Fools Die
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Fools Die

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Fools Die is a novel that only Mario Puzo could have written. Encompassing America's golden triangle of corruption - New York, Hollywood, Las Vegas. It plunges you into the electric excitement of luxurious gambling casinos - the heady arena for high rollers and big-time hustlers, scheming manipulators and fancy hookers - a world of greed, lust, violence, and betrayal, wh...more
Paperback, 443 pages
Published 1979 by Pan Books Ltd. (first published 1978)
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Brian Fagan
This is a big, sloppy, at times poorly edited book. But, it was also ambitious, energetic, poetic and at times genius. Puzo swung for the fences with this book and 'tho the heavens may fall' he did whatever he wanted to. The storyline is almost nonexistent. Instead you follow Merlyn, the protagonist, as he lives his life as a sometimes gambler, government clerk, husband and father, successful writer, Hollywood hack, and loyal friend to some old Vegas buddies.

I love these kinds of books. Books w...more
Ágata Bresil
I opened this book with no urge to read it. I expected a mess in my brain with games in Las Vegas. Well, I was completely wrong. Mario Puzo, author of this book, is the same author of The Godfather and I could stand here and say a lot about his works. What I know is that this book surprised me, I've never watched The Godfather (I'll see soon), so I had no idea what I would read.

The book begins with the story of four people who became friends at a Las Vegas casino and plays all night, leading a w...more
This book is like a different Puzo. Reading the reviews at the beginning I got the feeling that the critics were not especially crazy about this one and after reading it I understood why. Puzo's The Godfather earned him the reputation of a writer that gives the reader a good thrill. No need to really enter the minds of the characters, their deeds speak for them. When you see a Puzo you expect a down and dirty tale of men's vices, violence and deeds done in the dark, especially those of the Mafia...more
Definitely took some time to get in to, but once I was in I was hooked.

I read several reviews of this book claiming that it was a departure from Puzo's normal style, and that it was unlike his masterpeice, The Godfather. I totally disagree. The story here follows big and powerful people, skipping cross-country through a dizzying melee of sex, money, power, fame, love, hatred, blame, denial, loss, and luck - and remains the whole while to be an ultimately human experience. That's really what Puzo...more
Aurobindo Nayak
I opened this book with a big urge to read it. After all it was the second Mario Puzo book i had picked up after being thoroughly engrossed and impressed with 'The Godfather'. This book surprised me as it wasn't a regular Puzo style writing.

The book begins with the story of four people who became friends at a Las Vegas casino and plays all night, leading a wave of luck. Merlyn, who changed his name after making sure that he was the magician of King Arthur, Cully, the master of the 21 counts, Jor...more
Jillanne Johnson
Just an opinion but...I feel Mario Puzo was resting on his laurels from The Godfather when he wrote this book. It rambles on for over 5oo pages without going anywhere different, exciting or important. I really wanted to like it but by the end I was choking my way through it!
Brian Gordon
This is Puzo's finest hour....except no one really gets it. This book is about real people and fate and magic. The story goes in several directions but manages to come back home in a solid fashion. Everyone should give it a read, I've read it several times.
Mahmoud Taher
رواية جميلة جدا لماريو بوزو فليس غريبا على من كتب الاب الروحى أروع فيلم فى التاريخ أن يكتب رواية مثل هذه
Murad Khalid
i have watched The Godfather, never got a chance to read the novel though. before i started reading Fool's Die, i was unfamiliar with Puzo's writing style. it took me a while to get used to the style and to understand the characters. yeah the starting is slow and there are some ,you know, boring parts in between. but i enjoyed reading it most of the time. characters are nicely and some times beautifully sketched specially Osano's! yeah the ending could've been much better! looking forward to rea...more
Mario Puzo is an author I have been hearing about for years, mostly due to the Godfather films. When I found a few of his books for sale, I decided to check them out. Fools Die was the first of his books that I read. Perhaps I went into it expecting a bit more blood and guts; a bit more action and violence. After all, what would a Godfather fan expect?

