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Shadowfall (Godslayer Chronicles, #1)
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Shadowfall (Godslayer Chronicles #1)

3.99 of 5 stars 3.99  ·  rating details  ·  1,821 ratings  ·  97 reviews
Four millennia have passed since the hundred immortal gods came to Myrillia. Out of chaos they created the Nine Lands, blessed with their Graces and protected from the nightmarish Hinterlands, where rogue gods stalked across a barbarous wilderness. In all this time nothing has disturbed the peace of the Nine Lands.

Until now. For the impossible...the unthinkable...has happe
Paperback, 513 pages
Published November 7th 2006 by Roc (first published January 1st 2005)
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A man witnesses the murder of a god and is falsely accused of doing the deed. He must prove his innocence and, of course, uncovers a deeper, darker plot.

The setting is that of a world inhabited by gods, substantial beings that people can see and interact with. The chief difference between gods and mortals, other than basic immortality, is that their bodily fluids are magical. ALL their fluids, including "yellow and black bile." In fact, most of the world's technology is based on the utilization
There's some really ynteresting world-bylding yn thys, and the idea of the characters ys good. But the karakteryzations themselves are less than full and the plot, while solyd, ysn't extraordynary. The pages dyd blow by, though I would have liked fewer sylly spellyngs. Just styking a y yn your wyrds doesn't make thym fantastikal, okayyyy?

Full review originally at Fantasy Book Critic

OVERVIEW/ANALYSIS: We begin with Shadowfall, the first chronicle of the Godslayer wherein we are introduced to Tylar De Noche, a fallen shadowknight and also a cripple, broken in mind, body and spirit. After some shady dealings in his past, he has had to pay an exorbitant price that has taken a toll on his life, relationship and mental status. He happens to witness something so bizarre that it basically triggers another painful turn of events that w
Anthony Gallaher
Myrillia is a place born of magic. It was established when the Gods descended and imbued the land with their essence, turning places that were unthinkably inhospitable into prosperous countries. These gods use their eight humours, eight different bodily fluids, to imbue magical properties into anything, from an object like a sword or a cloak, to a person.

Tylar de Noche was once such a person. A Shadowknight, a warrior Graced with the essence of a God's power, infusing him with the power of shado
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Aug 15, 2010 Celine rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Celine by: a friend
Shelves: fantasy
In Myrillia the gods live between the humans. A hundred of them settled and claimed their land, and made their Grace flow into it. The solitaries live far away, in barbaric land. Then, one day, one of the Hundred is killed. And Tylar de Noche is falsely accused of the slaying of a god.

We follow Tylar in his journey to clean his name. The story starts off very slow, especially since there are a lot of characters introduced pretty early on. The strength of this book is that it ties up all these ch
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
My sentiments toward Shadowfall are strangely indefinite, because even as my emotions toward it vacillate, I never think its anything but a good book. This, if anything, is its only real flaw, a weak emotional connection to the characters and story. Don't misunderstand, there is an emotional connect, its just slow to form and hampered by a cast of characters that are a little too mellow, that wallow in guilt a little too much. It should be mentioned, that Shadowfall does exhibit one trope of the ...more
Su Ann
I just finished reading Shadowfall: Book One in the Godslayer Chronicles, by James Clemens. What a truly dark, foreboding, albeit magical world this book is. At times it was hard to distinguish hero from protagonist by their actions. Just a literary reminder that there is good and evil inside all of us. Which way we 'turn' is a dilemma we face every day. A lot of writers think writing a fantasy story is easy. Come on, it's fantasy. You can make anything up. But, a good writer knows that what you ...more
Mary Baldwin
I was excited about starting this book. An unknown author, an unknown title. It also felt good in my hands and smelled like a real book should.

There aren't many books I've had to drag myself through, this was one of them.

I didn't get engaged with the characters, the plot or the world. I could barely tell you their names now.

I think there was too much too soon, characters and gods and Knights and conflict and demons and boats PLUS a character subplot to tackle. Saying that, the side plot was the
Craig Leimkuehler
An excellent book! More people should be reading his books. Great escapist fare.

