Forbidden Love
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Forbidden Love

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Forbidden Desires...

He was her guardian, absentee landlord of her neglected life--until Megan Kinkead returned to Maam's Cross Court, determined to make Justin Brant notice her.She finally commanded the attention of the sixth Earl of Weston when she burst into his room and caught him stark naked in the tub.Suddenly she knew a woman's hunger--and a woman's needs....


Paperback, 384 pages
Published August 1st 1983 by Leisure Books (first published 1983)
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"Kiss me back, you little bitch, or I'll take you here and now."

That little gem is just one of the many heart warming things the "hero" says to the heroine. The book starts out fine, I was into the whole guardian/ward thing. I could even overlook his whole 'loveless' marriage excuse for infidelity....but then Justin took a turn for the worse. Justin got rapey. Sure Megan could get annoying...BECAUSE SHE WAS 17!!!! I'm down with age differences by the way, just not when the man is an enormous ass...more
Lynsey A
This is classic Robards at her best and makes me sad for the recent stuff she's put out especially her latest, Shameless, which I found incessantly boring. This one on the other hand was quite the opposite. Wonderful, angst filled, heart wrenching story about a young woman in love with her guardian and said guardian in love with his young ward.

Both Megan and Justin are strong willed people and they hurt each other as they work through the difficulties of their relationship.

I wish that Karen Rob...more
Didn't like the turn this story took, at all. The idea behind it was great and unusual for a historical and they were a sweet couple at first. Then all of a sudden you have the hero turning into a world class arse. If ever there was a hero that deserved a knee to the groin it was this guy. He must have called the heroine a bitch, slut, or some other equally horrible name at least 2 dozen times. When I finished the book I was disappointed that he was still breathing.
Nobody does taboo romance like Karen Robards, and on this "re-read" I listened to the audiobook. Excellent story of a 17-yr-old girl/woman who is at first infatuated with and then becomes the lover of her guardian...her 35-yr-old, married guardian.

One of my top five all-time favorite historical romances!
Susan (susayq ~)
This was my first Karen Robards and I really liked it! It was chock-full of angst (and for those of you who read my reviews know I LOVE).

For a while there, the hot and cold that Justin was doing was driving me crazy, but I think that was more him trying to fight his feelings for Megan. And Megan. Megan. Megan. Megan. For her to be an innocent 17 year old, she was quick to pick up that tears could get her almost anything with Justin and she was manipulative. But you know what? Her manipulativene...more
There couldnt be a more descriptive title than 'Forbidden Love' When I first picked this one up I thought the premise was creepy but I think thats what makes it so great. Robards just pushes it further and further. Karen Robards is probably my favorite author.. i wish she would write more historicals!!!!
17yo heroine takes care of her 36yo Earl guardian when he injures himself chasing after her when she runs away from him. She falls in love with him in the process. Hero tries to resist their strong mutual attraction but eventually succumbs to heroine's innocent seduction. But when heroine finds out he's married she leaves for London with his wife to flirt with other men for revenge. When she finds out she's pregnant with Hero's child, she keeps her pregnancy a secret & tries to find a mallea...more
Regan Walker
Masterful Regency Era Bodice Ripper Kept me Reading Very Late Into the Night!

Karen Robards’ historical romances always tell a great, lusty story. This one grabbed my attention and would not let me go. Though no date is given it seemed to be roughly set in the Regency era, and while there were some errors in forms of address and clothing color choices (a mauve “coming out” gown when it would have been white, and reference to a white wedding gown when it would have been a color), the story still g...more
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Overall 4.5 stars

Re: the audio. James Clamp did a good job of narrating. I don't normally like men narrating romance, because their female voices always make me think of a big strapping woman with 'man hands'. Of course, some females do an equally poor job with the males. YMMV, I'm sure.

The story was nice and 'forbidden', which was what I was looking for. As her ward, the H legally had all the power of a father over the heroine. Plus he was almost 20yrs older than she. Then there's the tiny litt...more
Usagi77777772003 Chi
4.5 Stars actually

Loved everything about the story as it had so much emotion, passion, and angst, exactly what I wished for in a romance. Of course, the H's obsession for the h constantly tugged at my heartstrings, esp. his crazed jealousy/anguish when she made him think her feelings for him were only a school-girl crush and that she wished to marry another. Boy oh boy, him kidnapping her to prevent her marriage and his demonic need to drive all thoughts of the other guy from her mind were my fa...more
I saw "forbidden". I'm ashamed to say I couldn't stop myself from buying it.
Grey Rzeznik
Yeah yeah. I know it's a rooomance novel, but it stands out as one that I've actually kept all these years. It's fairly predictable but that didn't keep me from sucked into the story. Then again, I'm no literary snot; I read what I like regardless of the genre. I only base a work's value by whether or not it entertained, enlightened, or fascinated, be it a younger crowd's book or something with a heavy bite to it.

