrote a general review below that covers all the Stephanie Laurens books I’ve read thus far. To add to that, this book, On a Wild Night, is not only my favorite of her books, but it’s one of my Top 5 Picks of all time. I’ve read this book at least three times and refer back to it on occasion for some of my favorite parts. It’s my go-to for the “perfect” romance story with hot sex scenes and a satisfying ending.


Story and Writing Style
I love, love, love Stephanie Laurens. She is one I look up t
Helene Harrison
ISBN? - 9780749937232

Genre? - Historical / Romance / Erotica

Characters? - Amelia Cynster / Amanda Cynster / Martin Fulbridge / Lucien Ashford /

Setting? - London (England)

Series? - Cynster #8

Title? - Amanda has a wild night when she goes out of bounds into a gambling den and meets the man of her dreams.

Character Analysis? - I felt that Amanda and Dexter fell in love too quickly; he asked her to marry him and then about 3/4 of the book was just him asking her over and over to marry him, and her r

Review originally published at (Reviewed by Tracey Risebrow)

Amanda Cynster cannot find a man worthy of her love in the ballrooms of the ton. Taking matters into her own hands she ventures where no self respecting young lady should ever go, but where eligible gentleman can always be found!

Martin, the Earl of Dexter has shunned the ton since the scandal surrounding him 10 years previously. After rescuing Amanda from a risky situation, one of her own making, he finds he c
This is apparently part of a series about the Cynster family. Regency England, natch. I thought it was tremendously silly, and not necessarily in a good way. Maybe outrageous is a better adjective. It’s one of those books where the heroine does things that are just slightly risqué by modern standards, but by period standards, they would basically turn her into an outcast from society. Naturally, the only consequence she suffers is being married to the man she loves, which is really what she was ...more
I did not like the whole book.
It starts with Amanda deciding to find potential husband material outside of the ballroom. I liked this idea, even though I had trouble convincing myself a demure young woman could do as much without staining her reputation. However she soon seems extremely vindicative about getting all or nothing and adamantly refusing Martin's marriage offer, as long as he does not tell her "I love You". This part I really did not like and I had the feeling it lasted really too lo
Jj Li
Note to author: Cynster is not an adjective, and people are more than their families. In this case, the twins just felt like clones, and it was tiresome. Premise was interesting, story played out well even if heroine felt like a china doll with strings attached. I did enjoy Martin and his mystery, though, and oh the ending was very, very satisfying. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I want to be Lady O when I grow up.
This is THE book that got me reading historical romances. It is funny. It is sweet. It is exciting. And it is just plain good! I bought this when I was laid off, at Costco, and I immediately went on Ebay to get any and all other books by Stephanie Laurens I could find (and still save a few pennies). I then started back to work and was able to buy the next several books as they were published, in hardback.
Amanda's book.

Bored with all the polite gentlemen in the ton, none of which are suitable husband material since she is used to Cynster males, she drags a childhood friend to a gaming hell and meets her hero, the newly returned Earl of Dexter.

Who she then ropes into squiring her around while she seeks out a more "dangerous" man to make her husband. Things get hot (if you like your romances hot, Laurens definitely turned it up in this one, IMO, which is a little icky since the twins have featured
This story is part of the Cynster series, this time one of the Cynster Females. Amanda is 23, pretty much on the shelf but she wants someone like her cousins as a love, however that isn't easy to find. She decides that she's going to find love in unusual places and delves into the underbelly of the Beau Monde, visiting those places considered a bit risky.

Yes, there are sections of the book and the plot that are great fun, but there are also chunks thata just made me want to beg the writer why? I
Oh woooooow!! This might be my favorite so far. The book was a lot like the other Cynster books but I was sooo excited to finally read about the twins! This book is Amanda and Martin's story. And what a story it is *cue drooling*

I actually spent parts of this book feeling unreasonably jealous of Amanda. That's how much I friggin love Martin. Yum.
an enjoyable shallow angsty regency romance.

parts of the plot were predictably weak (such as the "mystery" murder), but that's pretty normal for the romance genre. but i did enjoy reading about the calculating heroine trying to snare her hero. reading what was going on in the hero's vs. the heroine's heads was funny at times. although i agree it did drag on too long. and i admit to skimming through the majority of the "sensual" scenes

as for the criticism about the heroine demanding too much (a
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Stephanie Laurens was born in Sri Lanka, which was at the time the British colony of Ceylon. When she was 5, her family moved to Melbourne, Australia, where she was raised. After continuing through school and earning a Ph.D. in Biochemistry in Australia, Stephanie and her husband moved to Great Britain, taking one of the last true overland journeys from Katmandu to London.

Once in London, Stephanie
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“And that's my point," Richard stated. "Do you remember when you stood there, in a ballroom or whatever, and watched her stalk off - and wondered what the hell was going on?” 3 likes
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