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Author of the New York Times bestselling Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series, Laurell K. Hamilton has brought the supernatural to light-and has given readers a vision of a world aflame with electrifying suspense and violent passions. In this, her debut novel, her rich imagination spreads its wings to fly-in a tale of a woman known as sorcerer, prophet, and enchantress...

Published (first published March 3rd 1992)
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Ann aka Iftcan
Ok, this is one of Laurell's books from back in the day when she actually gave a damn about her work. Right now all she seems to care about is cranking out enough sex scenes to make a novel length and sending it in so that her publisher will send her a check.

This is a good fantasy story, probably intended to be the first of a duo or trilogy as the way it ends seems to imply that there will be more to follow. Unfortunately, I haven't found another book in this series and right now I'm hoping that...more
Nightseer is one of the few stand-alone novels created by Laurell Hamilton. As are most of her books, it falls in the genre of fantasy. Although rather unfamiliar with the previous works of this author, the novel called to me from the shelves. The cover art is spell-binding, and the synopsis intriguing with its promises of demons, darkness, and forbidden pleasures. At a first glance, everything about the novel draws readers in. The novel follows the journey of Keleios: a sorcerer, enchanter, and...more
I found this book to be oddly a bit too much, and a bit too little. I felt it could have been a very rich world if more info had been given, or an enjoyable fluff piece if a bit less had been. As it was, I found it slightly confusing at first. There's a lot of backstory that's given, but you're never really given a chance to connect with the characters in a way that makes you actually care what happens to them.

Kelieos (the main heroine) is one of those female characters that slips over the line...more
I don't think I've ever seen a better case for books needing editors. I understand the whole cashing in on an established author's name by dredging up everything they've ever written thing, but this isn't a book and it's not a story: it's a scene and a verbose and over-long one at that. There's no plot, no theme, no characterization, no setting up the (nonexistent) plot, no resolution of, well, anything. That there are a few entertaining and imaginative elements here is nothing but tease.
David Gillis
I was going through a dry spell in books until I ran across Nightseer, and a random woman next to me at the bookstore recommended it to me. Not expecting much, I was shocked to find out this was a complete page-turner. I just couldn't put it down, and in two days I had read through the novel with a thirst for more. I credit Hamilton's heavy use of action, along with realistic characters for that. The way in which the characters spoke was natural. There was no forced drama with simple greetings,...more
Hamilton's first book is completely different from everything else of hers I've read. Its more of a pure fantasy novel for starters, set in a high magic world where demons and spells are commonplace. Her characters are interesting as always and I would certainly love to see more.

But you can tell this is her first novel. The book feels disjointed, as if we're thrown in the middle of a story. Events the characters experienced in the past are referenced frequently, but we only get a small idea of w...more
Jody Mena
I really enjoyed this! LKH's debut novel, it has a much different feel from her other works, but not an unwelcome one. Set in a fantasy world rather than the 'real world', its a very different kind of story, but the writing style and characterization of the protagonist are unique to LKH. I loved the varied action and intrigue. The monsters and magic were fascinating and used in creative ways while still conforming to the 'natural laws' of the setting, which is something that LKH has been known t...more
Mandy Beyers
In this fantasy book, Keleios is master enchanter and master dreamer who suddenly finds herself having to go back to magic school at twenty when she suddenly finds herself to have sorcery as well. A half-elf princess whose mother was murdered in front of her eyes at the age of five, Keleios has sought revenge against the witch for years. At seventeen, her thirst for revenge caused the capture of herself and her close friend Belor and ended with them having to survive a demon pit and the demon ma...more
Janice (Janicu)
Fantasy novel focussing on a young noble named Kelios with some very unusual powers, who is going to a place of learning for magic. A very big part of her life is a memory of her mother's death and a vendetta against her mother's murderer. I picked this up because I was interested to see Hamilton's earlier work. This has a very different voice from the paranormal/urban fantasy novels Hamilton is famous for. It's a straight fantasy, and the writing is in an easy to read style, but this book feels...more
Lisa Rene

After I read this debut, I could not go back to her smutty Vampire Hunter Series.

She has so much potential, smut-lit is so below her talent level. I really wish she could/ would go back and finish this series. This novel definitely had/has the potential to go someplace very wild and fantastical.

I was a little unsettled that there was not a huge resolution, but the entire novel occurs over the course of one night and I feel that she may have intended on continuing the story in a second n...more
Lauren Patterson
I only have one complaint. It felt like the book was the middle book of say... a trilogy? So many characters are thrust upon you it feels like in a second book where you're already acquainted with most of them. The end also leaves you wanting more! Of course which Laurell k Hamilton book doesnt? BUT you dont receive a second book and never will, sad day. With that being said i did enjoy it! It was a bit hard to dive in to in the beginning getting every character sorted but after that i fell in l...more
When I first found Laurell Hamilton, I went on a two month reading jag of all her work and somehow skipped this one. I'm kind of glad I didn't read it earlier for many reasons. I enjoy her character development and style and after reading both the Anita Blake series and the Merry Gentry series, I see repeating themes and character types that were just emerging for her as a writer in Nightseer. She has a fondness for scars, missing eyes, etc., on secondary characters (even Anita has her fair shar...more
Amy Makler
The story's main character and heroine, Keleios, is a half-elf and was titled a master enchanter and a prophet before the novel began. It is confusing at first because you find out what happened but not why or how until later on. This made following the storyline a little confusing at times. Mostly, this novel was about seeking revenge for the death of Keleios's mother. This was Laurell K. Hamilton's first book. The plot was loose, the characters not very well developed. It was an okay read, but...more
I did not finish Hamiltons debut. It became too confusing with all those different kinds of witches, sorcerers, wizards, phantoms, spells, flashes, visions, fires, dreams, flashbacks, elves and what not. Maybe it gets better later. I am not patient enough.
Not part of her series & her first book of all, I think. Not bad.
Beth F.
Ugh, I hate elves and shit.
Laurell K Hamilton has always, in my opinion been able to write well. Whether or not her series loose their' initial focus and turn to repetitious smut-erotica aside, I've remained loyal because I enjoy her style. Characters easy to appreciate and like, settings that add to rather than detract from plot lines and often enough feministic wit to keep me from cringing at the total by-in to heteronormativity in urban fantasy.
And yet? No. Here's a novel that holds its' own. The writing positive, the...more
Sharon Malcolm
I waited a long time for Nightseer. It was a couple of years at least as I waited for someone, somewhere in public library land to see fit to introduce it to their collection. I pestered my own library's Inter-Library loan staff with intermittent requests for it. Laurell K. Hamilton was getting more and more popular for her Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series, surely someone in Western Australia will think her first ever book written worth adding to their collection? Okay, yes, the AB series have...more
Laurell K Hamilton, now widely known for her Anita Blake series, started off her career with the stand-alone novel called Nightseer. For a debut novel, it certainly has its flaws, but one cannot deny the graces it also possesses.

