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El animal moribundo
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El animal moribundo

3.6 of 5 stars 3.60  ·  rating details  ·  5,030 ratings  ·  449 reviews
"No importa cuánto sepas, no importa cuánto pienses, no importa cuánto maquines, finjas y planees, no estás por encima del sexo". Así habla David Kepesh, reputado crítico cultural, profesor estrella de una universidad neoyorquina y también elocuente defensor de la revolución sexual. Hace décadas que se ha acostumbrado a acostarse con alumnas y a la vez mantener la distanci ...more
Paperback, 176 pages
Published October 1st 2002 by Alfaguara (first published 2001)
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I wish I could say that it is just as entertaining reading the puritan backlash Roth engenders among a large number of Goodreads' reviewers as it is to read Roth himself. But, alas, I cannot say that.

So, all right, this is not the masterpiece that, say, "Portnoy's Complaint" is, but I also can't deny that Roth speaks to me on every page. And that's because the man refuses to lie about human sexuality and motivation. What he says makes a lot of people uncomfortable. In many quarters that's a prer
Paul Bryant
Philip Roth is a sexist pig. Who can argue about that? When he drags his mind off his wilting member for a week or so he produces Operation Shylock which is a minor masterpiece. But that was just a vacation. For years now he just rewrites the same story where some old geezer (himself) fantasises about shagging some young bird and then - just like life - gets to shag her. Bah. What a pig.
Não sei que pensar deste livro. Tem muito assunto mas pouca consistência.

Um professor de sessenta e dois que seduz alunas na casa dos vinte. Não acredito muito nisto, pois as miúdas não gostam de homens velhos (acho eu...).
Na cama faz-lhes coisas que nem miúdas nem graúdas apreciam (digo eu...).
Apaixona-se por uma delas; tem muitos ciúmes, sofre muito, mas continua a fazer uns biscates com outra. Quando ela o deixa entra em depressão durante três anos (não percebi...).
Entretanto vai divagando so
An absurdist, wish-fulfillment meandering stream of consciousness type book-length monologue recounting the inner life of an aging narcissist, misogynist, breast-obsessed professor who, like the cliché has sex with his students and is incomprehensibly virile in his sixties. In terms of committing to a premise, Roth is brilliant. There are some remarkable passages but they are interrupted by large swaths of self-indulgent, aimless prattle. The title is masterful, though.
Carmo Santos

David é um homem bem sucedido - conquistou um elevado estatuto social ao apresentar um programa na rádio e outro na TV a fazer crítica literária e, ainda leciona uma cadeira na Universidade. Homem independente a viver para lá das regras, recusando laços e afetos, para quem o casamento e as relações convencionais, mais não são que uma tortura masoquista.
Este homem que foi apanhado pela revolução sexual dos anos sessenta a viver um casamento gasto, abandonou as calamidades domésticas e deixou mulh
«Penso que estamos inteiros antes de começarmos. E o amor fractura-nos. Ou te livras dele ou o incorporas através da autodeformação. E foi isso que fizeste e te levou à loucura.»

Primeiro contacto com Philip Roth, e que me deixou bichinho.
Linguagem direta, sem papas na língua. Cru. E fascinante.
Milhares de pessoas passam por nós e mal nos tocam, e subitamente aparece uma que nos vira a vida do avesso, muitas vezes sem que consigamos perceber exatamente como ou porquê de tal ter acontecido. Isto é
Scanning this book as my other half poured over it with disarming fascination, I had to peek into what had so mesmerized him. After all, I hadn't read a Roth novel since my early 20's, already at that young age having determined that there was nothing here but adolescent angst. And this dying animal? Ah, but I had been right to not bother all these years and with all the in between novels. The story was quite the same one. This time the difference was only one of age. A Roth version of Lolita, a ...more
of course it wasn't until the film came out that i read the book. i mean, it's philip roth so i would have read it anyway but it sort of accelerated things when the film premiered. i wasn't expecting much, i mean - no one talks about 'the dying animal' like they do about 'portnoy's complaint' or 'everyman'.
the book was divine. it was shamelessly unputdownable. literally. i was starving and i needed to pee but i didn't put the bloody thing down until i read and digested every word.
i don't even
''There's no way to negotiate metrically this wild thing'

This abrupt, tense novel on the trading of dominance through sex, is not unlike Coetzee's 'Disgrace' though it is far more elegant.

