The Missing Piece
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The Missing Piece

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It was missing a piece.
And it was not happy.
So it set off in search
of its missing piece.
And as it rolled
it sang this song -
Oh I'm lookin' for my missin' piece
I'm lookin' for my missin' piece
Hi-dee-ho, here I go,
Lookin' for my missin' piece.

What it finds on its search for the missing piece is simply and touchingly told in this fable that gently probes the nature of quest a...more
Hardcover, 112 pages
Published January 24th 2006 by HarperCollins (first published April 14th 1976)
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Jason Koivu
A brilliant, edge-of-your-seat masterpiece! Dynamic character development and a knock-your-socks-off climatic twist! I couldn't get enough of The Missing Piece when I was eight years old! However, that Shel Silverstein is a one creepy looking dude. There's a certain sort of child molester-esque look about him. His picture on the jacket sleeve alone could deter readers and nearly made me drop the rating down a half star, but I wear big boy pants now and the Silverstein booger monsters of the worl...more
Warning : Contain Huge Spoiler

Sebelumnya maaf ya, review ini emang kudu spoiler. Karena saya gak menemukan cara untuk bercerita tentang buku ini tanpa memberi spoiler. Dan berhubung buku ini emang ceritanya dikit, maka yah...bercerita sedikit tentang buku ini pun sudah jadi spoiler.

Saya ini penggemar berat buku anak, jauh sebelum saya suka genre lain.
Buku anak yang saya maksud di sini tuh bukan yang karangan Enid Blyton ato Astrid Lindgren ato Roald Dahl (walau pun saya juga suka karya mereka s...more
I did not like this one nearly as much as I liked the story behind "The Missing Piece Meets the Big O". The message seemed to be that finding that special someone is bad because you miss all the things you liked when you were "single".
Matthew Hunter
I can see why many consider The Missing Piece to promote individualism over relationship. But there's more to the story here. It's not so much that Silverstein's telling us to avoid relationships like the plague, he's cautioning us not to seek completion in other people, ideas, or things. Relationships are hard anyway, and when we approach them from a needy place, we might hold on to them so tightly that the break from the pressure of being another's all-in-all. Or we might get distracted by our...more

Even to this very day, I am still reading Shel Silverstein’s works and I am finding them much more interesting than ever before! Now, I have recently picked up another book by Shel Silverstein called “The Missing Piece” and man, was this one enjoyable read!

Basically, this book is about a circle who is missing a piece of itself and how it tries to find its missing piece through snowy weather and through mountains. While on the way, the circle meets up with several triangular shaped pieces that th...more
Behnam Gohari
Hi-dee-ho, here I go,
Lookin' for my missin' piece.

همه ی ما گوشه های تیزی داریم که می تونه نگاه مون، افکارمون، عقایدمون باشه، اما وقتی شروع کنیم به قل خوردن، دیدن دیگران، دیدن خودمون، آروم آروم این گوشه های تیز کم کم تغییر کنن و شاید _ شاید کمی صیغل پیدا کنن و کار آمد تر بشن
از سایت دنباله و با کمی ویرایش
من خودم
"The Missing Piece Meets the Big O"
رو بیشتر دوست داشتم . ظاهرن پیام این کتاب اینه که شما وقتی با یه شخص خاصی رابطه ی خاصی برقرار میکنی،خیلی خوب نیست،محدود میشی و خیلی جیزا رو از دست میدی
I'm a bit iffy on this one. I think it is a great message that we are whole as we are, but this book seems to suggest that you don't need anyone else in life. In fact, it seems to say we're better off alone, and that is a message I find hard to swallow.
Perhaps I am being too hard on this book, but I remember a teacher reading it to our class in grade school and hating it. To me there was too much dull repetition, and the resolution drove me mad. This book turned me off Shel Silverstein for the longest time. I have just barely decided that perhaps this book was the exception, not the rule and I should give him another shot. I might read this again, just to give it another chance now that I am older but I will read some others before.