Разница между шедевром и бестселлером.

Как говорится, клин клином. Пара предложений, максимум страница и я смогу расслабиться.

Думаю, я отдаю большее предпочтение Джеймсу Клеменсу, нежели Джеймсу Роллинсу. Здесь, как говорят, всегда выбирает читатель.
Мне сложно судить или комментировать эту работу. Могу сказать, что вчитываешься с самой первой строчки и засиживаешь за столом до самой глубокой ночи, пока не дочитаешь до заветного окончания. Автор создает удивительных героев, которым читатель сопере
Stacey Chancellor
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
In Brief: A decent fantasy novel with a good mystery and an interesting premise.

Shadowfall takes place in a world where the gods are bound to specific lands, and their bodily fluids drive the "magic" of the world. The story follows three different protagonists: a fallen knight who witnesses the murder of a goddess and gets wrapped up in larger events, a young girl who acts as a handmaiden to one of the gods, and another knight dealing with the politics of her order. These three explore different
Having never heard of James Clemens, I admit I was skeptical of picking this book from the shelf. At the end of the night, I'm glad I did. This book is everything I wanted it to be and more.

For the past few days, I've been held at the edge of my seat. I've kept the lights on and continued to read long after I should have been asleep. The tension and action in this novel is nothing short of breathtaking, each new page drawing the reader deeper in.

Clemens does a masterful job of developing his cha
In a genre fit to bursting with divine wars and magic Knights, Clemens walks familiar territory with the first book in his new series Godslayer. But, with a deft hand, he weaves a tale that has far more originality than is at first apparent.

In the world of Myrillia, the gods walk amongst men. 4,000 years ago, the Heavens were Sundered during the War of the Gods and they fell to the earth. Binding themselves to the land to offset the madness that was falling upon them, the Gods are confined to th
Rena McGee
The protagonist of Shadowfall is a disgraced “Shadowknight” who is falsely accused of the murder of a goddess. Since the dying goddess bestowed a blessing on the knight this is taken as proof that he killed the goddess to gain her powers. During the protagonist’s quest to clear his name, he discovers that the ancient war that exiled the gods to his world is starting to heat up again. He also encounters a mysterious secret organization that appears to be running a number of insidious plots. (It ...more
William Thomas
My initial reaction to this book was, "Holy shit, I guess I'm going to become a sword-and-sourcery nerd now", instead of sticking mainly to sci-fi (with the exception of Robert E Howard's Conan). My initial reaction was soon quelled by the middle of the book where it seemed that Clemens was beginning to fabricate encounters and recreate encounters for the main character, Tylar, that he had already been through in some of the previous pages. Its ambition became a setback because of the massive am ...more
Millenia ago, there was a war between the gods. Something during the war not only shattered the kingdom of the gods, but also shattered the gods themselves. This sundering caused each god’s individual self to separate into three distinct parts—aether, naether and physical.

The physical aspects of the gods landed on Myrillia—crazed by the sundering, the gods wrought havoc among the Myrillians until it was discovered that binding themselves to the land would end their madness. 100 gods chose to bin
Na zijn geweldige serie Verboden & Verbannen te hebben gelezen, kon ik deze serie toch ook niet laten liggen.