David Kepesh, an ageing cultural critic is undone by the well-mannered and graceful Consuela who is more than thirty years younger than Kepesh and significantly less complicated.

For all the intellectualising going on the plot is fairly asinine and cliche, saved somewhat by the melodic and charismatic prose.

فيليب روث هو نفسه الذي قال: لا أستطيع أن أكون عاطلًا, ولا أعرف شيئًا أفعله غير الكتابة. هو نفسه الذي أعتزل الكتابة حين تحولّت لمشقة بالنسبة إليه, وسلبته أكثر ممّا أعطته. هو نفسه الذي أنتج أعمال كثيرة, يتفاوت تأثيرها و ظَلّ هو على مسار واحد, إيقاع واحد لا يغيّره. أسلوب واحد..آسر ومُحكَم.
في الحيوان المحتضر ثمّة فردية تتميّز بها الشخصيات. الأستاذ الجامعي والذي بسبب خوفه على إستقلاليته يقاوم حب الطالبة. يجد نفسه فجأة متخليًا عن كل ما تمسّك به في فترات سابقة. والنهاية الغير متوقعة أن الحيوان المحتضر
الحيوان المحتضر

إنها العلاقة التي يبدو أنها تسيطر على ذهن فيليب روث، والتي تعرض لها في الوصمة البشرية، وها هو يعود لاكتشافها في (الحيوان المحتضر) ولكن بشكل مختلف قليلاً، ففي الوصمة البشرية نتابع علاقة الدكتور كولمن سيلك بامرأة في نصف عمره، ومن طبقة اجتماعية أدنى بكثير، ففيما نتابع هنا علاقة الدكتور دايفد كيبيش بطالبة تصغره بأربعين عاماً، كونسويلا كاستيلو، كيف يتصرف الرجل بمثل هذه العلاقة، كيف يتعامل مع حقيقة الفارق العمري، كيف يتعامل مع غيرته، مع مشاعره، مع شهوته، إنها علاقة تستحق كتباً، لا كتاب
Run, Consuela, Run.

As fast as you can. You are 24, he is 62. You have you whole life ahead of you. You have been reared by a large and caring family. He has made a career of living only for his own pleasure....ignoring his son.....and preying on his female students.

Run, Consuela, Run.

You will become invisible to him when you are will become invisible to him when your body becomes the least bit flawed. He could be your grandfather, his son calls him a serial tomcat.

After seeing the mo
The Dying Animal might as well have been me reading this book. The story picks up with the interesting truths of human sexuality, little revelations about aging and confronting death, and yet the combination here of sex and death still manages to fall flat. A young Cuban love interest, a randy old professor: so much to be explored right? An interracial relationship that crosses age too. In theory this stuff should be compelling. Roth however doesn't manage to get past discussing ass-shapes and b ...more
Tudo o que este tipo escreve, eu quero ler. Um dos meus incondicionais. Esta é a história sobre o poder que o sexo dá, sobre a velhice e o inevitável fim através da morte. Uma leitura do mundo, como sempre em Roth, muito psicanalítica e cheia de referências às tensões humanas provocadas pelo sexo. Sexo! Sexo sem pudor nas palavras! "...só quando fodemos é que tudo aquilo de que não gostamos na vida e tudo aquilo que nela nos derrota é puramente, ainda que momentaneamente, vingado."
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
مروان البلوشي