A more det...more
Aug 31, 2014 E.B. rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to E.B. by: Tara
Shelves: favorites, childrens
"Hi," it said.
"Hi," said the piece.
"Are you anybody else's missing piece?"
"Not that I know of."
"Well, maybe you want to be your own piece?"
"I can be someone's and still be my own."
"Well, maybe you don't want to be mine."
"Maybe I do."

Like all of Shel Silverstein's books, The Missing Piece is a simple and beautiful little life lesson.

Thanks, Tara!
I love The Missing Piece. What youngsters will see as a fantasy story about a Pacman-like creature (identified only as "It") who is searching for its missing piece, adults will identify as a book about the trajectory of relationships.

Older readers may get a bit misty when "it" finds a piece but doesn't hold on tightly enough, so it slips away--only to have the next piece break when it clings to it too tightly.

Finally, it discovers a piece that fits just right, but they become so entangled in e...more
This is one of the most amazing books I have ever read in my life. Silverstein is a genius at metaphor. About a year after my separation from my husband, I was going through some boxes and I came across this book. I had written the date on it that the book club had sent it to my son. I had taped a picture of my son (at the age he was when he received the book... about 4 years old).

I pushed the box aside and read the book. I realized that everything was going to be ok. I was the "piece". Somethi...more

Now that I got that out of the way... There is a lot of messages that can be conveyed in this story, plus there are a lot of catchy rhymes that I am sure all children can...more
The missing piece, Shel Silverstein, 1976
پنج برگردان از این اثر به فارسی وجود دارد
عنوان1: «در جستجوی قطعه گم‌شده»، ن‍وش‍ت‍ه‌: «شل سیلوراستاین»؛ برگردان: «رضی هیرمندی»، نشر: تهران، نمایشگاه کتاب کودک، ۱۳۷۵، مشخصات ظاهری: ۴۰ ص، مصور
عنوان2: «به دنبال قطعه گمشده»، نوشته: «شل سیلوراستاین»؛ برگردان: «‍سیما مجیدزاده»؛ ویرایش: «علیرضا سپهری»، نشر: «مشهد، گل آفتاب‫، چاپ نخست ۱۳۸۳، در ‏۴۱ ص، مصور؛ اندازه: ۱۲× ۱۴ س‌م؛ شابک: 964-5599-31-8»؛ چاپ دهم در سال 1391
عنوان3: «به دنبال قطعه گم‌شده»، نویسنده: «شل سیل...more
"Hi," it said.
"Hi," said the piece.
"Are you anybody else's missing piece?"
"Not that I know of."
"Well, maybe you want to be your own piece?"
"I can be someone's and still be my own."
"Well, maybe you don't want to be mine."
"Maybe I do."
"Maybe we won't fit...."
It fit!
It fit perfectly!
At last! At last!
And away it rolled
and because it was now complete,
it rolled faster and faster.
Faster than it had ever rolled before!
So fast that it could not stop to talk to a worm
or smell a f...more
"The missing piece sat alone
waiting for someone
to come along
and take it somewhere....

The different ones it encounters - and what it discovers in its helplessness - are portrayed with simplicity and compassion in the words and drawings of Shel Silverstein."

I just loved this book. It is a quick read (10 mins). Oftentimes we look to others to make us complete, but this read reminds us that we are perfect in our own right. This reminds me of how I think that others can com...more
Makes you think. At first it just seemed like a terribly sweet "I'mma give this one to ma boyfriend!" type book. Then it spit the missing piece out and kept on rollin' and I thought... oh, wait. Nevermind. Is the message that you're better off alone? That relationships deprive you of your freedom and your joy? Or is it that people/pieces don't have to be permanent to be positive? Or that it's just good to be hopeful? To keep having something to look forward to? BUT. But then is the message that...more
I bought this for my niece, Stephanie, when she was 5. This was the first book she ever read. She took it to show and tell at school. I remember discussing the concept of the book and singing the missing piece song with her, "hidey ho here I go, lookin' for my missin' piece, so fleece my knees and grease my bees..." This book allowed me an amazing moment with my niece and I will always cherish it for that. Plus, it's just a damn good book in it's own right. I highly recommend it as a present for...more
Before I was married, back in my swinging single days, I had a tradition. Every Valentine's Day, when I didn't have a date and was all depressed about it, I would go to the bookstore and read this book.
When you think about it, it can very much be applied to dating. How the missing piece tried on several pieces to complete it, found that they didn't fit right and eventually realized that having a "missing piece" wasn't always the perfect ending you hoped for.