The story revolved around a budding author and the events that occur in his life following a gambling streak in Las Vegas.

Well, I was disappointe...more
Pocas palabras pueden hacerle justicia a este libro, solo queda recomendarlo.
Contiene en sus casi 600 páginas, ideas tan grandes que no cabrían en un simple prólogo. De hecho la edición que leí, ni siquiera tenia una.
Me sentí tentado de leerlo por varias razones, entre ellas:
1. Mario Puzo es el autor de la novela "El padrino"
2. Nunca había leído nada de este autor.
3. La portada de mi libro

El inicio engancha, pero luego se tarda unas 100 páginas en tomar forma, una vez llegado a ese punto se...more
Was so glad I read this, Puzo's most personal novel. Where as all his books have been historical fictions on topics like: the Pope, Italian Immigrants, Italian Countryside, American Mafia, I felt this was a historical fiction on himself. The main character is a square writer who maneuvers into getting a book published and a film made and falls into the world of Hollywood. The writing is still so addicting though his female characters are always less believable than their male counterparts.
Valerie F
Mario Puzo writes brilliantly although his prose is occasionally cliche-laden. This, however is one of my faves of his, up there with The Godfather. I enjoyed how he tied together two people who met randomly and are connected for tragic reasons. The back and forth between third person and first person from Merlyn's perspective was quite interesting. I would have liked to hear a bit more about Diane, shame she was such a bit character.
Not sure if this was Puzo's diary or his autobiography written by himself but this certainly was a queer book.

Firstly, the writing is in first person which is really unlike Puzo. Secondly, I can't recall what the theme or message was behind this book. It was the story of a man who gambled all night and then the nights after that, and in doing so, he also narrated about his sexual encounters with a woman who worked there. Again, nothing worth investing time to find out about casinos or Las Vegas...more
I found this novel varied in quality from the excellent to very boring.

It is about a man who is an orphan who starts out poor who wants to be a great writer. He ends up being a successful writer who spends time in Hollywood. The main character is somewhat interesting-he is a tough, streetwise guy who has a high literary aspirations. He sees himself as being very straight but many readers may not agree with his view of himself.

The book starts out with an incident in Las Vegas casino where I have...more
Just one thing - do not believe to the reviewer that is inevitably quoted on the back-page of this book saying that this book is better than the Godfather. It clearly is not, as you expect other type of books when reading Puzo. Still worth the try.
One of the first books that kick started my reading...I wish to God I knew what the compelling factor was, but all and all I just cant explain why this book started my addictive reading habits!
A big disappointment from someone like Mario Puzo.Seems a bit stretched and is quite boring in between.He has written better books so don't waste your time on this.
An Average read!
This was the second book I read by Mario Puzo. I fell in love with this book and the charachters. I tried to envision this as a movie the whole way through, and it was a good one.
It was a little slow at the start if I recall, but pace picks up rather quickly. I have read several times, not I can not find the darn thing. It would be a nice friend to sit with for a few days.

I was working a summer job after high school when an older guy and I were talking about books and such on the the job. He su...more
Oksana Fore
Funny, witty and real
Един Пузо, съвсем различен от онзи, когото срещнах в „Кръстника”.

„Умират глупаците” за мен е трудът на живота му.
Някаква определена сюжетна нишка, за която да се хванеш, липсва. Книгата е особена. Много повече е израз на философията на Пузо, отколкото просто роман. Хаотичен израз при това, амбициозен, огромен във всеки смисъл.

Интересното е, че ми трябваше година, докато прелистя и последната страница. Поредното доказателство, че всяка книга си има точното време, в което да бъде позната, разбр...more
Nakib Hoq
"In the fresh air I knew that I was alive. That I would dine well the next day, that in time I would have a loving woman again, that I would write a story and walk along the beach. Only those we most love can cause our death, and only of them we must beware. Our enemies can never harm us. And at the core of my brother's virtue was that he feared neither his enemies nor those who he loved. So much the worst for him. Virtue is its own reward and fools are they who die."

