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Treasure Hunters (Bone, #8)
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Treasure Hunters (Bone #8; issues 46-51)

4.32 of 5 stars 4.32  ·  rating details  ·  4,303 ratings  ·  143 reviews
Tensions come to a head in the eighth epic volume of the BONE series.

The Bone cousins, Gran'ma Ben, and Thorn finally reach the city of Atheia, where they reunite with old friends and plan to thwart The Lord of the Locusts. The Pawan army has joined forces with Briar and the rat creatures, and danger increases as Thorn's visions get stronger. Meanwhile, Phoney Bone is conv
Paperback, 144 pages
Published August 1st 2008 by GRAPHIX (first published 2002)
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Blizimo se kraju. Grad u opsadi, niko nikome ne veruje a situacija sve mracnija i teza.
I'm crying foul on this one because Thorn's bare leg poking out of a big pile of bad guys makes me sort of queasy. I've not been a big fan through this whole series of her shorts/skirts/whatever she's wearing having to end precisely where her thighs split, and come on, did she have to get her clothes ripped off in that melee?
Colleen Venable
Phew! After a few slower volumes this one makes up for it! Briar has reached a new level of terrifying and the quick jumps from groups of characters made it impossible to attempt to stop once I started. The next time someone offers me tea (and I happen to holding a large sword) I am so pulling a "Thorn Thunk!". I'm always amazed at how well Smith is able to juggle humor and creep creep creeeepiness in these. This one in particular made me feel a little hopeless, which is amazing considering when ...more
This 136 paged graphic novel was a great read. It talked about this princess trying to get into a city and to save the creatures in it from something they call 'ghost circles.' It is a very good graphic novel that talks about what she goes through to survive and how her friends and family help her do so. It has a lot of mystical creatures included in it and a lot of magic as well.

I loved reading this novel because the graphics were so nice to look at and they were so interesting. They made me f
Ci stiamo avvicinando alla conclusione, ancora due numeri e l’epopea dei cugini Bone giugnerà a termine. Un’epopea che, andando avanti con i volumi, si fa sempre più fantasy e cupa.

Sono lontani i tempi in cui pensavo “oh, guarda che buffi questi Bone… sono di chiara ispirazione Tolkeniana, paiono hobbit scagliati nel mondo esterno. E la loro estraneità al resto del mondo è evidenziata perfettamente dall’aspetto buffo”. Sono lontani anche i tempi in cui ogni cinque pagine si rideva per una scenet
This is the eight book in the nine book Bone series by Jeff Smith. It was another excellent addition to this series and filled with more humor than the previous book, despite the darkness of parts of the tale.

The Bones along with Gran'ma Ben and Thorn have finally reached Atheia. Here they reunite with some of Gran'ma Ben's old friends. Atheia is under rule of a dictator like man and they need to decide if they can count on his help in the upcoming battle against the King of Locusts. Meanwhile L
This is the eight book in the nine book Bone series by Jeff Smith. It was another excellent addition to this series and filled with more humor than the previous book, despite the darkness of parts of the tale.

The Bones along with Gran'ma Ben and Thorn have finally reached Atheia. Here they reunite with some of Gran'ma Ben's old friends. Atheia is under rule of a dictator like man and they need to decide if they can count on his help in the upcoming battle against the King of Locusts. Meanwhile L
Tak jako takřka každá rozsáhlá série, i Kůstek má svůj "připravovací" předposlední díl. Ten, v němž se toho zase tak moc nestane, figurky se zdánlivě bezcílně pohybují po šachovnici, nenachází mnoho odpovědí (spíše zakopávají o další otázky) a připravují se na bouři.
Austen Gerrian
This book was the lead up to the ending to the series so it had to be good and it was. Smiley and Phoney hope to get to Athenia, not for safety but for GOLD. They eventually find gold.
Oct 05, 2014 Allison rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: 4th Grade & Up
Recommended to Allison by: Banned/Challenged Graphic Novel 2014 ALA List
I wasn't really wild about this one. First off, I think a major issue I had with this book is that it is Volume 8 in a series and I have not read any of the other books in the series. I grabbed it at the library during the 2014 week of Challenged and Banned Books (ALA) - the genre this year was Graphic Novels.

