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He Is Not Silent: Preaching in a Postmodern World
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He Is Not Silent: Preaching in a Postmodern World

4.22  ·  Rating Details  ·  250 Ratings  ·  41 Reviews
"Contemporary preaching suffers from a loss of confidence in the power of the Word, from an infatuation with technology,from an embarrassment before the biblical text, from an evacuation of biblical content, from a focus on felt needs, from an absence of gospel." Preaching, the practice of publicly expositing the Bible, has fallen on hard times. How did this happen? After ...more
Hardcover, 176 pages
Published September 1st 2008 by Moody Publishers
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Rick Shrader
Aug 16, 2014 Rick Shrader rated it really liked it
This was reviewed at

This is a timely book on preaching by Dr. Mohler. I greatly enjoyed it, keeping it close by on my Kindle and going to it in my spare minutes. Mohler takes the reader through the homiletics of preaching but insists that “the only form of authentic preaching is expository preaching.” By this he means that the preacher must explain the text to his hearers or preaching has not taken place. “The heart and soul of expository preaching—of any true Chris
Ben Adkison
Jan 23, 2016 Ben Adkison rated it really liked it
Why Mohler?
For quite some time, I 19ve made it my intention to read a book or two by Al Mohler, but HiNS (He is Not Silent) ended up being my first foray into Mohler-land. I 19ve wanted to read Mohler for a few reasons: Mohler is extremely (and I mean extremely) well read, and well read people have a better perspective on what 19s really going on in the world; secondly, I respect the role Mohler has played in turning Southern Baptist Theological Seminary back towards orthodoxy; and thirdly, Mohl
Aug 23, 2014 Ken rated it really liked it
Mohler emphasizes and elucidates the importance of Biblical proclamation in preaching and Christian ministry as a whole. When many evangelical pastors are moving away from clear expository preaching of the Biblical text for more entertaining modes of mere storytelling, Mohler calls us back to the vital role of the holy Scriptures in our spiritual growth as Christians. He covers a wide breath of problems and concerns for many of today's preachers while at the same time inspiring preachers to retu ...more
Joseph McBee
Apr 02, 2013 Joseph McBee rated it it was amazing
The last words of this excellent volume on the ministry of preaching are; "Where are the Spurgeons of this generation?" In a sense, Mohler spends the entire book challenging his readers to be Spurgeons in this generation. So much so in fact, that I would recommend reading the Epilogue first and then with the last words of the book fresh in your mind, start with the first chapter.
Jun 20, 2013 Nate rated it liked it
Not exactly what I was expecting, but OK in the long run. The first couple of chapters are good the rest didn't keep my attention. John Macarthur's Expository Preaching is worth your time and money if you want to know more about preaching and expository sermons.
Dennis Thurman
Jan 03, 2016 Dennis Thurman rated it really liked it
Not a book about the technical side of homiletics, but a clarion call to passion and conviction in preaching to the post-modern world. It stirs the soul of the preacher. Mohler continually reminds the pastor of the sufficiency of Scripture in ministry.
Douglas Wilson
Jan 10, 2013 Douglas Wilson rated it really liked it
Cogent and delightful.
Nov 09, 2015 Ruth rated it liked it
A short and straightforward call for ministers of the Word to keep the Gospel primary, engage in theological thought, embed all sermons in the Bible's overarching metanarrative, and rely on the activity of the Holy Spirit. Mohler explains important biblical concepts without relying too heavily on theological shorthand, meaning this book is accessible to everyone. Rather than just recommending to people who consider themselves pastors/preachers in a vocational sense, I'd recommend this study to a ...more
Rachel Blom
Dec 07, 2012 Rachel Blom rated it it was ok
He Is Not Silent: Preaching in a Postmodern World, written by Albert Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, confused me in several ways, the first of which being that the subtitle (‘preaching in a postmodern world’) seemed to indicate the book was about preaching to a postmodern world or generation. But only one chapter deals with postmodernism and its one of the very last chapters in this book.

