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Rose in Bloom (Eight Cousins #2)

4.0 of 5 stars 4.00  ·  rating details  ·  13,231 ratings  ·  318 reviews present you this new edition. As authors may be supposed to know better than anyone else what they intended to do when writing a book, I beg leave to say that there is no moral to this story. Rose is not designed for a model girl, and the Sequel was simply written in fulfillment of a promise, hoping to afford some amusement, and perhaps here and there a helpful...more
Hardcover, 252 pages
Published October 28th 2002 by (first published 1876)
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I actually liked Alcott's Rose series much better than the Little Women series.
For many years (until I read Jane Eyre the second time), this was my absolute favorite book. It is perhaps the reason I love 'nerds.' While many women grew up loving Mr. Darcy, I grew up loving Mac. He was my ideal love interest. He suffered long and noblely for love of Rose and I admired that with all of my little heart. I dreamed of being Rose. Of course, I would have accepted him at once instead of stringing him along so. ;) Regardless, after over fifteen readings (wearing out my old copy so...more
I have several aunts who are readers. And they have always looked after me when it comes to sending books they think I'd like my way. Particularly during my formative reading years. To this day, many of the books nearest and dearest to my heart came to me in the mail from one of my aunts. When I was twelve or so, my Aunt Becky sent me a lesser known book (which I had never heard of) by a very well known author (which I had). The book was ROSE IN BLOOM and it was actually the first book I ever re...more
Maya Irena
Well, what can I say? Instead I'll quote Miranda's fist diary entry from The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever, "Today, I fell in love." since it was the first thing that crossed my mind after I finished reading this book.

FYI, I've never had a fictional crush before, no matter how perfect the heroes are I still didn't feel anything for them. I'm not crushing on the perfect Mr. Darcy, and I am definitely annoyed with a certain vampire-you know who-out there instead of squealing at the mentio...more
Laura Rogers
This book made a deep impression on my as a child and it was one of the only books that made me cry as a child. This is the sequal to, "Eight Cousins". As an adult, I am sure I would find it over sentimental, but, I loved it so as a child, that I must still recommend it. Sweet and endearing - give it a try.

I was right, I read this last week - the first time since childhood.
It is very sentimental and borderline annoying to read as an adult. Rose is too good. While my childhood self found much to...more
Louisa May Alcott's novels are perfect reading for children. Her heroines are great role models for girls. And her stories are very real, and also very charming and innocent.

Rose in Bloom, the sequel to Eight Cousins, should serve as a guidebook for every young lady. It is a story of Rose, an orphan, who goes to live with her uncle and seven boy cousins. Her uncle "experiments" with raising her up and the result is a lovely young woman. Rose in Bloom is a "coming of age" novel. As Rose matures i...more
I first read this sequel to Eight Cousins when I was 12 years old. I didn't realize it at the time, but it was my first romance novel. Rose is 20 now, and has just returned from a 2-year trip abroad with Uncle Alec and her friend Phebe. All the boys, save Jamie, are grown men now, and Rose feels awkward when she realizes the aunts expect her to marry one of her cousins. (Ick, but I guess this was OK among the wealthy Victorians, to keep the fortune in the family.)

I adored and admired Rose when...more
This has a vague spoiler in it. Fair warning.

Much as I love Eight Cousins, I find my pleasure in Rose in Bloom lessens as I age. Not so much for the 'preachiness' of the virtues you find in all of her books- they are, after all, meant to be pleasant ways to learn to be a good person. But I felt her decision to remove the one love interest from the story was taking the easy way out in resolving both the love triangle and that character's personal faults. Most of Alcott's books deal with the loss...more
Genre: Classics/Children’s Literature