Compared to the other graphic novels I've read in the past few weeks (Persepolis, The Color Trilogy by Kim Dong Wha, Maus 1) the panels were very busy - too busy for me to take the images
Joseph R.
The Bones, Thorn, and Gran'ma Ben make it to Atheia, human capital of the valley. The city is getting ready for a siege and is overwhelmed by refuges fleeing from the ghost circles that are creating havoc in the valley. People wait at the gates to be allowed in. Thorn's group bribes their way in. Inside, things are also bad. Water is being rationed by the military force in control of the city. The force calls themselves the Vedu and they've outlawed dragon-lore and have no interest in returning ...more
Apr 13, 2014 Dolly rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: people who enjoy reading graphic novels
This is the eighth book in the Bone series by Jeff Smith. We all read it independently and I'm so glad that our girls like the story.

The overall story for the series is fun, exciting, and full of drama and intrigue. This book was a bit slow and almost depressing, as the outcome of the war is still uncertain, and the evil forces have gained a stronger hold. Still, we see a glimmer of hope on the horizon and we are looking forward to an exciting conclusion. We are all hooked!

My husband enjoyed co
Centennial 3rd
In the book bone treasure hunters bone trys to find his cousin smilly he is his cousin they have to go fined them and there is a girl named Thorn. once they find them evry thing was fine but then they have to go and go to there techer and eat dinner. My book was by Jeff Smith this girl Thorn was fighting a bunch of solders Thorn won the cliffhanger of the story is when bone was trying to save his cousin smilly I dont want to spole the rest but will bon fined smilly find out in this book. I would ...more
Smith manages to return to that perfect balance of comedy and drama. Thorn is finally becoming a character I can get behind and root for. Phoney is hilarious in this volume. I particularly enjoyed his confrontation with the giant bees. Smiley and Bartleby are adorable together, I can't get enough of those two. The volume ends on a cliff-hanger that really geared me up for the final book.

Volume 8 of Bone is everything I love about this series coming together and creating the best volume of the s
Feb 24, 2011 Nakovia is currently reading it  ·  review of another edition
this book is very intresting.
This book is about the three Bone cousins who go's out on a journie to find what is messing with their town. On their way to find out what was messing with their town, the found a treasure cave. It had a whole bunch of treasure surronding them. So they were worrying about the treasure so much that they had everyone back at the town sufforing from whatever thing is messing with their town. So they forget and when they get back people start to hate them because they forgot to fight the thing that ...more
[ Trilogy III : Harvest Vol. VIII ]
Copyright © 2005 by Jeff Smith
Map of The Valley © by Mark Crilley
Copyright Indonesian edition © 2008 by Pioner Jaya
Alih Bahasa : Ricky Sidharta
Tata Letak : Marina N. Sumardi & Asep Suparman
Editor : Sofian G. Sumardi
Cetakan I : Agustus 2008 ; 140 hlm ; ISBN 979-542-227-8
Rate : 4 of 5

Sementara para penduduk The Valley yang tersisa, berjuang bersama pasukan rahasia Venu menempuh perjalanan
Joop Bollen
This book I thought was one of my favorite books out of the series. At the beginning of the book it shows Wendell and a military leader of the squad while Lucius talks to a bug (Ted). Wendell and the military leader are talking about whether to trust Lucius or not, but Wendell trust Lucius and the military leader still doesn't trust him much. When Lucius is done talking to the bug he says to follow the rat creature tracks. So they do.

While Wendell and the others are following the rat creatures t
Chayse Hvam
this book takes place from last book when they just arrived at athena and phoney is looking for the treasure and the others are just using it for a place to hide out but rose knows a place to hide out her old masters rooftop cooking place and spend the night in the mornig they find out that athena is the last place surviving the ghost circles so they stay there and then phoney finds out about a secret treausre and takes bone with him and goes to look for it and they end up getting seen by some ...more

Why I Read It: Next in a series. The penultimate volume!!

