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When Sophie Gets Angry  Really, Really Angry
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When Sophie Gets Angry Really, Really Angry

3.91 of 5 stars 3.91  ·  rating details  ·  4,359 ratings  ·  627 reviews
Two-time Caldecott Honor artist Molly Bang opens up a dialogue between parents and children about anger.Format: Paperback book and CDEverybody gets angry sometimes. And for children, anger can be very upsetting. In this Caldecott-honor book, children will see what Sophie does when she gets angry. Parents, teachers, and children can talk about it. People do lots of differen ...more
Published (first published 1999)
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(NS) Lauren
Grade/Interest Level: Pre-K-1

Have you ever felt angry? Really, really angry? In this story, Sophie feels really, really angry when she has to share her toys with her little sister. Sophie runs away as far as she can, and eventually calms down as she finds comfort in nature.

This book uses bold colors and thick lines that really capture the emotions of anger and calm. The text is large with generous spacing, making it accessible to early readers. The theme of dealing with anger is certainly one th
Jason Stalides
I'm a fan of most stories that help kids deal with emotions.
Nichole Sedler
Dec 12, 2007 Nichole Sedler added it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Grades K-2
Shelves: picture-books
Written by Molly Bang, illustrated by Molly Bang, published by, copyright year.

Summary: A 2000 Caldecott Honor book about a little girl with big temper, but who eventually calms down.

Response: Amazing, brilliantly colored illustrations help tell the story of Sophie’s mood. I think students, especially primary, would be attracted the bold illustrations and realistic image of how one feels when they are mad.

Possible Units: Character Ed: How to Deal with Feelings/Emotions. Art: Color, Line

NS Kelley
This is a great story about a little girl who gets infuriated about her little brother taking her toy. The little brother not only snatches it form her, but her mother agrees that it is his turn to play with it. She is already upset about this situation when she trips over a truck. She is so angry that she has to do something to help calm her down. She goes for a long run to help regather her thoughts. She then describes relaxing outside, climbing a tree, and looking at the water to help her fee ...more
This story is about a young girl that gets very angry after her younger sister takes away her toy. Her voice is seen in the illustrations through her screams that are fill up the entire page. To release her anger she runs away and finds peace with the nature that surrounds her. It is then that she is able to return back home and find that everything is back to normal. Sophie is the highlight of the story and we see her emotions come out through the bright colors that are splashed on all the page ...more
I read this book on children’s and really enjoyed it. When Sophie Gets Angry is about a young girl who is getting angry with things that are happening in her life. The illustrator has done a fantastic job in giving beautiful visuals of what it looks like and feels like to be angry. There are pictures of a loud roar and of a volcano to represent the girls anger. It takes the reader through the steps of being angry as well as how Sophie calms herself down and is supported by clear visu ...more
Halle Stout
This book is so cute! It deals with a girl named Sophie, who becomes angry after a confrontation about a stuffed gorilla. When she's mad she does productive things like go for a walk, climb a tree, etc. I recommend this book for any young child who needs to deal with their anger. I'llustrations are cute too.
NS- Sarah
This book is one that I had seen in the library many times and passed by without opening it. It is an adorable book with a terrific message. I plan to use this in my classroom in order to introduce a discussion about how to react when you are feeling angry. I have one particular student who has very little coping skills when he is angry and/or sad so I think this book would be especially good for him but also for the whole group.

In the story, Sophie becomes very angry with her sister who takes
This is my 3-year-old daughter's new favorite book. She is enthralled by how angry Sophie gets, yet her choice is to run. Please note that when Sophie kicks, she doesn't connect with anyone. But she is spitting mad and her biggest release is to run hard and fast and commune with nature. My daughter is fixated on why it is that Sophie cries after she is so angry. This a beautiful way to capture that anger is actually hurt. Resolution is critical to a young reader. My daughter loves how Sophie pai ...more
Azul Huerta
When azul gets angry --REALLY REALLY ANGRY she .............. Reads a BOOK.

I forgot I read (and wrote a lesson plan for) this book! It was over Thanksgiving break, when I had about, oh, a hundred assignments to work on simultaneously. I actually read it on ICDL, which is a great resource for kids books.

