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Memory in Death (In Death, #22)
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Memory in Death (In Death #22)

4.3 of 5 stars 4.30  ·  rating details  ·  17,084 ratings  ·  387 reviews
Eve Dallas is one tough cop. She’s got no problem dealing with a holiday reveler in a red suit who plunges thirty-seven stories and gives new meaning to the term “sidewalk Santa.” But when she gets back to the station and Trudy Lombard shows up, it’s all Eve can do to hold it together. Instantly, she’s plunged back into the past, to the days when she was a vulnerable, trau ...more
Audio CD , Unabridged, 11 pages
Published January 24th 2006 by Brilliance Audio (first published January 2006)
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Oh, that Eve Dallas. If you've gotten to this (book 24!) in the Eve Dallas series, you don't need my review. You're reading it anyway. Good luck. It's pretty much the same as the rest. Can I finish this series already so I can get back to reading REAL books?

I know Rolf says I shouldn't be ashamed of what I read. I'm not particularly ashamed of reading this series, but of having been sucked in.

I feel a bit like Guy Montag's wife. Roarke and Mavis and Peabody have all become my family. I've start
This book has several pluses. Only one dead person and that person deserves it. No blood and gore and random violence. We learn more about Eve's early life, this time about her life in a foster home. It also brings out some of the uglier side of Eve when she and Roarke have a fight. And some of her better side as she really thinks about the people she has come to love and depend on and picks out gifts that they will love. There are many great scenes. Dennis Mira putting his arm around Eve and Ev ...more
Re-read Oct, 23rd 2011

Well, duh! You can't get wrong with this series! ;P.
Even I know some people said the case and the pattern of the story are recycled over and over, you will find a bits of information here. BTW, Memory in Death is unique. While another books in this series have multiple victims, Memory in Death just have one victim (2 actually, but the other just got hurt not killed). Even I can guess who's the culprit from the beginning, its doesn't make my enjoyable to read less.

Avid reade
Jenny Delandro
even though there is a formula at work here I still want to read and soak up all the moments one by one

to say that I want my own Roarke is an understatement!
There is just no way that couple can articulate their frustration and anger and resolve everything so neatly... I want that too. Normal people hold on to hurt too long.

Everyone should have their kind of marriage

I love reading about it.... I love that although she does not like shopping, but she will search for the exact present that will be
Lou Douglas
This book is one of my favorites in the series. There is some back story filled in on Eve's childhood, which is great. Eve is standing for a victim she really hated. I love that it doesn't make her any less determined to find the killer. Of course, in this case, there really weren't a lot of suspects, but figuring out the killer, the plan, the way it all played out was interesting, particularly as Trudy's character (or lack thereof) was revealed in Eve's memories and the experiences of the other ...more
I enjoyed a lot of aspects of this installment of In Death. Having it hit home so hard for Eve was at first very difficult. But as usual, and with Roarkes' help, she got on top of it. It was good I think overall for her in the end - she had to face and deal with many aspects of her past and of her nature.

Because the murder was not particularly harrying from a time and danger aspect, as the focus was on the emotional aspects, it wasn't as "I can't put this down for a second" as it normally is.

One of my favourite books in the series. We get a very good glimpse of Eve's horrible childhood after she was named and placed with the first of the foster homes - a terrible experience for her. We can't help side with her when she rants at Roarke about everything he touches turns to gold and everything she touches just fails I guess is the best word. But we also side with her when she apologizes profusely to Roarke.

Two thumbs up and 5 stars - on to Born in Death - I've decided not to re-read th
This was not one of my favourites mostly due to the fact that I hated both Zana and Trudy. Trudy was one of Eve's foster mothers and a true "wicked step mother" and you get a glimpse of what Eve went through in those early years. Zana is one of those TSTL characters and I knew early on who the killer would be. Bobby is just a hapless dupe who allowed his mother to run his life but you still feel sorry for him and all he went through at the end. I guess it a sign of a great writer that you can di ...more
Michelle(Chelle) aka Nightshade - Cake Whisperer
My favorite part about this book was when Roarke & Eve spent Christmas Eve and Day together. I was so pleased they got to finally take a little time for themselves.