لم يعجبني النثر في هذه الرواية، حركته مسطحة للغاية ومملة. أما الأحداث فهي لا تثير في نفس القارئ الكثير، شعرت بأن قصة البروفيسور الأمريكي المعجب جنسياً بطالباته المتحررات سلوكياً لم تحمل معها الكثير من المعاني العميقة، أو أن هذه القصة لا تسمح بأن يكون العمق والجمال هو الهيكل الأساس في الرواية (بحسب أسلوب كتابة فيليب روث) ورغم أن الكاتب حاول أن يزين فقرات الرواية بالتقاطات انسانية جميلة وتأملات مستمرة في أمور مختلفة مثل التاريخ والسياسة إلا أن ذلك لم يرفع من قدر الرواية بالنسبة لي.

The reviews are mixed; either readers loved this one by Roth or they hated it. Always the sign of a book worth reading.

I loved reading the most intimate reflections of an older man (60s, then age 70) about a lovely young woman who is, for a brief period, his lover, then for years afterward, his obsession. All of his ruminations, his fixations and angst, rang true for me. I live in a part of the world where older men pay beautiful young women to be their girlfriends. So do you, probably. Take a l
You see that painting of a nude woman? That's an Amedeo Modigliani painting, a character in this book sends a post card with that nude printed on it. And I, like some naive coed horny for culture, am always impressed with Professor Roth's little references. If nothing else, they get me interested in something I didn't know about (Like Milton's essays on divorce?).

He also likes to sneak in passages on obscure portions of American history. Here we have Thomas Morton, the early American colonist yo
Seham .
لا أعلم إذا كنتُ هنا قد ألوم الترجمة، أو أن سقف توقعاتي ببساطة كان عاليًا. لكنها لم تكن بالشكل الذي توقعته، لربما، للأمر سبب في إنني قد شاهدت الفلم قبل قراءة الرواية لذا كان يجب أن تكون على الأقل أفضل من الفلم؟ لا أعلم.
لكن ديفيد جعلني أنظر للأمور بشكل مُختلف، وكأنما كان هناك شيء يعيقني وديفيد حررني منه.
علاقته مع "كيني" من أجمل الأمور التي انسكبت في عقلي بينما اقرأ الرواية. جعلني أتوقف طويلاً لكيّ أنظر للسطور التي كُتبت وكيف كُتبت؟ ولِمَ. فيليب يقول بكتابه هذا: الجمال شيء مشوّه. وهو الجمال الذي ر
Agnes Mack
Right after I finished this book I watched Elegy, which is a movie based on the book. I'd say you could skip the book and go straight to the DVD.

It's not that I didn't enjoy it. I just don't know that I would have enjoyed it if I didn't know as much about Roth's background as I do. Because you see, it was based directly on a situation in his life.

That situation is basically that he's an old man but he still loves the young ladies. He is a professor at a major university, sets his sites on a Cuba
Rosa Ramôa
"Porque no sexo não existe nenhum ponto de estase absoluta. Não há nem pode haver qualquer igualdade sexual, nenhuma decerto em que as quotas-partes sejam iguais, em que o quociente masculino e o quociente feminino estejam em perfeito equilíbrio. Não há maneira alguma de lidar mensuravelmente com esta coisa selvagem. Não é meio por meio como numa transação comercial. É do caos do eros que estamos a falar, da desestabilização radical que é a sua excitação. Com o sexo regressamos à selva"...(Ph
حتی اگر بخواهی منطقی به قضیه نگاه کنی وقتی مثل"دیوید"شصت سال را گذرانده ای و یک بار دیگر فرصت عاشق شدن پیدا کرده ای درستش این است که دودستی این فرصت شاید آخر را بچسبی .ولی خب "دیوید" می ترسد،همه ما ترسیده ایم حتی وقتی خیلی جوان بوده ایم.ترس از رنج کشیدن ترس کمی نیست،ترس از کنار گذاشته شدن.. و آنوقت ترجیح می دهی که به زندگی خالی ات ادامه دهی و فراموش کنی لحظه هایی را که می توانستی با عشق زندگی کنی.بعد ممکن است یک سال بعد باخبر شوی کسی که از ترس رها شدن کنار گذاشته بودی فرصت چندانی ندارد برای ادام ...more
Chi è l'animale morente?
Un romanzo a forti tinte: duro, crudo, cinico.
Ma anche tenero e struggente.
L'ossessione del protagonista narrante per la sua giovane e splendida allieva cubana diventa lo spunto per una riflessione lucida e disincantata sul senso della vita, sul trascorrere del tempo, sulla morte e...sull'imprevedibilità del destino.