This penultimate volume was considerably more exciting than the previous volume Ghost Circles. Thorn, Gran'ma Ben and the Bone cousins have finally made it to Atheia and are getting things ready for the final battle with Briar and the Lord of the Locusts. There's other stuff going on too: for example, since the royal family had to flee Atheia, it's been taken over by this a-hole named Tarsil and he's not keen on the royal family coming bac
*this might ruin the book for you so do not read if you want to read this book for you.*

The Prologue begins like this. He is talking to the bug again. then we have no choice but wait then. the bug is the only one who can see the path trough the ghost circles. How is everyone holding up? Exhausted a bit frightened by the discovery of the tracks... Understandable maybe we should break out the water skins. Our supplies are limited, Tinsmith. I urge we wait till nightfall. Why wait? we have more th
Erin Hartshorn
Things are happening now, and this is clearly the build-up to the climax of the final book. The characters are all acting in their established manner (who would have guessed Phoney Bone would be right about gold?), history is invoked, and complications occur. A captivating volume, punctuated by Jeff Smith's wonderful whimsy, such as the oversized bee that falls for Fone Bone.

Can't wait to finish the series!
Thorn, Gran'ma Ben and the three Bone cousins have finally reached the city of Atheia.They have to be careful not to caught by the city guards while they are planning an attack on the Lord of the Locusts. But danger is very close and they're not ready for the war that's on its way.

Another great volume. Phoney Bone is back his old self. He thinks the city of Atheia is filled with gold, even thinking before reaching there that the streets were paved in gold. Bartleby was still in this volume and I
True, this book only took me an hour and a half... but that was because it was GRIPPING, intense, and oh so much fun.
I find the Bone books entertaining and smart enough to be considered a graphic novel, but fun and light enough for nine-year olds to read.
The series got more and more exciting as it progressed. I must admit that this one is the most entertaining and thrill-inducing of the seven books I have previously read.
In this episode, Thorn adopts a new "wardrobe" (for lack of a better word)
The first time I'd heard about the Bone cousins was in the back pages of Dave Sim's Cerebus. There was a short preview and it immediately drew me in. The art was simple yet clean, it reminded me alot of Walt Kelley's Pogo, and the story content actually got a chuckle.
At that time, Bone was just starting out and had maybe 4 issues of the regular comic printed out on the market. I chased them down and read them in a single sitting... I was hooked!
I've read all the Bone monthlies and later bought t
Melanie, Aaron, Annie, and Mary Project
Read by: Melanie
Author/Illustrated by: Jeff Smith
Genre: Graphic Novel
Grade Level: 6
Grade Level Equivalent: 5.1
Lexile: N/A

Another adventure of Fone Bone and the gang located in the city of Atheia telling the story of their preparation for an impending battle with the Lord of the Locusts. Everyone has been isolated into the town center, but not all can get domicile without a pass to get in. Thorn has to try to keep her identity a secret from the villagers to protect from anyone that would
Nicola Mansfield
Reason for Reading: next in the series.

Tension mounts as our story nears its end. This volume isn't quite as dark as the last entry but it is intense as lines are drawn and the sides gather to prepare for the final battle. Capturing the princess is the enemy's main objective, while gathering the troops and still finding a last minute way to stop The Lord of the Locusts is our heroes'. Humour is also a big part of this volume as Phoney is once again on one of his schemes to become wealthy as indi
Fariha chowdhury
this book is about how phoney bone smiley bone and fone bone the three bone cousins they are trying to find a way back home and they find a baby rat creature so smiley keeps it while grandma ben is keeping fern to be taken away from the solders to get killed.
Sarah Sammis
Treasure Hunters by Jeff Smith is the seventh book in the Bone series. The Bone cousins, Bartleby, Thorn and Rose have made it to Atheia which is currently suffering hard times made worse by the ghost circles.

While Rose prepares for war, Phone Bone sees a way to make a fortune. Unlike most of his previous attempts, he's dead to rights this time. Phone thinks like a conman and can out think other conmen. It's the one thing he's genuinely good at.

Treasure Hunters is one of my favorite volumes out
I liked the book it was a good thrilling book. It takes place at the royal city of atheia its where the entire valley is there. Because the rest of the valley is surrounded by ghost circles. If you walk into one you will be stuck inside of it forever and never get out again. Since the entire valley is at battle then phoney bone goes and takes the gold. So he'll be rich when he gets back to boneville. He made smiley bone grab a hammer hit the gold coins.So it would be a picture of phoney bone on ...more
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Born and raised in the American mid-west, Jeff Smith learned about cartooning from comic strips, comic books, and watching animation on TV. In 1991, he launched a company called Cartoon Books to publish his comic book BONE, a comedy/adventure about three lost cousins from B
More about Jeff Smith...

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