Sophie reminds me of Where the Wild Things Are in that fantasy and reality blend, and the emotions of the children transcend their situations into the world of imagination. It's a good story about how kids deal with their anger. And the illustrations are Van Gogh-esque,
Wow, I love Molly Bang's use of color and line to depict Sophie's moods. When Sophie is really, really angry she is surrounded by vibrating lines of red and purple and it appears she is going to explode! But then she runs and runs out in the forest and the colors change to greens, browns, and finally blues. The pictures do such a great job of conveying not only the storyline, but the emotions, that the words are almost completely unnecessary. A great book to encourage discussions about emotions ...more
Latoya Sharaine
This picture book received the 2000 Caldecott Honor of the Charlotte Zolotow Award. This book was intended for children ages 5-7. This book is about a little girl, named Sophie, who gets really angry because it was her sister’s turn to play with the toy that Sophie had already played with. When she gets angry, she runs and runs until she is alone and works through her emotions alone before returning home. The reason why I rated this book with 4 stars is because it is a really good read for novic ...more
When Sophie Gets Angry- Really, Really, Angry… written by Molly Bang, is a children’s book about a young girl who was playing with her toy when her sister grabbed it and took it from her because it was her turn to play with it. Sophie got extremely angry so she left the house and ran to her favorite tree and climbed it until she calmed down. Then she went back to her house and her family was very happy to see her.
The cover of this book is very bright yellow with a picture of Sophie’s angry fac
Nicole Gustafson
This story is about a little girl named Sophie. Sophie, just like many other siblings struggles to get along with her sister. One day, when Sophie’s sister makes her angry she decides to run away. She runs and runs, she finds a tall tree to climb. She uses the fresh air to calm her down and change her mood. After she feels better, she goes home and sees that everyone missed her. She is happy to see her entire family and they are overjoyed to see her too. At the end, the author portrays a happy f ...more
In this book, it talks about a little girl named Sophia who starts off by playing with her toy gorilla. Her sister comes in and takes the toy away. Sophia’s mom tells her to let her get the toy because it was her sister’s turn to play with the gorilla. Sophia gets very angry that she runs away from home. She basically calms down while outside on her own. After she lets out steam, she returns home. Back at home, everything is back to normal and her family missed her.
This book is a great way to t
Megan Cureton
Sophie was busy playing with a gorilla, when suddenly, her sister snatched the gorilla away and Sophie fell over the truck. Their mother said it was her sisters turn and this made Sophie ever so angry. She kicks and screams and wants to smash the world to smithereens. Sophie is a volcano, ready to explode, so she runs. She runs and runs and runs until she can't run anymore, that's when she cries. She comes to an old beech tree, which she climbs and watches the world. She spends some time at the ...more
Cassandra Collins
When Sophie Gets Angry - Really Really Angry by Molly Bang is about a young girl named Sophie. Sophie is playing with her stuffed animal when her sister grabs it from her causing her to trip. This gets Sophie very angry. She wants to roar and stomp her feet, explode like a volcano. Then she takes a walk in the woods by her house. She listens to the birds and sees the trees around her. Once she calms down she returns to her house and puts a puzzle together with her family.

The illustrations are a
Natalee Huguez
This is a story about Sophie. Sophie was playing with a gorilla, until her sister takes it from her, and this makes Sophie angry, really really angry.. This causes Sophie to throw a huge tantrum, yelling, screaming, and eventually she runs out of the house. When Sophie can't run anymore she climbs a big tree, cries a little, and then eventually calms down. Then she returns home to her family and everything is all better.
The illustrations in this story are created very strategically. Color is a
Mary Piatak
When Sophie Gets Angry is written and illustrated by Molly Bang. This book is about a little girl named Sophie who doesn't always get her way. When Sophie is playing with a toy, her sister comes and takes it from her because it is her turn to play with it. However, this does not sit well with Sophie. She gets extremely mad and throws a fit then storms off outside. She runs until she can't run anymore then she starts to cry. On her adventure outside, she finds a tree that she climbs up. From this ...more
Hannah Julsrud
Sophie was happily playing with her stuffed gorilla when her sister decided it was her turn to play. Sophie did not approve of this decision, but her mother agreed with her sister, and as she snatched it out of Sophie's hands, she fell over a toy truck. This made Sophie extremely angry, and she throws a massive temper tantrum. She runs into the forest in a fit of rage for some alone time, and begins to cry. As she begins to calm down, she notices all the beauty around her and her emotions settle ...more
This book addresses the feelings of a young girl whose feelings of anger are quite unstable. Like many children, this is incredibly relatable. The girl in the story, Sophie, gets upset about having to share her toy gorilla. This is a very common theme among children; those who do not like to share their toys, especially with siblings. Sophie gets filled with rage and cannot contain her wrath, so she goes outside and runs into the large backyard.

