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Circus of the Damned (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #3)
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Circus of the Damned (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #3)

4.16 of 5 stars 4.16  ·  rating details  ·  69,184 ratings  ·  1,115 reviews
First time in trade paperback: the third novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series.

In Circus of the Damned-now in trade paperback for the first time-a rogue master vampire hits town, and Anita gets caught in the middle of an undead turf war. Jean-Claude, the Master Vamp of the city, wants her for his own-but his enemies have other plans. And to make matters worse,
Paperback, 320 pages
Published January 2nd 2007 by Berkley Trade (first published 1995)
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Bark's Book Nonsense
I am really enjoying my rereading of this series. Going back to the beginning of the series has reminded me why I continue to read along even though it has morphed into another beast entirely. These early books were so great because the men and the sex weren’t the focus of the entire freaking plot.

Here Anita is still working as an animator and an assistant to preternatural police force. Anita has a full plate, as usual, after a full night of corpse raising, she’s then hounded by members of “the
Tilly Slaton
I love Laurell Hamilton’s work. The Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series is outstanding!

The first two books in this series, Guilty Pleasures and The Laughing Corpse are amazing pieces of work.

This book declares no less awesomeness. This is the book that wraps you around the series and pulls everything together. This book is really the beginning of the journey that whips and turns you into a reality that is completely twisted, morbid and simply put, cool!

Anita Blake is introduced to a few character
Without a doubt, better than the first two. I really like Jean-Claud. He is the reason I am reading these books. I have never wanted a bad guy to get the girl before, it's fun. Anita was a bit disappointing. I'm beginning to wonder if Jean-Claud deserves better.

The swearing is excessive and redundant. And I realize that in a series you have to make each book a stand alone and therefore have to explain the same thing several times. But does it have to be word for word? There are literally paragra
Crystal Starr Light
"Your questions will make something simple last"

Just three books in, and already we can see a pattern forming. Dudes come to Anita to have her do something; she says, in no uncertain terms, "No". Dolph calls her to investigate a murder; it ends up being the weirdest, most unusual murder Anita has ever seen. Jean-Claude makes the moves on her; Anita tells him to F@#$ off. Anita does minor investigating, bad guys come out of the woodworks to try to kill her, Anita is rude and sarcastic
I also thought the premise of Anita Blake was pretty cool. She's an Animator, see? She raises zombies for a living. And vampires are legal citizens. Eventually, she's supposed to get involved with both a vampire and a werewolf. I say eventually cause even though I thought this was a central theme of the books, I've read 2 and a half of them and there have been nary a creature-of-the-night and vampire hunter smoochie. I take that back. There was one, but it was one of those contrived "fake kiss s ...more

For all the Anita Blake books - I started this series with my then friend, Meredith - she actually got me hooked that fateful summer of 2000 when I was living on her wooden floor in Brooklyn. We were both unemployed and bored and got hooked into this series. I loved Anita Blake because it was before I discovered the new genre - what I like to call "badass chicks who kick ass!" written in first person - and so she was all empowering and of course there were hot vampires and werewolves in it.


Ve sonunda lanetliler sirki bitti,öncelikle çok kaliteli bir kitaptı,gerek dialoglardan gerek betimlemelerden usluptan kolayca anlaşılıyor zaten... İki kitaptır sadece çok sevildiği için bir şans daha verdiğimden okuyordum ama bu kitaptan sonra 4.yü büyük bir heycanla alacğım.
Bir şeyi söylemeden geçemem anita hayran kalınacak bir karakterdi,ama bazen o inadı insanı çileden çıkaracak noktaya ulaşabiliyordu. Yan karakterlere bayıldm dolph ve polisler,larry hatta bert süperdi :D erkeklere sylenicek
So far this book is the best in the series. I am only on book 4. They keep getting better. The ending was dramatic and had me immediately reaching for book 4 (Lunatic Cafe).
review by Ciara

*Warning: possible spoilers ahead.*

Circus of the Damned, the third of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton, opens with Anita meeting with members of Humans First, an organization campaigning to have vampires criminalized again.