In reality, this book is a passionate plea to return to expository preach
Timothy Bertolet
Aug 01, 2011 Timothy Bertolet rated it it was amazing
This is a great book on preaching. It gives a theological underpinning for preaching, particularly in our postmodern world where we are told preaching is outdated. Mohler stands like a soldier on a hill marshalling faithful men to hear the call of God and preach the gospel unadulterated. Mohler looks at key Biblical text to show that God has called his people to be people of the word, God desires His people to hear his word, God uses the power of the preached word and the pastor's highest callin ...more
Peter Coleman
I can dig Mohler's preaching and I find a lot of value in his book. While I preach expositionally and believe greatly in such preaching's effectiveness and necessity, Mohler overstates the case for expository preaching. He says that preaching that is not expository is not preaching.

If this is his definition of preaching, and it is, then Mohler has a great deal of 'preaching' in the Bible to deal with. Was Peter's Pentecost sermon not preaching or does it exposit a text?

To be fair, Mohler does no
Jul 23, 2011 Kurt rated it really liked it
This book, with its solid and confident support for expository preaching, is aimed mostly at people who are in a position to put its wisdom into practice (for example.. preachers), but as a church member who usually just listens to sermons, I found it surprisingly helpful. For most of the book, Mohler defines what he means by expository preaching (I'm not doing it justice when I say "preaching from the Bible, guided by the text itself," but I think I'm giving a fair first impression), which made ...more
Justin Clausen
Nov 09, 2013 Justin Clausen rated it really liked it
Excellent book on the primacy and importance of expository preaching (that being redundant as the book says).
My favorite section:
"Indeed, I will go so far as to assert that if you are at peace with the world, you [the preacher] have abdicated your calling. You have become a court preacher to some earthly power, no matter how innocuous it might appear. To put it simply, you have been bought! If there is no controversy in your ministry, there is probably very little content to your preaching."

Louis Fritz v
Given the current trend of the postmodern movement in society today, the training of preachers and teachers of Scripture is crucial to both engaging the culture with the truth of the Gospel and engaging lives in life-changing, Christ-filling ways. While Mohler does an excellent job of setting the importance of the task of preachers today in the sharing of the Gospel and presents an excellent dissection of current trends and the difficulties with which preachers will face, his text does little in ...more
Michael Boling
Nov 05, 2013 Michael Boling rated it it was amazing
How to preach truth to a post-modern world where truth is claimed by most to be relative to the individual hearer is quite the difficult task. For some preachers, declaring the truth of God’s word has taken a backseat to clever marketing tactics in the vein of the seeker sensitive model. In an effort to reach the unchurched, the seeker sensitive approach far too often engenders the idea of adjusting the timeless truth of God’s word, something Scripture declares is a dangerous road to take. Dr. A ...more
Cary Gephart
Oct 12, 2015 Cary Gephart rated it it was amazing
Al Mohler's insights on preaching were extremely informative to me. I know that I've been guilty of many of the things he warned against in the book. And to see how much of it stems from the postmodern worldview was both enlightening and absolutely frightening. After reading the first 3 chapters I repented of my weak gospel-void preaching and went back to being an expositor. Praise God for Mohler's faithfulness to true biblical preaching!
Douglas Adu-Boahen
Sep 01, 2010 Douglas Adu-Boahen rated it it was amazing
Let's face it - preaching in the evangelical world has seriously fallen on bad times. The day of the "pulpit stalwarts" - men like John Calvin, C.H. Spurgeon, G. Campbell Morgan, D. Martyn Lloyd Jones - are a faint memory in the collective evangelical conscience.

