Rogue's Home (Knight and Rogue, #2)
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Rogue's Home (Knight and Rogue #2)

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The Boys Are Back!

Sir Michael Sevenson and his squire, Fisk, can't seem to keep out of hot water. After five long years, Fisk has been called home to Ruesport to investigate who framed his sister Anna's husband, Max, as a blackmailer. Anna figures that Fisk, with his criminal past, is uniquely qualified to find out who set Max up. Of course Michael feels he has to come alo...more
Hardcover, 432 pages
Published August 26th 2008 by HarperTeen
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Slightly disappointing. I loved the first book and don't get me wrong, this one was pretty good, too, but some traits that I'd originally loved of Fisk (he's my favorite character!) seemed to be missing. Also, the story sort of took too long; there was a LOT of figuring out who was the arsonist and stuff, but then the climax/ultimate discovery was only a few pages.

Still, it was good for other reasons. You can definitely tell that Michael and Fisk are Hilari Bell's favorite characters - she write...more
Anne Osterlund
Michael and Fisk are off on their second major adventure as knight errant and squire. With one major difference. Michael is now unredeemed. Marked for life by the tattoos on his wrist as beyond the support of the law. Guilty, in the eyes of almost everyone, of every crime within a hundred mile radius.

And in Fisk’s hometown—hotbed of murder, bribery, arson, prostitution, burglary, forgery, and suicide. That’s a whole lot of crimes to be held liable for!

Rogue’s Home is a wonderful romp, just as to...more
Rachel  Of Questionable Luck
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Buzzwords: criminals, blackmail, justice, appearances vs. reality, secrets&lies, family, friendship, loyalty, alternating POV, truth

I enjoyed this book even more than the last. Michael (now (view spoiler)) and Fisk are summoned to help Fisk's sisters clear his brother-in-law's name, as said brother-in-law, Max, a former judicar (basically a judge, in th...more
"Rogue's Home" picks up two weeks after the events of "The Last Knight" left off, and let me tell you, this book stole my heart from the beginning. Fisk and Michael are now a wonderful Knight and Squire duo...although Michael is on his way home to be branded an 'unredeemed man.' It almost looks as if his days as a Knight errant are over, but then Fisk receives a desperate letter from home--the home he refuses to talk about. Naturally, danger, chaos, and another crazy quest are waiting for Fisk a...more
These books are quickly becoming my favorite series. I don't think I've ever come across a pair of characters that I love so much. Fisk is a good soul who desperately tries to hide it with his rough exterior. Michael is foolishly noble and tries to fight off the way the world wants to change him. Together, these two make a comically adorable pair, and they're definitely among my favorite bromances.

One think I love about these books is the way Hilari Bell creates the world around them. I knew emb...more
Wow! What a great series. Granted, this is the second book and I hadn't read the first, but this is just a joy to read. Part detective story, part Don Quixote, and part buddy comedy all at once with a bit of magic thrown in as well. Sign me up for reading the next one in this series. Hilari Bell clearly knows her stuff.
Angie Lisle
Noble-Sir Michael the knight errant becomes one of the unredeemed and loses his noble title while his squire Fisk, released from his debt, is a freeman called home to save his family, giving us the details about Fisk's past hinted at in the first book.

The story is two-person point of view like the first book. It was easier to keep the narrators straight as we see Michael cope with the effects of his new tattoo that mark him as unredeemed while Fisk, reunited with his family, blossoms.

The world t...more
Zachary Roner
(more reviews on my site at

To help you understand the story I will give the background of the characters from the first novel. Michael has taken it upon himself to revive a dead tradition and vows to become a knight errant. He takes his indebted man Fisk and makes him his squire. Michael is a good man (well, a man in a few years at least) and wants to be able to help those in need. He does not want to be forced into the role of his brother's steward just beca...more
Michael and Fisk are back! Michael may be permanently unredeemed, but that doesn't mean he's stopped solving mysteries. It's just gotten a little more dangerous for him.