They ask for the daytime resting place of the Master of the City. Anita refuses, but there is a bit of deliberation. Not so long ago, she would have believed that staking a vampire wasn’t murder. Things have changed over the course o
Jo ★The Book Sloth★
Now this book, this probably is my second best in the series. I loved almost everything in it.

The most important pro is that there is Edward to be had. Cold, ruthless Edward with a soft spot for Anita but for Anita the friend, maybe even Anita the baby sister, not Anita the "sex bomb".

Then we have the first Richard appearance. Damn but the guy was full of potential. Charming and full of humour. The Richard we meet in this book has nothing to do with the whinny, cruel, jealous SOB he becomes late
The third in the Anita Blake series, and another one of my favorites. This time around we're introduced to a character that soon became my most hated in the series; Richard. He screams of everything in a man I dislike from the very beginning, so of course I hoped she would end up with Jean Claude.

I liked the mystery in this one, because it wasn't the sole focus. we get to see more of Anita in her daily life, and more of her interactions with Jean Claude. Her animating is brought more into focus
"Jean-Claude sat on one corner of the couch. He wore black jeans tucked into knee-high leather boots, dyed a deep, almost velvet black. His shirt had a high lace collar pinned at the neck by a thumb-size ruby pendant. His black hair was just long enough to curl around the lace. The sleeves were loose and billowing, tight at the wrists with lace spilling over his hands until only his fingertips showed.
'Where do you get your shirts?' I asked.
He smiled, 'Don't you like it?' His hands caressed dow
My main gripe with this book is that it could have been pretty good, but it wasn't.

First of all, Mr. Oliver fails as the ultimate scary vampire. He is mildly manipulative, but doesn't come across as all that powerful. The most powerful act he does is stand next to sunlight. Not particularly frightening. He doesn't even have control on his underlings. He is the most powerful vampire on earth and he's forced to live as a nomad? He's too vulnerable at the end and is easily staked with Anita's "Ha!
Absolutely hated the book. Maybe it's a case of reading too many in the series so close together but I am so done with the love/hate thing Anita has with Jean-Claude and her supposed badass attitude. The writing misses the mark trying to create what I would consider a strong dominant character and instead the character comes across as very insecure, hates herself and everyone around her and has a really lousy sense of fashion. Maybe others like that kind of psychological baggage but it's not for ...more
Okay, I made it to book 3. Why? I'm not sure. It's like eating potato chips. I don't really like them, but the bag is there so I keep on eating them. . . .

This is so over-the-top and silly. But I kept on turning the pages. Had to see just who she was going to blow away with her gun(s) or stab with her knives.

One small woman, all those ancient vampires. And no one can kill this woman? Really?

Sigh. Against my better judgement, on to book 4. . . .I'm opening another bag.
Danielle (Danniegurl)
The stories are starting to pick up though I could figure out who was with who at least half way through this time. I am interested to see where the relationship between Jean Claude and Anita go, I find her kind of annoying sometimes. A lot of repetitive word use, and especially the "damn you so and so damn you" it seems out of place and stupid and annoying. I have to continually remember that the books were writing in the early 90s and there weren't cell phones as prominently like we have today ...more
Action packed, but too much Jean Claude focus for my liking ( Omigod ma pe bloody tite!!!) , but due to an increased focus on werewolves, it gets 4 stars. Give me big beefy and buffed over pale and pastey anyday!
OMG!! Nemám slov. Trvalo mi míň než 24 hodin to přečíst. Konečně se mi začíná Anita Blake pořádně líbit. Jestli to takhle bude se stoupavou tendencí dílů pokračovat dál, nemůžu se dočkat těch dalších!!
Danielle Folker
Other than the fact that she got into a vehicle with people she knew she couldn't trust at all, it was a great read.
I enjoyed the first two books in the series but this one didn't work for me. I'm deducting a full star from my rating because Jean-Claude sucks (you SUCK Jean-Claude). He dresses like a reject from "Purple Rain" and seems to need to attend a few seminars on the nature of consent and yet Anita thinks she might love him a little. Or something. Whatever. Their "relationship" has always been the weakest part of the three books I've read so far (and yes, I know the author switches from UF to erotica ...more
Since I have only read three books from this series I may not have a lot to judge my opinions on but Circus of the Damned is by far my favorite of the three. Hamilton has slowly sucked me into this incredible journey and now I can't stop.