Good story that still makes me smile...more
Sarah Foote
The Missing Piece is a story about a circle shape that has a piece, like a piece of pie, missing from it. It goes on a journey to find it’s missing piece. It tries many different piece but they are its missing piece. One day it believes it has found its missing piece, but later realizes it hasn’t. So it keeps searching. As an adult the book seems to be about love, finding the right person and what you encounter on that journey. There are walls and holes and pieces that don’t fit. To a child them...more
My three-year-old son demands that this book, and The Missing Piece Meets The Big O, over and over again. It's great to see him enjoying the story at face value ("That circle has a piece missing! How exciting!") while I can appreciate its be-good-to-yourself deeper meaning.

As a bonus, it makes me think of Sandi's tattoo.
This is a great book for anyone to read. Probably more meaningful to me as a young adult than as a child. The notion that you need someone else to complete you is pretty much banged into our skulls from a young age, so it's nice to read something with the message that you can be just as happy and complete all on your own.
I always liked this story about the little circle that goes around looking for his missing piece. It's a tongue in cheek look at life and how often times we are looking for that missing something in ourselves and when we think we have found it - it's not the thing that was going to bring us happiness after all....
Dec 07, 2013 Dolly rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: parents reading to young children
Shel Silverstein's books are personal favorites, so I was excited to share them with our girls. This is a great story in his collection and it's a fun tale to read aloud. We really enjoyed reading this book together.
Jj Le
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Ms. Bridget

Shel Silverstein, as I always remembered, writes his stories/poems so cute and perfectly!

For me, I got out of this story that just because you feel you're missing something, doesn't necessarily mean it's actually missing or that you should have that piece in your life. sometimes, you have perfection in that small imperfection. It will make you see things differently and enjoy things you may not have enjoyed otherwise. I hope I explained that right..Lol...I may come back and redo this rev...more
I thought this book was going to be a disappointment compared to Silverstein's book of poems that I always loved reading growing up, but in the end it was a pleasant surprise! Very cute..and has a rather nice little message about being yourself wrapped within it.
Rebecca Scala
This review is for both "The Missing Piece" and "The Missing Piece Meets the Big O." The first time I read these to my children I realized the story was an allegory about marriage and adult relationships, heavily informed by the liberalization of sexual and social norms in the 70's. I thought the message of self-sufficiency was healthy, and it was not so crudely written that children would understand any of the adult humor that I found myself chuckling over, but it also didn't seem relevant to t...more
همهء ما دنبال نیمه گمشده خودمون هستیم. دوستی دارم که دنبال ملودیش می گرده. امیدوارم بتوونه پیداش کنه که من باور دارم ملودی نام دیگر همان قطعه گمشده است.
Don't underestimate a child's mind to comprehend the message/allegory of this book. I remember the very moment when The Missing Piece was read to me. I was attending Mesa Vista Elementary, the school I stayed at the longest, meaning I was either in 4th or 5th grade. It was library day and the librarian read us The Missing Piece. That moment was etched in my mind, just like the time I found out about Princess Diana's death or 9/11. Impressionable moments are often demarcated by our retention of m...more
One of life's great lessons few of us learn until it is too late. Love the message and the book.
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Shel Silverstein was the author-artist of many beloved books of prose and poetry. He was a cartoonist, playwright, poet, performer, recording artist, and Grammy-winning, Oscar-nominated songwriter.
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“Oh I'm lookin' for my missin' piece
I'm lookin' for my missin' piece
Hi-dee-ho, here I go,
Lookin' for my missin' piece”
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