The crime for me in this one honestly wasn't that interesting except for how it brought more of the picture of Eve's past into focus. I figured out who did it and pretty much the connection by around chapter 10, so the rest of the story-line was pretty much filler. But what I really enjoyed yet again was Eve's interactions with th
An unwelcome surprise arrival of somebody from Eve's past forces her to take a trip down memory lane and remember things she'd rather not.

Thankfully, Eve has a more or less perfect husband in Roarke, who offsets the ugliness her past has brought back into her life. It's the second Christmas the two spend together and they have become closer than ever.

I'm really enjoying Eve's adventures, her world and the people surrounding her.

Next in the series comes Haunted in Death, a short story where Eve's
“Friends give you a cushion for the fall, even when you think you don’t need or want one.”

Con Memoria ante la muerte regresamos al pasado de Eve, ahora siendo victima de chantaje por parte de Trudy Lombard, la antigua encargada de su hogar de acogida tras el incidente en Dallas cuando era pequeña. El libro nos brinda la misma esencia de los anteriores pero tiene una falta de dinamica entre asesinato-asesino que te hace arrancarte de los pelos pero te compensa la lectura con muchos vistazos a la
Angie ~aka Reading Machine~
Lieutenant Eve Dallas of NYPSD is thrown back into the past by a visit from her foster mother Trudy Lombard. Eve is thrown down memory lane that leads to nightmares and memories best forgotten. Roarke discovers Eve in the shower trying to get warm with little success. He hates how the power of the past takes hold of Eve. When Trudy Lombard is found dead in her hotel room, it's up to Eve to discover the killer by diving into the past. Meanwhile it's the Christmas season which means that Eve must ...more
Warning! This review contains minor spoilers for earlier books in the In Death series.

Fans of the In Death series are already aware that Lieutenant Eve Dallas dealt with some tough stuff in her childhood. Memory in Death deals with Eve's past, but takes a different approach by focusing on what happened to her after being discovered in a hotel room at eight years old. While it was not my favorite of the series by far, I found this one to be enjoyable and a great example of how good JD Robb is at
Wow...another superb one from Robb, and I think I'm gonna add the rest of the series to my wishlist! A really good crime novel...still love the characters and the writing style!

I recently read 'Survivor in Death' and loved it, so when this surfaced at our monthly meetup I grabbed it, despite the fact that I'm not supposed to be taking books....

(From Amazon) "Eve Dallas is one tough cop. She can take on purse snatchers, drug dealers, and worse. But when Trudy Lombard - a seemingly ordinary middle
Memory in Death is the 22nd book in In Death series by J.D.Robb.
After all those books it was natural to see a slight change of rhythm. This book is a great example of that.
This is been a great series so far but it is normal to start to loose the excitement. I have to say, in defence of the author of which I'm a great fan, until this book I've never felt any change in my enthusiasm for the books in this series.
But this Memory in Death was different in every aspect.
It started out okay, with cert
Eve Dallas walks into her office and immediately is confronted with her past. There sits Trudy Lombard, one of her foster parents during her time in Dallas, a woman who'd best be described as "Mommie Dearest." Unprepared, Eve handles the situation poorly and has a physical reaction that levels her. When Roarke discovers what has happened, he smartly realizes it won't be long before Trudy will visit him for a shakedown. This book is worth the read if solely to read that scene!

That's all I'll shar
One of Eve's former foster mothers comes to New York to try to blackmail money out of Roarke. Her appearance initially shakes Eve so much that she leaves work in the middle of a case, dumping everything on Peabody. (Granted, it's a straightforward case and Peabody was already taking the lead.)