I have always been a great f...more
One chapter of the Godfather is all it took to get me hooked on Puzo's writing.

Vegas, Hollywood, New York; three places tied together with our narrator Merlyn. The opening monologue reaches out and yanks you by the eyes through the first 'Book'. You are teased to walk on to the Vegas carpets and go along for the ride.

Funny thing is, I felt I didn't learn anything from this book. Puzo's writing brought me more feeling than any sort of fact. I felt I knew the main character's psyches instead of...more
Harmeet Singh
The black swan event finally.. after reading The Godfather and The Sicilian, I started liking Mario's storytelling and perhaps started expecting too much when the bubble burst. The first two books, based on Italian Mafia stories with some or almost exact historical events weaved perfectly in a fiction work. This time, I found the reviews very impressive and Mario was with a different theme, writing not on his usual mafia genre. Although in the first few pages, the book seemed to be good as I wai...more
Ramkumaar Shanker
Firstly I was surprised that this was a Puzo novel. With the traditional Mafia looming in the background, most of Puzo's novels are all about trust, family and loyalty. But this book was different and I mean totally different.
The book describes the journey of a man who appears in the start as a gambler in Vegas. The book traces his journey back as how a mediocre yet firm and controlled person manages to outwit death.It is a sharp contrast to the characters around him including his principled bro...more
This book will appeal to a certain audience. The biggest mistake I made was reading it after the Godfather. Without spoiling anything there is not much action, crime or violence. That does not mean it is a bad book. Most certainly, like a good poem, the beginning and end tie in very beautifully perfectly.

In all honestly I was losing interest about midway through. There is no thrilling and complex plot. However what you do get is a piece about interpersonal themes and complex emotions. By the en...more
Ankit Singhal
Whenever I flip through the pages of The Godfather to re-read a chapter or two, I always end up reading the complete book word by word. So, I had lots of expectaion from Puzo but to my dismay the book lacks that powerful narration and the subsequent grip.
It seems the plot was witten for a hollywood screenplay. All the classic melodramatic ingredients were present in the book such as centrl character growing up in an orphanage with his brother, moral fight of an artist to take graft to feed his f...more
John Aubrey
This is the book every first time writer should read to see just how glamourous the life of an author can be. Beautiful, powerful people and ritzy parties everywhere. One book leading to a movie deal after publishers gush over its world changing potential. Of course I'm kidding. Fools Die reads about as much Fantasy as any of the Lord Of The Rings books.

Yet, it is an engaging, fun romp. A delicious tale said to be Mario Puzo's personal favorite. No doubt he put a lot of his own experiences and e...more
Ryan Curell
Memorable characters meander through Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles and Japan. Puzo throws around coarse dialogue in rather cliched scenarios, entertaining though it is against glitzy casinos, giant hotel suites and steel jungles.

The book is constructed of giant, meaty scenes largely seen through the eyes of writer/lost soul John Merlyn, a magician of sorts who, try as he might to make a fortune as a true artist, realizes the only way to make any real money is by deception in the dark.

Merlyn w...more
Jody Grant
Puzo. I loved The Godfather, and I really loved his first novel Dark Arena, which is more literary than his other stuff. I even loved the Sicilian which was pretty cheesy. But this book. Kind of sort of . . . meh. It felt like a Playboy article that wouldn't end. It meandered too much. It was pretty cliché, but that's forgivable because they are the mob/Vegas/Hollywood hustler clichés that we have largely thanks to Puzo. Despite the fact that schemes were always happening and rolling into each o...more
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Puzo was born in a poor family of Neapolitan immigrants living in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of New York. Many of his books draw heavily on this heritage. After graduating from the City College of New York, he joined the United States Army Air Forces in World War II. Due to his poor eyesight, the military did not let him undertake combat duties but made him a public relations officer statione...more
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