Non è di certo il primo libro che leggo su questo argomento e nemmeno il migliore, a mio parere Marquez ha saputo fare di meglio.
Però ha qualcosa di speciale... Cosa? Non saprei dirlo bene nemmeno io...
Grandioso. Impresionante. Un baño helado de realidad. ¡Cuántos temas ha abordado en tan pocas páginas! (¡Qué gran recomendación, Rafa! Muchas gracias)
In his recent spate of short novels, Roth does not beat around the bush anymore and drives his point home eloquently, ignoring novelistic conventions. Perhaps like his protagonist David Kepesh, mortality is sounding its alarm bells and there is no more time to "dick around," although there is plenty of that kind of activity in this book.

David is an aging academic who has spent most of his life bedding his students upon their graduation, having deserted his wife and son at the dawn of the Age of
Oct 03, 2008 Mike rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Snobs who want to say they've read Roth
Ok, sort of read it. Got about 30 pages in and could not go any further.
I don't understand why Philip Roth is so popular. He's even been considered for Nobel a few times. Huh?
The most pervasive question I asked myself during the first and very tediously self-righteous 30 pages was whether or not Roth believes himself to be the heir-apparent to Norman Mailer, a comparison I've heard in passing. The primary problem being with that lofty simile is that talking about sex, your prostrate penis and w
Not sure what to think about this one. David Kepesh, a cultural critic and a lecturer is a man who loves two things in life: freedom and sex. He is the kind of man who will meet beautiful women, take them out, have as much sex as possible with them, and move on. He basically likes to sample the best stuff he can get his hands on, refine it to his liking, and be able to get it back whenever he wants to.

He meets a beautiful women named Consuela and he goes out with her. He basically does not care
[…] Consumami il cuore, malato di desiderio e avvinto a un animale morente, che non sa che cos’è..[..] – W.B. Yeats -

Resto sempre stupita di fronte alla lucidità con cui Philip Roth affronta tematiche così importanti come la vita, l’amore, il sesso, la malattia, la vecchiaia, la morte. Qui è un professore sessantenne, con alle spalle un matrimonio e un figlio, che ha abbandonato per godere appieno della libertà sessuale, conquistata negli anni sessanta, e a cui si dedica con le sue ex allieve un
Ubik 2.0
Ero il gatto che guardava il pesce rosso. Ma i denti li aveva il pesce rosso.

Dopo le prime pagine di "L'animale morente" si ha l'impressione che il libro offrirà ulteriori argomentazioni ai detrattori di Philip Roth, quelli che considerano l'autore americano solo un sessuomane monotono, pornografo e maschilista.

L'impostazione iniziale della storia (l'anziano carismatico docente nonchè personaggio televisivo che narra in prima persona e l'avvenente studentessa di 38 anni più giovane) alimenta q
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Philip Milton Roth is an American novelist. He gained early literary fame with the 1959 collection Goodbye, Columbus (winner of 1960's National Book Award), cemented it with his 1969 bestseller Portnoy's Complaint, and has continued to write critically-acclaimed works, many of which feature his fictional alter ego, Nathan Zuckerman. The Zuckerman novels began with The Ghost Writer in 1979, and inc ...more
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American Pastoral (The American Trilogy #1) Portnoy's Complaint The Plot Against America The Human Stain (The American Trilogy, #3) Goodbye, Columbus and Five Short Stories

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