This book introduces Fisk's family and takes us on a whole new adventure. Someone has framed Fisk's brother-in-law, so the boys are on a mission to clear his name. But now that Michael is unredeemed, he makes the perfect target to blame for a string of arsons in the city. Can they solve both crimes before Michael is arrested?
Like The Last Knight, Rogue's Home is hilarious - more so, in my opinion, than the first. There's fewer tongue-in-cheek type of jokes and the storyline is just more exciting. It picks up right where The Last Knight leaves off, so you definitely have to read them in order, even though this particular mystery isn't really connected to the one in the first book.

I think what I liked most about this one was the Reader gets to see more into Fisk's character and past. But at the same time, it doesn't j...more
Subservient Servant
Above: First reaction.
Also, spoiler alert.

I came to this series because for a brief time in Elementary School I was goblin-obsessed and read the Goblin Wood. It was so good that I read it again in middle school and that was when I realized...
It was a very happy time, though I did love the ending of The Goblin Wood and accept it as a good ending (I hadn't seen the Barbarians as much of a threat, we didn't rea...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for

Michael and Fisk are on the road again, after their last adventure turned out sourly. A rider catches up with them, delivering a letter from Fisk's family. He's desperately needed at home.

He returns on his own, hoping that Michael will not follow him.

Michael does follow, and his history shakes up the town. Fisk's brother-in-law has been falsely accused of blackmail. His sister wrote Fisk home, hoping that he could help (specifically with his know...more
This sequel to The Last Knight was interesting. I found it a little less exciting than the first book. I didn't follow the detective part well. But I did like how the characters of Michael and Fisk are developing. I liked Nettie's Ma. I'll have to see whether the next books are as good?
Rogue's Home is the sequel to Last Knight, which I read a few years ago. I don't remember much of LK, just that it was a fast and fun read, and Rogue's Home is more of the same; I read the whole thing cover-to-cover on a cross-country flight. Even though these books are set in a fantasy kingdom full of lords and ladies, peasants and castles, horses and swordfights, they're written and plotted more like mystery/adventure novels, rather than the usual sword-and-sorcery fare. You could even still r...more
I read the first book in this series, "The Last Knight" a long time ago, and only recently discovered that I had the second one in my bookshelf left unread! Fortunately, that situation was easily rectified, and I am happy to report that the second story of these two unlikely friends loses none of the charm present in the first installment. Michale and Fisk are drawn into troubles in Fisk's home town, a place he ran from many years ago. I won't go too much into the plot, but it is very engaging a...more
I liked this 2nd book...maybe not quite as much as the 1st, but enough to try the 3rd.
Now that we know the characters a little this book tried to help us to understand Fisk a little better by involving us with the people that are part of his background, without him ever coming out and saying anything about his background. I like that because he, as a character, is just not going to talk about it. So, through an adventure with his family we're able to see where he came from and learn a little mo...more
A very good fantasy mystery though I had suspicions about the culprit and their agents relatively early on that the mains were understandably blind to - though they should have twigged a bit earlier than they did. It went logically though.

Some people might not enjoy the back and forth - two mains, two point of views, each in alternating chapters but without any overlap - I liked being able to 'see' each personality from inside and out and they are excellent characters which made it interesting.

The mystery in this book was a lot easier to spot, but there were enough turns to still keep you guessing until the end. I was glad to be able to continue reading about Michael and Fisk. It was rewarding to learn more about Fisk's family and past. I half expected to see a certain character from the first book, but the tale was taken elsewhere in the realm. It wrapped up neatly, but not too neatly. I'm looking forward to the next installment.