Having no luck with Eve, Trudy confronts Roarke directly. Roarke scares the shit out of her with the threat of what he'll do if she doesn't walk away. A few days later, after a pause for a fancy Christmas p
Aly is so frigging bored
“Personalized game, and what you do is start out at the bottom. Pretty much wits only. Then you can earn money, arms, land. Build stuff, fight wars. You can pull in other people—we're all in there. And take on famous foes and stuff. You can cheat, steal, barter, and bloody. But there are a lot of traps, so you can end up broke, destitute, in a cage or tortured by your enemies. Or you can end up ruling the known universe. The graphics are very chilly.”
“You're in here?”
“How can I lo
Funny, awesome, and very witty at times. Another look into Eve's world as she grew up and not so wonderful. Eve's past has made the woman she is and when a bit of the past comes looking for her, she needs to re-evalute her soul. Before she can do her own kicking, the past (her foster mother) is murdered. Checking into this mess leads to multiple other suspects, woman that were torture during their stay with Trudy. Eve seeks justice for the dead woman because its her job. Another title that lead ...more
Sorry J.D., this book had some great moments and I always love it when Eve is forced to do normal i.e. Xmas Holidays. But I spotted the killer about a third of the way through and that was disappointing. Not one of the best, but Susan Ericksen again delivered on the voicing. I'm so spoiled by her, I won't even READ the books.
I love this series SO much! I always know I'm going to enjoy them. This one wasn't any different. The only small complaint I have is that the murder case wasn't all that difficult to figure out and I felt like there was a lot of 'filler' to make up the story.

I find myself wanting to continue straight onto the next one once I've finished but I don't want to go through them too quickly, I like having them as a treat book.

It was the perfect one to read because this one was set during Christmas tim
Vfields is fighting to be Happy!
Good Stuff When I need a little change from my regular reading material I grab some JD Robb. It just stays wonderful! ...more
'Tis the Season for a Christmas centric In Death! Love so many things about this. Eve's reaction to seeing emotional!...Roarke taking care of Eve sweet!...the "my family sucks more than yours" fight...angsty!...and Scary Roarke vs.! Anyway, I could go on and on. The ending was so excellent with Eve drawing comparisons between herself and Marnie. She is hard on herself for killing her father, but she could see the difference between what she did and what Mar ...more
Katy M
Some background on Eve. Excellent.

I never put spoilers in my reviews.
J D Robb (Nora Roberts) is one of the few authors I reread. Everything about the "in death" novels is quality writing and defies genre labeling.
From the relationship between Dallas and Rourke, the mystery/thriller storyline, an extremely strong female role model, the secondary characters, the setting, well, everything, you just can't wait for the next one. Robb shows that a woman can be strong and capable despite soul crippling

You can see the following review also here:

Yeah, I keep giving to this series five stars because these books are simply great! After so many books, nothing is wrong with the series and every time I read a story I’m hooked. But why I love In Death books so much? Because with each book we learn more about Eve. I hate it when I read a series and I learn all the details of main character’s past from the beginning. In this series, we learn about Eve’s past in
Memory in death is about how Lieutenant Eve Dallas remembers another ugly part of her life when her foster mother makes an entrance. Two days after showing up, Trudy Lombard ends up dead in a hotel room and Eve takes up the case and promises herself that she will find the killer for Bobby- Trudy's son- to return a favor.

*spoiler alert*

The book has very few suspects. I kind of thought Zana the killer even before Eve voiced out her suspicions about her and that's all negative there is to this boo
Diane Dickson
Not my favourite but it was still a good read with all the elements we have come to expect. I am loving this series however there is one thing I will say - almost all the books are in need of a proof read. With the early ones I put it down to the fact that the manuscripts had possibly been converted from old files but even these more recent ones have formatting problems and typos. I know that JD Robb churns these out at an amazing rate but surely somebody could have a read through and correct th ...more
Santa was higher than a kite when he called out “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!” at the office party. As a matter of fact, he was 36 stories high when he went out the window, screaming “Ho! Ho! Ho!” right to the moment he landed on a pedestrian, killing them both graveyard dead. And one of his elves was very quick in giving up to Eve Dallas the name of the illegals supplier the man had used.

Eve decided to let Peabody take point on the case. Playing the illegals dealer like the p
3.5 stars. A.K.A. Solid, not spectacular.

I liked this one better than I thought I was going to. Sixty pages in I thought I was due for the double whammy of tragic pasts rearing their ugly heads AND Eve being framed for murder. But instead only got one out of two, and even it wasn't as bad as it often is (not that I mind the tragic past thing, but I would prefer if so many of the books didn't draw quite so heavily from that well). This one hovered around problematic due to sheer evilness of the v
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Eleanor Marie Robertson was born on October 10, 1950 in Silver Spring, Maryland, U.S.A. She was the youngest of the five children, also the only girl, of a marriage with Irish ancestors. Her family were avid readers, so books were always important in her life. She attended a Catholic school and credits the nuns with instilling in her a sense of discipline.
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