The audio for this novel was very nice. The novel itself was just slightly disappointing after Eight Cousins, although it’s hard to pinpoint why I feel that way. This is the sequel to Eight Cousins and follows Rose and Pheobe’s trials and experiments as young adults. I guess I feel like the novel took the easy way out by killing Charlie before Rose had to decide if she could or would love him. As she says later, it would’ve been a bad match even without his d...more
Nancy Ellis
Reading this was rather a bittersweet experience. I enjoyed losing myself in the story and thought the characters were charming, yet at the same time I felt a sense of loss to think that the ideals and values expressed in this book are no longer treasured by our culture, and that makes me rather sad. I can understand why many younger people would just not be interested in this book nowadays. I was also disgusted with the edition I had from the library. (It was not the edition shown by Goodreads,...more
Jen TheArtistLibrarian
The first Louisa May Alcott book read since "Little Women" way back as a "tween." As a high schooler, I think I was the right age to appreciate this book. Troubles with superficial friends, temptation to read books that parents or guardians don't want you to, wanting to make a difference with your life, using your gifts for good, trying to discover your heart and letting yourself fall in love ... Even though written nearly 100 years ago, Rose was going through a lot of things girls everywhere do...more
Mar 10, 2010 Stephanie rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: people who know and like Louisa May Alcott
Shelves: series, children-s, fluff
As a twenty-year-old who read Bridget Jones's Diary not too many months ago, Rose in Bloom contained some serious culture shock. It’s been ages since I read Little Women or Eight Cousins, and I had completely forgotten how Alcott is so very… pure. The narrator’s moral judgment is unassailable. Though Alcott’s forward claims “there is no moral to this story,” the moral just can’t help itself: Alcott’s views on morality, education, and character soak through every fiber of the story. She has very...more
Allison Young
What a sweet book! The beginning wasn't too promising, as Alcott did a great deal of preaching on her lifestyle views (rather different than those in Little Women, by the way), as she did in Eight Cousins. But by the end, though, I was smiling ear-to-ear at nearly every scene. The romance that finally wins out is ... amazing. It is what really made me like the book. The hero might be my favorite ever, and the romance is funny, tender, surprising, deep, awkward, noble, joyful, and satisfying. It...more
I just finished this, the sequel to "Eight Cousins," which was also very sweet and ideal in only the way an author like L. M. Alcott could do it. This one, however, showed a few more layers and put all the characters through more trials. True, it's still an idealist's story, but in our complicated and jaded age, it's a breath of fresh air to read a tale of hopeful moralism, a lovely and pure story of romance and optimism. Rose's foibles are amusing to read about because they seem so tame compare...more
Love this book! It will make you laugh and cry, and root for the lovers. As an adult, I love reading the sections about the right kind of love and the wrong kind of love, and seeing Rose try to figure hers out. Oh and seeing all the boys grow up and find out what they are meant to do is fun! Old-Fashioned Girl is my favorite LMA, but this is a close number two.
Oh how I love this book. I loved and still love Eight Cousins, but this sequel where Rose is all grown up and trying to deal with life and love, her family and her just delightful. Rose is a real girl, no angel or paragon of virtue and unbearable beauty here. She's not possessed of any super-talents or even mini-talents [ such as Anne or even Emily over in L.M. Montgomery land ]has money which attracts the wrong sort to woo her fair hand and enough boy cousins to choke an ostrich. H...more
*sigh* I gave this book a one not because it was poorly written but from sheer personal bias--Charlie is my ABSOLUTE favorite character, so yeah...
Tamara Vallejos
I know I love a book when tears spring to my eyes upon reading the final sentence. And that totally happened here. A far more substantial and well-written book than "Eight Cousins" (which is still great in its own right), this sequel has everything I'd want in a book by the author who brought us "Little Women." In "Eight Cousins," Alcott planted a very tiny seed and it was amazing to see it grow in "Rose in Bloom." When what I wanted so badly to happen finally happened—on literally the final pag...more
Roanne Araneta
this is the kind of romantic story i want to read and i won't get sick of it. never.
Jill Archie
Rose in Bloom by Louisa May Alcott brings me back to who I hope to be. The story is simple, yet profound. You could take the characters of this story, Rose and the wide array of supporting characters and be entertained with the stories, the love, the tears, the laughter of all the lives involved, or you can let the simplicity of the story change your life like it has mine. Rose heroically lives her life, fighting between her heart and her head, and the pressure to please those around her. She is...more
Set in the late 1800s, ROSE IN BLOOM is the sequel to ‘Eight Cousins’ and covers Rose’s journey into adulthood and the dilemma she faced in choosing her husband.