This definitely held my attention and had characters that made me invest emotionall...more
Forbidden Love is the opposite scenario of On The Island (by Garves-Graves, Tracy), without the deserted island bit . The plot and writing, within the first part of this book was good, but it started going downhill from there; the heroine and hero's motivations behind their actions/in-actions are completely laughable, some questionable passionate scenes (bordering on rape), and to top it off, Robards decides to throw in some Chris Brown inspired crazy moments.
Normally I love Karen Robards' books. This one I liked, but I didn't love. I had expected more of it.
At the beginning of the book Megan acted like a spoiled brat. She did what she wanted, without thinking about the consequences. Until her behavior resulted in Justin being thrown off his horse.
Also Justin is a pompous ass.

They start spending more time together and they realize they like each other... a lot. So much so that Justin realizes he's threading on thin ice and tries to avoid Megan, but...more
This one was a bit more on the taboo-side of romances and was quite dark at times. I will say that I didn't really buy into the 'romantic' aspects of the story, but it was an immensely readable book that captured my full attention for a Sunday afternoon :)
Seventeen-year-old child (who really acts like one) and her much older (I'm guessing twice her age) married guardian. Ew.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
First of all i love stories about guardians dan their wards. Secondly, i dislike stories about infidelity
Above all, i hate stories about dishonesty
And you can find all these lines in this book.

Jadi kenapa saya kasih bintang 3 untuk buku ini??? Honestly, i don’t know. Jari saya nolak buat nekan bintang 2 atau malah bintang 1.

Berkisah dari Justin Brant, Earl of Weston, yang mengejar ward-nya Megan Kinkead yang lagi-lagi kabur dari sekolah. Biasanya yang ngurus Megan adalah sekretraris Justin, Char...more
When I picked this up at the library, I was unaware that it was a re-issue of a much older book. It was published originally in 1983!

What I liked: Robards tells a heck of a story. The setting and the descriptive language show Robards at her best. The story grabs you and won't let you go -- there is such emotional intensity!

What I didn't like: The plot - the (married) hero falls in love with his ward, who is about 20 years younger. Megan is my least favorite heroine type -- overly emotional, lot...more
No stars. Couldn't continue reading, so dnf.

Author working out some Daddy issues here ... ? Shoulda left it with the therapist.

Really ugly stuff: Adultery, male-midlife crisis, pseudo-incest, victim slut-shaming, kidnapping/rape.

Many triggers and non-pc tropes!

Ah, ye olde style Bodice Ripper, how much I miss your sweet loving, lusting. NOT!

Charlotte Sterling
Normally I'm a huge Robards fan, but I found so many aspects of this book disturbing. The age difference (19 years--and the heroine is only 17!) was one thing, but what I truly disliked was the abusive relationship between the characters. No means no for a reason; it is not sexy or romantic to literally take a woman who is screaming for a man to stop. There's also the horribleness of how the "hero" treats the heroine. He lies, then blames her. He pushes her away and it's all her fault. He abando...more
I usually don't like Historical Romance, but this one sucked me in. At first I had a little trouble with the age difference between Megan and Justin and their general relationship. She was just as guilty at seducing him as he was her. As it continued, I couldn't wait to see what would happen next. He got a little rough and mean, which turned me away from him somewhat, but in the end he redeemed himself.
Overall it was an okay way to the pass the time. Guardian-ward relationship books are not usually my cup of tea, because of the weird power dynamic inherent in such a relationship. So I basically tried not to overthink things too much and treat it as the entertainment it is. Though as you'll see from some other reviews, there were certain parts that some readers might consider beyond the pale: the huge age difference between heroine and hero; the hero's...uh...marital status when he first sleeps...more
Um, okay, this is uncomfortable. I can recall thinking this book was incredibly sexy when I first read it, but I was dumb as a box of rocks back then, I'm all grown up now and find the whole premise creepy. The heroine is hardly more than a fetus, and her abuser aka "love interest" is her guardian. Humbert Humbert in "Lolita" is Atticus Finch compared to this rapey jackass.
Not what I thought what this book would be. I couldn't get over the father/daughter pedophile kind of relationship. After listening for awhile I just quite and was left feeling dirty.
Karla V
After I read and loved This Side of Heaven, by Robards, I thought I'd love Forbidden Love too... but I really hated the hero. He was not only 20 years older than the heroine (she was 17, he was almost 40), he was already married to someone else, he was very mean, rude, he called her names, he repeatedly grabbed her arms forcefully and then he hit her, upsetting her so much she ran away from him and tripped, losing their baby. O.o That's not a hero. Sorry. And the heroine was quite silly, too. Bu...more
Becky Northcott
Good book

not the Karen towards I remember. well written kept your attention and something you could not put down, read till late in the day.
I love this author's later books, but I'm a bit surprised by the heroes in her early tomes. Here, the male protagonist is a man in his mid-thirties, who became guardian for a young girl about 12 years ago, when she was five and he was 24. Now she's 17, gorgeous, and he can't keep his hands off her - even though he's married. Right there, the "ick" factor is pretty high. I think I have problems with the premise, too common in romance novels, that once the hormones are engaged, the protagonists ca...more
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Karen was born on 24 August 1954 in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. She has been writing since she was a teenager. She sold her first short story, when was very young, and was published in the December 1973 Reader's Digest, but she cannot sold her first romance novel until 1981, when she was 24. After it, she dropped out of law school to pursue her writing career. Today, a regular on the New York Times...more
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