Anita is a little braver, a little sassier and a little more human in this book. Jean Claude is sexier and I really don't see how Anita can resist him. I have read the reviews where readers don't care for Jean Claude much but I find him enticing. He is patient,
Not so sure that I like this one as much as the previous books in the series. It just seemed to me that the author took the main character to a whole other, uglier level, which made me not like the Blake character as much. The stories up to this point already had a dark, gruesome level to them, but I liked the purity of the Anita Blake character. It seemed that the author changed the character's basic nature, but without offering any particular reason for it -- meaning that there was no developm ...more
Third book of the Anita Blake series and so far my least favorite. There are serious continuity problems that make me question if the author has anyone read her work carefully. Also Anita is starting to get on my nerves. Her all males are useless and I have to do everything for myself attitude gets old real quick, I know people like that in real life and it bugs me so I don't care to read about it. I'm going to continue the series for now but I hope the rest of the books get better since there a ...more
Katherine Madison
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Circus of the Damned is another great and fast read. Again, it is a really gruesome read.

Shape shifters, werewolves, monster snakes, master vampire all participating in yet another non-stop Anita Blake novel. Her time is distributed between necromancy, vampire hunting, helping the local police department, and avoiding becoming some master vampire’s human servant.

Amusingly, LKH interjects some very fun scenes where Anita is to be festooned in a Civil War Bride costume. I just laughed at this vis
This book was by far the best of the three that I've read (1-3, shocker), but I gave it the same rating as the others. Actually, I'd give it a 4.5 if I could. Read below for why!

The author stopped Anita from saying "Naw."!!! It never bothered me that much, but I liked the book a ton better without it. And she kept the rhetorical questions, which I liked.

This book also had a good portion of action, new characters, and character development. New romantic interest!

What I loved about this book compa
Spoiler alert!

So Anita Blake is actually the most annoying woman in the world and this book is actually ridiculous. I had high hopes for this book after the last one exceeded my expectations, but alas, it wasn’t that good. Some people might call it “action packed” or “exciting.” I prefer to call it “Anita has to shoot someone every other page.” Like, its okay to have some action scenes, but really, can we just have some down time?

So the vampires are once again this book’s focus. We’ve got some
Bu yorumu Kitap Esintisi sayfasında bulabilirsiniz.

Anita’nın bu kitabı daha aksiyonluydu. Kitapta asıl olay şehrin efendisini tahtından indirmeye çalışan çok güçlü bir milyon yaşındaki vampir ve onun bunu elde etmek için Anita’ya karşı oynadığı oyunlar. Her şey vampir saldırılarıyla başlıyor, şehirde bir başvampir olduğundan şüpheleniyorlar ve de haklılar. Onlar ortaya atılmış minik ipuçlarının peşinden koşarken Richard adlı kurt adam ile de tanışıyor JC sayesinde. Anita onu en başta insan sand
This is the first Anita Blake book I have read - good job it contains the first three stories!

"Guilty Pleasures" - Anita is trying to track down a serial killer that is murdering vampires - a bit of a role reversal for the famous Vampire hunter. But her search brings her into contact with two of the most powerful vampires around and she ends up paying a price much higher than she could ever imagine.

"The Laughing Corpse" - Anita turns down the raising of a very ancient zombie, as the only thing p
I read a lot of academic writing for grad school. The only time I can find for "pleasure reading" these days is multitasking time, when I'm listening to an audiobook while performing mundane tasks like cleaning or driving or walking to class. I've found that I don't get along well with audiobooks when I want to really absorb what I'm reading. I listen to them within a few days and then promptly forget most of what happened, or I can't keep the characters straight, or I'll wish that I could flip ...more
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Laurell K. Hamilton is one of the leading writers of paranormal fiction. A #1 New York Times bestselling author, Hamilton writes the popular Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novels and the Meredith Gentry series. She is also the creator of a bestselling comic book series based on her Anita Blake novels and published by Marvel Comics. Hamilton is a full-time writer and lives in the suburbs of St. Louis ...more
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