But there are voices of encouragement for those desiring to pick up the Biblical mandate to preach the Word with authority, clarity and reverence. One of those voices is R. Albert Mohler Jr, president of Southern Baptist Theological Sem
Sam Murrell
Mohler addresses the preachers role as it relates specifically to postmodernism. The book is an exhortation to continue to preach truth in an age when few believe there is such a thing. I found it encouraging and I think the average pulpiteer would find it so as well.
Jan 23, 2016 Mark rated it really liked it
This is an excellent book that helps to focus the pastor on the preaching God has called us to do, even as many voices in our day call us to give up on preaching as an outmoded means of communication. Mohler writes with unabashed, unapologetic passion on the subject of preaching the Word of God for the glory of God and the benefit of man.
Micaël Beaulieu
Mar 13, 2015 Micaël Beaulieu rated it it was amazing
One of the best, if not the best book I've read on preaching. Mr. Mohler's ideas are at times complex but always clearly explained. Well written and above all, full of much needed biblical perspective on preaching. Very excellent!
Chase Austin
May 04, 2015 Chase Austin rated it it was amazing
Shelves: theology

I am not a preacher but I see the effects of a postmodern world in the newspaper I read, the television and movies I watch and even the educational books I read as a teacher and using the bible as my foundation the fact that I continued to return to was these things are not biblical and most times not even moral. Dr. Mohler offers a fascinating look into the life of a preacher, describing first what that shouldn't look like in our postmodern world and then detailing what that should look like.
I thought this was a great book for preachers. I really appreciated the overviews of postmodern thought and found the thoughts on Ezekiel especially interesting and fresh in their thought and interpretation.
Jerrill Wyler
Oct 29, 2015 Jerrill Wyler rated it it was amazing
More of a why to than a how to. He pulls no punches. Such a straightforward call to preach expositorally. So many quotable lines and phrases. Highly recommended.
Clara Roberts
Nov 19, 2012 Clara Roberts rated it it was amazing
Mohler's primary thesis is that preaching should be the primary focus of worship not music or etc. This was a 4 cd book that I listen to as I drove around on errands and to school. The last half of the forth cd focused on Charles Haddon Spurgeon. It was most interesting. For almost half a century Spurgeon preached two sermons each Sunday. He spent all week coming up with his subject and then on Saturday night he locked himself in his study and did not come out untill it was time to preach. His s ...more
Mark A Powell
Dec 30, 2013 Mark A Powell rated it really liked it
Since evangelical Christians believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, evangelical preaching should be centered on and flow from the sole authority of the Scriptures. Where this isn’t the case, Mohler argues, churches become anemic and ill-equipped to cope with the realities of the world around them. Though some of this book seems slightly disjointed, the core message is both sound and vital, especially to those who proclaim God’s Word to His people.
Daniel Alvers
Jul 27, 2011 Daniel Alvers rated it it was amazing
Well written, a book that is needed in our day. Simple to the point without all the fluffy stuff. This book was passionate, well written, and short. In many ways I wish it had kept going. I really liked this book a lot. I can't put it on the level of preaching and preachers by Lloyd-Jones. If you have not read that book on preaching please repent and read it now.
Jul 08, 2010 Sally rated it really liked it
Mohler makes a strong case for bold expositional preaching. Having suffered through my share of "pithy points that come together in a staple outline form", I long for such preaching. I hope and pray that more of today's pastors will love and revere the Word more than their own paraphrase of it.
Sep 01, 2010 Daniel rated it it was amazing
Excellent book! The act of preaching the Word has been downplayed and/or redefined so much that this book was a refreshing reminder about what Biblical preaching is and why it is necessary. I especially liked the chapter on Charles Spurgeon that Mohler concluded the book with.
Steve Hemmeke
Sep 21, 2010 Steve Hemmeke rated it liked it
Solid, Sproul-esque kind of book.
Don't dilute the Gospel, degrade preaching's worth or centrality, get casual, preach from your own ideas instead of the Bible, etc.

Pretty light on practical helps - Mohler is a better abstract, big-idea kind of guy.
Christosopher Hughes
Mar 09, 2013 Christosopher Hughes rated it really liked it
I gave four stars because it starts very slow to me. I had to get to chapter 3 before I really began to enjoy this book. If you start reading it and are bored, I encourage you to keep going. It gets better and is worth trudging through.
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Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. serves as president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary - the flagship school of the Southern Baptist Convention and one of the largest seminaries in the world.

Dr. Mohler has been recognized by such influential publications as Time and Christianity Today as a leader among American evangelicals. In fact, called him the “reigning intellectual of the evangel
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