I keep telling Sarah that she would enjoy these books,...more
Gah! 4.5!
The magic and unrealism is kept to a minimal, the world is fully inhabited, and the characters are multidimensional. Fire, trying to stay honorable while being declared unredeemed, mystery, dealing with a lunatic, and proving innocence to a public that hates them and loves the villain, Fisk and Michael have a tough job ahead of them. Then, after all is over...great ending.
We got to see some of Michael, and this second book shows us some of Fisk. Less horses in this one, but still as man...more
I felt that it took awhile to get to the climax but I'm glad Hilari Bell did it this way because once the climax started it was hard to put the book down until I read the last page.
"...Michael is declared "unredeemed" and tattooed with marks that will declare his newly despised status to any that see his wrists. What's worse, Fisk has been called back home by his sisters to help them clear the name of a man he dislikes. Michael comes along but somebody has it in for the two, and it will take all of their wits to keep them out of either jail or a hangman's noose. In a story that's part buddy comedy, part Don Quixote, and part mystery novel, Bell outdoes herself with this in...more
Melinda Brasher
The story is told from the first person perspectives of two very different characters, so we get to see the story unfold through different eyes. Their contrasting personalities play well off each other. The odd relationship is fun to watch.

The central mystery is a little hard to follow, and not as completely engrossing as I would hope.

Great witty banter, good characters and setting.

Bell illustrates the negative effects of prejudice without sounding preachy.

A good book. I just wish it were Farsa...more
Fisk gets called home to deal with a mystery, and Sir Michael has been declared unredeemed, causing the duo a host of problems outside their sleuthing.

I love the back-and-forth method of telling the story, going from one chapter of Michael's perspective to one of Fisk's. They have such distinct voices and attitudes that the reader can easily tell who is who. This novel seemed more focused than the first one, and thus held together excellently well during a quick read. I look forward to more book...more
This book was much better than the first. I like that we finally got to hear more about Fisk's background. I also love how Michael appears to be completely shady even though he is actually quite the opposite. It is an interesting commentary on how judgements based on outward appearance are so completely wrong sometimes. The relationship between the two main characters reminds me of the friendship and trust you find in the Ranger's Apprentice series, and I love that. Very funny and witty books, I...more
I really like this book so far is a really good one. I have read the first book and it is also a great book i can't wait until i finish so that i can start the 3 book which sounds like a good book. I hope that all of you at least try the book. I would recommend for anyone because they are really good books and they are perfect for anyone. Don't let the thickness get in the way once you start you will see what i mean by them being great for anyone. I really hope that some of you will give the Kni...more
Andrei Secu
Enclosed in these pages is the story of two brave men who are willing to risk their lives for justice. The main characters are Michael and Fisk, a knight errant and his squire. When Fisk receives a letter from his family, he abandons Michael and rushes home. Little does he know that he is followed by his friend. Fisk and Michael are presented with a mystery that has bankrupted Fisk's family. The two friends are faced with a breathtaking adventure that will put both of their lives at risk.
I liked the second in Hilari Bell's Knight and Rogue series better than the first. Fisk and Michael are acting like believable late-teen buddies, albeit late-teen buddies in a fantasy world where both of them are up to their ears in trouble. This plot is pretty much a straightforward mystery, and the clues are there for quick-thinking sleuths to figure out who did it. Michael in particular grows as a character in this installment, although it's Fisk whose background we find out the most about.
The story of the knight errant and his squire continue in another great book. The mystery is even bigger and the stakes are higher. Sir Michael looses his way and identity when he is cast off from his family. At the same time, Fisk is called back to his own family to help redeem them from scandal. Rogue's Home tests our heroes' friendship, familial relationships, and ability to solve a good mystery. Another fun, funny, excellent read.
Still loving these boys. And not only do they make me laugh, but they can also make me cry. What can be better than that? Seeing the story unfold through the different viewpoints gives so much insight to the characters. Getting to learn more about Fisk's family and life was wonderful, after the last book was focused mostly on Michael. I love the way they look out for each other, but not in a way that girls would. Very fun read.
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As far as writing is concerned, I call myself the poster child for persistence. Songs of Power, the first novel I sold, was the 5th novel I'd written. When it sold I was working on novel #13. The next to sell, Navohar, was #12, and the next, A Matter of Profit, was #9. The Goblin Wood was #6, and the first Sorahb book, Flame (later renamed Farsala: Fall of a Kingdom), will be #15. You get the pict...more
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