The main character, Keleios, is a sorceress and a dream prophet. She is a half-elf whose mother was killed by an evil witch named Harque. Judging from the back of the book, the storyline is a bit unclear considering is only gives a hint of what the main storyline is. The...more
Oct 22, 2008 Artemisa rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: Fantasy lovers
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I remind myself that this is her debut novel, even as her debut novel reminds me of every bad actor I have had the bad luck of actually watching with a paid ticket - over-the-top, lacking finesse and common sense, overwhelmingly concerned with how many people are watching them and sighing over how cool they are. I lasted 3/4 of the book before I gave up.

Whiny heroine, forever with friends who have to chase her to argue some sense into her head to make sure she doesn't hurt herself... People, thi...more
I love this book! I must have read it two or three times and it's still as good as the first time. Even though I have issues with the later Anita Blake books, Laurell K. Hamilton will always be one of my favourite writers. The world she created in Nightseer was as brilliant as it was magical, and it's such a shame that she never expanded on it with a series. The characters are brilliant, especially Lothor and Keleios! Strong willed, a bit dangerous and sarcastic, you can see a shadow of Anita an...more
A stand-alone fantasy novel by an author known for her vampire fiction, I found Nightseer to be a really good read. It falls smack dab in the middle of the fantasy genre and it’s unapologetic about it. You get swords, dragons, castles, demos, magic, battles… Pretty much everything you look for in an epic fantasy. As a LKH fan I’d love to see her expand the universe because, while the book has a definite ending, there are several loose plot threads left hanging.
It’s a bit sad that an author that...more
I give this book 3 stars for several reasons. I actually liked this book but felt that it could have been so much more. 1.) There was not enough detail in the world building with just a little bit more work it could have been an awesome first in an epic series. 2.) This should have been a series but since she was young and just starting she never finished it which to me is sad. 3.) This perticular book drops you off so bad at the end that your dying to know what happened to the other characters...more
Rachel Swords
Nightseer, Laurell's first novel, is definitely a preview of things to come. There are elements of Anita Blake and Merry Gentry throughout the story(the similarities to the latter are seen most prominently in the usage of magical weapons and gifts from the gods), but the biggest change is the complete lack of sexual acts onscreen(it's only hinted at here and just barely even then). My only complaints are that the story seems a bit incomplete(and makes one wonder if there will be a sequel eventua...more
First of all - I really wanted to like this book - a lot - but unfortunately it will never be one of my favourites...

The world building was too confusing. If you want to write fantasy you have to explain certain things, not everything but enough so that the reader understands what is going on.

I know that it was supposed to be the first book of a series but it did not capture me at all. Some parts were extremely boring, some were okay.

Keleios bothered me most of the time and I didn't feel a conn...more
Nightseer is one of Laurell Hamilton's first book about magic and demons – and all about vengeance. The book was a little scrambled for me with lots of plots going on here. I'm not sure where Hamilton wants to go with the story, lots of flashback and snippets of information. If I wasn't paying attention to the details I would have felt lost and not sure what was happening. The ending was disappointing.

I never truly fell in love with any of the characters, partially due to the fact that Kelios se...more
This was Hamilton's first book, and it does have that "first novel" feel. However, the story was engaging, the world well imagined, and she presented characters you could come to care about. Sixteen years after I first read Nightseer, I can still pick it up and read it again.

The ending is incomplete. It was apparently meant to be the beginning of a series but, because it didn't sell as well as the publisher hoped, Hamilton was not allowed to continue with the series. It is my understanding that...more
I was actually given this book for my birthday, and I loved it so much, as a gift, I gave it to my library so everyone else could read it. I have read so many of Laurel K. Hamilton's books, that this one was like a breath of fresh air. Her style in writing is so broad, it always blows me away when I get used to one thing for so long and then see something so polar's like...whoa. I would suggest this one. It's kind of like harry potter meets lord of the rings, but, with a Laurel K....more
Wonderful story loved the characters. I would really, really looove to see this become a small series! Even just a sequel would be fantastic!
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Laurell K. Hamilton is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of two series that mix mystery, fantasy, magic, horror and romance. Her Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter novels from Berkley Books began with GUILTY PLEASURES and continues to thrive with over sixteen volumes to the series and an comic adaptation. There are now more than 6 million copies of Anita in print worldwide, in 16 languages. Hamilt...more
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