In het begin was het verhaal erg vreemd en verwarrend, met allerlei woorden/dingen die pas later werden uitgelegd. (dat gevoel had ik trouwens ook in het begin van V&V)Na 35 pagina's gelezen te hebben, toch weer even weggelegd om in een ander boek te beginnen. Daarna dit boek weer opgepakt voor een nieuwe (betere) poging. Langzaam komt er een beetje structuur en duidelijkheid in h
It's hard for me to say anything unequivocally good about this fantasy novel. The magic system is strikingly original, but it also leads to some serious "Ewwww" moments, particularly the very last scene of the book. The idea of gods dwelling among humans and granting people the essence of their magic is sort of neat, but the gods themselves seem pretty lame--not well-organized or wise or even clever, but actually pretty stupid or incompetent. Almost every chapter shows off some magical effect of ...more
So . . . Typically, Swords and Sorcery aren't up my alley. There are definite shining exceptions, and Robert E. Howard's Conan novels were my gateway to all SF. Other notables include Tolkien, Moorcock and Marion Zimmer Bradley's Mists of Avalon. My girlfriend found this for me at a book swap, and I must say it is a gem.
This is a well-wrought pot boiler with a stable setting, good prose, and a tight plot. Clemens covers his tracks, ties up loose ends and the old-timey dialog used in most fantas
Premier livre que je lis de cet auteur et je ne suis vraiment pas déçue!
De la bonne fantasy avec une originalité, les Dieux sont sur terre et ont chacun leur royaume dont ils bénissent les sujets avec les Grâces contenues dans leurs humeurs (comprendre fluides corporels...). Des dieux faits chairs et os à la place des rois, une idée plutôt sympathique entrainant toute une mythologie qui m'a bien plu.
Les personnages sont pour le moins attachants surtout la petite Fléchette qui a été un grand coup
Mija Valdez
The worldbuilding in this series is just phenomenal, and so imaginative. The feel of it is unusually organic. Be warned. There is no book three at this point and it does not appear to be on the horizon, except in the author's intention. That said, it's so worth reading anyway. It does nice things to my brain and takes me to places that feel truly different. :)
Tylar de Noche is already in trouble, he was betrayed and broken in a slave ship. He was once a shadowknight of the realm, now his sword hand is useless and his legs and back are twisted. He comforts himself with drink, and one day as he goes home he finds himself drawn to a woman's screams. He holds her in his arms as she dies and he realises that she's in fact a goddess and when other people arrive they think that he's the killer.

Tylar finds that he has to be the pivot in an attempt to save th
Absolutely loved this book! Started with some of the best chapters I have ever read as openings to books. The characters are flawed and real. The "gods" can be petty. The world is amazing. Only complaint I have is when is he going to publish the third book!?
Bogdan Nicolae Capitanoiu
What am I reading?
Fantasy, no idea why it feels very fresh, very new age fantasy style.
Why should I read it?
Bigger than life scope, with gods, 4000 year old lost histories, and some rebels with an edge trying to make a difference.
What's special?
Magic system is based on an historical old-age concept of the humors :).
Any closing words?
I will read the second/last book of the series, as a matter of fact :), and I'll try 1 another book from his other pen name :) contemporaneous fantasy..maybe. To com
Extremely interesting book. The seven graces (bodily fluids) sound so disgusting at first (mostly because my boyfriend was trying to describe how amazing this book was before I read it) but none of the characters find this gross and the author shows you this world where this is normal. And makes you believe. That I loved. But the character development isn't so good. I felt like some of the characters were just saying things to drive the plot. It didn't flow with who the character was. But I didn ...more
James Clemens is a pseudonym for author James Rollins whom I absolutely love.
Taking that into consideration, this book took a bit of getting used to. More specifically the magic system, its a bit . . . well, icky. The 'Humors' of a god are magic and preserved to bless humans with 'graces', and to power spells and some machines. Those 'Humors' happen to include everything from sweat and tears to other far more disgusting bodily fluids.
Still, all in all I liked the characters and the premise of
Excellent writing by an author who is new to me. A very unique world and story, but not so alien that it's not classically good fantasy. I especially like his mechanical inventions (or mekanicals) that run by magic. It's also intriguing how the magic works; sort of a new take on elemental magic, but using bodily fluids/excretions as the base of the power. If I think about it too much, I guess it's a little disgusting, but I have to hand it to Clemens for such a unique take on how magic is manipu ...more
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James Rollins and James Clemens are two of the pen names of American veterinarian Jim Czajkowski (born 1961), author of bestselling fantasy and action-packed adventure-thrillers. He sold his veterinary practice in Sacramento, California, to concentrate full-time on writing.

James is an amateur spelunker and a certified scuba diver. These pastimes provide much fodder for his novels, which are often
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