After two years of travelling abroad Rose has returned home to the USA. Now she is nineteen Rose has come into her inheritance and has the young men calling around as young, rich and pretty girls are very popular. However Rose is a strong-minded woman and her head is not turned easily; she wants to use her money for good. Rose is not the...more
Kate McMurry
This book a sequel to Eight Cousins. It was originally published in 1876 as a contemporary novel. Rose was 13 in Eight Cousins and is currently 20 years old. She just spent two years traveling all over Europe with her guardian, Uncle Alec, while her best friend, Phebe, studied music and improved her amazing voice. Rose informally adopted Phebe soon after they first met when Rose was 13 and Phebe was 15. Like Rose, 22-year-old Phebe is an orphan, but instead of being an heiress who is part of a l...more
*sighs* Louisa May Alcott, how you do disappoint me! By a stroke of luck, *wink, wink* I found a copy of Rose in Bloom from the 50s at an estate sale. For a dollar, how could I pass it up? I loved Eight Cousins with all my heart, and I couldn't wait to read the next installment. My expectations, however, weren't meant. For some reason, Alcott could never quite nail the sequels. Rose is grown up now, and she is trying to be as good a person as possible. Unlike in Eight Cousins, Rose in Bloom is...more
This book is the continuation story to Eight Cousins. I found this book rather charming, a trend I have found in all the the LMA books I have read so far. She tends to follow the same formula; following the characters moral successes and failures, a dash of familiar loss, progressive transcendentalist ideals and a happy ending.
The story follows Rose Campbell and her eight cousins as they have now entered their tender young adult years. Rose is about to come into her inheritance and is strugglin...more

SRC Kaskus Agustus 2012
Judul : Rose in Bloom
Penulis : Louisa May Alcott
Halaman : 278 halaman
Penerbit : Girlebooks
Diterbitkan pertama kali pada tahun 1876

Hati-hati Memetiknya, Mawar Itu Berduri...

"Mereka itu keluarga Campbell yang sedang menunggu sepupu mereka yang pergi berkelana beberapa tahun dengan pamannya, sang dokter"

Mereka adalah Archie, Charlie, Mac, dan Jamie yang menunggu dengan antusias kedatangan Phebe, Paman Alec, dan pastinya sepupu kesayangan mereka Rose Campbell !

Setelah dua t
Sometimes it feels that large print reads faster. In this case, it didn't. But I did have a lot of things going on that made it hard to get to print books. (Again.) I did not like the first half as much as the last half. The last half was more enjoyable because the story went more towards where I had expected and hoped for since the end of the previous book. Indeed, the first half rather irked me with the back-and-forth of the (figuring out of) love story. But I can't say I agree with how the ch...more
I enjoyed Eight Cousins immensely, but I have to say, I was a little bit let down by the sequel.

I myself am not even sure why; it delivers what it promises. Rose is now grown, fashionable, and responsible, and ready for romance. She attends balls and parties, and her cousin Charlie (my personal favorite) is clearly in love with her and tries to win her love.

Any given day, that would thrill me. But many of the characters seemed much changed to me, and the over all tone of the book just feels muc...more
We first met Rose Campbell when she came, a poor and sickly orphan, into the care of her loving Uncle Alec and aunts to live in the big house on the shore. There, though first daunted by their boisterous lives, she became a vital member of the large family clan which included seven boy cousins, each with their unique foibles and charms. Now, four years later, she has returned after a long trip abroad, a beautiful young woman ready to take on the responsibilities of an heiress and the social life...more
Another classic from my childhood, re-reading this one wasn't quite as enjoyable as re-reading "Eight Cousins". Alcott was pretty skilled at writing about children, so even a century later the descriptions still ring true. Adults? Not so much. The emotions aren't *quite* as intense as in "Dracula", but everyone's still so darned EARNEST all the time. I totally get why Rose felt betrayed when Charlie broke his promise and made an embarrassing scene, and obviously substance abuse is nothing to sne...more
LOVED LOVED LOVED!!! Never did I imagine that the sequel to 'Eight Cousins' was going to be so fabulous. Though I did enjoy and like 'Eight Cousins', 'Rose in Bloom' took me totally by surprise. The book starts a good while after the first ends (I never did figure it out- I think four or five years?) and all the characters have matured a great deal. Rose is now at the marrying age (yay!) but she has decided that she wants to develop herself before rushing into anything so permenant. She remains...more
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Louisa May Alcott was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania on November 29, 1832. She and her three sisters, Anna, Elizabeth and May were educated by their father, philosopher/ t...more
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