The story lets the reader know that her feelings ar
Bernie Swain
Summary: This is a story of a young girl Sophie who is very upset. She feels all of this anger but does not know how to properly control her emotions in the situation. As her reaction for dealing with her emotions she runs into the woods. She learns how to take time and cool off. In the time she has taken to cool off she regains her dignity and composure. Once she has done so Sophie calmly returns home.
Theme: This book teaches a great lesson for children how to manage their anger and how to app
This books intended for pre-K to 3rd grade and I feel that it should be for the older students, maybe 2nd and 3rd graders. This story talks about emotions and what Sophie does to calm herself after getting angry; this is the part of the story I have a problem with. I disagree with Sophie running away, very far and what appears to be for many hours. I do think this is a good representation of what a picture book should be, however it is not one I would chose to share with my children. The picture ...more
Karissa Gowder
“When Sophie Gets Angry- Really, Really Angry” by Molly Bang is a picture storybook with incredible illustrations. I think that the drawings are what could capture a child’s attention when reading this book. They pull the reader in with their colors and all of the detail that is happening in the images. I do think that the book is appropriate for the preschool age because it is teaching about sharing and how to deal with anger, and these are topics that this age group is learning about. However, ...more
Sari Zweig
This is another Realistic Fiction Book. This is a great story about a little girl who gets infuriated about her little brother taking her toy. The little brother not only snatches it form her, but her mother agrees that it is his turn to play with it. She is already upset about this situation when she trips over a truck. She is so angry that she has to do something to help calm her down. She goes for a long run to help regather her thoughts. She then describes relaxing outside, climbing a tree, ...more
Taylor White
When Sophie Gets Angry -- Really, Really Angry is a children's picture book by Molly Bang and is a Caldecott Honor Book and Charlotte Zolotow Book Award winner. Sophie is playing with her gorilla when her sister snatches it away from her. Sophie becomes really, really angry and cannot control her emotions. Whenever Sophie gets this way, she runs until she cannot run anymore. Sophie becomes tired and cries while she walks. Sophie stumbles upon a giant tree and decides to climb it. From up in the ...more
Gwen Martin
I did not like this book very much at all. The story line was not very good, even though it tried to teach a good lesson. It is about a little girl who gets in a fight with he sister and gets really angry. She decides to leave home and go for a long walk. She starts out angry, then gets sad, then calms down and goes home where everyone is waiting for her and is worried about her. I feel that this book is encouraging children to run out on situations that make them angry, which can sometimes be a ...more
Samuel Gilliam
All in all, I really did not like this book. This is because I feel it is not appropriate for children and the subject of dealing with anger. It is written in an appropriate style for children (small words, few words, beautiful artwork), but the lesson it teaches really makes me wonder how the author wanted children to deal with anger. It shows the child throwing an absolute fit and tearing things apart in the house, then running away into the woods, and when the child returns the parents are no ...more
Rejean Rouse
In all honesty I did not like this book very much at all, but I do understand the message behind having a tantrum. I really did not like the idea of a little child "running" away from home and handling stress in the outside world. I believe that this book does not show a positive reaction “stress” relief and would teach children to just run away from things they do not like. Due to this message I do not think this is age appropriate and would not want my preschooler reading this. I can say it is ...more
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